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  1. Thanks everyone! As i won't have much of a luxury for time of day, looks like I'll take a blackfish setup and hone my skills. I'm a beginner at it, so maybe the rocks/wall west of the bridge is my shot. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, Next weekend i'll be down in the central coast with the wife, all day Sunday and she'll be working, so I'll have the day spare to go... fishing! I don't really know the area, and I'll be around the entrance area, and land based. I'm guessing they'll maybe be blackfish, salmon, tailor, bream? Any tips? Judging from google maps there's toowoon point etc, or the rockwall west of the bridge... but i'm really just guessing. Thanks!
  3. I've been reading how some people buy this special garlic scent, of which some actually paint the plastic tail yellow in the process. Either for aussie flathead, or mostly USA jetty/rockwall fishermen. They reckon the fish love the yellow waggling tail... its hardly natural to me. Sounds wacky, but they swear by it. I haven't found it in the shops yet to try it out.
  4. I'm curious too, I've seen youtube clips and they appear to 'flutter' very nicely - I'm keen to hear about any practical tests/success with them.
  5. Thanks Rick, never been to seal rocks but heard good things there. After some google maps research, we'll likely end up cheap camping in a place like Treachery Camp or Yagon campground, and it looks like there might be a spot to drive onto the beach between the camps, which would be a nice if I do a night beach session. Are you aware if these beaches have pipis and beach worms? Looks like a great spot, thanks for the tip Rick!
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for a camping spot for the missus and I, late April. Keen to do some fishing, but will be shore based only. Thinking of trying a new area, anywhere from port stephens to forster, and really not sure whether to aim for beach, river or lake... as i said, i don't know the area very well, and according to Google maps the whole lot is tempting! Given the time of year is between traditional fishing 'seasons', are there any recommendations? Should i try for my first jewie on a beach? Drift bait for bream? Any blackfish spots alive this time of year? I'm open for ideas ??
  7. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I was hoping for a ferrule style repair, but it appears I'll have a new tough short stick when I'm done. Thanks again.
  8. broken tip T-curve Ian Miller 2.13m 701 lure 10-40g line 5-10kg Can anyone please suggest anything for repairs? I really don't want to chuck this girl away
  9. Ps: some photos for reference:
  10. Hi all, I'm new here, and only recently getting into fishing since many years ago when my dad used to take me to the jetty. Not long ago my father in law gave me an old single piece beach rod, which needs some repair, and I'm considering getting into it as a fun project to learn about rod basics. The rod is currently 3.3m, with a broken tip (yes, I hear the gasp), it'll never be a great rod, just a fun beach blaster. It will also need the grips re-done, and the guides re-strung. I've never owned anything more than small estuary rods before, and I would like to hear some experienced minds share their wisdom. It also doesn't have a reel, and I don't know how to tell if it is alvey potential - if possible, I'd like an easy rod that can handle the sand etc. Although, I've never used an alvey before. In my mind I'd be hoping for a salmon/tailor, maybe small shark or small mulloway if I'm lucky. How much will the shortened tip matter? When I re-strung the guides, how much will the distances between matter? Should I put a tip guide straight on the end, or add some extension? Do I need a heat gun to re-do the grip? Is there any coating that this will need over the length for protection? Many thanks for any info to my many questions and long winded post. Cheers.