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  1. Hi Jim hope you're well, great to see Vic coming out of lockdown. Nice clear picture, nothing beat a dawn session on the rocks.
  2. As said above 6 wrap 110 inches long T= 2 piece M= medium winch mount for spin reels rated 12-15 lb. Taper is extra fast
  3. Hi Dazamcstaga I have had the same rod in two piece and still have a one piece I built for an Alvey (with low mount) I built mine with a 10 inch wooden butt and use both a 5 inch (50A5E Alvey) or a 6 inch (600A5 Alvey) as they are a good all purpose rod and you can use 3-7 kg line on them, making them pretty versatile. Yours would be ideally suited to a 4-5000 size spinning reel as the production rods were built for spinning reels and they were great for throwing 1 to 2 oz (30-60 gm) lures with 5-6 kg line. Really fast taper blank and great for casting. If you need any more inf
  4. Hi again Phil- the Mattens still gets fished, not sure about the lighthouse. Jim Clarke fished the big Gap a fair few times, the spot that you put the rope ladder down through the hole in the ledge up the top. Fished a lot of different spots with Jim, mostly involved a fair climb in to wherever it was. There is an alternative climb at the Mattens but one slip anywhere on it and it's all over, all the regulars knew about it but I went up it one afternoon with the guys and we decided it was an "up" route only. The call of "WATER" was quickly learned and sent everyone running no matter neces
  5. Hi Phil welcome to the site, glad you enjoyed the stories, formed a great part of my younger life. I only fished the lighthouse twice and helped the spot's creators- Billy Brown and Dave Carter- along with Jim Clarke put in two huge ladders that replaced a chain ladder they'd put in initially (it was the hairiest, scariest thing I ever climbed). All of the climbing gear was left in a pillbox that went right into the cliff about 1/4 of the way down, but it wasn't safety climbing gear, just a few short ropes and a small ladder. I wasn't scared of heights/climbing but that swinging chain ladder w
  6. Hi Pete Bushman Heavy Duty 40% or 80% DEET even Rid Tropical strength hasn't stopped the sandflies. As said above Aeroguard useless in my opinion also
  7. Well done Jamo! Good to see you catching some different species. Great photo's too
  8. That's always been my experience with divers and Luderick also, if they turn up, the fish are gone or at least no longer on the bite
  9. You just flour them and quickly pan fry- they cook in about a minute. Both male and female roe are strong flavoured and an acquired taste I reckon as really "rich" flavour. Just wondered if they had spawned yet
  10. Excellent fish Yon- did the Luderick have any roe?
  11. Welcome little fisho and good work with the Salmon
  12. In all my years of collecting have never seen anything remotely like it- cool looking and unusual. Thanks for posting, like you, never imagined an electric in this form
  13. Nice bag Yowie! Some top eaters
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