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  1. There are a few hulls that handle like a lot bigger boat 445s are a classic my vsea is another also milligan525s
  2. Wots wrong with leather soaked in auto trans fluid wiped down then installed smmoootthh
  3. Horses for courses circle hooks have their uses and targets ive tried them on reds an jew and had poor results on tuna an marlin with live or skip baits they are the best in some styles of fishing i crush my barbs on trebles mainly freshwater but leave them proud when targeting tailer as they throw hooks often also some styles of hooks work with no barbs better than others depending on shank length . eye position . Point style the fun is trying them to work it out
  4. I moved from that area im in central coast still but my rock squid spots are lake mac
  5. Im now the holder of the record for smallest bream 42mm size 1/0 hook in foto
  6. rickmarlin62

    color bond

    Sharkfins are the gal plates bolted to the ground just havin a dig lol so long as its up n straight happy days
  7. rickmarlin62

    color bond

    48 mtrs of sharkfin ?? I would have that finished by 1 oclock but then ive been fencing for 41 yrs
  8. Ive never been desperate enough to try one BUT they are one of the best snapper baits goin
  9. Try a tohatsu i have mates that swear by them
  10. Great work derek knowledge is a great thing even better when shared
  11. A video of beach incident would have been good bahahaha
  12. Great reports neil hope you enjoyed your "excercise"
  13. In my opinion the drama of trying to fillet them without getn spiked is not worth the trouble for the bland small amount you get and trust me they are veeerry painful if they get you
  14. Hi Neil you aren't in an lga of concern so you can travel anywhere in your lga I rode 85 km down to Spencer on the hawkesbury on saturday
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