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  1. saltrix

    Hawksbury Launch Sunday

    With a forecast of strong northerlys followed by a gusty southerly change we were not keen to be out wide on the flathead grounds off Broken Bay so decided to have a quite day in the river. Set a couple of witches hats off Dangar and did a couple of drifts in the bay at Patonga to catch one flathead going 39cm, it seemed small after the flathead I usually get out at sea but as it was legal and required for tea we kept it . The small reds then kept taking the bait and as I do not like injuring them we gave it away and drifted out along the shore towards Lion Island. There were a lot of pickers around and my mate had only a small bit of his 1/2 pilchard left and decided to put it back anyhow, then got a very nice flathead on it. This seemed to be a popular drift as there were several boats doing the drift. It got a bit quite then so we decided as the wind was not too bad to try a troll around Barrenjoey as we used to get good fish there at times. Not today though and there were a lot of boats in the area. We then went to a close mark we had off Palm Beach and fished the bottom for a nice morwong, an u/s Pearl Perch, a wrasse, and several Sargeant Baker, and several u/s reds. Kept the wrasse and morwong and returned the rest undamaged. The sea was pretty calm at this point. Returned to pick up the wiches hats. and stopped in the Bay to pick up 6 Tailor on metal slices, which only just made the 30cm but were fun on the light rods, and when we got to the hats found one nice male, and as it was getting warm called it a day. The southerly was a bit late up there but it did come a bit strong later. Got a few meals out of it and a bit of bait for next week.
  2. saltrix

    Port Stephens- Rack em up!!!

    Great sunrise photo anda good report
  3. saltrix

    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    That definitely looks like the coral crab, but it is interesting about the paddler crab being poisonous, I must look closely at what I catch.
  4. saltrix

    Out from Sydney Monday

    Yes, pleased to know that you know your species. I had a couple of spikies as well but did not include those in the photo as a lot of fishermen think they are undersized when they are actually fully mature fish and are good eating. I think that they do count to your bag limit of 10 flathead so I only keep the larger ones. Usually marbled and bluespot are about equal from where we fish off Dee Why.
  5. saltrix

    Out from Sydney Monday

    We were expecting crowds on the ramp and at fishing spots but we had the ramp to ourselves at Davison Ramp except for a later charterboat. The sea was pretty calm but a steady light drizzle kept up all morning. Tried a troll around Dobroyd for nil and again around North Head for a small king that quickly went back. Landmarks were out of the question and GPS and compass were the go all morning Got to Dee Why Wide and picked up some flathead, a morwong, and a bonito in 50 m. Even managed 3 flathead at omce but lost 1 lifting them in but took a quick snap of the 2 left. Finished up with a feed and had some fun catching another bonito at middle harbour. Not as good a catch as Scratchies but something to eat.
  6. saltrix

    Port Stephens- plan A-B-C

    Great fish, persistance pays off.
  7. saltrix

    Out from Sydney Saturday

    Thanks for that tip, we usually try out deeper if it’s quite but it was so sloppy we were a bit unenthusiastic.
  8. saltrix

    Out from Sydney Saturday

    Launched at Tunks on saturday and found the harbour quite smooth but once outside there was the usual washing machine until clear of Bluefish, and even then it was very sloppy for the first 2 hours before the southerly dropped right off. Reading the other saturday reports we did not do as well as they were very quite at our usual spot off DY in 55m, and by the number of changes in location the charter boats in the area were not finding them either. The conditions might have been against us as the seas and wind made it very uncomfortable until the wind dropped and then there was no drift at all. We did manage 5 bluespots and a wrasse but did not match the catches of the other reports up further north.
  9. saltrix

    Offshore with the boy

    Great to be out with your son, and a nice flounder.
  10. saltrix

    Marina fuel price

    What’s this doing in fishing reports?
  11. saltrix

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    I have tried them for bait at sea but did not the any good, while other fish baits were good on the same day. They were left untouched. To me they do not seem to be oily like mackerel or tailor.
  12. saltrix

    The entrance

    I agree, salmon are OK if looked after and cooked with some extras , but do not overlook them or they become dry and stringy.
  13. saltrix

    Another fishless day

    Great photos.
  14. saltrix

    Saurday off Sydney

    Good question, I will have to improve my typing, it should have read uninjured,
  15. saltrix

    Magenta shores beach

    The main thing for cooking salmon to not to over cook it, but just lightly cooked it quite reasonable eating. Freezing also tends to dry it out as well. I always skin it and discard the very red meat. Try it fresh on the BBQ taking it off before it cooks right through.