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  1. wazatherfisherman

    South coast luderick

    You should change your name to good fisho! Well done on a great bag of fish and releasing them also
  2. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    When I used the diving board I ran it on 30 lb rather than usual 20 lb as it does create a bit of drag. I bought a couple of the Scotty release clips to (use as PaddyT suggested)- keep the bait lower angle to help keep them alive a bit longer but the rubber band around reel handle as he suggested is probably a better and easier option. 1 of those cheaper black clothes peg style Scotty ones would be ideal to use crimped on a paravane/board style rigger. Or use the old Jensen "Dodger" style flasher- the "Krockadile" type were good for getting bait down deeper but you had to "fight" them as well as the fish!
  3. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Hi Andrew the cons of paravanes are that they stay on your line while fishing and are mostly suitable for smaller sized lures/baits- I don't know if they still sell the larger variety. The Yamashita (I think it's Yamashita haven't used it for years) diving board was a bit larger and when you got a strike they flipped over 180 degrees which reduced line pressure. You might be able to add a small Scotty brand release clip to a larger paravane so you could run it independently of your line- just a thought
  4. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Thumbs up for the paravanes and I still have a Yamashita "Diving Board" shaped like a bent-up mini surfboard that had a few different tow-point holes for different depths- no comparison to a downrigger but helped catch a few fish and to be honest I don't think 'riggers' were really on the Aust market back then!
  5. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    I will be really surprised if you don't get a couple of Kingies on it up your way- even from the regular Bonito haunts. The new lures might "match the hatch" better but they don't swim like the good old feathers. Hope you have success- might start a "resurgence" of some older style gear!- Also can buy about 10 feathers for the price of a new trolling lure!
  6. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Those feathers were the "go-to" lures for fishing the walls in flood for jew. We used to sell a whole range of them mail-order when I worked in tackle shop. They have a "sexy" wiggle on retrieve! Maybe you should try the old white feathers next time you go for a troll! They caught just about everything that you could get trolling but lost favour to new "flashy" types of Konaheads and skirts which are of course good for billfish etc but like many have said not responsible for that many Kingies
  7. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    I read them as well- can't remember if it was Aust Angler or Anglers Digest that had a cover picture of 4 blokes with about 15 huge (50 lb +) jews taken on feathers and "chair leg" lures off South Ballina wall. Ross Garvan/vin wrote a couple about same at Yamba "T Piece"
  8. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    I went through 2 rods- Butterworth JS980 "Jig King Deluxe" (Deluxe had a roller tip) then a custom Ironglass GH 10 or 14 can't remember which and 3 reels Penn Senator 113H (30 LB) then Penn Jigmaster 500l Aluminium spool (20 lb) then Daiwa Sealine 350H (10 kg- when ANSA changed to kg's)- I'd struggle to have 2 drops with the high speed jig these days LOL! Still have 2x JS980 Butterworths but the reels were stolen from Carramar nearly 20 years ago
  9. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Hi Blackfish the bigger one for the Peak and the smaller one was great at Montague Island. I have one larger one and 3 of the smaller ones (brand new!) left, 2 hot pink 1 orange. Agree was best jig at the time!
  10. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Hi Volitan that is a very interesting and well thought out theory. I swear by the bright fluoro orange colour and it looks like nothing I've ever seen alive in the water, nevertheless it always invokes interest and more often than not a swipe at it from a curious (if not hungry) Kingy. My favourite deep dropping jig was a fluoro orange "Speed King Swivel Hip", favourite "minnow" Speed King XSP 9 inch in bright pink- neither resemble any baitfish I've ever seen, but a reef dweller mmm you might be onto something here!
  11. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Thanks Baz legend! That one's got better eyes than the old ones I'm talking about, but exact right lure- I usually pull the red ones out. Thanks again!
  12. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Hi GoingFishing sorry I can't take photo's of them as I'm moving to Murwillumbah on the 10th of December and they are packed in storage at Kennards. Maybe another raider could put a picture of one up? They are the basic silver headed red eyed white or red/white feathers. Or if you are an older fisho you may have the mother of pearl eyed version? Thanks in advance!
  13. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    Hi Paddy totally agree leadlining and handlining them not at all a sportsfishing method. Also anyone that hasn't had a go at doing it that way is in for a bit of a shock, as pulling them in while the boat is moving is really hard work! Just a follow-on from putting the occy leg on the feathers is why I posted it. Agree totally if you're serious about Kings inshore use yakkas,slimies and squid/cuttlefish and downrig and/or use a flasher. Pike are in my opinion as good or better than squid and I made my own crude moulds and produced a soft plastic 'version' which I've given to quite a few Raiders at a couple of different social meets. No feedback on any/no results as yet, but I'm convinced they'll work fine
  14. wazatherfisherman

