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  1. JonD

    Dual battery set up.

    For years I've had dual systems but for the last three I've done away with them. Simple reason was that in all the years of having dual ive never needed them. It's more to maintain, purchase and more weight and room taken up on a small boat. If I was to go back to night broadbill fishing then yes I would have dual setup. These days the tiny jumper starters will crank over the biggest of motors and can be carried almost anywhere, in fact my daughter has pinched mine to carry in her car when she heads out remote in the bush. Our local 4x4 centre actually recommends these battery's over dual setups in off-road vehicles. You also have a small outboard which are actually quite easy to start with a pull cord. I had an issue last year where my engine wouldn't start off the battery or jumper due to a fault in the battery lead itself, pull starting wasn't a problem. There has been heaps of great advice above, I'm just suggesting an alternative if you haven't already got dual setup which will save you an easy $1000 and further costs down the track.
  2. JonD

    Birthday boy

    He takes them about 30mins before each trip. He would of stayed and has before but the goal was a legal king which is more than enough for three good feeds for our family of five.
  3. JonD

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Not bad for your first post, looking forward to the second one!!! Congrats and welcome.
  4. JonD

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    The difference between an attack and defence are completely different. The fact that the dog took on a lace monitor is not the reptiles fault. Then when you add two distressed humans taking sides with their beloved dog things soon escalate. We spend hours with wild lace monitors and fully respect them. Shark fear, croc fear and now lace monitor fear for some reason draws huge publicity but the fact 24 people ( presumed dead) so far this year have fallen from cruise ships goes mostly unknown. Who fears cruise ships ? Yet between 2000 and 2016 270 people fell off them. I recently bought a book for my kids called "death by coconut" which is filled with facts of things that we don't fear that are far more dangerous than sharks.
  5. I've been surprised by how light I've been able to land kings on. Earlier in the year I was using a little wild weasel Daiwa black for some epic fun. Landing those you have there with those rocks sitting just beneath the surface is quite an achievement.
  6. JonD


    That's a shame, a bit like the seals that see us as an easy way to a meal when we hook kingfish or even blue eye out wide. There was once a time where we didn't have to stock fish, unfortunately each of our solutions brings with it more problems.
  7. JonD

    Holidays end

    Plenty of fish down to your south with a barmy winter 19.5'c at the mo.
  8. JonD


    This time of the year we often get several hundred accompanied with pelicans on our local lake ( posted pics last week of some of the pelicans ). This is an annual thing which lasts 2-3 weeks before they all move on following natures clock. Are these birds you mention permanently there all year or perhaps like these, simply following food timing. Often we point the finger at nature taking our fish, where in fact it's the opposite way around, our own numbers and demands are to blame.
  9. JonD

    Birthday boy

    My youngest hit 15 today and opted for a trip out fishing rather than school "funny that". After walking the dog, chatting with neighbours and having to fill the car and boat with fuel it was 11.30 before we launched. Raced out to Montague, yes raced like you would on a 15 year old boys birthday!!!!. On arrival there were 30 odd Pro boats leadlining the northern end ( only one locally regestered boat ). A couple of locals who had made the early morning effort to gather live baits had been at it for 6 hrs with no fish even though the pro boats were pulling a few. Anyway, spotted a few fish on the sounder and started to jig, third drop and my lad was onto one. He doesn't normally fish due to seasickness so this was his biggest ever king and boy did he like it. Did a couple of photos when he'd suddenly felt sick!!!!...didn't matter as the job was accomplished so headed home after just 10 mns of being out there. No not kingfish for dinner, tonight its pizza!!
  10. Narooma is part of the Batemans bay marine park. First faze restriction removal is parts of the Montague and Narooma area according to info I have been told.
  11. Id just like to add, when ever Ive towed my boat to JB I can never find anywhere to park the trailer due to packed out car parks (when the weather is good) Like anywhere if you can head up midweek things are often different.
  12. JonD

    Gemfish at Browns

    Sorry for doubling up this post. Firstly thats an awesome catch, congrats. Did that big one have a fat belly from food or eggs ? if roe did you eat it? The fishing at browns always seems to be very good for them, where here the spots I used to fish simply stopped producing them and blue eye so I sold my deep drop gear. Seals impacted on our catches by steeling our fish as soon as they got within 6om of the surface, literally going from boat to boat stealing fish. I believe makos can be pretty bad on browns at times when the gems are thick.
  13. Its not been officially anounced but local tackle store owners and commercial fishers who've been attending the meetings where Andrew Constance seems to be making all the promises claim its a done deal. I believe there will be behind closed door meetings again this Thursday which I was invited to attend (which I won't be doing due to other commitments). Speaking with maritime and fisheries officers who are aware of the plans but like most of us still not clear how and when this will be implemented. Green groups have only just been made aware of the situation, so no doubt Thursdays meeting will be an interesting one. Personally I can't think of anything worse than being in a room full of people with different genders arguing over such things.
  14. It's a massive fish for sure, would be interesting to know if that fat belly was food or eggs. If eggs has anyone eaten them before, as most fish roe is pretty tasty.
  15. JonD

    A few snaps

    My understanding is the beak is for catching by creating a large wide scope as they plunge the beaks under the water, not for storing fish. Despite their size, the average pelican weighs in at around 2.5 kg and unlike the cormorants that seem far more intent on feeding longer periods of the day, a pelican feeds and rests with a far more laid back attitude.