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  1. Green Hornet

    New reel for Lox iridium 12210

    Good to hear you got the reel sorted. I have one of the early model Saltist 4500s and its served me well over the years. I've developed a habit of pulling about 30cm of line off the reel every cast after tripping the bail on all my spin reels from light bream gear through to the heavy stuff and can't remember the last time I got a wind knot.
  2. Green Hornet

    Easy FG knot video

    I use one of these as well. Terrific little gadget and I've tied FGs in leaders as light as 4lb no problem.
  3. Green Hornet

    New reel for Lox iridium 12210

    That Lox is a sweet looking rod. A Shimano Biomaster comfortably makes it into your price bracket, $268 at Dinga before you FR discount, are tough as nails and perfectly suited to what you want to use it for. Being a 12 foot rod you may find an 8000 will balance better than a 5000 and hold a 300m spool of quality 30lb braid plus a fair lump of backing. A mate has an 8000 Biomaster with 50lb braid and pulls some pretty impressive kings from the rocks down this way.
  4. Green Hornet

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    Keep at it and you'll get them. This is a great website for helpful advice. I wish it was around when I was learning the game (long before internet).
  5. Green Hornet

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    If you're only going to search the fish out, the 13 foot rod you've got will be OK. The main problem with a 13 foot rod is you'll tire quickly if casting for longer periods. Assuming you're using mono and I don't know what strength you're using but that will probably get you started too. If its around 15-20 pound, perfect, I'd just place a swivel onto the split ring of a 60g metal lure, tie my main line to that and start casting. No need to worry about leaders. Cast and wind back at a medium pace. If that doesn't tempt them try a faster retrieve or flicking the rod tip a little as you wind to give the lure a jerking sort of action. You can cast into the middle of the gutter, but don't move on until you've tried the edges too where the waves and the unbroken water meet. If the fish are there you'll know within 10 or so casts. If no hits, move onto the next gutter and try again. If you're going to get into this style of fishing I reckon the ideal setup is a rod between 9 and 10 foot, a 4000-5000 reel (based on shimano sizes), 15lb braid, 20lb mono or fluorocarbon leader and lures between 30 and 50 grams. Just for an idea one of my outfits is a 9 foot shimano coastal spin with a stradic 5000, loaded with 15lb sunline super braid. There's plenty of cheaper options out there if you wish and you can cast a rod like this for hours without getting tired. The 2.1m rod you mentioned really isn't great for the beach, unless its really calm and you don't need to cast long distances. I trust this helps get you started and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  6. Green Hornet

    About how to fish OZ salmon (need help)

    To add to big Neil's reply, there's always a place for a metal lure, like a Halco Twisty or similar in your tackle box. It could have turned your first trip into a successful one, plus I'll regularly pull salmon and tailor out of holes on lures while the bait fishermen catch nothing. Sometimes the fish are just resting up in a hole and won't touch a dead bait but something moving will always grab their attention. It can also pay off to prospect a beach by walking along it and casting a lure into the holes until you locate the fish, then start casting baits if you wish.
  7. Green Hornet

    Red Crabs

    Thanks for taking the time to write up this great post. I grew up in a small town on the south coast and like your occy shock method, remember the aboriginal fishermen tying red ribbons on the end of a wire to imitate a red crab and coax small octopus out of their holes for their jewfish baits.
  8. Green Hornet

    Fish ID ?? (Numbfish)

    As above, I believe its a numbfish, also called a coffin ray (Hypnos monopterygius) Speaking from experience they can give you quite a jolt, I've been hit twice.........slow learner.
  9. Green Hornet

    Sussex Inlet / St Georges Basin

    If you're not happy with the Murrays Beach ramp you can launch at Woolamia near Huskisson, but expect it to be crowded in January along with most ramps in the area at that time of year. Go on the WillyWeather web site and in the location box type in Bherwerre Beach. In the swell forecast section there's a live surf cam of the Sussex Inlet entrance.
  10. Green Hornet

    Windang, advise needed for a newbie

    I'd be starting out with a standard paternosta rig (google that) on the 12 foot rod with around a 1/0 hook and the squid. that should give you a fair chance at flathead, bream, salmon and tailor. Don't pass up a pillie on a set of ganged hooks. They are probably the most popular bait on a beach for a good reason. On the 8 foot rod, a metal lure like a halco twisty or surecatch bishop or knight will get you tailor and salmon. Pick the size/weight of the lure to suit your rod. Best time to fish most beaches is around high tide that coincides with dawn or dusk. Summer months, target flathead, bream and whiting. From about early March and through winter is good for salmon and tailor.
  11. Green Hornet

    Jarvis Bayt

    The rock ledges around Greenpatch, Scottish Rocks and Murrays Beach are worth a throw for squid and bream. Keep a metal lure handy as salmon shcools can show up anytime. Westerly winds can be a pain at this time of year. Out on the ocean rocks around Murrays down to Stoney Creek its drummer and groper time but most of these rock shelves are low to the water and should only be fished when the swell is right down. Caves and Bherwerre Beaches are good salmon and tailor spots, plus a few bream. Best fished around high tide.
  12. Green Hornet

    New Rod

    Do you plan chasing jewfish? I believe a 6 or 8000 size shimano would be ample for lures off the beach. I do a lot of tailor and salmon spinning off the beach, with braid however and a 5000 size shimano is more than big enough. Best thing would be to take your rod down to your tackle shop and try a few reels to see what feels comfortable.
  13. Green Hornet

    Southern highlands

    Welcome to the site Stephen 86. I'm from down your way as well and although I don't chase trout, I believe Pejar Dam at Goulburn is worth a fish.
  14. Green Hornet

    Pourmalong Creek Dam, Morriset

    I've never been there, but according to a book I have it was stocked with approximately 30,000 bass between 1999 and 2002. The book was published in 2005, so I can't tell you what's happened since. It says access is by an unsealed road off Mandalong Rd and you may possibly need a 4WD. Best fished from a canoe and no camping.
  15. Green Hornet

    zman 3.75 streakz

    I don't know what you intend to chase, but I have caught a lot of good bream, flathead and keeper size estuary snapper on them. They're a must have in my tackle box along with a few packs of the 5 inch ones as well.