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  1. To date the best modern 150hp produced. Big displacement, torque curve like a 200hp, only 206kg.
  2. I'd be wary of shock absorber type pedestal designs, when they bottom out the force is actually amplified and can do serious harm. I run sharks personally, bit pricey but they're safe.
  3. They essentially took the Bar Crusher solution (which knowing BC was probably itself 'borrowed' from somewhere else) and improved it a little (spring loaded instead of a bungee). Mine works great. Helps that they design and build their own trailers, they fit to the hulls like a glove so it's pretty easy to nail the retrieve.
  4. Quintrex do not bring in hulls from China. Telwater was doing that for a little while with the Savage 'glass range, but their bread and butter alloy hull range (Quintrex, Stacer) are still all Australian. Whether BRP who now own Telwater will push for an imported product down the track is anybody's guess. In relation to stitch welding, the top decks are stitch welded and you pay more to have it fully welded, which is a good idea if you want the paint to have the best chance over the long term. Agree it would be nice if they were fully welded as standard for the price you pay, although granted
  5. I run a second battery and a jump starter. There's comfort in knowing you can leave electronics running at anchor without wondering how low the battery is getting. The mini jump starter lives in the cab as a last resort.
  6. Both good brands. The Bar Crusher has more a cult-like following, will probably hold its value better. One key difference is the Bar Crushers are quite narrow for their length. The Yellowfin will be a wider boat and probably longer too (BC tend to overstate length). But with the narrower beam, the BC will likely ride better, although won't be as stable at rest as the Yellowfin. Both good rigs from respected brands. For me I would go the Bar Crusher, they're built well and typically get a good wrap by their owners. Although I'd also be looking at Surtees, i.e. the original NZ Company
  7. In my experience we rarely get assists concerning newer engines of any make and when we do, it's generally unrelated to the engine itself (fuel/battery/kill switch, etc). All of the late model engines are very well sorted nowadays. Very rarely if ever do I see assists of ETEC powered vessels, which is not bad considering they're probably the most common late model engines on Sydney waterways, usually on Quinnies and Stacers which are rigged with them from factory. MRNSW use Suzuki outboards, but that's due to a supply deal with Suzuki, not necessarily because they're reliable. Water Polic
  8. Government funding does not cover the costs to run a Marine Rescue unit, not even close unfortunately. MRNSW rely on all 44 units to fundraise all year round, in addition to donations from vessel assists and local sponsors. Kudos to OP for donating, every dollar is needed. The costs to keep a unit running are astronomical. At Solander for instance, in the last 6 months they have incurred over $200k of expenses relating to repowering one of the vessels and replacing the dock at Hungry Point, which was more than 30 years old. Then consider the yearly fuel and maintenance costs for two 600hp
  9. Might be pot luck with that guy, we had some clears done by him and they were shocking beyond belief. Took them back and he didn't want to know about it, told us he's too busy to sort them out and to come back in "maybe a couple of months". Dirt bag. Ended up having them redone elsewhere, paid twice but lesson learned, some people just don't stand by their work.
  10. Davison

    Members Boats.

    ^^ That's actually a Mercury 115 in the first photo. Nice rigs those Islanders, I know a bloke with a 580C and he loves it. Similar in a few respects to a Savage 585C which is what I have.
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