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  1. Cheers jeff i dont have the luxury lately with takin days off when weathers good wish i could
  2. Yep same close relative to black drummer but blue with gold flecks in the scales
  3. A mate in yakhunters said hes goin to one
  4. Cant catch em sittin on the lounge 3hr drive sleepin in boat in floggin down rain in swag makes you appreciate your bed n missus when you come home hahaha
  5. Crowdy done dusted windy green water no current 6 small reds 1 mowie on a plastic downhearted
  6. Got a tank at home haha been to crowdy ordinary is understatement
  7. It takes a while to get used to this style of reel simplesr thing i can tell you is tuck rod under left arm and hold your reel in palm of hand with fingers sticking out...1 or 2 fingers rub edge of spool as break a nd stop the line from jumping round back
  8. Wind looks lighter further north so hittin crowdy was hopin to go broughton but dont want to punch back into southerly saturday msg me in morn if you get some
  9. Just been told there are comps at windamere next 4 weekends this wknd there are 80 boats signed up for one comp let alone how many others will be there
  10. Naaah i know where theres heaps of them they rat my snapper baits sometimes in the wash beautiful fish ive released bout a dozen last couple of yrs accidental captures not targeted
  11. Hoping the weather gods come good for tmrw arvo and sat goin to crowdy to annoy the reds comp wknd last 3 months have been blowouts with 35 knots fingers n toes crossed il be up there by 2 pm tmrw and have light breeze
  12. Hope your not chasing bluefish they are protected species
  13. Thanks liltav havnt tried down there yet might be at windamere in a few weeks food for thought
  14. Nice glad there is some water holding fish.......above or below windamere guys ??
  15. Check youtube theres a few clips been put up before