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  1. Nothing wrong with your posts Dave- I enjoy reading them
  2. Hi Neil this is a very worthy post in my opinion. Sadly, the continuous water flow issues are ongoing. I know whenever I post something I probably go the other route and a "short" post ends up being pretty long, but I try to give information of exactly what I/we were doing without dragging it on for too long (hopefully!) When I was posting plenty of stories during the height of the pandemic, I felt I was at times making them a bit long, but as people were giving good feedback, I didn't change format. ALL your posts are very informative and well described, even as someone who doe
  3. Plenty of sand flats to try on the south western side of the bridge. The south eastern side has flats as well but more tidal influence. Try off Riverside Drive
  4. Pike Eel as said above- did you notice the extra row of teeth down the middle of its mouth? We made a rule about them for houseboat trips-NEVER to be brought on board- too vicious! Have seen some shocking injuries inflicted by them. No mistaking a Hairtail- they look like they've been chromed
  5. Just wanted to add to Franks great thread- Fishing home base for my school mates and I became Taronga Zoo Wharf. Every Saturday morning we'd all meet on the last carriage of the train that arrived at Wynyard about 5.40 am. Fraser, Rob and Ross came from furthest- Chester Hill, I got on at Croydon, Ben, Roy and the 2 Franks got on at Summer Hill and a few of the other guys got on as we got closer to the city, we were all around the same age and on the same train each week, pretty much the same crew of regulars and Saturdays because the first ferry of a Sunday was too late- 9am We had
  6. OK thanks for that- I hope you have a speedy recovery
  7. Nice bag of fish Ron pity about the hook. Out of interest - when at the hospital, did they cut your leg open or pull it back out? Asking because I had one go right through (bar the barb) my finger sideways and managed to get it out, (nearly fainting in the process!) but when my ex girlfriend got a 4/0 straight down the middle of her thumb from top to bottom, they sliced the thumb open top to bottom and it came out easily (I said) Interested to know the technique- "just in case" it happens when too far away from help Regards Waza
  8. Hi Noelm I used to use ordinary long nose pliers rather than worm pliers- I find they seem to work better when they're hard to get, might be how much faster they close? Not sure, but they worked better than the purpose-made ones. The downside is that the worms usually die quickly, but that's OK if using them fairly soon
  9. As Paddy says above -Mustad 4540 1/2 (Bronze) are the best Yakka + Garfish hooks and also the cheapest- have never needed to sharpen one out of the box
  10. Hi KC my first bib and brace was a cheaper "Line 7" brand and it lasted really well and less than half the price of the other two brands I mentioned. Don't think they are available these days, not carried by the same chain that used to have them at any rate.
  11. I remember my first waterproof pants- they were made out of industrial plastic bags and didn't breath at all , but they sure served their purpose of keeping me dry, while in a hire boat- freezing Hairtailing in Coal and Candle Creek. The old rubberised "Taft" jackets were pretty hard to beat for night time boat fishing- didn't breath, but kept you warm and dry on those cold nights on the Sow and Pigs, where you are exposed to the winter westerly's. They were Aussie made too
  12. So it's not just mine that's shrunk terribly around the middle
  13. Musto yachting gear is great Pickles, like Noel says above, but expensive. I have a bib and brace Musto and Bourke jacket, still good after near 20 years
  14. There is currently a "DON'T GO BOATING" alert issued, due to the dangerous conditions. Not just the ocean condition, the debris and also there is likely to be almost anything floating around. Very hard to see any floating hazards with the discoloured water at "fisherman's hour" pre dawn. Jibbon would be breaking big time for a while yet.
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