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  1. rickmarlin62

    Fuel prices

    Lots of roos lots of camels lots of fuel then you have to factor in how many hrs driving glad its not me
  2. Good to hear your catchin a few neil we got rain today hope you get some soon
  3. Nice work still hangin to get up there JEALOUS
  4. Dams will rise and fish will feed in the shallows chasing food that is covered by water rivers will definetly become very dirty as we have so much dirt ash laying round that will wash into waterways this will shut down some of the fish till it clears you may find spots where dirty meets clear and that can fire with food n baitfish flushing out same where dirty fresh meets clean salt
  5. Try garden worms if using bread or dough keep bait size small like a pea 5mm
  6. If the slimies are there they are right up the northern end of reef not near the shallow spots sth end i dont know of any reliable spots maybe the new artificial reef ntheast of island
  7. Havnt had enough rain for a flush its barely noticable late this week we are due for some
  8. My old mate mick was very happy with it hard work for a good catch but an enjoyable wknd anyway
  9. Fished fri nite till after midnite all day sat in boat on lake mac the jew wouldnt play for us but ended up with 15 bream to weigh in in our first comp of year i had one red 36cm and my offsider scored a 46cm red on 6lb bream gear size 6 hook in 3ft of water today i fished the rocks and caught 3 blackies in quick time then the dolphins moved in and that was game over didnt worry with fotos of bream or blackies ordinary weather with strong winds fri sat an rain sat morn but good to be out on the water hangin to go to broughton but happy to stretch a line
  10. Hat head hungry head both good pt perpandicular at laurieton plenty of spots at forster to seal rocks as well pm me if you need more detail
  11. Lots of people up here on lower lying areas put bores in so they can water lawns or wash things
  12. Where i was standing thete is normally 3ft of water from bank to bank now its a trickle this is a large feeder river into one of the biggest waterways on our coast !!!!! At the moment the riverbed is dry in gloucester there is no flow the crawford and myall arnt fairing any better my fave cod spot hasnt had running water for 11 months i fear for the fish populations in all of these and other rivers its even affecting the munmorah budgewoi tuggerah lake system as no rain filling the lakes has led to no water leaving at the entrance there are large sand islands with grass growing onthem right in front of the pelican feeding at the entrance this used to be water from one side to the other come on rain
  13. Nice red did you get a length or weight