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  1. Used Z-man and savage softies on the weekend and was impressed with both
  2. The reds were in action near JB on the weekend gone as well. We managed a couple of good feeds. Largest fish was 3.2kg cleaned
  3. New Signing

    Old days

    We had the job masters as bottom bashing reels. They were used for near on 30 years never serviced lol I think we still have them somewhere but all the drag systems have seen better days. I did send one away to Penn Fenwick to be repaired but it was never the same. There is also one on the bottom somewhere in about 25 metres of water off Gerroa. That was the last time grandfather just laid a rod on the floor hanging over the side.............
  4. Dont be frightened to use pink nippers as well. Most of my better blackfish over the years have come on pink and green nippers. The added bonus' to those are the bream, flathead, trevally etc The downside is the fortesques and toads lol
  5. Yep red bait. They are off the cucumber fish family. My mate tried eating one and said it was great. We tried using them as livies but they didnt stand up to be towed around
  6. A couple of years ago my old man and i headed to Wyangla for their annual comp. The old mans mate and his wife had already gone the day before and found us a nice little point to set up camp. They had caught a couple of small yellowbelly of said point prior to us getting there releasing them all. The next morning while having breakfast i caught a little yellowbelly and released him. As true as i sit here now the following afternoon while we were packing up to head home following an unsuccessful comp i caught another little yellowbelly electing to keep it for the table. Little bastard had that hook, my hook from the day before and the other blokes hook from the day prior to that. Little fella obviously wasn't keen on moving too far from home
  7. New Signing

    Old days

    I have a single one of those pearl headed xmas trees left. It is a sacred item and only ever comes out when i am absolutely desperate with tuna jumping all around but wont take any other lure
  8. New Signing

    Old days

    Mcallums is still there and still a quality tackle store
  9. New Signing

    Old days

    Jigging with glass rods and tld20's for hours on end lol tough times
  10. Isnt your line then running back under your boat........?
  11. Fished Friday down south around outer burkets for 4 good flathead and 2 reds. Snuck out for a late drift around the banks and mud. Very quiet around those areas. Come back in to a couple of little reef areas off the lighthouse until after dark again very quiet. Saturday tried to get livies out the front for nothing so flew down the kinghorne. Only managed one lone slimey. Headed out to the banks and sounded around for a couple of hours looking for kings. Marked a fair bit of bait but couldnt get it to jig. No luck on the kings jigging and lost one shark on a floating bait while we were bashing the bottom. Made our way down around the drum for a drift and ended up with 14 good flathead, two trevs, one very small king that was released and two snapper. Sunday proved to be an even better day. Late start in the inclement weather didnt stop us putting 15 odd good flathead up to 58cm in the box with 2 more reds and a nice little mako around 20kg. We were back on the trailer by 1230. The fish are somewhat shut down with quite finicky bites at the moment. The key was to persevere and vary your depths. The majority of our success was in 50m
  12. Heading down there this weekend. At this stage we'll chase kings on the jigs and livies. Hopefully have a report Monday
  13. If you wanted something a little better than the chinese knock offs my research tells me the Penn Fathom is a decent reel and you can pick them up for around $230