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  1. Hi Slurm same as Green Hornet I also have a preference for the A series- you don't need a drag for what you intend to do. Like he suggested, the 12' rod is better suited for your purpose as it gives you more options re casting and clearing line above the wave-break. Gary Howard rods are great and purpose built (as are the Alvey rods) If you can find an old Snyder or Butterworth 6144 (6 wraps of glass, 144 inches-12') they are exactly what you're after also. If you go slightly heavier in line class, say 12-15 lb mono you will have a good all-round outfit. Sometimes you will need a bit heavier sinker or a larger bait like a Pilchard/Garfish if you want to chase Tailor etc
  2. The Hairtail got me when the gaff man swung it my way- I was trapped in the corner of the boat, got me on the arm- one of the ganged hooks 'stood up' saving me from severe injury, but bled like mad until the slime applied. Eel got me when I put my hand in "the drink pool" we used to put cans of drink in- some idiot put the eel in there with line wrapped around it, took my full weight on my rock plate to get it off my finger
  3. The mate doing the Luderick technique put about half his index finger in the Tarwhine
  4. After seeing the picture of a Long Tom caught by MattGb1989 and reading PaddyT's comment of "stick your finger in it's mouth- if you end up screaming in pain- it's a Long Tom- if you don't it's a gar!!" It reminded me of being bitten by one (a lot smaller than MattGb's) that I caught up at Fingal on the Tweed River. I had been spinning for Flathead and got the small 'Tom' in and onto the sand to take the lure out, when as I reached down for the lure, the bugger grabbed me by both the index and middle fingers- OUCH!!#@!%#!GRRR#! punctured both fingers, both sides, multiple spots- couldn't believe how much it hurt. Plenty of blood. Yep, I screamed. Worst part was having to listen to all the one-liners from the 3 mates I was there with!- "amazing how a little fish like that can make a big bloke scream so high pitched" and "who screamed-was that you or the fish?" etc etc. Having been bitten by plenty of fish over the years, I thought of a "list" of one's that had got me in a painful way-a couple of Bream, several Tailor, a Tarwhine ,a Green Eel, a Flatty, a Hairtail and of course that 'Tom. The 3 most painful bites I've seen were 1 a Pike Eel got one of the boys on a houseboat Hairtail trip- that's when we learned they have the extra row of teeth down the middle of their mouths, it bit down on him multiple times before we could get it off him. 2 Had just that day shown a mate how to use your index finger to get the hook out of a Luderick and he caught a really big Tarwhine on cunje later- tried same technique-ouch! 3 My Mother stuck her finger straight into the mouth of a Blue Swimmer buried on the mudbank at Windang, mistaking it for an oyster, came running back to the boat to get the landing net with a badly bleeding finger. Wondered what other Raiders had been bitten by? NOTE bitten not stung! Cheers Waza
  5. Not meaning to hijack Rick's post just wanted to say good on you Scotty, hope you and yours are also safe. Thanks for your service and every success when you do get to go fishing. Everyone fighting these fires are hero's to us all
  6. Hi Volitan, I can remember at least 3 club comps that heaps of Kings got caught at the Peak at night. Not on livey's either, the nights were organised "Snapper trips" with a fair few boats. Only a couple of Snapper weighed-in but boxes of Kingfish and a fair few big Blurter's(Silver Trevally). Admittedly there were still masses of Kings there then (around 1977) These trips were always organised for the week of first quarter to full moon. Gar's Pillies, Prawns and Stripey's the bait The guys on the NZ fishing shows get them at night at White Island on Flying Fish- both live and dead. Caught a few rat sized at Sow and Pigs on prawns while fishing for Blurters in the dark and got smashed by them a few times fishing Neilson Park dolphins after dark
  7. Hi Blackfish, fishing around Sydney over the years, I've caught or seen plenty of "northern species" caught by comrades. Without a doubt, the location that has produced the most (that I've seen) is Queenscliff (Manly) lagoon. Plenty of theories around as to why the 'goon attracts the variety, such as warmer water (due to shallowness, small tidal flow and virtually no shaded areas) a variety of different environments (in close proximity to each other) and a good variety of natural foods, just to name a few. The theory is tiny fry or fertile eggs travelling the east Australian current to Sydney and ending up in coastal lagoons and estuaries. Once in the lagoon, the only way back out is via the same small viaduct adjacent to Queenscliff ocean rock baths that they came in on, the catch being that the entrance has narrow bars, so only smallish fish can move through. "Northern" species have included several Mangrove Jacks, GT's, Big Eye, Long Tom's (ok not northern only, however some large Toms over a metre) to name some. There are also "Rock Prawns"- the thick bodied variety with arms (resembling Scampi), large worms and a prawn population, along with plenty of small fry to feed the location's fish. Spangled Emperor are also occasionally distributed throughout the harbour as I've personally caught about 15 and seen about double that many caught. Fishraider Derek caught one on a lure in Mosman Bay not that long ago and another Raider (sorry I can't remember your name!) caught a good sized one on a bait. During the AFCA Rock titles one of the juniors from our club got a 3.5 kg Spangled at the Mattens at Dover Heights. These influxes of different species are probably seasonally variable, due to the current and water temp, my own thoughts are that there are probably plenty of tiny fish coming down each year and depending on where they end up, the conditions determine their survival rate.
