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  1. New Signing

    Small fish I don’t recognise (Driftfish)

    I recognise it albeit the ones I think ive seen before were significantly larger. I'm thinking a breed of scad, maybe scaly scad or something along those lines
  2. New Signing

    Which fish is this ?,Off Beach. (Salmon/Kahawai)

    Yep Tailor. Good way to tell the difference between the two is to stick your finger in its mouth. If you lose your finger = tailor if not = Salmon. Only works 8 times though
  3. New Signing

    Which fish is this ?,Off Beach. (Salmon/Kahawai)

    Australian Salmon
  4. New Signing

    Post your Fish Sounder Pictures Here

    This is a great post
  5. New Signing

    How safe is it to burley off a main beach ?

    Thinking back to some of the stories from the days of blokes sharking off Tarthra wharf
  6. New Signing

    Stripeys etc

    The back wash off the rocks is your friend, bonnies, tailor, salmon and kings are all fair game. I've always found blue and white, red and white, 2-4 inch lures do the job in these areas and on the light gear you can have heaps of fun.
  7. New Signing

    Fish ID ?? (Numbfish)

    Does appear to be a baby numb ray. You really should have touched it to confirm for us
  8. New Signing

    Tuna fishing Sydney

    Well played fella's. I only chased them once this season for absolute frustration.
  9. New Signing

    Keeping cabbage weed fresh overnight

    The old timers say the same about green weed. More bugs the better
  10. New Signing

    Keeping cabbage weed fresh overnight

    Not sure about others but ive tried cabbage in the crookhaven river and the blackfish dont want a bar of it, while they will happily take green weed. I'm convinced like tuna they get fixated on one thing and wont even consider anything else
  11. New Signing

    What FISH IS THIS !! (Southern Eagle Ray)

    Fight as well as any fish that swims on light gear. We get a few of them fishing really shallow water for snapper
  12. New Signing

    Sussex Inlet / St Georges Basin

    I had a look at Murrays the other day as an option to launch my boat. I was there at the low tide and there was roughly 0% chance of me being able to get mine out on the low. Woolamia is about as good as it gets in JB which is madness given how popular the bay is. Callala is a total write off
  13. New Signing

    Nelligen NSW tailor ground

    I'd be running a decent swivel in front of the pilchard......... line twist......... soooo much line twist. You will catch plenty of tailor fishing the way you are talking about especially more towards the bar area of the clyde, particularly in low light times
  14. New Signing

    If please (Jackass Morwong)

    Jackarse mowie i believe. There is a number of species of mowie so i might be slightly off
  15. New Signing

    New china reels

    Im keen to see some reviews on the cheaper micro jigging overheads. For the amount i would use it i really cant justify the $300-$700 price tag for the reels alone