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  1. rickmarlin62

    Fish smoker - what to buy?

    look up Bradley smokers
  2. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

    Hey sam all fish were released unharmed in the making of this report hahaha seriously..all fish caught were undersize i have kept one or two previously but only if injured by hooks and yes they arnt bad to eat....rick
  3. rickmarlin62

    New Boat

    enjoy your boating mate happy you got something your pleased with...now..some fish fotos...rick
  4. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

    very dry all the way from the coast to other side of the range..ive never seen it that bad out in the tops country....even the roos look malnourished...theres water in the river so the stock can drink but there is nothing to eat...rick
  5. rickmarlin62

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Sweet hopefully get up soon an get a few
  6. rickmarlin62

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    I should have gone to the island and braved the wind i went cod fishin instead doooohhhh
  7. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

    There is nothing growing out there its distressing walking round kicking up dust where there was lush growth last year
  8. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

  9. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

    Last june
  10. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

  11. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

  12. rickmarlin62

    Oh my cod

    Went for an overniter with my son to see if the cod have survived the drought we got 8 fish in two sessions all 51 /55 cm spinnerbaits and a rat lure worked best will put up before and today fotos when i can
  13. rickmarlin62

    Snapper....at the top or the bottom

    fish shallower..no jackets...I work from 12 /20 mtrs mostly easier with floating baits in burley trail..rick
  14. rickmarlin62

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Im not pointing fingers im just sik or reading same shit bout pros n cons for both the guy just wants to buy a boat not buy into a debate about whivh motor is better based on people wjo luv wot they own i didnt recomend an old school 2st but thats wot i have and im vrry happy with it im just sik of resding same arguments every time this comes up there is no right no wrong and neither is better unless it suits your needs....debates about wot car got brought up wtf does that have to do with outboard selection he needs to go try both then choose i wish he bought a 2st merc to shut everyone up that would be gold in my small opiniated world done
  15. rickmarlin62

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Just a comment but if my 90 yammie blew up and i was goin to spend my hard earned i wouldnt buy an etec or a 4st i would buy another 90 2st yammie cause i want the reliability an performance i have now this two horse race between etec lovers an 4st lovers is gettin a bit old hat an im sick of hearin bout it no1 buy wot u can afford and buy to suit wot u r goin to do most this has all been covered in this topic and others it doesnt matter wot 15 biased outboard owners on this site say it boils down to your choice of wot will suit the best i hope you are happy with your purchase which ever way you go and may you never break down on the water...to the rest of the chidish biased one eyed commentors i hope you never break down on the water either...this guy wanted some advice not a massive debate ...may your boating be a much more enjoyable time than this topic....rant done.....rick