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  1. wazatherfisherman

    Marine Parks diversity protection - 600 species list

    Great post Derek! A key statement in the Museum's info says "currently known to live in OR have swum into the harbour"????!- No wonder the greens are worried, Sydney Harbour Marlin and Mahi Mahi are definitely not abundant, no doubt from 'wholesale slaughter' by the irresponsible rec fishers who target them there. Made me consider hanging up the seahorse trolling rods and the custom puffer fish stick. Disappointing that they can source information from a reputable institution such as the Australian Museum and 'twist' it to their advantage. Of those listed, 'genuinely targeted' species is less than 50 and 'popularly targeted' about 30
  2. wazatherfisherman


    Absolutely right Davebrewer! I am also of the opinion that there will be plenty more to come from those "For" the proposal, no doubt they had contingency plans already drawn up. There are worrying signs still there. The statement "Today's decision does not change the fact we are still working towards a marine park that protects key marine habitats, species and the environment"- the words of the minister- should still be heeded. These are still dangerous times for users of the resource.
  3. wazatherfisherman

    Rod tip repair

    Worst part of guide repair has got to be getting epoxy off- actual bind only takes a few mins. Fuji always quality. Is it possible to 'undo' plastic steel if you need to?
  4. wazatherfisherman

    Rod tip repair

    I'm pretty hopeless with the computer or I could send a couple of pics of diamonds and chevrons. My Hairtail rod is about 25 years old (Snyder FT 67) and has a simple but nice green and yellow full diamond that still looks pretty good. Coating was "Superflex Secret Formula". Last half dozen rods have been 2 handed split butt with winch starting at 42 cm from butt, built on Rainshadow blanks 'ebayed' from USA and CRB brand coloured blanks (lime green and purple) with USA components from the giant USA rod building company. Have bought plenty of bargains from another USA seller who usually sells bulk lots- I can message you details if you're interested. I still look for old glass blanks as well as graphite and scored some old Fenwick 'honey-mustard' blanks a few months ago, which are like gold to older fisho's! Currently building 15 and 24 kg full roller game rods, one with Alutecnos rollers and the other with gold plated Aftco's. Just finished an old Snyder 'Flame Wrap' 8 kg roller rod with one legged Aftco rollers- detailed brown, black and gold diamond and gold gimbal etc. Mostly build 6-8 ft spinning rods these days, but more for love than money, as you know hard to make much on rods unless they are either a set or something really unusual. Am shortly moving to far Nth Coast at Murwillumbah and trying to finish off a few promised orders. Cheers
  5. wazatherfisherman

    Rod tip repair

    Ok cool I can see why you use it. Thanks for quick reply
  6. wazatherfisherman

    Rod tip repair

    Hi Xerotao wondering what glue do you use for grips, winch, butt and "bling" if you don't use Araldite? This is not a criticism, rather a genuine question. I generally do butt, grips, winch, bling and tip in one go with same glue mix (24 hr Araldite) then on lathe next day for guides, diamond/design and coatings etc. Never thought of using hot melt glue
  7. wazatherfisherman

    Marine Park Concerns

    G'day Neil thank you! In my mind, I tried to imagine I was communicating with someone (the "overseers") who was 'emotionless' and only looking at the factual input, hence using multiple examples. Took a couple of weeks to summarise all the different points and it ended up being much shorter than I first envisaged!
  8. wazatherfisherman


    That's GREAT! Very interested to see what they now come up with in regards to the whole issue. Well done everybody, Government included, Sensible decision
  9. wazatherfisherman

    Rod tip repair

    Why not use Araldite? I've been a custom rod builder and repairer for 40 years and have always used it. Never had a problem putting on/taking off
  10. wazatherfisherman

    Rod tip repair

    That's good service! For those that don't know, most tips are glued on with either Araldite or similar two part epoxy. To remove, just heat with a lighter and pull straight off with pliers (as it's hot!) If for any reason they are not aligned correctly, heating and adjusting slightly also works fine, especially if using Araldite as it just 're-sets' when it cools.
  11. wazatherfisherman

    Parra River Blackfish

    G'day and welcome to Fishraider. Nice Luderick, yes they go right up into the mangrove areas of the estuary. Primarily a vegetation feeder, but are sometimes caught on other baits including white bread. Well done! Reckon they taste better than Bream, although don't recommend eating any type of fish from that far up the river! Cheers Waza
  12. wazatherfisherman

    Marine Park Concerns

    Hi Rebel thanks - trouble is, it is really hard to not get emotional and/or say what most of us would genuinely like to say. This is our "Surprise Grand Final"- the other side/s have been in training for quite some time and have collected much ammunition and "factual evidence" to use against our team (that has hurriedly been assembled) and given only minimal preparation time to respond. I hope I am completely wrong in thinking, that the reason so many areas were put into the proposal, was that the "For" arguers have left room for "compromise" and will simply reduce the number of areas to "appease" the "Against" ranks, which will still basically achieve what they originally intended. As I see it, we MUST fight NOW with every resource we have and NOT compromise at all. Many believe that the proposal has sinister (from many viewpoints) motives and is only a political bargaining tool for one side or another. To continually suggest realistic alternatives (that don't keep participants from their chosen use of the resource) is one of the ways to address the issue. Everyone has good ideas to contribute to why they are saying no to the proposal. Many of these ideas/alternatives are often overlooked or not brought forward until "after the fact" - my view, is that coming up with viable alternatives to the initiatives of the proposal, will hopefully present the decision makers with genuine options, which can not be ignored, BEFORE 'decision time' arrives. It is therefore vitally important to come up with examples of whatever your reasoning is. Surely, well presented alternatives/examples/arguments/suggestions will be taken into account.
  13. wazatherfisherman

    Marine Park Concerns

    Thanks Jim, tried to keep emotion out of it and keep to the facts
  14. wazatherfisherman

    Marine Park Concerns

    Thanks, as we are taking on an adversary with a document several hundred pages long I tried to cover all I could. Hope that some sensible folk are involved with the actual decision
  15. wazatherfisherman

    Red Mowies

    Cool Red Mowie's in the river- greenies will probably claim it an "Endangered Morwong Sanctuary" lol! Wonder if they pair off and spawn in the river? Be interested to see what stomach cavity reveals. Only ever eaten one and it was cooked on coals with heap of other fish. Crack is a bit scary to fish at night standing in the water, but there is always something lurking in there! Pigs active then also and there'd be lobsters in there for sure by the end of the month. A hand line dropped down the last "jump-over" crack at higher tide will usually give you at least one Pig and there are all sorts of unusual (sometimes big) fish in there Any chance that your ISO rod is white?