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  1. Goldspotted Sweetlip http://fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/454
  2. whiskey299

    Fish ID please (Southerm Boarfish)

    Heaps of large gemfish around, a few mirror dorys, no blueye cods. Water temp is very warm 20c compared to inshore 15c
  3. whiskey299

    Fish ID please (Southerm Boarfish)

    Thanks for responding everyone. wcurrall this looks to be the correct species.
  4. whiskey299

    Fish ID please (Southerm Boarfish)

    Caught at Browns Mountain 400m
  5. I don't think it, is as there are some blue marks near the gills, the photos don't really show the colours properly but it is clearly visible when we caught them, so the correct matched is the banded cucumberfish https://australianmuseum.net.au/learn/animals/fishes/banded-cucumberfish-paraulopus-balteatus/
  6. whiskey299

    Fish ID please (Banded SeaPerch)

    Thanks guys!
  7. whiskey299

    Fish ID please (Banded SeaPerch)

    Caught in Sydney approx 30m
  8. whiskey299

    Fish ID please (Reef Ocean Perch)

    Can anyone ID this fish please caught at Browns Mountain about 450m deep
  9. whiskey299

    Browns Mountain Sunday - My first blue eye on jig

    Hi Chao I am also thinking of getting gear to slow jig browns, wondering how heavy is the jig you used and what rod were you using? Can you still use a slow pitch rod for eg Poseidon PSLJ at that depth or do you need to purchase a high pitch rod PHPJ? Thanks
  10. whiskey299

    Bream going frenzy!!

    I thought this was from squid attacking them when they were young.
  11. whiskey299

    Harbour rocks blackfish report

    Nice catch! Something my local tackle shop owner told me is that filleting your fish while at the rocks can be risky, cause if a fishing inspector comes there is no way to measure your catch which could result in a fine.
  12. whiskey299

    Think its a parrotfish? (Crimson Banded Wrasse. Male)

    Nice eating fish imo, but a bit of a pain to remove the gills.