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  1. North of sydney 15kg will suffice 10kg is norm for longtails cobes macks sth coast 24kg for kings most big kings are hooked vlose to the rocks so dont wadte your time tryin to get baits out 150m nth coast rods 8 9ft are the go sth coast ledges you can go shorter all dependant on where you fish and access to water try for at least 500mtrs line 30 size lever drags are fine your spinning reels will work just go lighter and longer
  2. Havnt given up just havnt been too much work
  3. Hybrids seen a few like it
  4. For worms go to ocean beaches not the ones inside broken bay
  5. I use fingers or alvey graphite pliers they have dimples not spikes i also use pilly or pippy in stocking material for bait the worms pincers get caught in the material and you can hold them there
  6. Hold the tip and the blank down about 45cm and lift rod off the ground the blank will rotate to the backbone if built correctly guides will either be facing up or down determining ohead or spinning reel
  7. Great outcome if happens to other reels sand back then coat with clear nail polish
  8. My guess is 20ft Max persons 8 Max hp 200
  9. South east corner of hungry head south of hat head good spot longys cobes spanish swr itself is not great for spinning
  10. I tie my cod lures on short mono traces attached to braid with albright knot easy to tie use at least ten wraps then back around those wraps goin down the wraps 4 times easier than fg
  11. Campr said my fave saying they dont have hands so wheres the bait fish light strike drag they hook themselves
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