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  1. Green Hornet

    Dangerous casting practice

    An old fella across the road always had a saying, "you can't put a wise head on dumb shoulders". Hopefully one day he'll backcast and hook a bus. That'll learn him.
  2. Green Hornet

    How to stop losing fish around structure

    Could be kings, trevally or even possibly good size bream. Somewhere there will be a happy medium where the strength of your leader will still encourage bites. Trial and error is the only way to sort that out and if you're using braid make sure you're joining your leader with an FG knot for 100% strength. Definitely give your heavier, longer rod a go and adapt your rod work to suit a straight up and down fight. By this I mean don't lift the rod too high when pumping and winding. If you keep it low the bend in your rod will be in the lower section where all the strength is and go hard right from the start. Don't give the fish a chance to get its head and do your best to keep it coming towards you at all times. If that doesn't work, get some video footage of it and you'll laugh about it later.
  3. Green Hornet

    Summer Drummer

    Solid pig, on what looks to be relatively light gear.
  4. Green Hornet

    Moon phases and prawning

    Like has already been said, a few days either side of the dark moon is best, however I've had some pretty good sessions around full moon if its cloudy. If its been cloudy for a few days before your trip, even better. With your 30-60% moon the prawns are still there but not as strong in numbers and likely to be sitting low on the sand making them harder to net. With a bit of practice you'll still get them.
  5. Green Hornet

    A commentary on FB and todays online life done 80's style !

    Funniest thing I've seen for a while. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Green Hornet

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    This is worth a look if you're keen on looking after your catch.
  7. Green Hornet

    Prawning - South Coast

    Yeah, there we crowds coming down from Sydney in buses just to prawn the joint. If you're coming from Sydney or Wollongong, the Basin is only about 10 minutes extra drive than Culburra and is always open to the ocean. Always a good alternative when Wollumboola has been raped clean. Oh and by the way, both places aren't tidal so you don't need wait for a run out. If you didn't know already.
  8. Green Hornet

    Prawning - South Coast

    I used to live on the east side of the inlet and had my own wharf. Always did well on the prawns during the run out tide and dark moon just scooping them up from the wharf during the warmer months.
  9. Green Hornet

    Prawning - South Coast

    I'm pretty sure Lake Wollumboola at Culburra is still closed and will be for quite some time unless we get a hell of a lot of rain. The prawns were hit really hard in there last summer and won't recover until the lake opens again. Naturally a light wind is best but its protected when the Nor' East winds blow as long as you stay reasonably close to the shoreline. St Georges Basin offers decent prawning at times as well and there's miles of good flats to try.
  10. Green Hornet

    Nice flatty released on the Georges

    Those Millers look real nice. One of my local stores stocks them and I'll be checking them out next time I'm in there for sure. As for the beefy replacement, nothing a hacksaw and a bit of epoxy can't fix.
  11. Green Hornet

    Nice flatty released on the Georges

    Nice, healthy looking flatty there. Shame about the old faithful rod. Any ideas what you're going to replace it with?
  12. Green Hornet

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    In the 1980's I was expected to have common sense and if I fell down and hurt my self, it was my fault!! How things have changed.
  13. In areas where there are broken waves a PFD can hinder your ability to duck dive under them and increase the probability of you being washed up against the rock face, resulting in further injuries. Some could argue a manually inflatable PFD could be used in such a situation. Theory being, you swim away from the rocks and once in clear, unbroken water, then inflate your PFD. For those that haven't tried, good luck trying to swim with one of those things hanging around your neck. You'll be pretty much at the mercy of the current. Like others have said, an uneducated thought out law, that will only work in specific locations.
  14. Green Hornet

    Jervis Bay

    A nice day out and a good feed as a bonus. Nice part of the world JB.
  15. Green Hornet

    Sorry, No Photo

    This thing looks close and maybe the fish looks blacker out of the water and the diamond shapes more pronounced. What is this one? Snubnose Drummer?