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  1. Green Hornet

    Strange centrepin for surf casting

    I vaguely remember seeing pictures of one of these many, many years ago. Interesting concept.
  2. Green Hornet

    Show us your Luderick floats

    Personally, I find wood far easier to work than cork. I'd be keen to give balsa a try for the next batch, if I can source a local supplier who has the sizes I need. Do you use the carbon fibre rod for the full length of a stem? I haven't and just wondering how it goes fine tuning the float, being heavier than water?
  3. Green Hornet

    Show us your Luderick floats

    The upper stem is plain old 6mm dowel and the lower stem 3mm carbon fibre rod. The bodies are western red cedar. This photo was taken before I weighted the stems. For that I use a length of cord solder to suit the sinker used in the rig, simply wrapped around the stem and held in place with a little heat shrink. Starting out with more solder than you need and trimming off a little at a time makes it real easy to get the weight perfect. Most of my estuary floats have a 1 piece, 4mm dowel stem. Below the waterline its planed and sanded down to about 3mm.
  4. Green Hornet

    Show us your Luderick floats

    I don't have a pic of all my floats handy, but these are the ones I make. Obviously for ocean rocks but I also make a slimmer design for the estuary.
  5. Green Hornet

    My Camera

    Not a true compact but I've heard a lot of good raps on the Sony A7 III.
  6. Green Hornet

    My Camera

    The glory of digital cameras is it costs nothing to experiment Neil. Look at your manual, set your camera to different shooting modes, take it out the back yard and fire away. Try relatively large adjustments in shutter speed or aperture and compare the differences on your PC screen. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to learn.
  7. Green Hornet

    catching the myth

    I remember my dad getting spiked cleaning the weed out of a prawning drag net as a kid. My brother and I kept out of swinging distance for a couple of days.
  8. Green Hornet

    My Camera

    Mostly real estate and a bit of landscape. A 5d III and another mark IV are my go to bodies.
  9. Green Hornet

    My Camera

    I've been a professional photographer for the last 4 years and use a 7d for elevated and some of my hand held work. Its taken tens of thousands of shots and just keeps on going. They're a terrific unit.
  10. Green Hornet

    Callala Bay, Jervis bay area

    If you mean for throwing from the beach, blades, 2.5-3 inch plastics and small plastic vibes work for me. Expect flathead, salmon and the odd bream or whiting. It can be also worth your while throwing a squid jig over the weed beds around Callala.
  11. Green Hornet

    Magenta shores beach

    Nice looking sambo. Don't worry about the others not releasing. As long as they're not taking over their bag limit, they're doing nothing wrong.
  12. Green Hornet

    My little one's first catch and it was a ripper!

    Awesome!! Always great to see the kids getting involved.
  13. Green Hornet


    I thought I'd chime in with a few from around Jervis Bay
  14. Green Hornet

    Loose Dividers

    It'd be nice if that was true, hey.
  15. Green Hornet

    Loose Dividers

    For anyone interested the silicone worked well, but as I was waiting for it to fully cure I came across a better idea. Keeping in mind that most items in a blackfish tackle box are quite small, a five dollar pill box from the chemist is perfect. The thing I really like about them is every compartment has its own separate lid, making it easy to access particular items without having to expose all the contents to salty, wet fingers. You can get them with anything from 7 to 28 compartments. I got a 14 which is ample and small enough to fit in your pocket. I trust its OK with the moderators to include the pic.