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    Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    What's your best or worst boating disaster? mine was when I was about 20yo. im 56yo now. Just bought my first boat, a 18 ft stebbercraft. went up n launched at parsley bay. I motored to flint n steel point and anchored to fish for Jewish 1 night. A few hrs later I thought the boat was sitting low in the water and that in the slight swell the ocean pearl didn't bob around much! ? Lifted the false floor to see that the hull was full of water, just about to start wetting the carpet. panic ??? Pull up anchor n motor back to the ramp, put boat back on trailer n pull her out. water pouring out the bung, disconnected trailer from 4x4 to assist draining. took about 1 hr to fully drain. then put the bung plug in, relaunched n went back out to resume the fishing trip, lol?? never ever did I forget to put the bung in again hahaha, ? Cheers marty.
  2. Wow the things people did in the old days for a fish! ?
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    Fish cleaning table

    Going to be building a fish cleaning table in the next few days. got a price on a piece of food grade stainless steel. 2420x 1220 x .9mm picking it up tomorow. taking it to my mate Pete,s tomorow night so he can get the edges folded 70mm and corners tig ss welded.( factory across the road from his) then will be buying a piece of 2400 x 1200 x 19mm form ply. cutting 100mm off 1 end and side. then building a 50 x 50 gal sq tube frame. i will be putting a stainless steel laundry sink in the middle of one side and a flexible water tap. should end up 2.300 long x 1.100 wide x 1.200 high I will post up some pictures of the build. all up should only cost me about $400 to $500 cheers marty
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    How to find a spare Velox trailer wheel

    I just sold a few on gumtree. few weeks ago. they come up on there quite often.
  5. Trailcraft43

    Limitations of Stacer 509 sea runner

    Good to have one anyway. as you might not intend to go 2 nm offshore but could easily end up out there with flat batteries, failed radio equipment, etc. better to be safe than sorry.
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    I Agree with Rick, use clear mono, thinnest diameter you can get away with. catchrate should improve imencly!
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    Qld holiday fishing (Black Spinefoot)

    Add these to the list =Spiked by a hawksburry catfish n crapped on by a pelican! ?
  8. Trailcraft43

    Pulled this thing up twice now (sea squirt)

    Dunno, but it likes your bait. did it put up a good fight? ?
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    Forster - Wallis Lake

    Darth Vader with his helmet off?????
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    I can Rick, usually when I open the first and forget where I put it! then open another and then find the first, hahaha marty
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    Haha, bet he put his toothbrush under lock n key from then on, ?
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    Fish cleaning table

    Cheers Zoran. yeah I'm same as you when it comes to fresh water and fish. i find fresh water does horrible things to fish Not sure exactly why. thats why my catch goes straight into a slurry of saltwater and ice whole, unkilled Unscaled and ungutted. I find it puts live fish into a quick hybernation and death resulting in no stress. and by the time I'm home with the catch its chilled and firm, thus easy to gut and fillet and skin, (reason I never scale my catch) leaving scales on keeps the skin firm and easier to get skinless fillets and steaks. I only use the fresh water to clean the table, knives n rods afterwards. as i skin and carve my fillets I place straight into Clipsal bags and then straight into the big chest freezer. no need to rinse fillets if everything is clean and use disposable plastic gloves like the deli girls use in Coles n woolies. Cheers marty
  13. ? sounds like you more had fun playing with the winch than fishing Zoran. i can imagine how much easier it made life, im investing in one soon. Cheers marty
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    Wow wat a bloody bargain, ?
  15. Trailcraft43

    Boating Safety Session

    Good idea even for old boaties to brush up .
  16. Trailcraft43

    Fish cleaning table

    Nagh, not really. just like a comfortable area to clean where a few mates can have a bundy or beer while doing the chore.? I used to clean them on the lawn but now there are a few outside cats so need to get it hygeneically correct.? Plus my lower back and neck are pretty cactus nowadays. So working standing up is less painful. Getting a start on it this Thursday so will post a few pictures of the progress, cheers marty
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    Fish cleaning table

    Got some gal 40mm 2mm wall box tube steel dropped off today so it's full steam ahead this week,
  18. Trailcraft43

    Happy birthday mrsswordie

    Happy birthday Donna,?? have a nice day and hope lots more to come. and as Fab said thanx for a great fishing site. Cheers marty
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    Haha, a shit zoo,?
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    Haha, that's a good one COASTIE.?
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    The entrance

    Hey Rick, You might find it was the angle of the dangle? ive used that excuse before, lol
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    Arrawarra beach mulloway

    Yum, fish n chips fer dinner,?
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    Id want me money back! ?