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  1. We saw a few boats on the move but I couldn’t say for sure I saw you. I have seen the most whales while fishing between the heads and Long Reef ,then they seem to go out wider. This one was curious and played around my boat for a while before coming up for a look and I had my camera ready .
  2. Launched at Parsley Bay about dawn and had a good run out past Lion Island. Then it got rougher and windier with a brisk SW making it hard to hold bottom by the time we got to 60m, even with a sea anchor. We thought of returning but the forecast was for easing a bit later in the morning and we did not fancy battling the sea on the way in. The flathead were a good size, the largest being 53cm and the smallest 36cm, which would have gone back if not an early catch.' They were all caught on pilchards or spikey fillets in 55 to 60m. The SW eased right off by about 1
  3. Nice fish, keep at it and you will get some good results as you are in a top location.
  4. As we were getting desperate for some fish and as the forecast for the rest of the week was crook we took a chance that the monday would not be too crowded and went out today. At Tunks there was quite a few parking spaces left and the ramp was vacant. While preparaing to launch heard a loud bang and saw a launcher drop his new looking quintrex halfway down the ramp. We tried to help him as he attempted to drag it to the water, but that couldnt be done. I suggested he try to winch it back on the trailer but we left him to work it out as he said some mates were coming. I did not
  5. Great photos and a good report. Red Rock cod have to handled dry carefully, I also handled them for years without getting stung but one time my mate got stung and was intense pain for quite a while. Since then I treat them with more respect.
  6. We don’t normally fish during holiday periods and try to avoid weekends, but the wind has been pretty fierce and we thought we would give it a go today. It was crowded at the Tunks ramp and only parking left right up the hill but we got away in about 40 minutes. The harbour was choppy from the traffic and the bounce back from the confused swell but once out wide it was pretty good. There were a lot of spikeys and they were a good size and would have made a feed, but there was an occasional good sized marble and bluespot so we didn’t keep the spikeys. The morwong were a
  7. We were fishing in 50-55m, but keeping an eye on the sounder and avoiding the reefs and going back over the area that produced fish.
  8. I have been out of action but have a new hip now.
  9. Did not manage to beat the sun but managed a 5.45am launch at Tunks Park. Just a light westerly wind but a decent southerly swell once around North Head, and quite a bit of jiggle until we were well away from the cliffs. We. did not bother trolling as it has been quiet for a while and there were no working birds. Took a while to sort out out the drift as there was northerly current and a westerly wind. Managed to get a few nice flathead and a couple of reef fish when we strayed onto the reef area. When the westerly came up about 11am we headed for home. Sorr
  10. Thanks for the interesting report. I have often caught the red spot whiting in 50 to 60 metres, and fisheries say they are caught up to 160 metres. The catch size limit per year is 788 tonnes so there must be a few around. They are also known as the Eastern School Whiting and are a common catch in Morton Bay Qld.
  11. Nice report, I am glad to see someone is getting out and at least you got a fish.
  12. The little ones you are catching are probably spikey flathead, and if a reasonable size there is no legal length and they are good eating. Just stick to the species bag limit of 10 flathead. To increase your chances of good blue spots or marbled try to keep the drift reasonably fast and the baits whole pilchards or reasonably large. The spikeys make good baits. You need to brush up your species to identify the different species. If you are catching more than you like try moving location, as the spikeys can be very thick.
  13. We did not get an early start and the sun was nearly up as we left the river. Tried a few spots in 40m before going out a bit deeper to around 50m before finding them. Picked up a few before the westerly dropped and our drift slowed, then the dreaded jackets struck, biting off hooks, sinkers and even eating my lure which I run on the top of my 3 drop rigs sometimes. It was a plastic prawn and they ate it all but a small piece of the body. We have found this before, if there is enough current or wind to keep moving the jackets do not find you as easily but once the dr
  14. great pictures but the seas look a bit big for me. Getting the action shots of the whales was excellent.
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