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  1. Did you watch the FPV lithium review by Byron Tea Hill?
  2. FPV have just released lithium batteries for the trolling motor. There is a great in depth review available on them and also a competition to win the package if you are lucky.
  3. that's some serious distance you covered and well done on the jewie!
  4. whiskey299


    My fishing friend has had 2 claims knocked back by club marine and he swears to never use them again. This was his advice to me when looking into insurance. "For what it’s worth, I had two boats insured with Club Marine. My experience wasn’t positive in that I had two claims, one for each boat, that were both rejected on “technicalities”. I found they did everything to reject the claims and showed no leniency or good faith. I wouldn’t insure with them again. Obviously up to you but they’re very flashy and good at marketing but poor when it comes to paying out. I don’t think I’m alone
  5. I eventually found it after a bit of searching. It’s called the Coral Crab
  6. Caught in approx 5m of water in Sydney
  7. You wouldn't happen to know someone called Richard C, who works for a big name Telco? Brad
  8. Thanks! You can take as many photos as you want and have no one else to blame for taking a crappy shot but yourself!
  9. To follow up on this really old thread. I did manage my first session out in open water last month. The weather is warming up and I hope everyone is staying safe and getting out there to wet a line. Here's a video I put together , which was cut short due to wind.
  10. Not my kayak but look at my friend’s setup. Dual torqeedo ultralight 403AC electric motors. Yes that’s right not one, but two! They’re not cheap solutions if you’re thinking about it, but are very well built. He’s retired and doesn’t want to buy a boat and loves kayaking and is willing to spend the $$ to get the most out of life. Not everyone is lucky enough to have options like this, I’m still using the good old legs to pedal around and very jealous especially after a long day on the water.
  11. Saw all these crabs running around in low tide before sunrise. Any idea what they’re called? Do you think they would be good bait for bream or fish in general? I tried hard to not roll over them with my kayak wheels but I’m sure I heard a few crunches on my way out, apologies in advanced to all the crab huggers out there.
  12. With work imposing forced leave, I took the opportunity to fish with the kayak gang during my holidays. I was supposed to meet the guys at the ramp by 6am but I had trouble sleeping the night before and woke up late 5:45am! With only 15mins to get ready I messaged the guys that I would be late and not to wait up for me. Made it to the ramp by 6:20 and they were still getting ready, phew. On the way to catch livies we sounded a school of bait in the middle of the channel, a quick drop and I hook just one sardine and the school quickly disappeared. The next few hours we spend ages tryi
  13. I've got to agree with you there, without care it will rust. I think if you spend enough $$$ on quality gear you'll be forced to look after you gear. All the pliers I have don't have any rust and are doing ok, just a quick rinse and I only oil if it needs it. I currently use the Shimano pliers for offshore fishing and works well removing hooks, probably not great if its deep inside the mouth. While the thickness gauge is good, it still will twist occasionally when the hooks are difficulty to budge. But then its primary design is for split rings so I can't fault it. Other option is I some
  14. Well done, we, well four of us on kayaks struggled to catch any on Thursday we tried for squid and yakkas, but it looks like you had all the luck!
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