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  1. Derek a good bloke alright. Sounds like you're smashing it mate. Might see you out sometime.
  2. Yep I've caught heaps of bream on that little stretch. Unfortunately it'll be un-fishable while they're doing the re-naturalisation on the creek. Should be done in about 6 months.
  3. Hey mate sorry I missed this. Not sure where you mean? What pool behind what hardware store?
  4. I err on the side of caution when it comes to eating fish from Sydney Harbour and it's tributaries. Catch and release only I'm afraid - there's better and cleaner places to catch a bream for dinner in my opinion.
  5. If it was only rainy I would've been out for sure. Unfortunately the wind just makes it too frustrating and, given I'd be fishing amongst a lot of tall trees, dangerous. We had telegraph pole snap clean in half outside my house - still waiting for power to come back. Many large fallen trees in my neighbourhood as well. It was a frustrating day but I'm glad I stayed in.
  6. Mate you're sure to get some fish with that lot on your arsenal. Just find a bit of clear or shallow water and you'll get into em. I put off doing top water for ages as well. Always seemed so unlikely that you'd get a fish that way but trust me, it works. Best way is to go out one day with nothing but surface lures and just keep casting.
  7. It's never as bad as you think. Once you're wet it's not like you can get wetter right? Makes the shower when you get home all the better as well.
  8. Seeing as it's nearest water to my place I've been exploring what I can catch out of Johnston's Creek lately and have found it extremely productive. First of all, to call it a creek is a slight overstatement. I'm sure it was at some point but it's a pretty standard canal/stormwater drain in reality. Don't get your hopes up about casting at snags like you're on a real river. There's no real structure apart from a couple of bridges and it only fills up to a decent level on a tide over 1.5m. Make no mistake though, the fish know there's food in there and they come up in big schools lookin
  9. Have to admit I'm in the same boat with regard to Bream fishing - there's something about them that makes them different. I think it's their ability to recognise a lure and to pick up cues from one another - they're clever little buggers. My favourite way to target them is on topwater - since I started targeting them this way my catch rate has gone up massively. If you're keen to learn then grab a couple Bassday Sugapens and practice the 'walk the dog' retrieve. There's many ways of doing, you'll need a really light tippy rod and light line (4-6lb max). I wind slowly and tap the hand
  10. Shame they don't appreciate the bones mate. Fish cooked one the bone beats a fillet any day of the week for me - especially as you get to hunt around for all the bits in the heads and collars. Whiting are especially good cooked whole.
  11. Hey mate. I'm no bait caster expert but a mate of mine has recently become obsessed with the BFS (Bait Finesse System) style reels and rods. This is apparently a style imported from Japan that allows you to cast extremely light lures with a bait caster. Might be worth having a look into that as well.
  12. HAHA! This scenario is all too familiar for me. The other day I was sat on the edge of the water with my legs dangling while I picked apart a giant wind-knot. Ended up giving up and cutting about 10m of braid off my spool. Dropped my braid scissors in the drink by accident, the proceeded to try and use my rod (with sugapen still attached) to retrieve the scissors. Ended up getting the lure stuck and losing it amongst the oyster covered rocks. Felt like an absolute Desmond all day until I went back at low tide the next morning and (miraculously) my lure and scissors were still there.
  13. I'd heard from a few people that if you fish the inner west storm water drains and canals during or after a big rain you could have some fun catching bream on plastics etc. Turns out they were dead right. Headed down to Johnstons Creek this arvo right in the middle of the heaviest rain we had today. Johnstons Creek is dry at low tide and barely has any water in it unless the tide is over 1.5-1.6m. Today though, the water was pumping out of the storm water drains into the canal and the bream were feeding where the storm water met the incoming tide. I'd had some success in the p
  14. Nice work Derek. Great to see you down there again this evening. I was probably one of the ones doing more talking than fishing 🤣 It was definitely tough fishing down there today but you've got that retrieve dialled in nicely and it's showing with the fish you're catching. Just gotta get you onto a nice 40+ model now. They're out there!
  15. Hey Dave, I don't know much about boating but I reckon if you timed your visit with the right tide and wind you could set up to drift by the right spot. If you're facing the shore you'd wanna drift along the wall to the right of the Boathouse restaurant. Otherwise it's a pretty much ideal shore based spot.
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