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  1. thanks, there is alot of black type of soft weed algae on the rocks, not sure if the luderick their will eat that. there's also some green hair algae on the rocks but its really coarse. Not sure which rock i was on haha, but it went out nice and deep after just a few metres.
  2. Haha thanks, about 20minutes or so from St James, so not too bad
  3. Managed to have a day free for a fish on Friday and decided to catch a train to Macquarie Chair in the late mornings. Was using a stem float with small long shank hooks and peeled prawns to target leatherjackets (what i normally get at Macquarie Chair). Wind was pretty crappy as forecast said it would be around 35km/hr , made fishing pretty difficult with the float bouncing around the whole time. 2hours of fishing with heaps of soaked bread as berley and only fish caught was a wrasse ? didn't seem like i was going to bring any fish home as normally after berleying, you would be able to see large leatherjackets just a metre away from the wall. I Decided to take a walk to the opposite side to see if the water seemed calmer and to my luck, it did and was a lot calmer. Spot now was near the walkway and on small rock ledges. First cast in the new spot, and first cast in after berleying, a brown wrasse almost instantly. Fish was released and float goes in again. this time, float goes down almost instantly and line starts peeling off as i hooked on a large fish on 6 pound line. Couldn't really see what fish it was, only saw the float moving side to side as the fish kept running for 2minutes straight, stopping occasionally to turn. Finally it gave in and got it up the rock soon after. Measured at 40cm, a silver trevally on light gear is always very fun!! the fun didn't stop there as after a few more brown wrasses, I caught a 30cm+ luderick on the peeled prawn and soon after the leatherjackets came in. Only caught 3 despite the size 8 long shank hook as they either bit the hook off or somehow stole the bait. All in all, a great day and came home with some fish for once, after some donuts trying to catch luderick with green weed previously. Also found the biggest parasite i've ever seen inside one of the leatherjackets, was full of eggs and after opening the trevally's stomach, it was filled with prawn heads (from peeled prawns) and a small mullet.
  4. thanks, didn't end up fishing but did snorkel and wow... the amount of huge whiting schools and chunky bream on Murray's beach were insane. Also a huge blue grouper cruising around the rocks there. Also picked up a handful of green weed on the way back so will try my luck on some blackfish tommorow
  5. no boat, landbased only
  6. I will be heading to Jarvis Bay Green Patch this week, and i was wondering where was some good fishing spots around the area? And what species would also be there, thankyou
  7. After a long time absent from fishing with Uni and everything, a friend messages me Sunday night, "reckon you will be up by 4:30, Monday morning?, Gonna fish for some squid". Didn't even bother sleeping, was already was out till pretty late. We still ended up arriving at Wally's wharf by 6:30am (behind schedule). We first drifted around the seaweed patches near Jibbon beach and jeez, it was damn cold. Drifted 3 times before we headed off to another location with nothing in the bag. the water here, dropped of to about 7-9m of water and took 20seconds for the squid jig to sink (not sure if i was doing it right). On my third cast, after letting it sink for around 20seconds, the line quickly takes off followed by the nice sound of the reel's drag system. Squid came in after a steady fight and was netted, measured at around 27cm hood length (first large squid for me!). We drifted near the area a few more times and ended up catching some more with 3 around 25cm hoodlength and 2 at 20cm hoodlength. With some squid in the bag, and no more other catches after a while, we fished around moored boats with soft plastics. Lots of bites and small runs for me before the fish lets go of the lure, but friend did catch a few small snapper and a 28cm bream. there were also some large tyres in pretty shallow water on the sand flats with a few 40cm + blackfish around them which got spooked off as our boat approached closer. Called it a day shortly after. Was happy i finally caught some larger squid but definetly need to wear more clothing, could barely feel my fingers out in the water.
  8. Hey man, thanks for the reply, I haven't really targeted luderick or drummer of the rocks, but if you are willing to take me, ill definitely come. Safety gear, I'm ok with buying cleats and a life jacket. Gear wise, I normally use a 10 foot 2 , 3-5Kg spinning rod on a float
  9. Hi Raiders, my name is William, I am located in the Eastern suburbs and want to improve/ learn Blackfish fishing from a mentor who would be willing to help me out. I have fished for a couple years now and I have done blackfish fishing before in the past, not really successful on the rocks but had relative success on the wharves, however i feel like I have a lot to learn still. I would be able to travel around Sydney to fish (eastern rocks or north to Balmain areas/ down south) and i do provide my own gear but not the green weed bait (All previous places i got from has disappeared). I would also only be available on the weekends since I am just starting uni now. Additionally, any information that would help me such as locations/ spots would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou very much.
  10. Hey just wondering how you rig up live poddies? i can never live bait fish properly
  11. Theres big ones mixed in. Same thing happened at maimbar fishing for whiting, about 10 20cm ones then 1 40cm one in 20cm deep water.
  12. Awesome view, and nice catch
  13. Thats only their reels. Maybe because they last so long that they can't sell any to replace?
  14. Try the Rock groynes at Dolls point, its less crowded but you do have to walk on rocks
  15. The trevs were only around 26cm, not legal. I have seen people catch legal trevs there on most occasions but gets very crowded.
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