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  1. New Signing

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    I tend to use the 'lazy' patternoster rig with two droppers. When the leatherjacket aren't in plague proportions I will forgo the bait on the top hook and instead use a 5-6" gulp curl tail and unweighted hook to suit, if the leatherjacket are around this is an expensive exercise and i avoid it. I find that with flathead my better fish come on that top hook. I prefer fish baits to squid when it comes to flathead but do like squid for over the reef. I rarely net flathead these days instead preferring to lift them over the side from the rod. As a result the full length of my rig is probably only the length of my rod with the droppers approximately 30cm long and far enough apart that they dont tangle one another. When fishing deeper water using a running sinker rig will only cause you tangles unless you intend on dropping the rig ridiculously slowly. Where possible i prefer to use half pound snapper leads but because my hard top acts as a kite even with my giant sea anchor out i find myself predominantly using 3/4 pound leads. For all my bottom fishing gear i tend to use braid and have a glow bead above a snap swivel for a couple of reasons. The glow bead protects the rod tip eyelet from the snap swivel being wound into it and by using a snap swivel you remove the line twist and when i comes time to head for home it is just a simple matter of unclipping the rig and throwing it in the rubbish bucket for disposal back at the ramp. I tend to use 8kg (roughly 20lb) leader. What this does mean is that i tend to lose any sharks hooked on the bottom that in years gone by we may have caught but it does provide a noticeable increase in bites using the lighter leader. What yowie said about flathead being great bait for flathead is 100% correct but is technically illegal for those playing at home
  2. New Signing


    I recently purchased one from escapin tackle and it was a decent product. Though it only made it to the water twice before it went to the bottom east of the Bermi 12 mile due to crew error
  3. New Signing

    Marlin and sea temps

    Careful opening this pandoras box mate.......... I have found striped marlin in as little as 18.6 degree water while chasing tuna. I tend to find 24 is about as hot as they tend to like it. with my preferred temp around that 22.6. Striped marlin tend to like clean blue water Black marlin i have always found in the warmer water from say 22 up. Water colour seems to have less of an affect on blacks than the other two. We've caught them in really green surface water. Its difficult to say whether the water may have been warmer and cleaner underneath. Blue marlin tend to be about depth and that cobalt blue/purple water and it needs to be hot. Im no expert but i wouldnt bother looking for a blue in anything under 22.5 degrees. You are 100% correct though, bait is more important than any of the above. Ripcharts have very good information on their app about how to read the SST's
  4. New Signing

    Fibreglass repair

    It'll be tough to get that shape back make. Similar to what others have said for filling those couple of holes you can make a peanut butter type consistency with the resin, some chop glass torn up and put in it or alternatively i think some people even mix talc into their resin to form a putty
  5. New Signing

    Bass at Broughton mill creek

    When do the Bass and Ep's normally move down the system to the mouth of Broughton Creek
  6. New Signing

    How are the Jervis bay kings?

    Should be there. I saw a photo of a 15kg specimen that a bubble blower got from the shallows this week
  7. New Signing

    First timer downrigging for Kingfish

    I've got a few questions as well: - What hooks do you guys prefer for downrigging slimies and yakka's? (im not wasting good squid on kings) - Do you bridle rig or just go straight through the nose? - Locked up drag or free spool to allow them to swallow the bait? - What is your preferred size of live bait? I'm sure there are more questions that ill think of later on
  8. New Signing

    Longest fight?

    Giving consideration to taking on a tiger this season. not sure how keen i am on patching the gelcoat afterwards though. Trying ton convince my mate it would be a better idea to do it out of his sailfish lol
  9. New Signing

    Longest fight?

    When i was 12 i spent 2 1/2 hours on 15 basically straight up and down on a black around 120kg at the banks, couldn't budge it for hell nor money and in hindsight im guessing it had probably died during the fight. That was my second battle with a black that day, first fish estimated around 70kg and also lost after about half an hour. This was in the old days of 400lb traces as long as allowable 11 or 12/0 stainless 7691's, towing stripies around hooked up through the top jaw. Thankfully the next day i caught my first marlin a little striped of 66kg on a pink top gun cup face around 6 inches and the love affair continues.
  10. New Signing

    Small fish I don’t recognise (Driftfish)

    I recognise it albeit the ones I think ive seen before were significantly larger. I'm thinking a breed of scad, maybe scaly scad or something along those lines
  11. New Signing

    Which fish is this ?,Off Beach. (Salmon/Kahawai)

    Yep Tailor. Good way to tell the difference between the two is to stick your finger in its mouth. If you lose your finger = tailor if not = Salmon. Only works 8 times though
  12. New Signing

    Which fish is this ?,Off Beach. (Salmon/Kahawai)

    Australian Salmon
  13. New Signing

    Post your Fish Sounder Pictures Here

    This is a great post
  14. New Signing

    How safe is it to burley off a main beach ?

    Thinking back to some of the stories from the days of blokes sharking off Tarthra wharf
  15. New Signing

    Stripeys etc

    The back wash off the rocks is your friend, bonnies, tailor, salmon and kings are all fair game. I've always found blue and white, red and white, 2-4 inch lures do the job in these areas and on the light gear you can have heaps of fun.