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  1. Excellent result mate! Its good news for all of us and thanks for sharing.
  2. Good on ya mate! What time you there and which end of Maroubra beach? thanks mate
  3. Wow! Excellent work there mate. I am a big fan of your wonderful music. Thank you for sharing your great day. Keep it up GS!!!
  4. Great stuff gents. Love the photo and the looks on those flatties.
  5. Superb! Well done mate
  6. Mate, Get some high quality plastic electrical cable tide and adjust the length where the broken bit is and tide them together. Mine was broken and the cable fixed it. Went through a season without any problem. Or you can wait when they 30% off and buy the at (A) store.
  7. Nice catch there mate. I was up there this arvo hoping to get a few bream with my youngsters but weather God was was a little rough. Plenty of bait fishes around though. All good though, hopefully it will get better.
  8. Great report and start to the year mate. Its definitely firing out there at the moment. Schools of bonitos, salmons and kings are everywhere. It must be the Southerly swells, wind and the warm currents.
  9. I just managed to get home after a 12 hours rock fishing marathon. It was a fantastic day to see many mates in the dark lighting up the flight path and welcomed the underated Tailors and a school of yellow tails. I endeavor that this is not a rant at our new anglers who has taken their hobbies to some of the most deadly rock fishing spots on NSW Coast. I hope this message goes out to them and asking them to reconsider their safety and seek expert advice on how not to get hurt or even killed. I also hope to get our expert anglers to be patient with these gentlemen who are new to this sport and plea with you to give them your best available advice to guide them so that they may learn and change their attitudes to recreational fishing, looking after their safety and protect the Australian environment and the future of fishing. Today, I ventured to one of the most recognised rock fishing spot which had a posted big warning signs "4 deaths" ((with multiple languages attached) and the new compulsory "life jacket must be worn" as of 1st December 2016". The minute I hit the ledge, I greeted four adult males of Asian and four males of Sri Lankan appearance whom I have never seen before for the last 12 months. None of them was wearing any form of life jacket or fishing cleats. Some were wearing thongs like sandals. A few had alcoholic beers in their hands and sat comfortably on the rock behind where their mates was casting bait into the water. Their reels and rods were considered too short and the setup was not doable for rock fishing and plenty of snagging occurred on the bottom. These gentlemen did not understand when I tried to explained to them that they will be flogged, hurt and maimed by their mate's sinker and hooks. They just laughed it off and carried on. They were constantly reminded by two experienced Caucasian anglers to get off and not to sit behind where other anglers were casting lures. Again it was ineffective. I can foresee a serious punched up coming within minutes or a few broken rods and bottle or two. I did my best to explain to these gentlemen but neither they understand English nor I can speak any Mandarin or Cantonese. I explained to them not to sit with their back turning toward where the waves was coming as these waves could easily pushes them of them ledge. I showed them the importance of having and wearing a life jacket, fishing cleats and where to buy them. All I got was a returned smiles and a blunted facial (affect). Suddenly, there was three hooked up of reasonable sized (Bonitos and Tailor) landed by the two experienced Caucasian male and the spectators roared. Unexpectedly, I witnessed the crowd then rushed toward the slippery weeded ledges on their thongs with their hooks and sinkers flying and all I can said was "here we go again". There was no other hook ups for the afternoon and the Sri Lankan gentlemen picked up their gears and left but they conveniently left a few of their empty alcoholic bottles behind. Not to mention flying other items such as plastic bags, tangled mono lines and a puddle of human excrement faeces deposited on the rock walk way (which I personally don't know which gentlemen it belongs to). I have never seen such a rude and disrespected behaviour. I have only started fishing since January 2016 and thank you to this forum and many experts both on this forum and many others on the field for their guidance. Certainly, I have absorbed their kind advices to surpass many difficulties on the field and learned new skills to not only enjoyed recreational fishing but also to respect others around me and preserve / protect the environment so that the longevity of fishing is available to future generations. On my final important notes, I wished to refer back to my first paragraph and hope that the expert leaders and new anglers can network to share information and learn from one another. If anyone likes to post their personal opinion, I will be glad to take it on board to share and help the new anglers to get their "Learners" like I did. Wishing you all a happy new year and many hook ups to come. Tight lines.
  10. Newaz, There are a few reports of them showing up in small numbers along the Eastern Surburb waters. I don't have a boat and I don't intend to guide you to any places that would put your life in danger. Hope this help buddy. Remember safety first. Tight lines.
  11. Awesome catch mate and thanks for the report. Hopefully they fire up soon.
  12. Awesome fish mate. They are definitely around. We encountered a school of them today on the rocks. They smashed our light gears and weren't interested in any Pillies. We ran out of baits because of all the small fishes. Eventually we stripped a sergeant baker and the action kept going. Six hooked up all together, two on hard bodies. A few rats to send back and a few good sized landed home for diner. ?
  13. Thanks Beach&Rock! Ah! The reliable and efficient Daiwa Sensor Surf.
  14. Nice catch there mate! I recent had the prieveledge of landing a decent sized snapper accidentally when fishing for bream and trevally on the rocks. They're good fighter! Can you or anyone on this forum kindly advise me a good outfit or rig and bait to target snapper? Thank you