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  1. Fix it an keep it i luv my vsea if you cut out floor reglass the stringers to th hull then lay an extra layer of mat an glass the whole bottom of hull inside it will stiffen n strengthen all of it im doin some floor work on mine soon soft spots where seat bases used to be i dont have seats more room sounds like your stringers have let go from hull with those cracks along chine
  2. I had to troll down 5 aisles before i got onto that beauty
  3. I had probs with crap in my carbies on 60hp yammie got sick of cleanin carbies installed water seperator no more probs put 90hp yam on never had any more probs
  4. Caught my first fish on a cork line at 3 my dad my grandad my family all fished been at it ever since been in n out of pro fishin in many forms my whole life trawlers tuna poling crabs crays meshing rod n reel yfin to japan in the eighties longlining and i stil fish for everything from mullet to marlin blackies cod bass trout goldens love my reds an everything inbetween HOOKED HAHAHA
  5. Swallowtail dart very common further north
  6. I only ever lose monsters too jeff haha
  7. Large big eyes were always the hardest to fight on the trace and fight line on longliner i worked on jon
  8. My fishin mate knows when i have a good red on cause i usually say this ones got some mumbo dont know where it came from but been sayin it for yrs
  9. Great work donna thanks for the extras hope you are both havin a good time in this testing environment
  10. I had similar problem a while back i had filled my alloted amount of loads pm donna im sure she will fix this for you