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  1. You will find days where poddies just won't trap. I think any of us that do it regularly have experienced that. My tips: - Flat juice bottles are about the best traps you'll get - Cut your bread into small 1cm cubes. If you use big bits of bread in your trap and it comes out the mullet will swim off with it - Don't burley too hard, just a little cube here and there thrown over your trap to get them interested. - Mullet trap better on the high tide and ideally when it is calm eg. not blowing a gale - The single best tip i can give is not to set your trap too deep. You only want just enough water over it for the mullet to be able to swim across it. Follow this tip and you will fill your trap more often then not
  2. Closest i can find is a splendid perch using the IDfish app.
  3. I had the yammie saltwater series in a 225 when I got my current boat. They are a very good motor but they are thirsty there is no getting away from that. On a standard days trolling lures i would use near around 180 litres. My boat weights about 2ton as well. I sold it for $5k and got a secondhand honda 225 with 600hrs for $11,500. While rick is right about it taking a while to recoup that money i do somewhere between 180-200hrs a year on my motor so it isnt going to take me all that long when i use just over half the amount for a days fishing. You also need to factor in oil costs on the yammie
  4. My mate got one about 6kg in the shoalhaven comp this weekend gone
  5. Around 20 years ago there was a run of spotted makeral outside crookhaven heads. Every year we see a wahoo or two caught down this way to. I know 'The Boar' caught a 4kg wahoo at Eden about 2 years ago
  6. I know when the artificial reef went in off shoalhaven heads it was about 3 months before i consistently marked bait on it. I haven't bothered to fish them much other than the odd drift past but once the marlin bugger off i might take a closer look on the anchor
  7. Feel like moving to Goulburn, making and installing signs for a living?
  8. No shame in giving it a miss if you aren't confident mate. Maybe try a couple of easier bar crossings before you attack SWR again
  9. I should clarify that i am not for one minute suggesting turning and running on a bar is a good idea. My point was simply that it is an option available to smaller boats like tiller steers that can turn on a dime when trying to punch through a curler simply isnt an option. In bigger boats once committed that's really it, just have to get your timing right and if for some lapse of judgement you get it wrong, do your best to ride through it as well as you can and not panic. As Jon said above there have been many a big boat lose windows, clears and even flybridges. If i knew how to post pictures id grab the one of the cruiser getting crunched on i think merimbula
  10. Moruya isnt a hell of a lot better i can tell you. Narrow channel
  11. In some cases when it comes to bar crossings smaller boats can handle it better than bigger boats given their ability to turn and run. You will see it a lot with the noosa bar with little tiller steer boats just zooming around in the lull between waves until they find their gap and away they go. Narooma doesn't have the room for that option though from my understanding. John may be able to elaborate further. My great uncle turned two over on narooma over the years
  12. Find pretty much any eastern flowing river or creek and you will find eels
  13. No worries. When using the weight estimate charts the fish measurement is taken from the bottom jaw to the middle of the tail 👍 Your mates fish might have been a striped if the bill was longer and the fish skinnier
  14. I wasn't talking about you releasing it mate. In some cultures they like to release fish into waterways in areas they inhabit. A Chinese company purchased the old mental hospital grounds here. The thought they were doing the right thing by releasing cod and silver perch into the Wollondilly. While no one here is complaining about it they aren't actually native to this waterway as it is eastern flowing. I haven't actually heard of anyone catching the cod but have heard of plenty floating dead. They should survive here given the amount of food and cover though
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    Go to carpeted bunks and a ladder roller up the centre. Life is sweet then