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  1. chris b


  2. chris b


    Good thank Crunche Did you read how II will make my sled with the wheels The weigh will be over a large surface Then the wheels and a sit with a back in it for my bad back
  3. chris b

    Budgewoi beach to Hargraves beach

    That is interesting Mate why do you say that Chris
  4. chris b

    Fishing frend

    Hi GUYS Do any of you fish the beach's around Budgewoi this time of year that could do with a mate Thank s Chris
  5. chris b

    Boat Law

    Good day men can I use a boat if it is not registered and I have no licence a 12 ft tinny With a OB motor Thanks Chris
  6. chris b


    Guys a few more remarks on my sled would be good Bad or good thanks Chris
  7. chris b

    Wyong river

    Is their any fish in the Wyong mate what kind
  8. chris b

    Wyong river

    Keep your rod pointing up mate
  9. chris b

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    You are a grate fisher mate
  10. chris b


    NOT to good my self that is why I need the chair in the sled I cant stand for to long and my lunch and a drink or two I will just tell you some thing I lived in st marys as a kid the first day I got my licence after work I started go to the N Entrance and fish the run out nearly every week for many years Parked the old combi I the car park and slept in it when I was not fishing I love that place Some knight I fish right through the night come home in morning and go to work I pull some grate snapper and Jews out of the run out I had grate memories of that place And Frank most of the time was on my own
  11. chris b


    What beach's do you fish at You must fish the syd beachs do you
  12. chris b


    Good mates are hard to come by HE sound like a tough old buger
  13. chris b


    What about a hood pomy burn fast 😊
  14. chris b


    FRANKS how do you get it to the beach Do you live close to the beach Tanks mats
  15. chris b


    That what call good old Pomy mates