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  1. 2 months ago i fished solo at the island and two mates were in a milligan they got 4 small reds for fri arvo sat morn both good fishos and fishing spots close to me i moved around and scraped up my limit of 10 with a king and some odds n ends i went to mungo sat morn and couldnt lose a bait i picked up my best couple in mid morn at nth rock i thought it was hard goin then but it sounds worse now
  2. glad i didnt go up on wknd heard a few sob stories from others only glimmer was a good catch at edith but thats all hI pefully a bit of current migjt statt pushin soon jeff
  3. Newie harbour is not known for squid you sometimes get them on thebeach side on stocko breakwall better off goin swansea channel
  4. Jan can be a bit early seal rocks under lighthouse boomerang charlotte booti cape hawke al have kings n macktuna during off season lontails can be down that far at xmas some years but not till after aust day other years point perpindicular at laurieton point plomer hat head and hungry head list goes on mutton bird at coffs whod a thought it nth of coffs caught big kings there iluka breakwall then thers always head south pulpit and other spots at greencape eden for kings and yfin
  5. The one industry that was known for pollution has been closed for over ten years and only affected cockle creek i eat fish squid crabs and razor fish from bottom half of lake all the time and i dont glow in the dark
  6. sandons a nasty break in certain conditions we go to minnie waters
  7. check it out on an outgoing might give you a different idea of its nature last time out it was dodging waves for 150 mtrs all good in the vsea but i wouldnt have liked bein in a few of the tinnys lining up
  8. They are all round lake you can wade or snorkel most in less than 10ft of water grab with glove or use open tooth garden rake nice eating like scallops good bait n berley very sharp shells if broken if catching remove from water dispose of shells in bin please plenty round gwandalan summerland pt pt wolstencroft most of lake has them
  9. oz i hope you realise this thread is many years old
  10. My guess would be a big arse ray
  11. I have 3 spinfishers over 20 yrs old still slayin reds an others with them
  12. I normally go up in afternoon fish anchor up an sleep then motor over to spot just before first light short travel in dark that way
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