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  1. Was having a quick session at my trusted land base spot anyone have a clue what this fish is ? Gave a great fight Was having a quick session at my trusted land base spot anyone have a clue what this fish is ? Gave a great fight
  2. @samjames95 Thanks mate really curious to see how they are on the table, guess we'll find out today. @Rock&Beach Thanks champ, definitely my number 1 eating fish. @Chakka Haha not every day you get one of those trips, giving the commercial fishers some competition @ACJ Thanks mate, you know the fishings good when you create a fishing version of nrl SuperCoach haha
  3. @Mike89 Thanks champ. I'm not very familiar where red morwong or morwong for that matter are usually caught but it is the second time I catch one like that in this place. Anyone know if there any good eating? my friend reckons they are, in comparison to the standard morwong
  4. @Siesta911 All fish were caught on banana prawns, guess when they're on the bite they'll just about eat anything. @Lungfai76 it's pretty amazing isn't it, wasn't quite sure what to put it down to but I like your theory @big Neil since unis back on don't get much time to fish so made the very most of it, thanks mate. @budzsta thanks champ
  5. Hey guys quick report, just got back from little manly cove haven't been fishing in a couple of weeks. Decided to go against the weather experts and headed down for a few hours down to my ever reliable spot. Arrived to get a couple of hours of the run in tide with a couple of friends. We all simultaneously had our first casts and we were all on, thing was this was the situation for the next 3-4 hours. Each of us reaching our bag limits on tarwhines. Managed 2 thumper whitings which went 44cm and 42cm. Put up a great fight. Later on caught a red morwong? which went 48cm wow what a fight these are some strong fish and heaps of fun on 8lb mono. Bites went quiet and just in time as the rain started pooring which caused us to retreat back to shelter. Looking to try a new spot this Saturday here's hoping we get the same luck again.
  6. Well done @flatheadluke how big did the second one measure at?
  7. @The Poacher I've come to realise berley is a must when fishing bream, when the bites slow down I usually use a fair bit of wheat to entice them and they seem to do the job. Will give the chook pellets a go next trip. Thanks for the tip champ
  8. Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback and have taken all perspectives on board. Guess I feel a little less guilty since bream is the preferred eating fish in my family and I'm sure they will enjoy them later on tonight. I had my suspicions pictures 5 & 6 were tarwhine, however did not know they grew to that size.
  9. @GordoRetired I think seeing so many fishing videos and other members releasing fish and condoning it put the whole thought of taking larger size fish home as not illegal but not really praised
  10. @GordoRetired Thanks champ. @Mike89 Thanks man, I would've been stoked if I had only gotten the 65cm flattie for the night. It was my first time actually fishing abbotsford so yea if first impressions anything to go by then there's some thumpers hanging around there. Will put it up for COTM once I reach 10 posts haha, thanks for that. @kiwicraig haha yea man I was stoked did not see that one coming, going to be a while since I even come close to that. @Fufu thanks fufu.
  11. Thanks @Fab1 I completely agree with you on that however considering these fish have been around probably as long as i have I only just turned 22 yesterday (guess the great session was a birthday present) there is that guilt of taking them fish regardless. But on the plus side now I know for next time. Hopefully I can keep this breaking my pb streak up haha.
  12. So I'll get this started by thanking everyone on fish raider.. For the knowledge I have acquired by lurking these forums for a while. Unfortunately I only done some research on the age of breams once they get to a certain length after I had come home stoked about last nights leaving me with a fair bit of guilt. So please don't crucify me, I am fairly fresh on the fishing scene. Me and my cousin were having a feed of Mcdonald's last night and we were having a chat about the weather.. One thing lead to another we thought last night would be too good of a night not to go for a small session. It was a last minute thing. Only around the corner from Woolworths went got ourselves some banana prawns and hit the road. Arrived at little manly cove not expecting much just abit of relaxation and any fish to take home for the fambam. Arrived there about 9pm to catch the run out tide.. Things started off slow with my cousin kicking things off with an undersized snapper. Shortly after I was on to a decent sized trevally which went 36cm. Geez they put up a great fight back it went in. Had been half an hour or so with no action so thought I'd take my phone out and put some music on .. Holding the rod with one hand trying to navigate to YouTube I got some nice thumps.. Quickly handed the phone over to my cousin and after a couple of more thumps .. Boom got him he was on and he made me work hard trying to work his way around the structures .. Took me a good 3 minutes to get him up unfortunately had no net.. but that didn't stop me from getting him up. Meanwhile my cousin was on also and we both secured the catch and it was hi 5's and smiles all around. I had broken my PB for bream which was previously 38 now it's a 43cm model. So double hook up of 43cm and 36cm bream respectively. I had just put my Bait on and I had just closed the reel with in a matter seconds I had gotten the same thunderous thumps.. This time it was a much bigger bream.. This one had me working extra hard went for 4 runs and it still wasn't giving up .. I had just seen colour and could honestly say this was the biggest bream I had ever seen in my own eyes.. I don't know if I had kept to much pressure on him but he went for another run and .. Wow my heart sunk it was gone. Brought my line back in and he had actually snapped the hook. I was devistated .. I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly how big he was but he was bigger then the last one I had gotten (COULDVE BEEN A DOUBLE HEADER ON TWO PBS BROKEN IN ONE NIGHT FOLLOWING MY LAST TRIP) I guess that's how it is though you win some you lose some. They were still on the bite but we thought we'd call it a night. We managed 6 Breams all up, 43cm, 39cm, 38cm, 35cm, 30cm and 27cm and a couple of undersized ones. Like I said I only knew how old these breams could have possibly been after getting home having a shower, observing the photos then out of curiousity did some research. So please go easy on me hey.
  13. Thanks BN and Swampgecko. Heading out in a couple of hours time for a bream session looking to bring back more knowledge and success later on today, always room for trial and error but just being on the water can't beat that. stay tuned.
  14. Thanks mate. All flatties were released.. Ladies went back in to produce more of these lizards