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  1. Hmm yes, I will have to keep an eye on that 😬
  2. Got a nice piece of solid wood, made some knobs for the Alvey today. Just a bit more to hang on to than the smaller originals.
  3. G'day readers I haven't been out on the kayak for a while due to not having a car with roof racks. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone fishes around Nelson Bay in a kayak? I mostly go around Soldiers Point. I'm not game enough to head outside, I always worry about the Noah's down there! But, it would be great to team up with someone just for safety reasons🙂
  4. Geez that looks amazing, might have to give that a go over the summer!
  5. I can only dream of a haul like that!
  6. I love to fish from Nelson Bay breakwall. My favourite bait is live nippers that I pump at Taylor’s beach. Earlier this year I decided to go down around sunset and wet a line plus enjoy a beer or two, just take in the sunset. I cast out a few live nippers and had some good contact until something took off and busted my line. I thought, righto I am staying now😬 So with the new line, I quickly sent another nipper down and this time it was on. I only fish with a 1000 Stradic and a shimano raider for Bream. This thing took some effort, but ended up with a lovely pan sized Bream. I o
  7. I can’t wait to put my Alvey on a Gary Howard 12ft surf rod. I’ll post an update 👍
  8. I found that the rock platforms at South Curl Curl down towards Harbord Diggers could get pretty crowded, especially if the weather was good and the swells were below 2m. You had to get there early to get a spot, good fishing though🙂
  9. To be honest, I don't cook them much. I mostly use them for bait. I did a spanish paella one time and stuffed it in the tube and put it on the BBQ, amazing results 😀 Word of warning, don't leave the heads in your ice box outside on a 35 degree day. I forgot about them and went to open the box the next day. The stink would have torn ya teeth out!! Absolutely putrid stench, I had to bury them up behind us in the reserve 🤢
  10. I tried mate, it was snagged and it wasn't going to budge. It would have been cactus if I had reeled it in. I've got a mini mavic now, I'll just stick to taking photos of the whales 😀
  11. I guess I was just exploring the terrain out there and also just seeing how far I could take it out
  12. It was a DJI Phantom, not top of the range but still a decent one. Yes it was a simple deploy setup where you just hang the line on the hook and you fly the drone out and once you arrive at location, you just rotate the drone and fly in reverse so the loop just slides off. I saw other setups like that so I thought I'd try it. Like I said, any sudden stop while you are deploying will be enough to pull the drone into a spiral, can't save it after that. I learnt the hard way but I won't do it again, I'll just stick to normal casting 🙂
  13. Hi Fishraiders, I've been a member for a few years and enjoy reading all the posts on here, love it 🙂 I haven't shared much about my fishing but here's a disaster from last year in Sydney. I was spending a fair bit of time on the North Shore and started fishing the ledges at Curl Curl with some success and other days I would watch the more experienced guys hauling in these massive Kings. I thought I was somewhat in with a chance using fresh squid but I just couldn't reach the distance these guys were managing. Then I had a lightbulb moment, I'll rig my drone with a simple hook s
  14. Thank you wazathefisherman, it certainly is a well made reel. I’m going to pair it with a Gary Howard rod, hopefully I will get the feel for it. I’m happy to have a piece of nostalgia 🙂
  15. Good afternoon fisho’s Fishing at Boat Harbour this one time and I pulled up one of these on a couple of occasions. I’m thinking it’s a Blind Shark?? I always let these go but they steal my good squid.
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