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  1. Campr said my fave saying they dont have hands so wheres the bait fish light strike drag they hook themselves
  2. I have a couple of smaller ones i keep in car or backpack for cod spinning most larger ones dont have the quality stick with two or three piece lots stronger
  3. Like to see them at SWR on a run out noreaster hahaha
  4. Be scared be very scared hahahaha well done boys cast bit hooked landed then the obvious flopping round congrats
  5. Nice lot of reds jeff good to fish with the kids hey
  6. Awesome report mate hopin to get away soon this workin is no fun
  7. Same hp thsts why they are both 90 hp ho suits lighter smaller hull for skiing type applications not heavy loaded fishing boats higher gear ratios wont give better holeshot on heavier hulls horses for courses
  8. Even when anchored and burleying for reds i like to try an sneak a live slimy out somewhere out the back if thetes a fair bit of current i add a ball sinker and nose rig the slimy to lay in the current mid water they usually end up straight out the back which lets you cast strips or heads out to the side of burley a bit
  9. Nice lot of fish mate luv em my two faves reds n blacks
  10. 17 pitch prop is the right size a 19 might not reach peak revs
  11. Even with a fully enclosed work box on ya truk and no mirrors wouldnt you feel the difference ????????????? Wot about the noise
  12. rickmarlin62


    This morning i think pennant hills rd owner didnt return for twenty mins check your boats and trailer setups kiddies
  13. Size n pitch are written on outer edge of hub or side of prop 13 1/4 ×17p you may be running a 19 or 21 and be overpitched also if you are travelling at slow speed when your looking at water level up motor you probably have two people down the back and the nose in the air if the water was up thst high while travelling on the plane you probably should have sunk as your hull would of been half submerged
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