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  1. When I bought my 40-80 was some time ago from the US, at the time I was told they wouldn't be bringing the Terez rods into Aus. I haven't tried the 40-100 but can't imagine it being that much heavier.
  2. Personaly I find the big gosa bulky and a little awkward for casting, maybe more suited to the heavier Terez, especially if you have to drag a big king up a rock face etc. In saying that we all have different likes and dislikes.
  3. I would quite happily use my Terez 40-80 land based, they are quite light in my opinion and not what you might think a 40-80 should be. I had a t curve and wasn't overly excited by it so sold it on with a Spheros 14000.
  4. I use a Terez 40-80 with a 10000 twin power which is pretty well matched. My saragosa 25000 is paired with a Jigging master power spell 300g which will easily lift more than the 25000 max drag setting.
  5. Its simply Lowrance on facebook. After liking their page get popups every now and then on new gear and events etc.
  6. Doesn't seem to be able to share the link
  7. I regularly see posts pop up on my facebook from Lowrence doing tec evenings around Sydney. Maybe like the lowrance facebook page and you will get all those feeds.
  8. Those support brackets are adjustable in length, I would of thought with the engine trimmed down so the bottom of the engine was about 1.5ft off the road it should reach that round hole at the bottom of the roller. How do the engine mounting bolts look on the inside of the boat, are they pulled into the fibreglass ?
  9. These are the braces I mention.
  10. JonD

    Hydrofoil help needed

    Gee a good step to get in and with, hope you are a feather weight!!!
  11. Id be looking at why those cracks are appearing first. The weight of the engine bouncing while on the trailer is most likely a big part and can be easily sorted with a support bar from the engine to the trailer. But this needs fixing or at least looking at by an expert before a crack appears that lets water onboard. Looks like the transom has been painted. As for the trailer my rollers are all inline closer to the keel (the strongest part of the hull). When the boat goes on and off the trailer those front rollers look like they cross over the strake, which can sometimes catch and hold a boat as they slide off the trailer. Im no expert, just saying how I like mine.
  12. JonD

    Hydrofoil help needed

    The deep v hulls most definitely held the boat on the plane at lower speeds in rough conditions and level. The Haines signature had a lean to one side partly down to prop torque, so that side had the self levelling tab adjusted with an extra adjustment of pressure that kept the boat running true. The issue I find from controllable trim tabs is once you correct for say heavy weather hitting you on one side, they are then in that position with no instant adjustment for different waves ( unlike the spring kind ). When you drop down the face of a swell and the wind no longer hits the side of the boat it suddenly gets a lean and by the time you get your hand back on the trim buttons the wind is back on your side again. I drove a big formula over the weekend and though the electric trim tabs were helpful, there were also times in the rough stuff when they were totally annoying the hell out of me. Trying to work the throttle in a quartering sea, steer and adjust trim tabs needed a third hand, driving formulas slowly is out of the question!!!😁
  13. No, I only change if I feel abrasion on the line or if it turns white from a bit of hard going. In saying that Im still using the same mamoi mono leader on my heaviest spin outfit that my daughter stretched on a 160kg marlin ( I will change it before using it on marlin again). With the clips, I like the fact I can quickly keep changing metals fished from the surf without any wasted time, same for in the boat with micro jigs and plastics. One drop and no bite I change lure. If I'm using bigger surface lures I normally have a few ready so that I can change quickly before the fish loose interest.
  14. Must admit I quite like not fishing myself and letting the youngsters do all the work.
  15. Rather than continually tying knots to terminal tackle I use these clips on everything from soft plastics to game lures. This allows me to take my time doing just one knot that I gently tease down with spit, which results in less waste plastic. I've found the action of the lure to be far better with improved catch results. I've used many other clips but prefer these.