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  1. rickmarlin62

    Wire Trace Help!

    Buy single strand and make your own cheaper n stronger
  2. rickmarlin62

    Bustin Bass at Lostock

    lostock firing nice bass guys
  3. rickmarlin62

    Carp species...how widespread?

    They are in creeks n spillways on central coast also in glenbawn namoi Manila rivers and in hunter river above lochinvar more widespread than u think
  4. rickmarlin62

    Fitting New Live Bait Tank Pump

    My pickup goes thru the pump and pours into the tank that much doing 20 knots I have to close tap to reduce flow
  5. rickmarlin62

    Copeton messing with the head

    Stonker oh yeah
  6. rickmarlin62

    Fitting New Live Bait Tank Pump

    The pickup is supposed to push water thru when underway turn pump off
  7. rickmarlin62


    Landed a7.79kg red on bait sat morn at boughton 93cm report was under reds again
  8. rickmarlin62

    Reds again

    Had a look at records for snapper on bait jeff can I apply for second place ?? Topic is closed so don't know how to
  9. rickmarlin62

    Tuesday Dollie trip

    Drop your mahis in a saltwater n ice slurry as soon as you bleed them they will be firm as
  10. rickmarlin62

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Great report nice tuna port is certainly firing
  11. rickmarlin62

    Reds again

    Nice trag baz don't give up on the reds they are there I normally get them early morn or late arvo I got one at midday on Saturday on a livey though so you can never read them like a book all good woodsy hope to see you n jeff soon
  12. rickmarlin62

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    Ocean rocks
  13. rickmarlin62

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    Out round headland to south
  14. rickmarlin62

    Reds again

    I tie an opposite blood knot 2ft up from hook so float doesn't come off you can also use black crane swivel
  15. rickmarlin62

    Reds again

    Measured 93 on box 7.79 gutted n gilled the next one was 87cm 7.15 kg cleaned just happy to get a couple new club record bring on may comp