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  1. I dont know how to load up the videos their better
  2. These are the west and east views of the storm on the 13th nov from the mooring nth side broughton isl
  3. Nice work jeff i couldnt find a decent fish for tryin but keen to get bak up there
  4. Sounds like an awesome trip congrats on the tagged fish
  5. Been all over FB but no luck yet
  6. Good fish well deserved i fished hard fri arvo an sat morn for 8 small reds couldnt find a decent one anywhere nice to see there are still some there
  7. Top offer neil i hope to try new england first if no good wagga here i come
  8. Ten mins after storm hit a halfcab bout 19ft came round from south side and anchored not far away glad i got thete early they would of got smashed
  9. Not many slimys ended up with 8 small reds very hard fishin up there at moment spoke to three other boats at ramp they had none
  10. Looks choice jeff now to get one bigger in the morning hahahaha
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