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  1. I used to catch them during the night with bread, from my experience, must be some current, burley up with lots of bread, and you will hear the water boiling around the floating bread. Use the smallest float you got, 6-8 size hook, 10-20cm leader. When you put bread on the hook, make sure not to squish it, otherwise mullet will not bite, after cast out, let the current bring the bread to them, you will feel they are bitting, most of the time mullet will set hook by themselves. Mullet is great fun to catch, fantastic bait for big bream, Jew and Me. cheer.
  2. Thanks man, I am land base, and I do mainly bait fishing, it seems flounder eat everything, chicken, squid, small fish,etc. But I like eat flounder!!!!
  3. Found this little guy today,22cm, have to let it go, but I know where they are now.
  4. Hey Guys, does anyone know where to find Flounder this season? where to look at? is any good spot in sydney harbour?? Thxxxx!
  5. Hey, I got this fish this morning, none sure what it is, any ideals? Thanks!