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  1. KingieRun

    Kingies On the Flats??

    Paddling around middle harbour in the yak and in one of the bays at the back where it was mostly sand flats, I saw fishing busting up frequently. One fish would bust up then 10 or 20 would follow. I tried chucking paddle tails at them but nothing. I don't know about the species involved but could anyone give me an idea of what they could have been? Cheers, KR
  2. KingieRun


    Guys, I row around that area and I cant tell you how dirty it gets. Also knowing the fact that all the big industrial factories used to dump their chemical waste not too far down the river is not too reassuring. I urge you guys not to eat from the Parra nor lane cove. KR
  3. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Ha i felt a bit faint at the time but my old man told me to toughen up and clean the wound out. Wasn't very pleasant.
  4. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Sorry i should've put GRAPHIC CONTENT, my fault. Your sons incident sounds hella painful feel sorry for him. I agree with you that people are not cautious around oysters in which they really should be. Even a small cut can induce a serious infection. Sorry again about all the nasty content i just thought it would be a good reminder to all that oysters can be very dangerous.
  5. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Yeh when my old man came and had a look he immediately chucked some antiseptic on it and gave it a pretty good clean, those oysters have some pretty nasty bacteria in them. Thats very true about the gear, i should never even taken the risk but it was a very good lesson to be learnt. Anyways, Cheers Oldfella
  6. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Cheers mate, enjoyed the youtube vids btw you should try and make more.
  7. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Not too bad at the time but a just a bit of time after it bloody killed. Definitely love showing the young fellas what to do and what NOT to do ahaha. Cheers anyways Zoran.
  8. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Yes without a doubt, gotta be really careful on those rocks.
  9. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Haha yep even i squirm slightly when glancing back at the photo. Yeh its great to get the young kids out for a fish especially to get them slightly educated about the environment and how it needs to be taken care of.
  10. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Yep i definitely know that for sure. My cut could have been much worse. Hopefully the antibiotics steer me away from any infections!
  11. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    Yea i didn't realise how dangerous they are. Definitely learnt a lesson
  12. KingieRun

    Definitely learnt my lesson this time!

    yep especially the wait line in the hospital!!
  13. Gday All, Headed off to little manly today with a few mates and couple young fellas who tagged along in hopes to catch a couple nice fish for dinner. We arrived at 11am and with the first cast i got hooked onto a 50cm+ flathead which spat the hook as i was winching it up the rocks. We were using shiny micro jigs and sure enough we got a few legal tailor. Funnily enough one of my mates hooked a whiting on a 50g micro jig. Towards the end of the sesh one of the young fellas got his line caught on the rock and me being as stupid as i am tried to get it and whilst getting it i fell of the rocks scraping myself against a large pile of oysters. This resulted in 20 or so stitches in my right leg and an intense sanitisation. I was lucky enough to have landed that way as it could've ended up much worse. I've definitely learnt my lesson to be much more careful around rocks and always be very mindful of your surroundings. Regards, Anthony - KingieRun
  14. KingieRun

    Entrance Fishing Trip

    G'day Fishos, Tomorrow, i'll be heading up to the entrance for a few days with a couple of mates. I've heard many stories of great fish being caught there but i have never ventured out there myself, so tomorrow will be my first time. Looking at it on google earth, i'm assuming that worms or nippers would be the 'go' around there? Also, what type of species should be targeted and whereabouts are a few good areas to chuck a line in, Only if you don't mind disclosing that info. I'm thinking about going for jews off the beach but don't know whether i should use beach worms or some fresh squid. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, KR
  15. KingieRun

    Live Yakkas - Please Help

    In personal experience, yakkas are very fussy during the day but once in a feeding frenzy, they will not hesitate to hit a bait-less sabiki. As for yakkas in the night, they are usually very active and it will not take that long to fill the bucket up with a couple livies. Usually i use a couple slices of cheapo bread to ONLY BURLEY then use either mince meat mixed with flour (to help it stay on the hook) or chicken breast. I don't find bread to be that effective with yakkas. Pretty much anywhere that has structure (wharfs, rock ledges, under boats) will hold yakkas. Remember either hit the livie spot at either very early in the morning or in the late arvo/night. Tight lines, KR