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  1. I think you are on the money rick, splendid perch looks to be correct. Thanks!
  2. Caught in approx 60-70m of water offshore off SYDNEY on slow jig. Approx size 30cm.
  3. Yea we slow jig with small electric reels, if we're in the mood to be punished then we would use the small manual overhead reel (backup setup). But that rarely happens not unless we loose too much line on the electric. Cross fingers!
  4. That full cab unpainted ally boat was very inconsiderate, it would buzz past us really close, creating an enormous wake. It did this not once but 3 times. We were in my friends back crusher, sorry I meant bar crusher. We like to slow jig rather than use baits and hence our setup is much lighter, PE2.5 mainline, 30-40lb leader, 30-40lb multistrand wire, 450-900g jig depending on the current. The lighter setup gives our rig a much better chance of having our lines vertically down when there is current.
  5. We also fished Browns Mountain on Friday the 13th although we had a late start as one of the crew slept in so we didnt hit the grounds till about 9:30am. For us the bites were hot up until the top of the tide and then the fish disappeared by midday. We managed to get several gemfish and 4 massive mirror dorys, no blueyes but yes lots of snags. Conditions were excellent in the morning, no swell, no wind and little to no current. By the arvo the wind picked up as expected, we dropped into 12 mile and managed to get only one legal kingfish on slow jig.
  6. Yes I have, my fish finder even has the new side scan feature which I turned in hope to see something obvious, but failed! If you have GPS co-ordinates that would be awesome! Anyone other useful co-ordinates will also be greatly appreciated. Happy for you to PM the details if you want them kept private. TIA
  7. I fished Middle Harbour this morning for a big donut, water is still very dirty and lots of debris on the surface which made the pedal annoying as stuff kept getting stuck on my rudder which made it vibrate. I had to head back to the ramp by midday and just my luck my friend who kept fishing managed to land a legal jew on freshly caught squid. Spewing! Great for him, spewing for me! Can anyone help me, I was told there is a wreck at Quakers Hat, I searched around that area twice and could not find it!
  8. Don't worry I don't land monster too, so I am in the same club as you! How heavy is your sinker and roughly how fast do you troll with the live bait?
  9. I'm keen to try North Head, safety in numbers for sure. When trolling live baits around do you use a down rigger or poor man's version? I ask because I will need guidance in that area. I have a hobie and haven't landed monster kings from it or from land, just happy to hook something legal from the yak.
  10. Thanks Derek I will give this a go! Are there any other places you regularly launched from other than the obvious boat ramps?
  11. Lol, anyway I might see you on the water one day. I hang around middle harbour too, but I've only had the yak for a month (2019 hobie outback) and only been out twice. The weather conditions recently have prevented me from wetting a line and I am itching for a fish. I still have so much to learn, fishing from a yak is very different compared to land based or boat. Casting from a seating position I find uncomfortable as I am so used to standing up. I really do enjoy the freedom of fishing from the yak, I can go anywhere and explore spots inaccessible from land. A few questions if you don't mind me asking Wondering how do you fish middle harbour and what techniques do you find most effective? Where do you launch from? So far it's been Tunks Park for us and I would like to find other spots as some of these boaters are just a pita. What's your best catch so far? If there is anyone else who fishes middle harbour it would be great to organise a session on a weekend or weekday (will need advance notice to take leave from work). A session at North Head would also be good but I think I need a bit more experience on the water first.
  12. you wouldnt happen to be the person who caught a jewfish from a donated squid and came around to brag about it last month? 😂
  13. I am new to the kayak scene and would be interested in joining an organised session if its isn't too far.
  14. Just wondering if its possible to launch a kayak from Quarantine Beach North Head? I am not sure if that location is accessible to the public so wondering if anyone here has had any experience.
  15. Thanks Blackfish, you truely are the fish ID guru!