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  1. Great pics Jon A lot of fishos get aggravated when the dolphins show up, but at least it shows the bait is there, even though their prey is often the same species you're chasing. Your beach looks to have plenty of nice structure and there's always another gutter holding fish.
  2. As said above, salmon are a strong fish. They also have quite soft mouths and often hooks will tear a slot around the jaw area of the fish, so when they go for that final jump in the shorebreak they often manage to shake themselves free. First thing to do is to swap your treble over to a single hook. Most of the better brands offer a large eyed, in-line hook, purposely made for lures. If you can be bothered going to the extra effort, add a trailing assist hook and your conversion rate will soar. With this setup you commonly hook the fish on the short hook and during the fight the trailing hook will pin them under the chin and when that happens, they're as good as on the sand.
  3. A wealth of knowledge there Waza. Thanks for sharing.
  4. The good thing is, Booderee National Park has just reopened so you can fish Caves and Bherwerre Beaches now. Great spots for salmon. Stoney Creek road is still closed, so Steamers Beach is off limits for now..
  5. Jarvis Walker, Black Queen is a popular entry level blackfish rod. Plenty around on the Google.
  6. Well done Jon and boys. Glad to see the fish have returned and quality ones at that. 69cm is a beast!! Were your straightened hooks the original trebels on the twisties? I've noticed they a look a bit on the light side, but I always swap over to a single with all my metals, so I've never used them.
  7. What you'll find is if you drop them over the side on a loose line they'll spiral unless rigged absolutely perfect. When cast out, the drag from the line through the water puts just enough tension on the jighead to stop it spiralling. I still can't stress enough, it is vital to rig the plastic as straight as possible.
  8. Yeah, your Powerods isn't the same blank as a Butterworth, but being 7 wraps of fibreglass and 144 inches, both rods must be similar in capabilities and pulling power. Next time you're down at Gerroa, head down to Shoalhaven Heads and look for a nice gutter or hole around where you'd imagine the river used to open to the ocean. Damn good jew spot.
  9. Landbased jewfish would be my pick. Mainly because they take so much time and effort, you feel you've really achieved something when you land a nice one.
  10. The Banax looks like it holds plenty of 20lb, so as long as it has a decent drag it will do the job well. If your Powerods is similar to a Butterworth MT7144 (which I suspect it is) you've got a good outfit for the beach. Sorry I don't know the Georges when it comes to fishing, but I don't see why it wouldn't suit there as well. My outfit for the beach and rocky estuary mouth is a 7144 and a 650 C series Alvey, loaded with 25lb mono. Its handled fish up to around 25kg.
  11. I've done a lot of jewfishing from south coast beaches over the years, so if you're heading to Cronulla my choice of baits would be, in order of preference. 1: A fresh squid head 2: Tailor slab 3: Salmon slab 4: Tailor or salmon head if crabs or pickers are a problem. Unless slide baiting, live baits are a pain off the beach, especially at night, unless there is a very small swell and jews don't like flat conditions anyway. You hear a lot say a bunch of beach worms is good. Personally I think that is far more effective on the north coast rather than the south. Fishing rivers/estuaries, I've always done far better with live tailor than yellowtail. Just keep in mind your tailor has to be at least 30cm these days, which is no problem for a decent fish to get down. If you have a good supply, change your baits regularly to keep them strong and lively. IMO this makes a huge difference.
  12. Green Hornet


    Had a donut myself today, unless you count a foul hooked toad as a capture, haha. Like in your pics Jon, the conditions were far too flat and was like fishing in a lake and like you, the humpbacks were a welcome distraction.
  13. That's awesome. Sort of reminds me of those jet boats they race in NZ. As a kid I remember they used to race bathtubs in Sydney Harbour. If you google Sydney bathtub derby, you can see a short vid in the Getty Images link.
  14. Green Hornet


    That's a bummer Jon. Hopefully for me, they have headed north a bit, as I'm just about to head out for a beach spin this morning.
  15. Well that's a novel approach to keeping an eye on the school. Nice looking dog too. Looks like he's having just as much fun.