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  1. I have the exact setup on my boat and trailer and can tell you for a fact the catch is not setup correctly. You should have about 5cm of free space between the catch and hook on boat. Definitely go back to dealer and have the catch setup properly.
  2. Yep. We sure did.. plus have plenty for the rest of the family for Sunday lunch..
  3. With Thursdays forcast looking great decided to take the family out for a fish. First stop was west head for yellow tails...With tank full in no time we headed out for the fad.. Could not find the sydney north fad so headed out further towards the shelf. Can someone confirm that the fad is still there? We found some traps in the 160m depth with stacks of mahi round. Lost count of how many we ended up getting as it was a fish a cast. Keep 6 for the family 75cm-85cm. With the wife getting her new pb of 85cm on a stick bait.. Then we trolled out to wards the shelf in search of Marlin. In 350m the was good bait and had a Marlin swim in to the spread but wouldn't take. With plenty of fish in the Esky we called it a day and headed back for the ramp.
  4. Can confirm that they are Mac tune in close. Got amongst the schools on Sunday. And there is plenty on strips out wider.
  5. Spent today and last Sunday doing some light lure trolling and live baiting out wide off broken bay. With great water about we had some good success. In the 2 days we got 10 skipjacks 4-8kg range. Great fun on the lighter gear. Also there are good numbers off mahi about. We picked up 6 keepers with a new pb for me at 1.13m. So have dinner sorted for the family for a few weeks.
  6. by far the best.
  7. I get them chasing stick baits all the time with no strike.. The squid range from 10-20cm hoods and I get them from drummoyne tackle and the a shop ones work as well. Strips.
  8. This time we fished of a headland just south off the bay, reef bottom in about 9m. Livies I fish under a balloon. Squid and other bait with just leader and hook. Just let it sink down with the current. Most important thing by far is berley, berley. Get the sweep interested then the kings should show up. It can take up to 2-3 hours sometimes.I also find the falling tide has worked best for me..
  9. Yep. Well just outside to the south. Off one of the headlands.
  10. Had a free sat morning. So me and the wife went out for a quik morning sesh as my wife has been dieing to get her first king on her newly purchased pink Shimano rod. We get to our spot, put the berley, baits and lives out and started the waiting game.. Was over an hour till the kings showed up. First I got a small back he went. Then I got another rat. Than my wife's rod went off and I was sure she was going to get reefed as it was only 9m deep. But some how she won the fight and boated this nice 72cm king. All kings cought on store bought squid. Wouldn't touch the lives.. Only 3 kings cought and we were at the ramp back by 10:30.. with dinner..
  11. Took the old man out fishing on Sunday in the hope of putting him on to some kings. We anchored at one of my favorite spots and set a burley trail. Soon on the sweep arrived and mixed in with them where some solid trevallies and bonitos. In the end we banged out on trevallies and bonitos. With some good size trevallies going round 45 cm. Also in the mix we got on to 4 kings biggest going 62 cm. So all went back in the drink..
  12. With the weather on Sunday being the best in weeks, decided to head out wide to do some light trolling. Left parsley bay at 6:30 and headed for the fad. By time we got there it was already a carpark, with around 6 boats on it. So didn't even bother to fish it. Put out the lures and headed east in search of traps.. About half hour in got first hit and pulled in a small stripy.. We then kept heading east and found a trap. First pass round it had another rod go off, with a 70cm mahi on board. Did another pass and another mahi, this time just under size so back she went..Got 2 more smallish ones and them they disappeared. Trolling on the way back we found a large branch that we pass and got a nice size bonito from under it..
  13. Plenty of bonito out at broken bay. Trolled last 2 trips for a few hours and picked up 2 and 5 the second day. All in the 45cm to 60cm range. Used 3in Xmas trees, orange colour was the best.
  14. So I'm on my honeymoon in kona. Being the blue marlin capital of the world me and my wife where thinking of doing a gamefishing charter.. Since i have never done one I went down to the mariner to find out from the locals how the fishing is and who they would recommend..So found out that the best time is there summer so our winter. So wasn't the best time for big fish. But they fish for marlin all year round. With that info in hand I found a boat that does trawling and a few hours off bottom fishing.. I figured that if the marlin where not hitting then at least we should be able to catch something bottom bashing... So we got a 35" boat for 6 hours of fishing and off we went.. You have to love that at 4miles out you are in 1000m deep water and marlin fishing. We picked up a couple of skipjacks around the fish farms for bait.. Than set out a spread and head for the bottom fishing grounds. About an hour in a reel starts going off and I was hooked up to my first blue marlin.. Got him to the surface and then on his second jump pulled the hook.. Was disappointed as this was my first marlin but still what a rush...the Capitan said he look like a 250lb.. Next we moved on to the bottom fishing.. on goes half a skipjack fillet and down she goes 130m...Then the waiting game...About 15min in we start to get small bits followed by a big hit and the reel goes off.. The rod gets passed to me and the fight is on.. this by far was the biggest thing I have ever fought out of the game chair... It took me about 10min to get it up from 130m with a couple off solid runs, where I expected to get reefed.. 110lb (49kg) amberjack..didn't have a tape measure but about 1.4m..and fat... Sorry don't know how to rotate pic... Biggest fish I have ever was supper happy...also let him go to fight another day . Than dropped more bait and got another 2 hookups but got reefed on both.. We than set the spread out and headed back to the mariner but no more hits on the lures so the marlin was not to be...but still had a great day...