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  1. rickmarlin62

    Battery help

    Sounds like your alternator is only charging battery no1 while you are running on battery no2 you are draining it flat you should be running with both then isolate when you stop if worried bout draining no1
  2. rickmarlin62

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Wind from east youre bow will be pointing east the current will swing you nth or sth depending where its coming from
  3. rickmarlin62

    Lures - Newbie Questions

    15lb mono is way too heavy for small light lures try 8lb braid
  4. rickmarlin62

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Current can go any direction its not bound by swell worse case can be current comin from nth wind from sth you fish under boat not good
  5. rickmarlin62

    Bream PB on Fly

    Im stickin with scratchie reds are heaps easier haha
  6. rickmarlin62

    Bream PB on Fly

    4 weeks ago i walked bout4miles on the cox never had a hit or seen a fish went to lyell no good went to the back of thompsons no good got one brown in a trib of river lett hard wknd
  7. rickmarlin62

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Sometimes the ring doesnt go past the', rope chain ',join so the wire stops it from slippung back thru
  8. rickmarlin62

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    The whole idea of the ball pulling the anchor up is by pulling it out in the opposite direction you are correct in driving past anchor and keep going till ball bounces on the surface if using a solid ring instead of a grab clip feed a doubled over peice of coat hanger wire or similar into rope sticking out 4 inches or so on an angle facing towards anchor for the ring to catch on and hold near surface
  9. rickmarlin62

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome kev glad to hear you have a vsea we have a meet n greet snapper bash in two wknds at port stephens there is a good number of guys goin read in fishing chat winter reds...
  10. rickmarlin62

    Port Stephens reds.

    Sweet we share info and spots jeffs great guy
  11. rickmarlin62

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    I use prongs that dont bend cable tie to bottom attach to top
  12. rickmarlin62

    Lowrance elite 7

    Ps my hds with 83hz reads 200 fthm with tuning
  13. rickmarlin62

    Lowrance elite 7

    Sounds like your running it on auto simple thing like increasing the sensitivity wil have you reading tjings go thru the menu choose the exact transducer you have select deepwater settings and tune sensitivity manually also go to 50hz or lowest number hz on your set
  14. rickmarlin62

    Winter Fishing Tips

    Historically my biggest weighins in our club are during winter summer isnt all its cracked up to be
  15. rickmarlin62

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    Just drive round the ball by a couple of feet then straighten up and travel virtually straight over anchor otherwise your not pulling anchor straight out opposite the way it hooked in if you deviate out at 45 deg you will get caught up on reef to the side of your anchor