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  1. Sounds like a good trip! Nice King well done
  2. Hi Dieter only problem with using epoxy or Araldite is as Anthman pointed out, keeping balance. When using that particular brand (or any really) you need to keep revolving the "painted" item so that you don't get a "drip-lump" which will bugger the swimming action. Having said that though, I've used Araldite painted on with a disposable brush and the old "Superflex Secret Formula" epoxy also. You need to heat it with a hair dryer after mixing to get it really runny and 'disolve' bubbles. I only ever do it to seal paint where it's going to keep coming off and I have a rod lathe with 2 motors, 1 of which is a "dryer" that just revolves really slowly to prevent drip formation, it'd be a hassle otherwise as often when it's humid these coatings absorb moisture and take ages (sometimes 2-3 days to go "off") regardless of careful mixing and application. If you try it, do it on a nice dry hot day. Have also tried Anti-graffiti coating to try and seal colour in some minnows I made up from lure blanks, but that was a big failure. Tried "Clear Floor" isocyanate free timber floor coating as well,(had some left after pulling up carpets and sanding/painting floor) which is thin and dries quickly, however didn't last long on plastic bodies. Other thing is that you need to be careful of is some of the paint/patterns on hard-body lures can get eaten by modern epoxies, so just a touch up with permanent metallic markers is often a better option, as is PaddyT's suggestion of using as is. Regards Waza
  3. Had success on them when fishing "Learner's Corner" at Yamba middle wall, but to be fair, we were catching them on pretty much everything. Just a tiny shot straight on the hook and sunk down the edge of the wall (from a boat)- no bites they just swallowed them. Have often got real small ones out of Whiting, shows they eat them but caught the Whiting on worms, not the crabs.
  4. Hi Restyle I don't eat them, but when they're cooked "Kilpatrick" they go the same way you can also mould a bit of fresh bread around them
  5. When I was a kid and we ran out of bait fishing the harbour, we used to grab a few oysters and boil them in a tin of saltwater, they go a bit "rubbery" and stay on a bit better.
  6. Hi SaltyGreek look up "Red Crabs" in the search engine- some crab info for you there
  7. Great looking reel, even the handle plates are different. Nice bit of cedar. Bet you'll be tempted to use it just once!
  8. I had the sanded version, great rod
  9. Mad colours on the new reels Jim! Probably last until Alvey's bicentenary ! Great idea with laser etching
  10. Pity they don't make them any more, they are great rods. Is it a BF 3144/4144 by any chance?
  11. DynaBait sell freeze dried squid, prawns and several different types of worms. Always got the dried Bloodworms in tackle bag for "emergencies". They work ok and would suit what you want them for. Available online
  12. Nice looking rod Donna, nothing wrong with a bit of bling!
  13. Cool, the coloured blanks make for interesting builds, I had to build one for a mates 50th last year and I asked him what his favourite colours were (he had no idea it was about a rod). He is red/green colour blind and said definitely purple. Had to get a few all purple blanks from the giant U.S components company. A skull and cross-bones rod sticker on it instead of thread art and "air wave" guides make it one of a kind. Also bought a lime green and an orange blank(to "justify" postage costs) All MHX brand blanks
  14. Hi Frank I've still got about 8 or 10 blanks and about the same with butts and winches on but guides not done yet, won't be doing mine for a while either. Only built (fully) a few in last couple of years. Just posted the question out of interest to see how many still build. With so many more 'specialised' rods available and the cost of home rod building verses off the shelf buying getting closer price wise, I can see why it's a dying interest.
  15. Hi Raiders this is just a general question- I was wondering how many of us still build their own rods, or have built them over the years? I realise that as tackle refinements have changed dramatically over the years, there are now far more options when thinking of a new rod or 'specialised' rod that is pretty much tailored to specific situations, so the need to build something (that you just couldn't buy off the shelf) has diminished greatly. Just interested to hear.