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  1. To add to this, guys in St Georges Basin get them on bread by berleying heavily around the weed edges and fishing their baits under light floats. This is in lake like conditions (no current) and it often takes half an hour on more for the mullet to tune into the floating bread. They catch plenty of good bream and luderick at the same time. So the message you get from this, is after spreading your berley be patient and give the fish plenty of time before moving onto the next spot.
  2. I used to catch big mullet regularly in the Shoalhaven River on gluten, a byproduct you could obtain from a local factory. They went crazy over this stuff and fish up to 4kg were common. Perhaps you could try making a dough out of gluten flour I guess you could also used the flour as berley if the mullet are on the surface and its not too windy or mix it in with breadcrumbs.
  3. ParaPaul, firstly what a great little system Currumbene Creek is and good to hear you got a nice fish from it. Rules are rules mate and don't feel guilty if you want to keep a big one here and there, you're doing nothing wrong. I've caught plenty of large flathead from St Georges Basin over the years and have copped my fair share of abuse for letting them go by the "kill and Grill" brigade, so damned if you do and damned if you don't. I kept a big one once that died before I got it to the boat and to be honest it horrible, very dry and tasteless. I guess that's the same reason we pay big money to eat lamb instead of mutton. I agree with others, 99% of flathead over 60cm would be female, but I have also caught undersize fish full of roe. No matter how big the fish, if the belly looks fat, I hold them up to the light and if they're in roe you can see the orange inside them. Personally, I release all roed fish, but that's just me. The lesson to be learned here is next time, don't forget your phone/camera haha.
  4. Do you have a boat? All the sandflats around the perimeter of The Basin fish well, particularly if there's a bit of wind on them. Assuming you're looking at using lures, concentrate around the ribbon weed edges and especially the gaps between the weed. In the western half of The Basin you can also get some good fish working your lures through the cockle weed. I've always found the back of the bays a good place to start.
  5. You will find it a lot easier the get the hang of a baitcaster if you start out fishing a relatively stiff line, ie mono or fluorocarbon. If you really want braid, choose a fused version such as Fireline. You'll get far less backlashes and once mastered can switch to more traditional, woven braids.
  6. There's plenty of houseboats for hire down on the Clyde River, Batemans Bay. If you want to stick around Jervis Bay and hire a boat for a few days, most guys that I've seen hire a BOAB boat. There's most likely a couple of waterfront places with a jetty to rent at Huskisson. Contact the local real estate agents and they should get you sorted.
  7. I used to do a lot of flathead trolling and when particularly weedy (ribbon weed) I'd swap the leader knot over to a swivel and on the swivel I'd attach a short piece of fine wire so it hung out either side about 20mm. Considering most weed is floating and picked up off the surface, the wire would catch the weed before it slid all the way down to the lure. Also worked for mid water column weed. If its weed on the bottom, simply choose a shallower running lure. Anything up to a metre off the bottom still works well.
  8. Green Hornet

    New Years day

    Glad to hear you made it through the firestorm Jon, but also sad about your friends. These fires have been taunting us for months and like the 2001 fires up here, I think they'll continue to do so until we get substantial rain. Pretty piss poor form from Alliance regarding your freezers, especially during times like these. They certainly don't live up to their name.
  9. Trust your brother's okay mate and I think you're right, no news is good news. I guess with no power down that way for some time there's no landline or mobile coverage. My brother was evacuated almost a week ago and I hadn't heard from him until I received an email this morning.
  10. Good write up Niall, I'm sure quite a few fishos will get a lot out of this. If I may add, another good lure to have in your kit is a Lucky Craft Sammy 65. At 5.8 grams they cast like a bullet and will help where distance is needed or a strong cross wind is hurting the accuracy of lighter lures, but I agree, those Sugarpens are hard to beat. I also find a bit of chop on the water really helps turn timid fish into biters as well.
  11. Those temps are crazy Waza and glad to hear your friends are safe. Man, that southerly came through hard. Had me thinking it could blow embers right across St Georges Basin from the Sussex Inlet fire, but thankfully never happened.
  12. Waza, I saw there was fires at KI yesterday and meant to ask you how your mate was getting on, but got a little distracted with the happenings around here. Hopefully they'll be okay. Only 32 here, but we just got texts and recorded phone messages that the fire is approaching homes a couple of km to the west of us. Its still only classed as "watch and act" so not a real threat to human life or property at this stage. Just hoping the wind doesn't turn west before the predicted southerly change. Still, I think we're pretty safe.
  13. A good read Derek. Two thumbs up for taking the time to write it.
  14. Thanks Waza. Looks like we've dodged a bullet with the forecasts overnight changing winds from NW to NE and so far that appears to be the case. Pity though, that some other poor bugger will most likely cop it. Just hoping this rain forecast for Monday is enough to slow the fires down, but I doubt it.