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  1. If you want to see some really big Blue Groper go to Middle Head down the chain to the ledges there and go as far left as you can. It's up about 15-20ft off the water so a bit high to fish exactly at the end but a nice spot to take photo's and around high tide some giant Blues come in really close. Easy to see but too cool to fish for (too big also!) You also see them at Dobroyd at high tide and there are plenty of Browns throughout the lower harbour. A few years ago the police caught a bloke who speared one at the old Gasworks (little Manly). He was dobbed in by residents and was c
  2. Hi Bob fishing the Sow and Pigs was fantastic in those years- you just can't accurately describe how many fish were there of a night. The rougher it was outside, the better the Pig's fished and all manner of species. Reckon there were almost as many Trevally as Tailor some nights. Never got more than a few Hairtail there each "burst" probably just as they moved through and nothing like some of the other spots in the Harbour for them. Mostly caught them on the old 3 x 6/0 gangs with no wire while Tailor fishing. Biggest ones I ever saw came from the yellow blinker at Neilsen Park- they wer
  3. During the 70's they were really common in both Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. Clifton deep hole was the reliable spot, but of a night when the schools are roaming around they were caught all over the Harbour and North Harbour. The appeal of Clifton deep hole was that they were caught during the day, other spots like the Green Wedding Cake, Sow and Pigs and the Yellow blinker off Neilsen Park were just some of the spots they turned up regularly of a night. High tide at night they would come right in to the wharf at Clifton Gardens and we fished for them from the back of the swimming pool
  4. Great work on the Jack and good on you for releasing it as they are top shelf eating fish as well. Biggest one I've heard of being caught in Sydney
  5. Hi Rebel just run your prawn net through some of that lake weed and collect some of those tiny shrimps. Put one or two on your Blackfish hook and fish as you would with weed. They even take them when they are "off" weed. They do take peas sometimes. Squirt worms are good also but fished on the bottom rather than under the float. The disadvantage of using shrimps is that just about everything likes them, but they will take Blackfish most of the time and it's pretty easy to get plenty in any of the weed beds in just a couple of minutes.
  6. Just about everybody who fishes should relate to this. Over the course of your fishing life, how many times have you caught a fish on a rod not "manned" by you?- Either someone you know or perhaps a complete stranger's - has it happened the other way around, someone getting a fish on your set-up? I caught my first Kingfish off the rocks on one of the other regular's rod's. He had put a live Yellowtail out under a cork and then joined me fishing for Luderick about 50 mtr's away. The sea was really flat and it was a really stinking hot day. Murray- the rod's owner- lived just above the clif
  7. Bain of the Luderick fishers they are known as "Cockie's or Birds"- because they look like parrot's mouths, they usually feed right along the edge of the rocks and often will "surf" a wave up on the edge to grab cabbage or weed. Similar teeth and diet to Luderick. It's a little known fact that they are very good bait for Mulloway- to catch one, you hold your float right in close to where water runs off and use either weed or a small cabbage bait and Luderick style gear and fish about 3 meters deep under the float. Is it a coincidence that most baits that Mulloway like have a really
  8. Hi Mike not much of an epic tale, we had been catching heaps of small Kings trolling around Jibbon Bombie. They'd been on the surface every day for a few weeks and we'd been catching them by trolling either white feathers or tiny coloured octopus skirts around 2 inches long. Most would have been undersize these days but in 1980 (I think it was then!) there was neither a size or bag limit and as it was two days before Christmas and everybody had rello's coming for Christmas we decided to go get some more to give to family etc. When you troll for them with smaller lures especially skirts, t
  9. Great, easy to understand post- thanks Pickles for taking the time to put it up for everyone, explains it all so well.
  10. I have the predecessor 500 size, it's a Shakespeare 2499. I bought several of the same range starting with the "Blue" series then red series, then green. Fantastic reels bought in 1978-79, still work as good as new. The 2499 is my favourite reel of the collection I have. Still have a Jarvis Walker "Burnie De Luxe" solid glass Bream rod that I fought a Marlin on for about 3 minutes- it's a 5 ft 2 piece rod that joins just above the butt. Occasionally gets a run, but more of a "loaner" these days for heavy handed friends! Still using the same 600A5 Alvey I originally bought in 1975- h
  11. Great bags of fish and excellent report- great smiles on the boys too! Hope you enjoy the eating/eaten!
  12. Good on you Koalaboi hopefully the bloke learned something
  13. Nice bag there Sam! My fishing ambition for the year is simply to get out fishing again after a couple of years off with injury and illness. Any fish will be a bonus Regards Waza
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