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  1. rickmarlin62

    How much anchor rope

  2. rickmarlin62

    How much anchor rope

    Buy a large foam bubble 40/45cm and an anchor clip ..do your deploy and retrieve from inside your boat not out of hatch or up on bow use a rope with a loop on end that comes from your bow round side an bak into boat to where your standing and tie anchor rope to this if you dont know how system works pm me with fone number and i can run you through how to do it ..i moved spots at least 8 times on sunday mornin and it was easy no pulling rope up by hand ...rick
  3. rickmarlin62

    Bearing shell spinning inside hub

    sounds like ones a holden ones a ford
  4. rickmarlin62

    Bulk/cheap bait

    windybanks is a wholesaler
  5. rickmarlin62

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    you didn't read his original post very well he says he fishes for bream n flatties im not tryin to be argumentive I just think positive advice is better than negative
  6. rickmarlin62

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    xi is interested in going further afield if weather permits there is nothing wrong with that if you have all the gear and check all the weather available....how many small boats fish off the nsw coast every day when its good...I go to browns in a 4.8 vsea and the carpark off port stephens am I crazy......or am I doing everything by the book and being safe.....xi is asking for advice what to buy to be able to do what he has listed not to be shot down in flames for suggesting a boat that could be multi purpose....a 6.0mtr deep vee glass boat is ideal for outside but not very practical for spinning for bream n flatties.....a 4.8 t0 5.3 mtr could be a very good size as a compromise to do both I have been on raider for a while now and prefer to offer positive advice to new guys if they don't know that's why we as older supposedly smarter members are here to offer advice...if he said he was getting a 3.5 mtr punt I would advise against but hes after advise as to what he should get not what not to get...rick
  7. rickmarlin62

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    also picking your days when to venture outside is very easy these days with multiple apps to look at wind swell and sea coditions...we went on weekend with 20 plus knots forecast but knowing that I wouldn't be mor than 4 naut mile off the shore goin to the island I had no hesitation going.....I have thousands of hours experience at sea in large small and pro boats.....if you get a 5.0mtr boat set it up properly have all safety gear and practice safe boating in reasonable weather you will gain experience and widen your horizons....there is no reason to assume its wrong to go to sea in a boat smaller than 5,5 or 6.0 mtr hundreds of people do it every weekend up n down the coast go get a boat an enjoy yourself...rick
  8. rickmarlin62

    Fishing mate wanted - Northern Central Coast

    il keep in touch I live at summerland pt just moved back here from goro..we do a bit of everything yaks freshwater cod bass I have boat and luv chasin snapper also jew an blackfish off rocks will let you know if we are doin anything...rick
  9. rickmarlin62

    How much anchor rope

    we work off three times the to length use plenty of heavy chain pick anchor to suit where you are anchoring and on what you are anchoring...blade anchor for sand I use a mooloolaba pick style for reef search will reveal more detail...rick
  10. rickmarlin62

    Broughton reds not

    Currents runnin south hard baz hardly any decent fish on sounder but miles of bait on bottom round nth rock
  11. rickmarlin62

    Broughton reds not

    Oh we got plenty of them i kept stickin my fingers in bucket of water it was 17 deg air temp was 4 deg lol
  12. rickmarlin62

    Broughton reds not

    Nice feed mate but dissapointed on no biggies got one over 4kgs every trip for nine on a row oh well fishin not catchin haha
  13. rickmarlin62

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    I have a 4.8 vsea and fish estuary an outside not ideal for lake n river but perfect for wot i do at sea agree that experience is needed but guys have to start somewhere i was the only boat at broughton is on sat arvo in very ordinary conditions but my little tub was feeling very safe an open style console will be fine for wot u want to try baz fishes out of port stephens in his and loves it its only 449 get something closer to 5.0 and you should be happy...rick
  14. rickmarlin62

    Reminiscing -Mulloway, Kingfish and the 'Murk' effect

    Not from down that way but a top read mate well done
  15. rickmarlin62

    Broughton reds not

    Fished sat arvo an nite sun morn at island for a meagre 12 small reds between 34 42 cms one pearl perch one trevally one tailor 47 million port jackson sharks haha water was 17 deg green and hat brown slime in it clogging on line the current was pushing 3 to 5 knots making lots of spots unfishable 15 knot westerlies made anchoring in position hard and made for cold conditions better than sitting on lounge wondering but once there with 3 mtr swells had me wondering bout lounge lol no fotos as embarrased not being able to get a decent fish ruined my record haha but il be back again soon....rick