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  1. If you give them a call they might be able to arrange to go through it over a couple of evenings. How it worked for us was, once they had five people interested in getting their licence the head radio operator volunteer then arranged what evenings suited us. For three evenings we sat at the rescue headquarters to go through the book ( parts we needed to know ). We did a simple test to make sure we were all on track before the instructor sent off for the proper test. The test arrived with questions to tick abcd boxes. At the end of the exam all of the paperwork goes into an envelope with a passport style photo, which is sent off by them to be marked. Just over one week later I had my credit card sized licence ( certificate ). For the record, they have not had anyone fail. If they don't believe you are up to passing they continue to train you untill they believe you are ready. Marine rescue are greatly pushing the radio certification at the moment and handing out leaflets to all boaties at the ramps down here.
  2. Recently had to update my vhf licence due to coxswain requirements, both myself and daughter did it through marine rescue who offer free training. Total cost was $89, both of passed over 90% and both have our new licences which are very simular to a car licence with your photo etc. My old licence was more like a passport.
  3. I used to use photoshop until you had to pay a monthly subscription to the cloud!!! Now I just use the free basic edit software you get with the camera. Those weather condititions with sunlight and very dark clouds in the background were truly amazing to see even without whales, just a pity I couldn't stay there longer. When the sunlight became covered in cloud the look was just dull and flat. Camera is a Sony compact RX 10 IV. Unlike my days of high end slr gear, this one camera does it all without needing to mess about changing lenses and carrying a heap of gear.
  4. What depth were you fishing 30k offshore ? That would put me in 2000m+ of water.
  5. Gee, haven't seen a haul like that many years.
  6. Headed out for a quick session before the big storm hits. Wind was already SE 15 knots when we left, which soon picked up when we reached Montague at 10.30am. The wind made the drift extremely fast and hard to fish, yet there were plenty of small fry on the bite. Snapper of 20-25cm, flathead of 10-15cm and small wrasse were plentiful!!!!!!.....gees give me a port Jackson!!!!!... Moved around a bit and even anchored to set up a cube trail in search of one of those Nelson Bay sized reds but no luck. Wth the weather turning SW 20kts we headed out towards the shelf to at last try and find a whale. Just as we located some my son started feeling sick, so we headed back to the island. By now the rain, thunder, lightning and waterspouts were dampening our enthusiasm so home we ran. Fun day none the less. The storm is now on its way up the coast, enjoy.
  7. The ones down here are gorging on small fry of about 1in - 2.5 cm.
  8. I hate the cold, Im further up the beach with thick socks and boots on. I might be a pom but Im built for the tropics this time of the year!!!
  9. Another walk up the beach with the kids in search of salmon action didn't take long to find a few rewards. Pretty much every gutter along Brou beach had them, some gutters we could only pick a couple of fish from before moving to the next gutter. As usual walking and flicking soon locates the mother load and once found it was fish after fish. The last three trips up there dolphins have turned up for a quick surf. My hope had been to hopefully be in the right place at the right time and have the camera ready. You don't get much of a chance as they might only ride one or two waves before heading off, so I was quite happy to get a few quick shots and hopefully get better ones another time. The dolphins haven't stopped the fish from biting on any occasion, neither have big bronzies in the past.
  10. They were there in good numbers again yesterday in most gutters. Today we went to Tilba beach and only found one patch of fish at the far north end of the beach.
  11. I personally find that around the full moon phase they are often aggressive in attacking lures with many hookups coming from hooks to the sides of their faces rather than in their mouths. These facial hookups will pull free when they jump and shake. Holding the tip of the rod down low will often reduce fish jumping when hooked. Something else people tend to forget is everytime the lure drags up the beach through the sand the hooks get blunter and blunter. I carry a small sharpening stone and regularly touch up the hook tips but they only sharpen so much before needing replacing. If the hooks are a little dull and your drag set quite light then getting a solid hookup can be greatly reduced. We tend to hit them pretty hard as soon as one takes a lure but loosing a few just saves getting your hands wet and sandy releasing them. There have been a few salmon over the 5kg size on tha beach over the last few days.
  12. A mate recently went with his two young boys. Kings wearnt huge but like already mentioned getting fish in before the sharks get to them is the hard part. They were catching nannigui of around 10kg + but only gets heads to the boat.
  13. JonD

    Back in action

    Original hooks, even the split ring pulled apart, partly because my son has both 20lb braid and 20lb leaders. The other outfit was 6lb braid and 10lb mono, even this straightened hooks on river to rock lures. Some of the lures had singles ( decoy ) and again straightened!!!! I don't mind them, especially for smoking. They are great in fishcakes and fish bakes.
  14. JonD

    Back in action

    Yes I did put that it was 69cm at the bottom of the post. It wasn't so much the length but its belly was so full of baitfish it looked ready to explode.