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  1. fishing is quiet fun

    Just Been Flattie Fishing

    yea that mullet pulled harder than my biggest flattie. there crazy even when i was trying to get it out of the water it kept going. there pretty fun cause i was only using 4lb fireline. those flatties werent skinny but they werent record breakers. they were decent
  2. fishing is quiet fun

    Fishy Pic's

    heres my mullet on a lure
  3. fishing is quiet fun

    Just Been Flattie Fishing

    hello fishraiders i just took my kayak down to my local river. i had a great little session. i was wading a sand flat while the tide was coming in using a berkley 3 inch drop shot in the pearl blue colour. i caught three flathead and a MULLET. it was pretty fun. two of the flathead were of good size, one was fifty centimetres and one was 55 centimetres, both faught well and were released( as were the other fish) here are some photos. the creek i was fishing is called couchin creek at beerwah sunshine coast queensland. thanks for reading
  4. fishing is quiet fun

    Electric Motors

    does anybody know of any resonably priced second hand electric motors. i am serious need of one and i would really appreiciate it. thanks
  5. fishing is quiet fun

    Pb Bream

    nice fish mate its putting me in the mood to go for a bit of a bream spin soon. havent caught one in a few weeks been doin some of the sweetwater. catch ya later
  6. fishing is quiet fun

    Electric Motors

    hello fishraiders i am looking for a cheap second hand or third hand bow mount electric motor 54/55 pound thrust mark. hopefully still running not to pricy. anybody got one for sale. i would be really interested as i love my bream fishing and and electric motor would be really handy as my 2-stroke is way to loud. many thanks
  7. fishing is quiet fun

    Anybody Live In Queensland

    hey fish hard, yea im only 15 man i wish me and my dad had a reefie boat. that would be awsome. yea me and massboy go to school togethor but hes going away for most of the holidays so i was wondering if there was anybody else in queensland that wants to go fishing. thanks heaps
  8. fishing is quiet fun

    Anybody Live In Queensland

    hello members does anybody live in queensland around the sunshine coast area that would like to go for a fish these holidays.i need someone to go fishing with because fishing with oneself can become a little boring at times. well give us a hollar if ya want to cheers
  9. hey guys thats a pretty nice bream haha go the catty. bet he nearly pulled your arms off. wereabouts do you do most of your fishing thanks
  10. fishing is quiet fun

    One Bream

    nice fish mate lure or bait hope you catch that big 50 cm fish
  11. fishing is quiet fun

    Breamin The Tweed

    hey there well when i was working my popper i couldn't get any bream to hit it while using pauses and little bloops. so i tried some hard rod stabs that really made the lure push some water and the bream just went crazy over it. also try a long leader and really long casts. and you dont even need small lures, my mates and i catch bream on zara puppies and there a big walk the dog style lure. hope i helped happy fishing
  12. fishing is quiet fun

    Breamin The Tweed

    here is a few photos
  13. fishing is quiet fun

    2 Lb Crystal Fireline

    hey yes always use a leader,but as light as possible. even bream can bite u off if they swallow ur lure deep enough, basically never happens though. i always think its good to have some stretch in ur line as sometimes i get confused wich way my drag goes and i tighten it instead of loosen and that stretch could just save the fish ur trying to land. cya
  14. fishing is quiet fun

    Lethal Bream Surface Lure..

    hey mate those look like pretty sweet bream poppers and they seem pretty cheap. have u tried them yet. i really like the river 2 sea bubble pop 45 and surecatch bream popper, there cheap but there great. love to no were u got them cya
  15. fishing is quiet fun

    Gulp Tips

    hey there definately give those sandworms a go for bream. you can cut them in half but i dont. they are a great bream lure and i have pulled some thumper bream on then sight casting to bream under jetties.they also work cut down for whiting. try using a small jighead with a really small hook for whiting cya