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  1. Water dragons black snakes kingfishers mullet tryin to land on me great day out as you said jeff fish are a bonus
  2. Went for a couple of hrs paddling local creek two missed hits from bass 4 missed hits from water dragons still nice on the water on the yak
  3. Fishing live baits on 8lb mainline is the main reason your not landing fish go up in size on mainline and trace
  4. Nice catch plenty of fillets there
  5. Hearing you mate im tryin to wrangle a morning next week monday looks good
  6. Killed it landed me grand champion title you have to fish 4 categories and nominate weighin seperate to club points fresh estuary beach n rock deep sea keeps me tryin
  7. Dont get many there with bumps like that jeff was he from whisker mark or somewhere else
  8. I caught one 6kg off the rocks at charlotte near forster on small chromey
  9. We got a 25kg barracuda off the rocks at catherine hill bay ive caught 4 dolphin fish in lake mac as well as bonefish giant herring cobes pennant fish diamond trevally and fingermark
  10. If you wait till mid jan you can try sth east corner of tomaree for longtails n cobes are they big enough
  11. Can only fish mrs murphys crack from boat
  12. Small stumpjumper hungry cod
  13. Plus one green hornet 20lb on jew is fine never had a jew take more than 200mtrs off the beach on 20 and landed em up to 37kgs
  14. Thanks keflapod i have moments every now n then haha it takes a bit of bravado to head 10 miles up to the island knowing full well to expect 50knot winds but i did my homework on all the weather available and have a lot of respect for it knowing you can plug over to the beach and come home along it in flat conditions helps ease the worry......all turned out as planned so hopin to go up n chase scratchies whiskers very soon though i may have lost him fri arvo i got smoked and its only 400mtrs from whiskers home