    Trolling for Kings

    G'day GoingFishing - when the smaller sized fish are schooled up close in along the coast (between now and Christmas) and you often see them on the surface, the "old fashioned" lead headed white feathers in 6 inch length are a good way to get them. Head size 2 to 4 oz (50-100 gm) gets them down a couple of metres and a single 8/0-10/0 34007 hook on about 50 lb leader is fine. When buying these old style lures they usually come with red plastic eyes- knock them off and put a piece of mother of pearl tape or 'shell' tape in the moulded eye cavity of the lure (you'll get more fish if you do this)- they used to be available with the pearl eyes but haven't seen them for quite a while. Before the shell/pearl tapes were available a mother of pearl button was glued into the socket, but if they weren't done evenly the lure could spin, the tape is easy way. If this wasn't working, an occy leg about a foot long was simply added to the lure's hook, just push hook through about a cm down the leg so entire hook is still exposed and leg trails freely. You can also use a squid candle but I had more success with the occy and you'll get several fish on each leg before they get it off. With the squid, they often get it off, not so the occy. Adding the leg is often the difference between getting heaps and none and don't worry about the hook being both large and exposed, even tiny kings swallow the lot. When buying feathers for kings if you can't find all white, personally I find pulling the red or other colours out and only leaving the white works better most of the time. As for depth, when we were handlining them, we either used 4-6 oz (up to 170 gm) heads or trolled the lures about 6-7 ft behind a large barrel sinker (up to 200 gms) so that they were between 10-20 ft deep close to the boat. Calmer days deeper lures, rougher days closer to the surface. Most of the kings we handlined with this method were under 4-5 kg, but they could be caught really quickly by putting the boat in a really tight circle and always throwing to the inside of the moving vessel - no stopping the boat when doing it this way and you can get todays bag limits in a few minutes (provided they're big enough!) Further out at sea at places like the Peak off Sydney, the profesional handline trollers use a series of crimped on barrel sinkers to maintain their baits/lures about 10-15 metres under the surface and troll the same tight circle method once they encounter the fish, they then use the sinkers as 'grab points' when pulling in large Kings without stopping the boat. As for minnow style lures, slow trolling larger sizes (15-25 cm length body) works ok also, but interestingly the only colours I ever recommend are all fluoro orange(best kingfish colour by far in my opinion), all hot pink and all white- especially pearly white- note all these lures in their own SINGLE colours without marks of other colour. I know they don't resemble anything we see in the water, however the always inquisitive Kingfish will always check them out. Of course they take all sorts of lures and colours but these are the ones that have worked year after year, from both the boat and off the rocks. Interesting also is that both the pink and orange rarely produce any other fish besides Kings and large Tailor. There are lots of different ways to tempt Kings, the above are what has always worked for me. Cheers Waza
  15. wazatherfisherman

    Any Tackle Organisation Tips?

    Hi kiwicraig Plano make a "line spool box" which holds 6 spools of leader/line. It is the best container for the purpose I've ever come across and I've had one for many years. There is a rubber 'button' with a small hole for the line to go through so you don't even have to open the box to pull out what you need. Just use a permanent marker to mark the strength above each hole. Saves mucking around looking for/untangling spools as all in one place. They're still on the market around $12. No doubt there are other versions on the Chinese market. Also have a small unknown brand circular one that has 3 tiny spools inside it and a line cutter on the side, which is my Luderick leader line version. Sorry can't show you as it's in Kennards storage with 95% of my tackle. Cheers Waza