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  1. Hi Rebel I'd be interested to see what your thoughts are on this line sometime down the track. Back in my bream comp days I was told the larger spools of Berkley Vanish was a fluorocarbon/mono blend and the smaller spools pure fluoro. I used the Berkley Vanish, blended line in 3lb straight through for ultra clear water and up on the flats and though I found it okay, though I never looked back after switching to Sunline Sniper. The only problem I found with spinning fluros was they had a tendency to twist, mostly when fishing plastics, but that problem was easily fixed by to
  2. Great write up Paddy that bought back so many good memories of the high speed spin days. Thanks for taking the time to pen it altogether.
  3. Looks the goods Ryder. Nice job.
  4. I would definitely be going with the 475A, which is a dedicated blackfish reel. The bearings in the spool make it easier to control drifts without having to constantly hand feed the line and the narrow spool holds a 150m length of float line nicely. The 500BC is really more of an estuary reel for chasing bream flathead and whiting etc. No bearings and a wider spool that takes far more line than you need for blackfish.
  5. The 455A came out in a few different guises. The type I was referring to was this blackfish reel.
  6. I'm not 100% sure on what you're talking about here as all A style Alveys don't have a drag system. They rely on pressure from the palm of your hand to control a "running" fish. If you are referring to the tension nut that is adjusted to take the freeplay out of the spool on the shaft, you can buy the part directly from Alvey's website and they will ship it to you. If you have trouble finding the right part, email them and they will assist. Be aware that not all tackle stores stock Alveys these days, so if you prefer to purchase what you need, you can also find a stockist near you o
  7. Sounds like fun and love that first pic.
  8. I don't see how it could hurt, so give it a go I reckon. The only problem I could see is with the epoxy being designed to remain flexible, it may clog the sandpaper, but no biggie, just use more paper.
  9. I do a hell of a lot of this style of fishing and my 3 rods are all between 9 and 10 foot. A longer rod will tire you out quickly. My rods are top end, but from what I've read, Penn Prevails and Shimano Coltsnipers are popular. Just try and find a rod suited to the weights you intend to cast and don't necessarily go by the manufacturer's rating. I find the ideal casting weight and these markings vary quite a bit between brands.
  10. Being thinned, I find it dries pretty quick and doesn't really want to run, so I wait for a calm, sunny day and stand the blank vertically outside. I've never had an issue with bugs landing on it and getting stuck to date. Whether sitting in a piece of PVC tube or over a dowel, depends on if the butt section is still in place or not. If a total rebuild is on the cards, I prefer not to epoxy the area where the grips and reel seat will go.
  11. I’ve rebuilt/repaired a hell of a lot of rods and I’ve found the best way to remove the old varnish is to gently rub the blank with a blunt knife, like an old butter knife, holding it at 90 degrees to the blank. This scrapes the varnish away without effecting the harder fibreglass, even on the profile of an unsanded blank. Once the varnish is removed, you can either give the rod an epoxy wash, which is a thinned binding epoxy applied with a lint free cloth over the entire blank, or a good rub with a cut polish. Personally, I prefer the polish. Its a bit more work, but gives a better
  12. For expensive items I've bought from overseas (Japan included), I was notified by customs when the package had arrived in Australia and how much and how to pay. Payment was made electronically. Once the payment had been received, the gear was released and sent to my address. Mind you, this was a while ago when only items over $1,000 attracted GST.
  13. There has been an exceptional amount of road kill (possums, roos and wombats) down here on the NSW south coast lately, but I put that down to breeding season getting underway and possibly more so this year as critter numbers are down after the fires and travelling further to find a mate. Also the roos are attracted to the road edges in winter as that's where the grass is still growing well due to the heat absorption from the bitumen. Breeding time and excessive testosterone may have something to do with your curious, brazen emus Neil. Who knows? I must say though, I have noticed more
  14. I agree with the 20lb rating. In the early days of 4 strand braid, most were rated as XD351 says. PE 1.0 = 10lb, PE 1.5 =15lb and so on. Here is a chart relating diameters
  15. Thanks Rebel. I should add another top bait for kings when they're around is a frigate. Alive or hung under a balloon dead, it amazes me how small a king will manage to swallow one.
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