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  1. Gday Raiders, Wife works at manly Hospital, so after meeting her for lunch I ducked down to the rocks at Little manly for a flick. Stayed only an hour and produced a nice 51cm flattie. I did work for it however and covered a lot of ground in that time with quite a few SP changes before I had success. How goods this weather huh !!! Cheers Mark
  2. NBFisho

    Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    As usual mate a good report, awesome work on the video as well. Really showcases how lucky we are to live around the area as well. Cheers, Mark.
  3. NBFisho

    SP's DO WORK!!

    Persistence pays, and yes Sp's certainly do work. Good job on such a good cherry popping fish.
  4. NBFisho

    Soft Plastic Scent

    Your in a good local for both Salt/Fresh Ill have to give it a crack in Manly Dam just out of damn curiosity now..lol
  5. NBFisho

    Soft Plastic Scent

    Thx Aardvarking, that's a damn good way to go about it. @Weelzy and Dirvin thanks also for your imput, Guess ill be using some Sfactor tomorrow. Cheers Mark.
  6. NBFisho

    Manly dam fishing rigs

    Burley up heaps and throw out corn or bread on a small hook without a float or any weight. Just let it look as natural as possible. They always come in under the ducks when they are being feed. Can use the same technique with bread off the dam wall to catch small Bass as well.
  7. Gday Raiders, I've always been sceptical about putting scent on SP's. I always thought the action, retrieve and rod tip movement did the job. I have heaps of tubes of Scent and was wondering if I should give it a try. What's everyone's thoughts on the subject? Cheers Mark.
  8. NBFisho

    FIrst time Baitcaster

    They are so much fun Mike, I haven't picked up another rod since I got it..lol
  9. NBFisho

    Chipping Norton Bream - PB bream

    Dont give up on the lures and SP's, one day it will just click and you wont look back, Well done on the PB Mark,
  10. NBFisho

    Bream from the Beach - Newcastle

    Nice Haul mate, some healthy looking fish right there. Cheers, Mark.
  11. NBFisho

    FIrst time Baitcaster

    Here's my take on it after a lot of question to people who use baitcasters and swear by them plus watching the pros on TV comps and dvds. Baitcaster pros: less weight, more line capacity, better control (1 handed casting), heavier drag, more options(gear ratio), less line twist, manages heavier lines better, handles heavy lures with a smaller sized reel vs spinning. Cons: They don't handle lighter lures very well, not very good with light lines, harder to learn to cast, Is fun trying to learn using it as I see people using them single handed with such accuracy that I want to be able to do that as well. Cheers, Mark.
  12. NBFisho

    FIrst time Baitcaster

    Thx guys, and thanks for the tip @seaurchin.
  13. NBFisho

    FIrst time Baitcaster

    Gday Raiders, Got some cash for my Birthday on Wed so I spent it on a new Shimano Raider and Caenan Baitcaster, Last time I used a baitcaster I spent more time unravelling bird nests than actual fishing. This was my new mission. So today I wondered down to Fairlight with the express aim of practicing with hookless lures just to get a feel for things. After an hour of using Lures, divers and poppers with success I decided to throw on an 1/8 ounce Sp and try for a fish. First cast produced a nice flattie which inturn became lunch. Moral of the story, I've just turned 46 so never doubt you can learn something new and give it a crack. Mark.
  14. NBFisho

    Harbour Friday 24th February 2017

    Big Neil, An extreme optimist isn't what my wife calls me when I talk about fishing but ill run with it..lol Mark.
  15. NBFisho

    Kayak Krew meet - 11th March

    Got my Hall pass already Be good to get you there and get some big numbers.