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  1. I reckon the Penn Prevail you're considering is a great choice as an all rounder. Carbon is a good for the beach as it cuts down on the weight, plus increases the sensitivity of your rod. Sure, they are a little more fragile than pure 'glass, but unless you tread on it, its pretty hard to damage on the sand. If you plan on fishing the rocks and are the kind of guy that's tough on his gear, consider fibreglass. For a reel, I'd be looking at something around the size of a Shimano 6000/Daiwa 4500. That's only a roundabout answer, but the best thing would be to take your rod into a reputable
  2. I guess the stiffer tip is due to the full carbon construction and most likely not as bulletproof as the older models. Sounds like its orientated more towards lures than bait. It will be interesting to see how it performs.
  3. Nice catch there Yowie. I always enjoy reading your reports. Real "grass roots" fishing and productive.
  4. Nice pics Jon. We have a few around our way as well.
  5. I've never owned one, but heard good reports on Fin-Nor reels being fairly robust. That Mundoo 9' brings back a lot of good memories. I owned one as a kid in the 60's and caught countless drummer, bream and groper on it. Looks in very nice condition for its age and probably worth a few bucks to a collector.
  6. Welcome to the site SnappaDax. The two good ramps on the southern side of the bay are Woolamia and Murrays Beach. Both are suitable for largish trailer boats, with the main difference between the two being the distance of the run to the heads. Keep in mind if you choose to launch at Murrays, that an entry fee into the National Park applies and there is are no fish cleaning facilities. I'm not sure of the actual distance, but I do believe the distance from Jervis Bay to the shelf is one of the shortest trips along the NSW coast. If you're planning on running that far of
  7. It'll be interesting to hear your opinion. I haven't used an Ugly Stick since I built one up on a 6-8kg Guts Butt blank for a Lord Howe trip many, many years ago.
  8. They look radically different from the old Ugly Stiks we're used to. It will be interesting to see if they eventually bring out longer models to suit the beach and rock scene.
  9. It used to be quite entertaining at Eaves watching the old Skyhawk fighters firing missiles at Drum and Drumsticks. The guy that was forced off the rocks was down on the south side of the bay. I'm actually related to one of the rangers that dragged him off.
  10. That's a bugger. No doubt you saw that video going around a few months back of the guys dropping baits on top of longtail tuna from the beach. Obviously, there's a few decent commercially made line releases out there.
  11. No, Eaves is just to the north of the boundary of the bombing range. Only by about 300 or 400 metres.
  12. Good point. Not only that, but the better platforms between the ruined lighthouse and the Stoney Creek area are still closed due to COVID.
  13. I saw this on Starlo's FB page and it upset me big time. Through the 80's and 90's, I worked and often fished with Bob. He was a LBG legend and a great guy to be around. RIP Bobby.😞
  14. Depending on what species you're chasing, there's two things you can do. If bait fishing and there is a bit of cross current running along the beach caused by the waves, try and concentrate your fishing area to the end of the beach where the current hits the headland and runs out to sea. You can also try a light sinker and let the current move your bait along the beach while you walk with it. Great for whiting, bream and flathead. If chasing salmon and tailor, tie a lure on and stay mobile. If you have dunes or a hill at the back of the beach, climb up and look for dark patches in th
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