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  1. Thanks zoran and everyone else it was great to get back on the water for an overniter by myself the ocean in a boat is a wonderful place to recharge your personal batteries after a trying couple of months i cant wait to get out again
  2. Hey neil havnt been since march ten reds some bream tailer king goatfish will make a few nice meals mate hope your doin ok lookin forward to snapper catchup
  3. Had fun feeding some rat kings in my berley at nth rock
  4. Yep i swag it luv sleepin in boat listenin to water lappin at hull
  5. Trip started out good fri arvo plenty of slimies at cabbage tree anchored up in one of my fave areas at broughton nth wind down hill current cloud cover low tide at dark perfect then the wind kept changing blowing me off my mark then current stopped shifted further nth and ended up with 3 small reds n a goat fish sat morn to mungo dead as a dodo back to some ledges near sisters got a few went to nth rock scraped up a few ana 75 kingy ended up with my limit of reds but nothing real big wind and current was all over the shop but better than sittin at home
  6. Better than workin
  7. Some usa gps are set on nth and west coords and can be changed to sth n east or they wont read correctly
  8. Run your wiring down opposite side of boat than your original wiring less interference from power and tacho or radios
  9. We used to get some big specimens as bycatch outside prawn trawling for king prawns off newcastle 10/12 inch
  10. Not having been able to go fishing since feb with covid and some family issues and working non stop fishraider has been a go to many times a day to keep me sane and see what the lucky few are up to good to see so many raiders catching during these tuff times not just reports but great stories from waz help the days go by i WILL be getting my boat nack in the water very soon and hope to give SCRATCHIE something to beat haha sorry jeff nah anything on the line will be good i hope our fishing meet at port stephens goes well this year i think everyone could use a pikmeup tight lines rick
  11. Locked half blood knot two wraps round clip
  12. Ling are excellent eating
  13. Nice fish jeff i gotta get up for a fish
  14. Used a paravane for slow trolling squid round fads works well
  15. Bit of a shame on the mighty sergeant bakers but at least you got some crappy rubbish bottom feeders
  16. Typical bait setup eggbeater or overhead 15/20lb nylon 7ft rod sps most use 20lb braid plastics are personal choice pilchard coconut ice nuclear chicken etc etc
  17. Big neil if you come up i will go up solo you can jump in with me buddy
  18. Pick the seafarer over the noglass i have a 4.8 vsea luv it fish outside all the time the nautiglass arnt highly rated as an outside boat in my opinion nickname noglass for a reason
  19. We have used carp in burley for sharks and tigers luv them