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  1. where did you get then on the central coast
  2. chris b

    Boat traler

    Thank Frank Good information mate as usual
  3. chris b

    Boat traler

    OK are you saying a boat trailer can be registered with out a boat on it OR NOT
  4. chris b

    boat license

    What for I have not got a boat Just good to know what you know
  5. chris b

    Boat traler

    Guys dose a boat trailer have to have a boat on it to be registered thanks
  6. chris b

    boat license

    check that again over 5 hp has to be reg
  7. chris b

    boat license

    So if the boat moves at faster then 1.152 MILES a hour it must be register I would think a row boat would go faster then that
  8. chris b

    boat license

    Is I true any powered boat include the little electric motors You need a license thanks guys
  9. chris b

    Hayden rods?

    MONEY or the box What did you end up taking 🤑
  10. chris b

    Hayden rods?

    He was one of the best back then .HE made a lot of big game rods For Bob and Doley dyer Remember pick a box
  11. Good day guys how dose it affect fishing Thanks Chris
  12. chris b


    Good thank Crunche Did you read how II will make my sled with the wheels The weigh will be over a large surface Then the wheels and a sit with a back in it for my bad back
  13. That is interesting Mate why do you say that Chris
  14. Hi GUYS Do any of you fish the beach's around Budgewoi this time of year that could do with a mate Thank s Chris