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  1. If i can remove hooks i do so on lures they generally arnt that hard singles on wire just snip wire n leave hook
  2. What model n size they made a couple
  3. They do a great job ive been towed in from 5mile off swansea when my alternator crapped out on mercruiser an flattened battery i always donate to them and buy raffle tickets great cause you never know when you will need them !!!!@!!!
  4. Not many of them floatin about seen over a dozen steelite centrepins at markets this morning quite common
  5. As an aside mentioned before my pet hate is watching tv fisho presenters brag about how they are releasing their fish but hold it out of the water for ten minutes discussing how shiny its scales are or some other bullshit peeves me to no end get it in get a foto get it in the water done 30 seconds max
  6. I cant remembwr where i read ab article on this but they found common size 1/0 2/0 chemical sharpened hooks were rusting or being eaten away by the antibodies in the fishes body in bream in less than a week i personally dont use stainless steel hooks other than in latge trolling lures as i believe fish stand at least a chance of survival if released as said before they dont survive in an esky i have caught an undersize red twice in an hr as i could see my line in his mouth that i cut off so he survived an came bak for more
  7. Good advice jon i still would like to know if he has too higher pitch to hold it on the plane at low speeds in poor conditions with weight in it......dropping from a 19 to a 17 can make a lot of difference ps i would steer clear of foils if u can
  8. I prefer corn get sweetcorn kernels stronger smell in water
  9. What pitch propellor are you running
  10. Lizards same looking as bearded dragons but known as water dragons usually sittin on logs sunnin themselves very bony mouth hard to hook but fun to play with
  11. Mcdonald namoi needs it bad
  12. Navionics aus hd shows deths north head of boat harbour
  13. I catch them all hours of day here on central coast in small dams and channels they feed all day you can watch them swimmin round stirrin up bottom
  14. Try fishing deeper around 15 / 18ft deep......less chance of gannets nailing them best to hook yakkas thru back there head and mouth area arnt strong enough for nose hooking
  15. I wasnt sure if i was in beirut or beijing hahahaha
  16. 3ltrs for eating 2 ltrs for bait
  17. Few hrs scoopin at the entrance
  18. I fished lbg for many years longtails are easily caught on 10kg 15kg unless your targeting kings in particular with big baits leave the 24kg alone all the usual spots are easily fished with 10kg tomaree seals charlotte booti cape hawke point perp coffs hat head get a good quality long gaff 2 or 3 peice imo i very rarely use balloons as they tangle or pop when you dont want them too torpedo corks are easier and will cross past other lines without tangling if you need any help or want to tee up a trip PM me
  19. The small yellow area is best in larger swell its slightly higher the large yellow area is best when swell is low best spinning here or throw out large baits for jew on dark swell normally comes from sth east here a northerly swell is very rare nth side of wybung is shallow reefy crap few blackies n drummer and bream back in bay on rocks north of gravel beach
  20. Your setup will work fine touch heavy as said but good for salmon n tailer off beach with 8kg line get some 65gram raiders or similar and pilchard profile metals in same easy to throw and less bother than anything with a bib half by quarters are another but anything in chrome or brass finish will work
  21. Dont always think the jew are in the deepest holes try 6 to 8 mtrs inside some of the deeper holes