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    Sydney offshore

    Bluefin on the 151 line south of bermi. It'll be a couple of weeks i'd say before they are off Sydney. As soon as they are off Bermi i'll head down for a day or two and the same again when they show up off JB. Should also add there were some decent yellowfin and jumbo albacore inside the bluefin from what the long liners unloaded
  2. New Signing

    Any Ideas,(Pearl Perch)

    Pearly everyday of the week for mine
  3. New Signing

    Bait fish trap to catch yakkas on the boat

    With sabiki use a sinker way, way too big for what you think you need. We use three quarter pounders and cut every second hook off. The majority of the time we only have the three hooks on there especially when jigging slimies
  4. New Signing

    Sydney Harbour FAD

    Pretty sure ive heard of those referred to as bulls eye. Also pretty confident getting spiked by one will make you wish you'd stayed home
  5. New Signing

    Lets smash this record Raiders !

    I still think of all the places i fish, Ulladulla holds the greatest concentration of XXXXOS sarge on the south coast
  6. New Signing

    Lets smash this record Raiders !

    Knock the fillets off them and cut into strips
  7. New Signing

    Lets smash this record Raiders !

    Firstly im concerned that the IGFA grant world records for sarge. Secondly im not going to say ive beaten that but ive caught plenty that would be over the kg mark
  8. New Signing

    VHF Radio issue

    G'day folks, In my new boat for some reason when i have the VHF on scan it only scans as far as channel 28 before it locks on there and shows 28 as busy. It doesn't move beyond that point until you start the scan again at which point it goes through the channels until it hits 28 again. I have no issue calling other boats or rescue base etc so the radio appears to operate perfectly other than that. I have tried this at both Bermagui and at crookhaven heads for the same result. I'd appreciate any ideas you may have
  9. New Signing

    VHF Radio issue

    No DSC button and not connected to GPS. GX600A has: Chan A Chan B DW/TW Lamp/25W/1W Scan SQL And that's it
  10. New Signing

    VHF Radio issue

    New secondhand. I spoke to GME today who were surprisingly helpful and asked me to box it up and send it back to them to be recalibrated. Must be a known issue
  11. New Signing

    VHF Radio issue

    Naturally thats how it should work but in my case 28 is the channel it is constantly locking on and constantly showing as busy
  12. New Signing

    VHF Radio issue

    Sorry its a GME
  13. New Signing

    Tragedy on the bar

    Can be a terrible bar that one at Moruya, very very narrow channel. Such a shame someone so young has lost their life
  14. New Signing

    Luderick troubleshooting

    Sometimes when it is really clear a sneaky little pink nipper or worms will get them playing the game. Really lightly weighted as someone else mentioned. Particularly effective later in the afternoon
  15. New Signing

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    Go out through the bar and anywhere along the rocks at the entrance itself. I normally just buy a dog food roll and run it through the burley bucket
  16. New Signing

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    Crookhaven ramp is a great ramp and good access to the banks. Its only about 8.5-9 nm run. Currarong is the closest access to the banks but is a shit fight of a ramp and not one i'd been keen to launch a fibreglass boat at. New ramp at greenwell point is top notch as well and has a floating pontoon
  17. New Signing

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    The ramp at Callala bay is only really suitable for a boat of your size on high tide. Its really shallow and was poorly designed from day dot. The old one was a better design than what is there now. There is another ramp at Myola that launches into the creek that runs out past Huskisson. It should be fine for you on all but the lowest of tides. Unfortunately i discovered my new boat and trailer are far too long for that ramp on anything below a half tide. It is a fairly narrow creek/river and 4 knots the whole way out into the bay but is very safe and well marked. Gives you good access. Its only about 5 mins away from Callala beach. You also have obviously Huskisson which has decent launching and parking facilities or Murrays which is way out near Bowen Island and offers good facilities other than the car park which has seen a number of break ins occur. All in all if i were you id be putting in at Myola and heading out past Huskisson
  18. New Signing

    Shark ID please

    I believe teeth are a pretty good way to separate dusky and bronzie. Dont ask me which way it goes. I'm sure over the years ive caught plenty of duskies and just assumed they were bronzies. Until about ten years ago i dont think i even knew dusky whalers existed
  19. New Signing

    South Sydney artificial reef

    It does take a little while for them to build up growth and really hold fish. I started to mark bait on the shoalhaven ones around 3 months after they hit the drink. Wasn't long after that they filmed them covered in tailor and Salmon
  20. New Signing

    Any Ideas on this Reef critter? (Scedophilus)

    Good looking little fella but i've no idea what it is
  21. New Signing

    Underfloor tank

    As others have mentioned the main issue with kill tanks in the floor is draining them. Perhaps you could use a removable plastic tub in there so when you get back to the ramp you can just lift it out to take to the cleaning table
  22. New Signing

    Glenbawn Trip

    I try and get to Glenbawn once a year in November and i still reckon it is the best fresh water fishery in NSW. It's a shame they arent putting as many Yellowbelly in there anymore however there are still enough there to keep you interested if you know where to look. If the cod had taken it would have been even better. The old man did find a metery floating last year when he went up
  23. New Signing

    Interesting One "Marbled Flathead"

    Its a marbeled. Normally caught in around the reef
  24. New Signing

    Callala beach tips

    Callala bay ramp is one of the most poorly designed i have had the misfortune of using. It is unusable for any boat over around 5.5 m to use on anything but high tide. The jetty itself is about 4 metres away from the ramp leaving a pointless gap and making docking and retrieval difficult for the inexperienced or those fishing alone. Had they taken the ramp out another 30ft it would still be 30ft short of where it needed to be. Two people with good reversing ability will get two trailers side by side down the ramp but the person on the eastern side just wont be able to get out of their car lol All in all quite the shamozzle
  25. New Signing

    What Are These? "Blackspot Goatfish"

    Something tells me you were fishing quite shallow when i spot that weedy leather jacket in the back ground