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  1. Green Hornet

    suitable line for 15kg rod / 12kg reel

    To be honest I haven't actually tested my drag with scales for years, just relying on my gut instincts but 4kg would probably be a good starting point. Keep in mind when beach fishing there's generally not too much structure for a fish / shark to bust you up on so you can safely let them run and wear themselves out on a relatively light drag. Rock fishing, I'd be tending towards the heavier side of drag pressure, especially if targeting species like groper, kingfish or other species that want to dive straight to the bottom. These are generally short, brutal fights and you can go harder without ripping your arms out of their sockets. If landbased tuna are an option around where you fish, stick with a similar drag that you'd use for the beach. Pier fishing I have no experience with but I assume sharks and rays would be what you'd mostly encounter around Portland. I reckon go with a lightish drag, let the fish tire out wide but up the pressure when you get it closer in around the pylons. Just my thoughts.
  2. Green Hornet

    suitable line for 15kg rod / 12kg reel

    Are you planning on fishing lures, bait, or a bit of both? Keep in mind, especially around the rocks, that your braid is going to take a few knocks over time and this will decrease the effective breaking strain. When beach fishing, sand can also find its way into weave, harming it as well. Its more about insurance than pushing your gear to the limit. The diameter difference between 50 and 30lb braid is bugger all and to be honest since switching to 50, I haven't noticed any difference in performance other than strength. Casting distance is roughly the same. If you're going to fish a heavy drag, keep your rod angles low and that will concentrate the bend in the rod to the stronger lower half rather than the upper and there's no way you'll snap a rod if you do this. The same principle is adopted by the saltwater fly guys who land quite large fish on long, light rods. While on the topic of fishing 7kg of drag off a 10 foot rod, put 7 litres of water in bucket, tie your line to the handle and try to lift it. You may be surprised how much effort it actually takes.
  3. Green Hornet

    suitable line for 15kg rod / 12kg reel

    Judging by the rod and reel you mention you're planning on using this outfit for larger species of fish. I think you'll find the 50lb J Braid quite suitable. Its still thin enough to cast a heavy metal lure a long way without cutting into your finger and just gives that bit of insurance if you have to go hard on a large king. I have a similar size outfit and run 50lb braid on it. Used to run 30 but stepped it up for the above mentioned reasons. As kingie chaser said though, it would be handy to know exactly what you're chasing and weather off the rocks or beach.
  4. Green Hornet

    Marlin jumps in boat

    Better a marlin than a mako!
  5. Green Hornet

    Which edge when spooling a reel?

    Perhaps you just need to top up your backing.
  6. Green Hornet

    Tools to start servicing my own reels?

    As you start breaking down the reel, stop at stages and take a photo. I can be a godsend if you're not 100% sure how to reassemble certain parts. You can also download your exploded parts diagram as a PDF from Daiwa or Shimano's site. That way you can zoom right in and have the relevant section in front of you as you go.
  7. Green Hornet

    Which edge when spooling a reel?

    As the others have said, all the way to the black. The 2 - 3mm they talk about refers to Daiwas etc with a rounded spool lip.
  8. Green Hornet

    Trudex reel

    I'd ditch the line guard altogether personally. A beautiful reel in beautiful condition. Just a couple of weeks ago I picked up Grice and Young Golden Eagle in excellent condition, still in the original box.
  9. Green Hornet

    Trash or Treasure?

    My first ever rod was a Slazenger that looked just like yours, however mine was 2 piece and 7 foot long. Matched it up with a bakelite 4 inch Alvey, one of those reels with the big metal ring hanging off the front. It would've been bought around 1967 - 68 I reckon. Man....that rod caught some fish and is still stashed away somewhere.
  10. Green Hornet

    Good deals on a fly reel?

    Some pretty cheap reels out there like this one Google CNC reels and have a look. I have a CNC centrepin for chasing luderick and can't fault it.
  11. Green Hornet

    Where do poddies go in winter?

    Down my way at St,Georges Basin, which isn't really tidal but open to the ocean, the poddys go ultra shallow in winter. No greater than about 100mm of water. Can't say I've seen them in the feeder creeks when its cold.
  12. Green Hornet

    Waterproof Phone Case

    Pity that case doesn't appear to be waterproof. I like the idea of the card sleeve attached. I was only thinking yesterday if I had something to hold my debit card, drivers and fishing licence, I could leave my wallet at home.
  13. Green Hornet

    Forty Baskets/Reef Beach

    Nice. Those little reds really hit a plastic hard.
  14. Green Hornet

    Kingfish Bait

    +1 on the fresh garfish cast and retrieve. I rig them on multiple snelled hooks. Try and get them from a good fish shop rather than a tackle store. If you're chasing larger fish, frozen and defrosted frigates under a balloon will often outfish other live baits when times are hard.
  15. Green Hornet

    Waterproof Phone Case

    Bummer about the phone and your "fishing"experience. Hope you didn't encounter any brown bottles!! My phone is advertised as being water resistant and supposed to survive such a dunking, albeit only a very quick one, I assume. I'm thinking I should possibly be looking at a lanyard to secure my phone to my PFD.