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  1. First tip of any bait jig is to cut every second hook off. This will save you a lot of stress in the long run especially when catching slimies in deeper water. Second tip use a way over the top sinker. You do that to keep the line tight and stop the little so and so from tangling it all up. I wouldn't bother using one from shore i think that'll be more trouble than its worth. I always had good success with a blackfish float, two hooks beneath it and chicken breast with plenty of burley as a kid
  2. New Signing

    Members Boats.

    That's a cracker of a tub mate. Be a great fishing platform all be it very slow. She'd be pretty economical for a days trolling to id imagine. I'd have to move the steering wheel across to the other side though
  3. They're no better anywhere in the Crookhaven river these days either. Even in my lifetime they have become less and less shy of humans. I've lost a couple of mowies off the table to them over the years. Doesn't seem to matter how many times you shoo them away they are straight back
  4. Once you go four stroke you never go back
  5. When all else fails a very lightly or totally unweighted live nipper will catch blackfish. It's still my preferred way to target them particularly from a boat. Its even more effective after dark
  6. I still have both and there have been occasions with the VHF particularly in the Crookhaven river where i haven't been able to reach VMR Shoalhaven to sign off and have just jumped on the 27meg and its worked perfectly. On this 27meg dies though ill just run a second VHF
  7. It's all about variety after dark i find......... draft board shark, blind shark, port jackson shark, angle ray, shovel nose shark, sting ray, all the top quality species 😆
  8. I thought i had some 10mm simona in stock but i dont. I have another product called gator foam which is a foam core but its far lighter and not really suitable for what you want. Plastral supply simona in Sydney. Might be worth going for a drive to have a look at your options from them
  9. It is reasonably flexible and you should reach that curve no worries. What size are you thinking of going? If i have some here i'll go and test it. The PVC channel as an edge seal with an epoxy sounds like a good idea to me
  10. I believe Simona just to be the brand of the particular PVC foam core. No doubt any of the other similar products will work just as well.
  11. I don't seem to be able to open the link to the product but we use something similar occasionally called simona board which is a foam core. The light tackle station i made for my boat is made from simona and so far so good. I will also be making panels for next to the drivers seat and passenger seat using simona. I recommend sealing the edges of it with paint or similar just for piece of mind. I soaked a piece of the stuff i made my tackle station out of in water for 48hrs and it didnt take on a single drop of water. Simona isn't cheap material but the beauty of it is theoretically you'll only be spending the money once and it should be good for the life of the boat. It is very easily worked with your standard hand tools. I would recommend pre drilling holes in it though as in the lighter gauges it does tend to be a little bit brittle
  12. Your boat is a nice deep boat. Tough day at the office trying to hold onto a beak over the side of it. Everything is a trade off with boats isnt it. I'm a firm believer when conditions are crap like that just set the spread and troll your way home
  13. That's it for the time being mate. I've got a soft spot in the floor i'll cut out and replace for now. Given the guy who originally replaced the stringers floor etc didn't glass both sides of the floor eventually ill have to pull the lot up. I'll make some pretty serious changes then with kill tanks etc. I'll be putting EVA flooring down once the soft spot is repaired. I'll also be looking for ideas to reline the cab. It currently has a carpet material in there walls and roof. I'm not sure what to replace it with if im honest
  14. Then i won't have a boat to work on 🤣
  15. New Signing

    Boat Wraps

    Thanks guys for your interest in the wrap i had done on my boat which was a metallic vinyl flat colour and vinyl cut accents. With the approval of mrsswordfisherman Community Manager, i'll share a more outlandish wrap we have done in recent times. This particular wrap is printed vinyl. With printed vinyl you can have pretty much whatever you like on it as our friend here has. Printed vinyl does not have the life span of the flat colours before you may see some fading and early signs of vinyl failure. You are looking at about 5 years normal use however that can be extended by garaging and using appropriate cleaning products and protection material. For anyone wanting to try wrapping their own boats at home which is very possible some of the things you will want to be aware of is the way the vinyl kicks when moving around the flare of the boat. In the case of this boat out of telwater the welds weren't fantastic and there was some early signs of corrosion. These can both contribute to a shortened life of vinyl wraps. Where possible we finished the wrap short of welds and gave the corroded area a hit with some wet and dry sand paper. The ribbing of the boat doesn't cause as many issues as you may think it would because you still have quite a lot of flat surface to work with and have the vinyl adhere to. I hope you guys find the above info interesting and helpful. Here is the pic of the boat