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  1. Well done! Especially for going when most would stay at home. Top result
  2. You could try either hamburger mince or uncooked bacon fat. Have caught plenty of Mullet on mince when Yakka fishing and we used to use the white bacon fat for Mullet if they weren't biting on white bread when I fished the upper Georges River as a kid. Sometimes squirt worms are ok, as are the tiny shrimps you get if you run a prawn net through the ribbon weed (pretty much all estuary fish eat them), but for convenience, try the white bacon fat
  3. Great that you, family and home are safe
  4. Sounds like a good trip- nice photo's also. Great time of year to fish the area
  5. Great info there well done. Good to hear still plenty of fish around the city too
  6. Fantastic information and a great read. Everything you need to know. Awesome post Derek, well done
  7. Hi Pete safe where they are on KI. Hope the southerly works in everyone's favour. Got to 45 here and 48 at Penrith
  8. That's good news Pete, I have (like most of us) a few mates in the danger zones. My mate Doug on Kangaroo Island was on the phone with me earlier and it started to rain there, only lightly and not enough to help with their dreadful fires, but the temperature has dropped more than 20' from yesterday, giving them at least a little relief from the heat. Currently 39' here in Croydon at 12PM Hope everyone stays safe this weekend
  9. Hi Pete hope you guys stay safe this weekend. We're all thinking of all those in danger
  10. Hi Will have a read of "Reminiscing- Mulloway, Kingfish and the "Murk" effect" in fishing chat. Instead of using a Yakka use a squid on same set up
  11. Windang was famous for Blue Swimmers, I remember my Grandma, Aunties Bess, Ena and Cathy going straight out from the van without the men and coming back with a boat load of crabs that they caught on squirt worms and hand lines.. I was only about 5 or 6 and there was much sniggering as the crabs were unloaded, tipped onto the floor of the caravan and "trapping" all the kids at the opposite end to the door. We weren't game to put our feet off the bunks- too fearful of the blue "monsters" and we were trapped until the cooking started, which seemed to go on for ages.
  12. My childhood memories of prawning at Windang were more boat orientated. We used to kellick the boat each end across the current with the old 'Tilley' lamps held on a wedged oar out diagonally, used old style wood handled, gal framed cotton scoop nets balanced on the side of the boat and just 'dipped' to get prawns and Blue Swimmers as they floated down on the run out tide. Some nights it was a sea of red eyes. You could just wade out in front of our caravan and always get some for live bait, even if it wasn't running out there were always a few next to the weed beds Thinking about those days/nights now always brings a smile to my face of times now long ago, when sea-life of all sorts was abundant
  13. Happy New Year to everyone. Wishing all a safe and fishy new year
  14. Those shrimp are deadly for Blackfish fished under a regular float rig also. When I was a kid they used to sell "Prawn Net" and "Shrimp Net" - both green cotton with super small mesh for shrimps- bought them both at Windang
  15. Hi Pete interesting you say that, as I often had prawns at home for up to a week and they certainly didn't kick as well after decent time in captivity, regardless of dual electric (fish tank) aerators and several water changes. You discover how carnivorous they are when you have them for a few days- every day there are a few less- never fed them, they just ate the weakest I guess. Bread is great bait just not the stuff from small bakery's- good old Tip Top in the old foil packaging was my favourite. Maybe it's rice flour or similar from the smaller shops, but they don't seem to go it like the big brand whites