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  1. New Signing

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Im pretty sure pete still makes Uzi's just reskirt one
  2. New Signing

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    On lures i dont run anything under 250 where marlin are the main target. Sometimes with smaller 4-6" targeted at tuna i will drop down to 150. When trolling lures there is no need to go any lighter. Skip baits i mainly run 130-150. Live baits i start at 150 and work my way down from there. IMO anything lighter than 100 and youre playing with fire when it comes to marlin
  3. New Signing

    Blues on the chew

    Plenty of blues and some cracking yellowfin caught in the Kiama comp on the weekend past. Most fish coming from North of Kiama. Give it a few days and hopefully the water pushes south to JB for easter
  4. New Signing

    Jervis Bay FAD

    If its any help when we were fishing the Shoalhaven comp we marked huge amounts of kings on the southern side of the banks but didnt bother with them
  5. New Signing

    Jervis Bay FAD

    Plenty of dollies about mate even micro fish on the banks weekend before last. You'll have to be up bloody early to be the first boat to the Fad though. Its been packed the last couple of times ive headed out that way and ive ended up just driving straight past it and heading wider. There have been plenty of bi catch dollies around for those trolling wide chasing beak fish
  6. New Signing

    Gomoku rods

    Have you guys considered a light wind on leader as opposed to one tied on?
  7. Pro tip is to bottle the liquid in old coke bottle or similar and freeze it. If you just leave it hanging over the side you'll form a nice scenty slick for the bitey fish
  8. I use basically the same process as frank and its served me well. I like the idea of vacuum sealing pilchard etc as they should be ok to be frozen and thawed multiple times without going to sh!t
  9. New Signing

    Jervis bay marks

    As others have said it is very sanding but fishing the edges of the ribbon weed has produced numbers of reds for me over the years. Its also quite sharky at this time of the year if that interests you
  10. New Signing

    Jervis Bay

    Banks always holds kings mate, getting them to bite on occasion can be a battle. But this time of year there will be blacks there
  11. New Signing

    Jervis Bay

    Probably a bit of an error in judgement heading to the JB Canyons on the weekend mate. Looking at the charts the southern area between the Ulladulla fad and the Ulladulla canyons looked to be the pick of the area. If you wanted to go north the current was a fair bit slower on the banks and it always holds fish this time of year. Bloke i know did mark two marlin on a bait ball around the inner tubes on the weekend but didnt manage to get a bite out of them
  12. New Signing

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    As i said Woolamia is you best option for larger boats. Its basically in Huskisson
  13. New Signing

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    Jervis Bay is really deprived of quality launching facilities for bigger boats. I can launch from Myola (no Wharf) on half tide or better or Woolamia on any tide. Both of these are into the creek. Murrays while appearing a decent design has silted up to the point it is unusable for me. Vincentia and honey moon bay are both launching over a rock shelf. Neither are really suitable for me
  14. New Signing

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    Ill update it for you. Absolute shit. Sand build up has made it basically unusable to any reasonable sized boat on all but the top of the tide. Driving on is pretty well impossible due to how shallow it is. With two very capable trailer backers you will get two trailers down there but the guy on the left as you look down the ramp will have to climb out his window as the design of the ramp will not allow him to open his car door. One of the poorest thought out and designed ramp upgrades i think i've seen. It really is a shame. If they had spoken to some of the locals and garnered their advice im sure a better design could have produced a more workable ramp.
  15. New Signing

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    I tend to use the 'lazy' patternoster rig with two droppers. When the leatherjacket aren't in plague proportions I will forgo the bait on the top hook and instead use a 5-6" gulp curl tail and unweighted hook to suit, if the leatherjacket are around this is an expensive exercise and i avoid it. I find that with flathead my better fish come on that top hook. I prefer fish baits to squid when it comes to flathead but do like squid for over the reef. I rarely net flathead these days instead preferring to lift them over the side from the rod. As a result the full length of my rig is probably only the length of my rod with the droppers approximately 30cm long and far enough apart that they dont tangle one another. When fishing deeper water using a running sinker rig will only cause you tangles unless you intend on dropping the rig ridiculously slowly. Where possible i prefer to use half pound snapper leads but because my hard top acts as a kite even with my giant sea anchor out i find myself predominantly using 3/4 pound leads. For all my bottom fishing gear i tend to use braid and have a glow bead above a snap swivel for a couple of reasons. The glow bead protects the rod tip eyelet from the snap swivel being wound into it and by using a snap swivel you remove the line twist and when i comes time to head for home it is just a simple matter of unclipping the rig and throwing it in the rubbish bucket for disposal back at the ramp. I tend to use 8kg (roughly 20lb) leader. What this does mean is that i tend to lose any sharks hooked on the bottom that in years gone by we may have caught but it does provide a noticeable increase in bites using the lighter leader. What yowie said about flathead being great bait for flathead is 100% correct but is technically illegal for those playing at home