  8. Marlin have been caught between the heads a few times
  9. G'day mate - why not just make 1 handle on a bar/dowel/piece of old blank with 2 droppers off it that are adjustable in length to cater for say 1-4 of the tubes? Or just an occy strap or 2 to attach to the bar and around the tubes. Reverse Garbage (142 Addison Rd Marrickville) and The Bower (same complex) usually have a good variety of useful things for making stuff cheaply (they normally charge less than 10 bucks for a bag of whatever you can find there.) They also have really large neoprene type mats of varying thickness/hardness for same price useful for cushioning/padding Never know what will turn up there- they get items from many government depts, councils etc- always interesting stuff there every week
  10. As Restyle says- we used to just concentrate on getting the Yakka's into a frenzy, their excitement naturally did the same for the Kings. Bread with some mashed pillies and/or a bit of Tuna oil in a PVC tube or a whole Bonnie or 'meaty' frame just on a rope over the edge. You can make a simple burley dispenser out of 100mm PVC pipe. Glue a cap on 1 of the ends and drill a few holes in the tube to let burley out. Go to the trouble of making a decent one with either a screw cap or 'lockable cap' on the other end and they last for ages. Can be used off the beach also. If you want it to stay on the surface, use a wheelbarrow (or similar) tyre tube around the outside
  11. Hi Mitch yes cross the creek and it's about a half hour walk, you can't see much at all from the track but there was a small sign saying Mermaids Inlet. No climbing at all bar a couple of boulders just up from the ledge. The trail is really well worn and easy to follow. You definitely need a gaff there also. The right hand side is best for squid, Yakka's on the corner.We also got our reddies there, throwing well out. If you go around to the left where it's a bit lower there are Luderick, Pigs etc.
  12. Hi Mitch it's worth having a look at Mermaids as well. Years ago we hired a cabin at the caravan park for 10 days with the intention of fishing the Tubes, but the gunnery range was open all bar 1 day, so no access. We ended up fishing Mermaids instead and got a few Kings and Bonnie's all on live bait, which we caught there early morning. Also caught a few squid and converted some of them to some small reds before sun-up a couple of mornings. Met a couple of characters there, both of whom had caught Marlin at the Tubes but had given up going there due to the crowds. Last time I went to the Tubes it stank and was covered in rubbish and left fishing tackle. Found a big variety of left tackle while picking up all the rubbish. Other guys that we knew caught Luderick and Black Drummer at Mermaids while we were there. It's a fair walk from Abraham's car park, but not too much uphill. You need to take a Yakka pool if you go and a decent long gaff. Plenty of room for a few groups. N/E winds got the sea up and ended our rock fishing after a few days, but when the wind dropped we caught plenty of Bream Whiting etc from the beach just north of Hammerhead where the "worm sanctuary" is (there are countless beach worms there, but as far as I know you are no longer allowed to take them north of "Hammerhead" platform on the beach) We also witnessed Tailor chase Garfish right into the shore (onto the beach actually and we grabbed a few)- no rods, we were wandering along the beach with a couple of beers. Good for a "back-up" plan if the swell comes up This was quite a few years ago, they had only just finished the new bridge at Currarong over the creek. Hope you find this useful, we used to go there in Feb. Cheers Waza
  13. No worries, the Wilson fibreglass did have 1 drawback- the blank is a really large diameter, same with the winch. It was too 'fat' to be able to attach the reel clamp, but does have double locking nuts and quality hood.