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  1. JonD

    The biggest bloody pufferfish I've ever seen.

    We commonly find them snorkelling at night, some can be quite huge.
  2. JonD

    fish finder advice

    I've had no problem with my Lowrance touch screen in my little centre console, even in the rain I have no probs. A one button press turns the unit into a button only operation, not that I've ever used the button only function. I also pick up bottom at depths just over 300m on 200khz and around 600m on 50khz, from a Lowrance 200/50 $200 transducer. I did purchase an airmar tm 260 which was to temperamental at holding bottom ( maybe due to The narrower beam), now sold on eBay.
  3. JonD

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    It's funny we are finding the squid are on the chew but the rest of the fish have shut down here.
  4. JonD

    10+ Donut Trips / What is going on?

    Another 0 trip today, worked plastics as well as burleyed over reef that clearly showed fish. Slipped on my wetsuit and swam down to around 15 m to see what was going on. My daughter continued flicked plastics on 4lb line where even though there were fish within inches of the lure, they simply showed no interest, even the burley lay among the reef with nothing showing interest. Water temp was 17'c, dozens of little baby lobsters littered the reef but nothing seemed to be in a feeding mode.
  5. JonD

    10+ Donut Trips / What is going on?

    I travelled over 50km yesterday with 4 very good anglers onboard, we targetted different spots from 8am -4pm. We fished in waters from 1m -65m for a grand total of one small snapper and two foul hooked wrasse. Fish could clearly be seen in the shallower water as well as be seen on the sounder in the deep water. Unfortunatly days like this are far more common than the good ones and we spend quite some time on the water. We also fish using high end electronics and quality light tackle and yes we have good catches which may seem regular to many people but we work pretty hard to catch them. Plagues of leather jackets worked their way through at least 4 packs of plastics, so there were plenty of fish, unfortunately not what we were after. Much of our trip was traveling close to headlands or along the back of surf looking out for schools of salmon which are normally very easy to spot, we found none. Eventually all feeling defeated we gave up. Today we are ready to try again as this might be the day, that's all you can do.
  6. JonD

    fish finder advice

    Just to add, I find the touch menus very intuitive but there are plenty of Lowrance tutorials now on YouTube if liked me the instruction book stays inthe box.
  7. JonD

    fish finder advice

    I've been more than happy with Lowrance units over many years so highly recommend them. I currently use a hds gen 3 12ins screen, there are quite a few gen 3 models discounted since the carbon came out. The power and transducer will most likely be the same meaning less work. The bigger screen you can afford the better, there may also be some good deals around during the Sydney boat show.
  8. JonD

    New camera

    No it's optical, not sure if it has digital above 600.
  9. JonD

    The trip away... a summary (part two)

    Forcast today was pretty bad, arrived at the ramp at 9am with no other trailer or car anywhere in sight. Headed 25km north and 6km out for flat glassy conditions, even marine rescue workers once again advised us not to go out. Anpther day of strong westerly tomorrow, so another close to shore trip planned ( hopefully snorkelling with dolphins ). I used to find the forecast and poor weather pretty frustrating but since owning the little rib, poor conditions just add to the fun, gone from 50hrs per year to 300+.
  10. JonD

    The trip away... a summary (part two)

    Great read BN, never realised you were also a Pom. I grew up on the Isle Of Wight ( small version of Aus !!). You've given me the idea to keep a few bin bags onboard from now on for those who never bring their own waterproofs.
  11. There was an interesting review by a national Geo photographer stating the images he managed to get with his sony he wouldn't of been able to get with any other single camera. I used to shoot professionally but have since sold all my high end gear, this little camera can do pretty much what all my other $80000 gear did but in one small outfit. For me it's just a case of one camera that covers a huge focal range and easy to carry means I have it with me ready to go rather than leaving heavy bags of camera gear at home. You still need some sound photographic knowledge to get good results with any camera but this camera makes most tasks easy.

    1. zmk1962


      Certainly looks the goods... Thanks !

  12. JonD

    Long weekend photos

    It's the latest model which is pretty well protected against dust and the odd splash if you carry something to wipe off any water. I use pelican cases which are completely waterproof, l hose my case down after a day offshore. You could even use a pelican case as a float if you end up in the drink.
  13. JonD

    Long weekend photos

    The picture doesn't do it justice, at the time the clouds looked like they were deep in the water but each time I stopped to do a photo the wake caught us up spoiling the effect.
  14. JonD

    Long weekend photos

    I use a Sony rx10, used to have heaps of pro slr gear but the Sony does it all in one small camera now.