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  1. Green Hornet

    A quick flick for salmon

    Great session and a good run of fish. How good is salmon spinning from the beach? No bait, no boat, you don't even need a pair of shoes. Simple fishing at its best!
  2. Green Hornet

    Whiting in Port Stephens in Winter

    The lure pictured above is a Bassday Sugapen. The best size for whiting is the 70mm model and the clear bodies with lightly painted highlights (as in the pic) seem to work best. Before you go shelling out around $25 for one of these, I'd be setting the kids up with a yabby pump and teaching them to gather their own bait on the sandflats. The pump will pay for itself 100 fold in the long run. I'm still using one I bought 40 years ago. On the rising tide they can pump enough bait and fish the same flat.
  3. Green Hornet

    Wollongong Area - Landbased Questions

    Last time I was there there were no breakwalls at all, so many, many years ago. I remember as a kid, my parents would buy fish and chips on the way to Sydney. Dad would drive us out there and we'd watch the guys skidboarding behind old FJ holdens on the north side sandflats. Recall Windang Island having a pretty nice wave in a big southerly swell too.
  4. Green Hornet

    Wollongong Area - Landbased Questions

    Wow, that place has changed since I was there last.
  5. Green Hornet

    Eastern Suburbs Spinning

    At this time of year don't disregard throwing lures from the beach. There will be salmon and tailor hanging in the gutters and holes, plus fish on the beach are not as fussy when it comes to lure size. I'd drop my leader size down a bit for the beach too. Personally I use 15lb braid and 12 or 20lb leader and any metal lure between say 40 and 60 grams will catch fish.
  6. Green Hornet

    Old days

    Hi big Neil Your start out gear must must have looked something similar to mine. I would take a guess that this pic was taken in 1962. Some guys just have it in their blood haha.
  7. Green Hornet

    Old days

    Just as cubing for yellowfin was taking off we cottoned onto these hooks that were being used at the time by the long line boats. They were quite small, about the size of a 4/0 j hook but I can never remember pulling a hook on a fish with these. My best was a piddly 89kg that hung under the boat no matter how hard we tried to motor off. Fought that thing vertically for 2 hours 40 minutes and couldn't get into the harness. Had no feeling in my rod hand fingers for 3 days afterwards.
  8. Green Hornet

    Smoked By Kingfish Chasing Bream

    Ha, that's the attitude, hook up first and worry about landing it later. You'll never know if you never try.
  9. Green Hornet

    Winter Wetsuit

    Something like warm, soapy water. A good rinse out with the hose just doesn't cut it.
  10. Green Hornet

    Winter Wetsuit

    Whatever you decide on just make sure you wash it out extra well after use. I often wear my surfing steamer on cold miserable days and if you sweat in them they can really stink.
  11. Green Hornet

    Old days

    The ABU Cardinal in my pic has "Totally Corrosion Resistant" written on the spool. That meant it was made out of plastic haha. Can't remember how many spools I split due to line pressure from stretchy old mono.
  12. Green Hornet

    Old days

    Its a little beaten around but OK. It was used a lot for spinning frigates off the rocks and just dropped to get the frigate onto a live bait rod and back in the water ASAP. I had a 1000 size blue series as well but gave it to my sister. I think they were one of the first reels to come out with a smooth felt drag that didn't need its washers honed.
  13. Green Hornet

    Old days

    My old Daiwa Millionaire. This was the second model baitcaster Daiwa ever bought into Australia. The smaller one is an ABU 1500, still used today as my favourite all time bass reel.
  14. Green Hornet

    Old days

    An Avon Royal MKIII Supreme and a Grice and Young Golden Eagle
  15. Green Hornet

    Old days

    A couple of trusty spin reels. The blue shakespeare even had 2 ball bearings!!!