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  1. Snapper81

    Best rod for Reel Daiwa Saltist 5000

    Hi Tyrone07, I totally understand what you are saying. I fish normally from the rock and I have already different rods. One, Shimano Sentire nano serie 10.60 kg4-8 weight lure 15gr to 65gr and a reel Shimano baitrunner 4000 with 15lb braid,I normally use for light lure or stickbait max 40/60gr and also coconut rig (small sinkers and bait that's it) which I love where I fish so this one it's perfect for many uses. I already catch bonito, Mack tuna, kings, salmon, tailor and a kg4.5 black cod all with this rod. anyway now I bought this reel and I'm looking for a new rod because I want start to use lure and so on a bit more heavy for bigger fish. Obviously I won't spend all day casting 120gr or more of lure but during the day change one rod with other one. I was pretty sure that the Daiwa saltist 962 xhs was perfect and I'm still not understanding why is not the best match with that reel. Other think the Daiwa Demon Blood 962h is not a bit too light for what I'm looking for? thank you
  2. Snapper81

    Best rod for Reel Daiwa Saltist 5000

    thanks guy. im a bit surprised because no one said nothing about saltist hyper 962xhs, but all suggest me the demon blood. yes definitely I'm looking for big kingys but also all the big fish that I can catch using lure, metal lure, stickbait and so on. do you think the saltist hyper 962xhs is too heavy for this reel, I mean PE6? The demon blood PE2/4 is not too light for big fish?
  3. Hi fisher, I need your help again. I recently bought a Daiwa Saltist 5000 with Daiwa J8 braid 40lb multicolour, and I'm still looking for the right rod. I bought it because I want to use stickbait, metal lure and so on inshore for rock fishing. Someone suggest me the Daiwa Saltist 9f 6inch xhs spin rod MAX PE 6. Range of $350 max So my question is which one is the best match for this reel using this technique? Thanks I'm waiting for your suggestions experts fisher
  4. Snapper81

    Where to put what I catch

    Hi guys, i catch a nice fish and I downloaded the picture on catch of the month. Is it alright? Do I have to put by myself there or the administration? Thanks
  5. Snapper81

    Squid spot eastern suburbs

    How can I find kelp beds on google earth?
  6. Snapper81

    Squid spot eastern suburbs

    Morning everyone, I know normally spot for fisher are "too secret " but maybe someone can help me. I live in Bondi junction and I'm looking for a close place where to catch squid. I'm sure there are plenty around between Darling point and Watson bay but i don't really know how I can recognise it. Someone can help me in This research? Do you know some spot around Darling point and Watson bay? Thanks for your help
  7. Snapper81

    Shimano TDL15

    Hi guys, sorry if I replying only now but I have been in holiday. Anyway, the rod and the reel I found out are good for rock fishing specially using live bait, which was my mission ahahah. I was curious to know if I can use both on the beach but definitely I can't and I believe you all of you experience fishers. So thanks for your help as are the best guys I will buy a rod and reel for beach fishing. Ciaoooo
  8. Snapper81

    Shimano TDL15

    Sound I can't used it ...... I was asking but fortunately I bought both for rock fishing with ballon and live bait. i was wondering if I could use it for beach too, but at this point I'm going to buy a spinning reeel. What about if I buy a spinning reel 8000/10000 and put on this rod? Should it work? Ok thanks
  9. Snapper81

    Shimano TDL15

    Hi fishos, as always I need your opinion and why not your help too. Recently I bought a Backbone elite 6/10kg 213cm and a Shimano TDL15. I would like to start to catch kings and so on.... My question is: Can I use this rod and reel for casting on the beach too? Thank you Andrea
  10. Snapper81

    Help me catch my first drummer!

    Really?! Can you use bream as bait and in high tide? Wow ..... I didn't know that!
  11. Snapper81

    Help me catch my first drummer!

    Hi guys, i never catch drummer. I don't understand why all the people here say that drummer are lest for fisher targeting blackfish! Blackfish you can catch ONLYwhen tide coming up, and as all you guys are saying drummer in low tide. They normally live tougher, in fact, when you find blackfish you can find drummer ..... but it's not a rule!!!!! So, why people say they are pest when catch blackfish? It is contradictory..... ciaoooo
  12. Hi there, nice place for blackfish is south maroubra (rock side). Easy access for son and you and a lot of blackfish ....... Im not really good to explain exactly where the place is, but if you want send me pm and I can show on the map where the spot is! have a fun ciaoooo
  13. Snapper81

    Three friends looking for Mentor!

    Read my private message Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Snapper81

    First time luderick

    Thanks Matt..... I will try next time I catch them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Snapper81

    First time luderick

    I use a 10 foot Shimano nano series rod and 4000 baitrunner Shimano reel. A nice long float 3gr plus a n8 mustad hook. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk