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  1. We've always eaten mowies and for many years i preferred them to snapper. As others have said the gut lining is its biggest downfall as it seems to release an iodine taste through the fish. If you can while knock the guts out of it straight away and give it a good brush out. We always skinned the mowies, cut them into bite size pieces and shallow fry with a nice beer batter
  2. They do however make for excellent hard wearing bait
  3. It's a personal choice mate and the rules are the rules. Personally i don't keep flathead over 70cm's and do tend to encourage those i fish with to do the same. Convinced my grandfather to let a 73cm fish go and he still hasnt forgiven me 3 or 4 years later lol For the record ive only ever had to make the decision once with an 83cm model
  4. Probably depends on if you plan on putting tuna in them. Not many use stripies for live bait now. Not like the old days where that was the go to method for the South Coast blacks. I reckon if you put two tubes side by side at 4" would be spot on and will fit better on the gunnels of pretty much any boat
  5. We see here in this video the dangers of not securing eskies and the like. From personal experience an esky flying across the deck can cause plenty of pain
  6. When i finish doing everything else that needs done to my boat im going to go with a set of the swingers outrigger bases
  7. Fish from the beach either side of the mouth on a run out tide particularly after rain and im almost certain there will be jew there. All the reef just out the front of there included the Gerroa bombie makes prime jewie habitat. Now that i think about it i should have a go one day around that bombie with livies and see what shows up
  8. Weed is a fact of flathead trolling im afraid. I've always found trolling with the current to assist with minimizing the amount of weed. I also have a theory that in fast flowing water flathead lay facing into the current so they can see the lure coming from further away rather than being spooked by it coming up their tails
  9. The tiny herring looking fish are most likely hardie heads and are also very good flathead bait
  10. Coming back through Crookhaven heads about two years ago i had about 25 knots of North easterly wind up my arse pushing against a run out tide and about 2.5m swell. The wave i was riding the back of decided to die and as is the want of that bar i had another coming up my rear end, i powered out of the ditch to climb the next wave only to find a surfer under my bow. I had no option but to swing hard and bury the nose of the boat forcing us into a partial broach. Needless to say a lot of expletives were fired out from under the had top at the idiot in the bar on his surfboard 🤬
  11. New Signing

    Bull shark

    For me it in this case its the colour, shape of the nose, the eye and shape of the top lobe on the tail
  12. New Signing

    Bull shark

    Looks like either a bronzy or possibly a dusky
  13. In the last couple of years i've seen Bermi get pretty ordinary. Its all to do with the direction of the swell there. If it comes from a certain direction it will break well wide of the actually opening and roll all the way across and slam into the main rock wall. Not a pretty place to be when you get cut off by some clown who then decides to stop mid way 🤬
  14. Trust me when i say this............ smart fisherman don't own boats. They have friends that own boats 🤣
  15. I recently done my 225 Honda and its a pinch of pi$$ if you follow some of the youtube instructional videos. I can confirm the gear box of a 225 is very heavy 😂