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  1. saltrix

    Out from Sydney Saturday

    Thanks for that tip, we usually try out deeper if it’s quite but it was so sloppy we were a bit unenthusiastic.
  2. saltrix

    Out from Sydney Saturday

    Launched at Tunks on saturday and found the harbour quite smooth but once outside there was the usual washing machine until clear of Bluefish, and even then it was very sloppy for the first 2 hours before the southerly dropped right off. Reading the other saturday reports we did not do as well as they were very quite at our usual spot off DY in 55m, and by the number of changes in location the charter boats in the area were not finding them either. The conditions might have been against us as the seas and wind made it very uncomfortable until the wind dropped and then there was no drift at all. We did manage 5 bluespots and a wrasse but did not match the catches of the other reports up further north.
  3. saltrix

    Offshore with the boy

    Great to be out with your son, and a nice flounder.
  4. saltrix

    Marina fuel price

    What’s this doing in fishing reports?
  5. saltrix

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    I have tried them for bait at sea but did not the any good, while other fish baits were good on the same day. They were left untouched. To me they do not seem to be oily like mackerel or tailor.
  6. saltrix

    The entrance

    I agree, salmon are OK if looked after and cooked with some extras , but do not overlook them or they become dry and stringy.
  7. saltrix

    Another fishless day

    Great photos.
  8. saltrix

    Saurday off Sydney

    Good question, I will have to improve my typing, it should have read uninjured,
  9. saltrix

    Magenta shores beach

    The main thing for cooking salmon to not to over cook it, but just lightly cooked it quite reasonable eating. Freezing also tends to dry it out as well. I always skin it and discard the very red meat. Try it fresh on the BBQ taking it off before it cooks right through.
  10. saltrix

    Saurday off Sydney

    Cook it whole, I usually return them if they are uninsured, but this one was a good size. They have a nice firm white flesh but are hard to fillet and avoid the bones.
  11. saltrix

    Saurday off Sydney

    Went out from Tunks this morning with my mate but started a bit late for the sunrise shot but took one on the way home while trolling around the North foreshore. Saw the salmon working aound North Head but we were not rigged to throw the little stuff they probably were after so just trolled Xmas trees aroung the outskirts, resulting in 1 good sized salmon and a 72cm Kinfgfish. The Salmon was returned but the king kept. As my mates GPS/sounder was out of service we had to rely on the phone GPS was was not perfect and some very old marks I had to find our favourite spots off DY. Still managed a feed but got a bit windy about 10.30 so came in.
  12. saltrix

    Out from Tunks To DY wide Thursday

    Replies to questions Thanks for the information on slimy mackerel Berletguts . Only 1 flathead had roe and 1 milt the other 3 did not. I was fishing in 48 to 52 metres and from my 40 years of scuba diving I can assure you Port Jackson sharks are found in these depths although I think they congregate in breeding time in shallower rocky gutters. Thanks for the comments
  13. saltrix

    Out from Tunks To DY wide Thursday

    It is a slimy makerel that was caught on the flathead grounds and was intended for bait but the squid and pilchards were doing so well it was not used and is the freezer for next trip. It is usually too soft after freezing so I should have salted it before, but I was a bit weary.
  14. Launched from Tunks with my mate at first light and headed straight out to the flathead grounds. Bit of a westerly and some chop from rebound around North Head but got better further out. The drift was too fast with the westerly so we deployed the sea anchor which slowed us down and got us a few fish. The Australian large squid which I bought at a fish shop proved the best bait with Mowong and even a good sized Pearl Perchcoming in on strips from it. The Flathead were not as active as usual this time of year but the Morwong were a good size and so were some of the Flathead, a mixture of marbled and bluespot. Wasted time as usual on a large Port Jackson shark, Sergeant Baker, u/s reds and spikey Flathead but came away with a good feed.
  15. saltrix

    Balmoral wharf fishing 30/06/18

    Nice sized whiting,and they are great eating.