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  1. Fishwithme

    Central Coast Kayak Fishing

    Awesome video, Hopefully more to come To get a feed of flathead would top it off
  2. Fishwithme

    Amberjackr, trag and monster king off straddie

    Now that is some serous fish Well done
  3. Fishwithme

    Post exam fishing session

    Stonker trev mate They put up an awesome fight
  4. Fishwithme

    Chasing Bust Ups in Sydney + Video

    Great report mate and loved the video
  5. Fishwithme

    Hairtail & Haweksbury Session

    Good work Sam That is a good feed for sure
  6. Fishwithme

    Central Coast Beach Session

    Keep at it mate That monster Jew will come soon enough
  7. Fishwithme

    Closing gang hooks

    Thanks guys Just confused by the swivel So put one end of the swivel into the eye and close the eye. Then the other end of the swivel goes to through the hook, past the barb So how would you keep that in place The barb isn't big enough to keep the swivel in
  8. Fishwithme

    Water out of exhaust port

    Hi mate Thanks for the info Whenever I keep it on idle. It'll cut out, regardless of whether I return from higher revs or just after starting I've always just compensated by starting it and always running it on higher revs It can be a bit annoying at times It's starts up fine normally but if it cuts out at idle it takes a while to start back up It's a 2009 dt15
  9. Fishwithme

    Closing gang hooks

    Yeah that's what I tried doing I'm just using regular fishing pliers Do I need to be using crimping pliers?
  10. Fishwithme

    Closing gang hooks

    Hi raiders, I've always purchased pre-ganged hooks to save me the hassle of ganging them myself Recently I thought I would buy some open eye gang hooks and do it myself. I thought to myself, how hard could it be? Bought some mustard open eye gang hooks, for the life of me I couldn't close the eye of the hook with my pliers. Just wondering what people use to close the gangs. Maybe I'm using the wrong type of pliers Thanks
  11. Fishwithme

    Boat battery charger

    Thanks for the info guys I am probably gonna buy either the ctek m45 or the ctek mxs 3.8 Both are around that similar price range Does anyone know which is better ?
  12. Fishwithme

    Water out of exhaust port

    Hi I'm relatively new to boats, I've purchased a tinnie with a 15hp 2 stroke motor. I just noticed that water spouts out the exhaust port that is above the water, below the cowling clip. Is this normal? Also it starts and runs fine on higher revs but it cuts out at idle and then takes like 6 pulls before it will start again What could be the cause of this problem? Thanks in advance
  13. Fishwithme

    Boat battery charger

    Hi guys, I have recently boat a 4m tinny, it has a 100ah deep cycle battery which powers the fish finder, nav lights, and led lights. I'm new to boating and am unsure how exactly this battery is meant to be charged. It is not connected to the motor. It is held in place by screws so it's a bit of a pain to remove. Any suggestions ? What kind of charger would I need ? And how would I charge the battery? Thanks in advance
  14. Fishwithme

    Cowan Round 2

    Unlucky that there wasn't more hairtail around But that is a nice Jew as by catch
  15. Fishwithme

    Hairtail Cowan creek

    Nice work mate That is a decent hairtail. Especially your first The hairtail bug can be very addictive so be careful Soon you'll be spending more time in Cowan than at home