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  1. Flow coat is best sprayed IMO
  2. I've not long been through this process where i ground out about 90% of the spider cracks in my gelcoat using a dremel. The worst part is the grinding out is the easiest bit. I used a bog filler that you just buy as all the spider cracks are above waterline. From there it was a lot of sanding. I intended to re gelcoat the boat to pretty it up a bit so I sanded from gunnel rubber to chine. I took the worst advice since D day and rolled the flow coat on. The pitting you are talking about is the orange peal affect. It is unsightly and the only way to remove it is to wait for the flowcoat to
  3. I've done surprisingly well on flathead drifting along the beach between callala bay and red rock in water where you can see the bottom. Find rocky outcrops for reds and the middle ground produces all types of fish
  4. Amazing how cold it can get on the water at night. Only takes the slightest breeze and it can be freezing
  5. A little off topic but last year we were running a pretty standard marlin spread on the way to the shelf we done a couple quick laps of the fad. in the Short corner I had a 14 inch pakula wombat i think, long corner was a large sprocket in evil, long rigger was a medium sprocket in lumo, short rigger a small purple cup face probably pakula to i think and then on the shotgun a smallish bullet style. We could see the dollies coming flying through the spread and grabbing the large sprocket everytime. They were cruising straight past 3 other lures that i would have thought they would be more inter
  6. No worries i'll pull my head in
  7. Sometimes the turn can induce a strike as the lures action changes. You'll also be pretty safe the way you are if you run cup face and bullet style lures. If you start putting swimmers and plungers in the mix than there may be issues. A mate of mine runs a deep diver on the shotgun and has a crazy success rate finding random yellowfin with it. When i've tried it i always find it results in tangles
  8. The key to trapping poddies is to only have very small squares of bread in the trap because if a bigger piece floats out they tend to follow it away in the current. The other trick is to only have the trap set just deep enough for them to be able to swim over the top of it
  9. I've never heard of anyone trapping them from a boat. If they are going to trap you'll normally get all you need in 20 odd minutes and i've always found they trap best at the top of the tide which works in well if you're looking to fish the run out tide
  10. I can certainly see what you're saying. I'm not sure how much more spread we get running tag lines than what he is getting with the rod at 90 degrees. Going in a straight line would be fine but if the time comes where you are needing to turn tight thats where you really need the spread
  11. Nothing like seeing an angry marlin come flying into the spread before dropping back on the shotgun only to look up and see the line around the tip.............. bad times. Not to mention getting a loaded 15kg outfit out of the rocket launcher in my my old boat was tough enough let alone this one
  12. I've got one in my boat. Great investment for those long days trolling around when the entertainment levels are low
  13. I like the idea of the stainless wire running up the back of the anchor rather than chain but i have exactly zero confidence in those clips holding should i ever desperately need them to
  14. Good solution to an ever present problem. I dont anchor a lot but rather than changing over anchors all the time from reef to sand i just run a plow anchor
  15. Is dry storage an option for you guys somewhere around Sydney? For smaller boats possibly even a storage king shed or similar
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