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  1. No trevally? They made up about 50% of our bread catches and really smacked it off the surface. Like your jew, my best/weirdest bread bycatch was a 9kg snapper.
  2. There was a guy on a FB group (can't recall which one) who tried all sorts of "green stuff" to try and lure blackfish and came to the conclusion just about everything was useless. Off the ocean rocks, its no secret that blackfish will take bread. In fact a couple of my old haunts I'd much prefer to use bread before cabbage or weed. In estuaries, if I can't find good weed I use flies. Off the wand or drifted under a float on regular blackfish gear, they're pretty effective.
  3. Another great story Waza. Thanks for taking the time to write and share it. My first ever jewfish was taken at Greenwell Point wharf on a handline that my Dad had baited with a live yakka and wandered off. I remember he was pretty pissed off because up until then, he'd never caught a jew himself.
  4. I reckon 3 days in the fridge would be okay. If you freeze them, I imagine they'll thaw softer than if left in the fridge.
  5. If I can get them as fresh at that, freeze them. Any left over from a fishing trip, bring them home and salt, or better still brine them. There was a recent topic on salting/brining bait. Use the search function and you should find it easily.
  6. Nice fish. Great to see you getting rewarded for all the effort you put into building the boat, which looks great by the way. Makes it all the sweeter, I bet.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to post this up Pickles. Your breaking strain chart proves the point of when i refer to the "size" of a braid I prefer to mention PE over breaking strain. For the record. I have been a big fan of Yozuri, Duel Hardcore for many years and on the pack they detail the highest, lowest and average breaking strain from regular tests.
  8. The kelp beds around the rocks at Penguin and Crookhaven Heads, Culburra are okay. I've heard of the odd arrow around the river mouth, but really the tide runs too fast for them there. Better spots in Jervis Bay, like Callala Bay wharf and rocks, Plantation Point and Murrays Beach ramp. Don't expect great results at this time of year. They cop a hiding over the holidays.
  9. Do you mean in the Shoalhaven River or the Shoalhaven area?
  10. Good to see you've decided to keep it after all the work you've put into it.
  11. Yes, no skirt. Some I've tied myself and put just two strands of pale tan skirt on to resemble prawn feelers. Haven't noticed a difference between the two.
  12. Fair enough Longer casts with heavier lures can make a difference with shy fish. I had a good day yesterday afternoon on the St Georges Basin flats with a 95mm/8.5g Sugarpen. Some days they're just dicks and will only take bait.
  13. Try not to fish in water over knee deep. If you see fish deeper, try and coax them to follow the lure into the shallows. Replace your rear treble with size 10 assist hooks. The Atomic Trick Bitz are good. If they foul the middle treble when casting, ditch that treble too.
  14. Thanks to those above who mentioned these podcasts. I'll have to have a listen to them. Greg and I are old mates and used to live only 5 houses away from each other. He is another fan of long rods on the flats. For the record, I often cast the plastic in my previous post off a 10'6", 2-4kg DFT Ultragraph. Terrific for distance using lures that need to be slow rolled. For WTD stickbaits, its hard to get the rod action right, but there is a trick to using the reel rather than the rod.
  15. Okay, if you're chasing bream you definitely need a couple of shallow running lures. Not necessarily for the depth that they run at, which as mentioned above is important, but for the fact that a shallow runner with its smaller bib has a much more subtle action that bream seem to prefer. As a guy that used to fish a lot of bream tournaments, IMO once you're looking at a lure to run at a depth over 1.2 metres, its time to leave the hardbodies in the box and switch to plastics or blades.
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