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  1. MarshallC

    Tackle storage

    Ummm, yeah Dan I leave on flinders island. We have have like 6 stores total, unfortunately not a Reece plumbing store. Thanks for the Input anyway. Cheers
  2. MarshallC

    Tackle storage

    I have an endless supply of lures and I'm getting overwhelmed. My current storage system is to small. Does anyone know of any good tackle organisers or tackle storage systems? Also kind of confused on how to organise them, colour, target species, size or pattern, any suggestions?
  3. MarshallC

    Hi everyone!

    Water temp around 12.5-13c.
  4. MarshallC

    What wait for jig heads

    Thanks Adsy I'll get some of them I reckon.
  5. MarshallC

    fire line

    I use 8lb fire line and very few tangles, seems pretty good. Pretty thin also
  6. MarshallC

    What wait for jig heads

    I'm going to get Zman 4 inch swimmerz and minnowz also a few Zman grubs in 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch. Thanks
  7. MarshallC

    What wait for jig heads

    Thanks raiders, Will get some ranging from 1/8 to 1/4 oz
  8. MarshallC

    Ian miller control freaks

    Yeah I would try that but since I'm pretty sure I can't afford one yet I don't won't to muck them around by calling
  9. MarshallC

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi raiders, I joined this great site only a couple of days ago. My name is Marshall and I'm only 13 years old. But I've been fishing for around 9 of those years! I grew up/growing up on the great Flinders island. There's some great fishing to be done around here but unfortunately there's no bream but there's some pretty good flattie fishing. I really only have on hobbie and that's fishing. It's also school holidays now and hoping to do some flats fishing but until that damn wind stops, hopefully this Wednesday. I look forward to getting to know all of you, cheers
  10. MarshallC

    What wait for jig heads

    Yeah thanks, I usually fish on the last 2 hours of a run in Cheers
  11. MarshallC

    Best flathead lures

    Thanks bluefin will give'em a go!
  12. MarshallC

    What wait for jig heads

    I've been targeting flathead for a while now but only really used jig heads depending on the size not the weight. What weight jig heads should I use for flatties in 2-7 metres? Thanks
  13. MarshallC

    Garfish recipes?

    Welcome to any suggestions Thanks
  14. Does anyone no how much they cost? Cheers
  15. MarshallC

    Good rod for gummy shark?

    G'day I have a shimano spheros 10,000 spooled with with 50lb braid wondering about a better rod then I currently own. For boat fishing not shore Thanks