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  1. Even though he kept his cool, these experience will often spoil your day and put you off going to certain areas. Some of these anti fishing people can be very frustrating and its about time they were prosecuted for harassment I these cases. We currently have a large group of people pushing for lockouts down here and post story's that are total lies that make headline news in the press.
  2. JonD


    Haha, yes could of been scary given I partly went under the boat. I was trying to film her while sitting up front, first wave bounced me onto the anchor post tailbone first and the second wave flipped me out. It has given the family a very good laugh!!! but we've certainly learnt from it!!!
  3. JonD


    What have people been able to claim for and what's been knocked back ? Ive been with club marine for around 25 years and though Ive had a few things which I thought would be covered, none have actually ever been able to claim on. I often hear of people claiming on all kinds of things and wonder how they seem to manage this as with mine its always knocked back. My reason is is that while filming my daughter on Xmas morning she hit a wave that flung me out of the boat. I lost my script glasses, GoPro, flooded my phone and remote car keys no longer work. According to club marine only p
  4. We were out yesterday in 20kts of southery which made me want one again!!!!...they've become very difficult to come across now, which was why my daughter jumped straight on this one.
  5. JonD


    Well down here maritime go by manufacturing date unless you can prove with an itemised receipt you purchased differently. So buying them on sale when they are several years old simply doesn't cut it if maritime pull you up. You can normally only do one service which gives you the first year after buying and a second year where you service yourself before they need to go to the manufacturer for a service. Some allow you to do more services but unless you open them up to check what's stated inside you simply don't know.
  6. So better riding than the stabicraft then ?
  7. JonD


    Crewfit, by crewsaver are the most comfortable and best fitting inflatable pfd Ive used. The trouble with inflatables is the maintenance, some allow you to do the check while others need sending in. Be warned if you head down here to the south coast and you get checked by maritime or water police and your purchase dates and service checks aren't done correctly you will cop a fine instantly. Even though I had pfds that were just 3 months old I didn't have the itemised receipt proving this. Luckily this was before we launched at the ramp so we didn't get a fine as we weren't on the water.
  8. This one being a bit shorter and less V isn't quite as soft riding and the trailer is very light with skinny wheels that seem to have mind of their own when reversing. Needs rod holders, electric's and safety gear. Theres also a fair bit of difference on how this engine looks at just 38hrs old, paint bubbling and a few patches of bare metal on the bottom end of it.
  9. JonD

    Ho Ho Ho .

    Hope you all have a great Xmas. Cheers Jon
  10. Yes that's right and the last one was the 550.
  11. She got a very deal with it, so yes there was change from that price. Its done just 38hrs size new.
  12. I spotted another little zodiac on gumtree like the one we used to have and showed it to my daughter yesterday. Normally she finds it very hard to make any decisions especially when her own money comes into it, not such the case when she saw this, it was love at first sight.Weather was to bad for this mornings charter meaning we had just enough time to drive up the coast and get back in time for her afternoon charter. Managed to squeeze a quick test run after her charter which gets the full thumbs up from a very excited young girl!!!
  13. Hi Jon,

    I just tried to send you a message but it said you can’t receive messages? Are you able to send me a message and I’ll send you a response?



    1. JonD


      Not sure why that is, anyway try now.

    2. Central Coast Fisherman

      Central Coast Fisherman

      Hmm it’s still saying you can’t receive messages. Are you able to send me a message through the private messages and I can then reply?



    3. JonD


      Didn't realise my messages were full, should be ok know.

  14. Looks good, personally haven't fished the area even though its close to me as much of it is protection zones.
  15. It's a regular occurrence especially during the holiday season. We've already had one boat tip on the bar and sink on the weekend, a few days before that one drove into the bar putting a huge hole in the boat. Conditions were good on both occasions.
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