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  1. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Hi Noel here is something sort of similar- had a handle on the back making it like holding a rod without guides- 'drag' was your palm!
  2. wazatherfisherman

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    Got an occi while fishing Sow and Pigs one night and it got hold of the side of the boat, had just started 'trialling' Mustad 34007 Stainless gangs (expensive at the time) and not wanting to lose them to the occi, boat mate Kenny said "cut your line off and wrap it around the rod holder- it'll get the hooks out itself and you won't lose 'em'- good idea Kenny, except continued catching fish for another hour or two, forgetting about occi completely. Left the 'Pigs' and planed the boat back to Rose Bay ramp in the wee hours. Lined the boat up on the trailer and cranked the winch until boat about 2/3 on the trailer, before realising the 'thing' between boat and roller was actually the occi. Let boat back off enough for occi to be free and it fell onto the ramp, still had ganged hook firmly grasped by a leg- it was no longer hooked but 'clung' onto the hooks until free and just started crawling for the water. We'd just basically driven the boat a few km's on it, then wound up the heavy boat with it stuck between boat and roller and it simply crawled away, seemingly unscathed- tough buggers eh
  3. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Last one for today- they don't look like much, but most of these are 60+years old- the red and yellow and green and yellow ones in the centre are roughly 50 years old- I used to "spin" for Long Toms with them and a bait trailing about 18 inches behind- float attracted the 'Tom's' like a popper and they'd grab the bait. Great fun when I was a kid!
  4. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Iconic Alvey advertising from yesteryear, framed to protect the picture, as an Alvey lover myself, this picture "high" on my list of memorabilia!
  5. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    It took literally about 5-7 days to produce split cane rods (per rod by small batch at a time) and builders were genuine crafts-person's to do the number of different processes involved, which also included turning/shaping foregrips, butts etc. Some builders 'signature mark' was actually the stylishly turned grip. No soft grips on most, until cork started to become utilised. Pre cork, heavy duty rods like game rods were leather bound for grips
  6. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Back of spool shot showing why these "Nottingham style" reels were known as "Star-backs", probably thousands of these reels, from many,many makers, all over the world. Certainly heaps of different varieties made here in Aust. Used from Trout in freshwater to even deep sea game fishing (which usually had leather palm "brake-pad") - plenty of star-backs were home made
  7. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    More old interesting threadlines- designs evolving
  8. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    4 x 'Diamond's" sorry don't know much history of these
  9. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Couple of Columbia's and a Cresta
  10. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Few more old style spinning reels, notice all have 'internal' spools rather than modern day external
  11. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    A variety of wooden handcaster's many folk favoured these over rods n reels. Some were made in attractive timbers, often with the tapered body for casting ease
  12. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Dual purpose photo!😉
  13. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    These headlights were part of the collection of reel turner Barry Langley of Kyogle- my original ones were pretty much the same. They ran on heavy batteries -mine were 4 or 6 x "D" cell and you had to wear a belt, otherwise they'd pull the old "stubbies" off, which happened the first time I wore the light climbing the Mattens cliff face about midnight- shorts came down while on the ropes about 80 ft up- had to "rope-burn slide" to "safety" on widest (15 inch) ledge. Scary moment!
  14. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    A Jarvis Walker solid glass and a Len Butterworth solid- not sure of the age, because far older than me!
  15. wazatherfisherman

    Old days

    Alvey brass Nipper pumps, still fully functional- not exactly sure of the age of these