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  1. Great read Waza. RB was lucky things didn't turn out more serious, that's for sure. I still do most of my fishing on my own. Nothing as adventurous as that these days, but I just enjoy the solitude of being alone on a beach or riverbank.
  2. I often use freshwater weed that I gather from farm irrigation drains and it definitely works well. The only true way to know for sure is grab some and give it a go.
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss Swordies. What a rough patch you've both been going through lately.
  4. There was a few different upgrades to Seascapes over the years and obviously by what you're describing, the drag configuration was one of them. Considering the drag pressures expected and the relatively small diameter of the washers, carbontex will be a perfect replacement of the originals. Especially if your reel is only a 3:1.
  5. Slightly smaller outside diameter or slightly larger inside will work fine. That being said, I haven't had to replace washers in a reel that aren't awfully close to the punch sizes as yet. Always punch the outside diameter first. That way you have the centre hole marked in the felt as a reference for the inside.
  6. Good luck with it Greg. You'll be back on your feet soon enough and all the better for it.
  7. I have the same kit as @zmk1962has shown above. Makes it so easy to punch them out and no sanding or filing of carbontex to fine tune is required. That dust is no good for you one bit.
  8. Absolutely nothing. I just find good leather hard to source these days and felt is a simple trip into town.
  9. Yes, I used Cal's drag grease. The Stradic has quite small,( not much between inside and outside diameters) washers for the size of the reel and I think this is why. That being said, I also have a Daiwa Morethan 3012H. It has carbontex and is smooth as silk.
  10. @zmk1962I tried carbonated in my Stradic and they just weren’t as smooth as the felt. As I’m not using high drag pressures, I stuck with the felt.
  11. We'd get them in about 20m of water and they were great fun trying to stop on 3kg before bricking you. Agreed, pretty ordinary on the plate.
  12. Hi Waza, somehow I must have missed this one. Great story again. We used to get them down here in the calmer water by berleying them up with bread floated out on the surface and then hitting them with floating bread crust baits. Bream, luderick and drummer were always a welcome bycatch.
  13. I have a 5000 Stradic FJ and the washers that come with the reel are way too soft, fluff up and disintegrate after a few trips. Some good, firm felt from Spotlight and I get a season out of them.
  14. Ha, been there done that Waza. On the few overnighters I went on, camping was usually back up by or in the cars and the one thing we always packed first was the metho fuelled, smoker box. Such a simple way to knock up a quick, easy meal. Damn tasty too.
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