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  1. ace1223

    JB hairtail

    Keep trying persistence pays off
  2. ace1223

    JB hairtail

    Hi Raiders, been a bit slack this year, been hitting the hairtail hard this year and cleaning up every session so far they are very hot on the bite went up to a spot inside JB hanged along the edges around 12m of water. Bite time has been hot in run in tide this season and red lights are the choice. Check out some photos of this year cheers guys tight lines
  3. ace1223


    Hey mate didn't measure but will assume smallest in that batch would have been 1.3 1.4 biggest would have been 1.6 1.7
  4. ace1223

    Hairies are on

    They sure are on I've been hitting Hawkesbury up past weeks and have not left empty handed :)))$
  5. ace1223


    Hi all, Have fished Hawkesbury the last few weeks and it has produced some decent sized hairies. By what I see they will be more productive this year in the system just need to know spots and tide times and lots and lots of Burley . I can also say that you will get alot of soapie jewies and bonito ( be prepared for a decent fight ).
  6. ace1223


    Donna and stewy let me know if I can be in any assistance cheers ace
  7. ace1223


    If anyone is interested I am a networking and systems engineer I have what it takes to keep this site running if anyone is interested. cheers guys ace
  8. ace1223

    Bare Island Botany Bay

    When the weather clears up and swell drops a little ill be out on the weekend trolling with some irresistible rapalla lures
  9. ace1223

    Whens Hairtail season

    Hairtail just take the bait and run's, Hairtail fire up at weird times it was as early as march last year, Flint and Steel was booming also Newcastle harbor great eating fish though
  10. ace1223

    Sunday 4th November Botany and Offshore

    Very quiet, Fished the FAD and the peak nothing coming up, trolled from peak and around the outside of the bommies near botany bay but nothing on the bite, Continued to fish the bay up till 1:30 - 2 PM bay produced some nice flatties, trev's and some flounder. there were boys up and browns and canyons and bommies, boys at canyons and browns seemed to be hooking up Marlin going off on CH 82, Another mate of mine that was out that day fished a placed call the tanks outside and it produced a good bag.
  11. ace1223

    From Jewies to Sharks

    Awesome catch boys
  12. ace1223


    Was out botany bay and boy did it change around 12PM, had small pinkies on the bite nothing special seen few blokes earlier in the morning went dropping the boat in clean up at the artificial reef.
  13. ace1223

    Tuggerah Lake Session

    Hi Stapo, Prawns are starting to show now some decent size, Good live bait to use
  14. ace1223

    Hairtail WSU/DPI Research

    Hi Chantelle, I am more than happy to talk to you about hair tail I have been chasing them over winter and have caught a few. Cheers Ace
  15. ace1223

    Hairtail in Jerusalem Bay

    This season they have been very weird, Hairtail season is usually finished around this time of year, I think I need to pay a visit to the hawksbury 1 last time for hairies.