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  1. They were a bloody good lure too!
  2. Excuse the engraving?? They look great to me!! What a good idea to have 2 weights in same size Inventing/making is a great talent to have and you Frank are highly skilled at both. Thanks for calling them waza wobblers too, cheered me up greatly! Regards Waza
  3. Great bunch of reels there SquidMarks! I had one of the original geared Alvey's but same problem with inertia and lost a lot of lures snagged on the bottom, so got rid of it cheaply. Rare collectors reel now. 50A5E is a fantastic Bream reel as well as Luderick reel
  4. Alvey 650 C3 Cedar spool with "Rosewood" stain- non-reversing star drag model
  5. Another Alvey 650A5 Bakelite spool -the most common size used on the beach
  6. This is the reel Green Hornet is after spool is considerably narrower than most Alvey's
  7. Hi SquidMarks the one in the picture hasn't been in production for a fair while but was a big seller for both Luderick and Bream fishers. In my opinion a better Bream reel is yet to be found
  8. Thanks mate love home made fishing tackle and I've seen the quality of your inventions/creations!
  9. Some of the regular used Alvey's from left to right bottom row- 650A5 (obscured) 600A5 Fibreglass then Bakelite, 50A5E Luderick, 600A5 Bakelite, 600A5 again in shelf in front of Alvey picture then 651E5 live bait reel- E5 Drag has handles on the spool,Non-using collectables- green one is a 600A5 "VB" edition then a "Bundy Rum" model, then 600A5 lightweight, Top row 700A5 next not an Alvey, then Cedar 450, Cedar Rosewood stain 550 then 450 Silky Oak
  10. A near mint 550 A3 Cedar with the Rosewood stain, reel is in great condition but box has seen better days
  11. Wonder Wobbler also came in a blue and white box, wrapped in white paper- not Walker Wobbler I know,, but first lure I cast out and caught a fish on, so special place in my fishing history
  12. Maybe Bill Way? Not sure of surname spelling, but he was Nat Nat's I think
  13. Hi Frank you are a master inventor! That sounds like a bloody awesome idea- my housemate here just said that's millions of dollars to the right market and he doesn't play golf! - I only say the golf club analogy to people who shake their heads at my fishing collection.
  14. Hi Frank yes Mullatt got it - Jarvis Walker - Alpha also made one with the red plastic tag. Love the nice edges on your one though. As you know, trying to get lures off the ground is difficult! (just ask me!!) You should still make some though, I bet a lot of old members would like a few (including me!) Fishing history brought back to life- love it!
  15. Golfers don't go out with one club is my favourite when questioned!
  16. My motto used to be "you can never have too much fishing gear" but I actually have way too much now
  17. Hi again no mine were MT 9108's one built for Alvey LBG and the other untrimmed for Pigs. Still have a trimmed JS 980 jig stick or maybe 2 of them
  18. Totally understand changing blanks, I had 2 x different 9108's but they were stolen with almost the entire contents of a garage at Carramar many years ago- lost heaps of irreplaceable gear to the thieves, have always kept an eye out for those in particular as I bound an 18 inch diamond on one and a 6 colour intricate chevron on the other and have my name on them under epoxy- as I used to fish all over the place, always hoped to see someone using one that I could use to trace back to whoever stole them- hence my sympathy for others who have suffered this low act. The reason I stayed with the 9 wrap was we lifted fish about 3 mtr's much of the time, you wouldn't be doing that with today's blanks. Fibreglass still has strength qualities over graphite etc
  19. Yes we had a few oyster bottle hand lines in the basket too
  20. When I was young and fit from climbing cliffs, I could only hang on to the 651E5 yellow glass Alvey and cut down MT 9144 rod for about an hour, such was it's weight. Wouldn't swap that outfit for any other though
  21. Hi Pete John (up north) is a lifelong close mate, when he finds one it will be the right price or he won't call! Nice find! It's always great finding 'new' old things! The oyster bottles bring back memories for me too- haven't seen one for years, used to be fun getting poddies in them
  22. Hi Adrian if you look at Noelm's post 'old things' on page 14 are some of mine- I have a really awesome (if you like this sort of thing!) collection of plain series (A5) Alvey's but I have moved back to Sydney and living with a mate, so everything still in storage unit for the time being. Live-baiting for Mulloway and especially Kings was my favourite form with the E5 series, or was it big Pigs on 600's or Bream on the 50 series- wait on , I think I just love using them for any fish! Will post some photo's when I manage to get to storage unit and take some photo's- the ones made of different timbers make a nice 'contrast' in the reel shelf I made up. You know they look good when non-fishers say they love the look of them in the display- holds about 75 reels
  23. Hi Pete it really is a small world! I have heaps of wooden Alvey's unfortunately just not the one you need. I've already rung my mate to see if he has one but he sold the one he had along with a heap of others during the Alvey "frenzy" when closure was imminent. He said he'll ring me next one he comes across, which might sound a bit patronising, however as he is a "semi-professional" ebay seller who is looking/buying 2nd hand stuff at least a few days a week, he does come across them- just hates paying more than about $50-60 for anything fishing, however, as I want it he'll ring with a price. There are always wooden reels up his way at swap meets, pawn shops, garage sales and bric-a-brac spots and that's where much of his collection came from. When he took me to Barry L's at Kyogle, he didn't buy a thing- just traded some old Mitchell's for a couple of nicely turned large handline spools. I bought 3 grand worth of mint condition reels, which he shook his head at. Having said that, I always wanted a nice collection of wooden reels and over the years, had only picked up about 8 in Sydney after many years of looking- they just don't 'surface' like up north and are often in antiquey-type shops with a ridiculous price tag on them. We're always looking so one will turn up- he got an absolute bargain today from the tip shop- a Penn Inter 30TW on a full rollered custom built game rod virtually brand new for get this $30- I immediately offered him double for just the reel and he said yes, plus I can have the rod, so I'm extra glad I rang to enquire about the Alvey! Regards Waza