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  1. Good to see you had a good time but be aware targetting sharks in the marine park is illegal apart from school and gummy sharks. Also there are special restrictions for fishing at the northern end of Montague island, which include no live bait, dead bait or wire traces. These regulations are often ignored, which I witnessed again over the weekend, which is quite dissapointing for those who do abide by the regulations. Check out the dpi zoning for the Batemans bay marine park.
  2. JonD

    A few snaps

    I bet the pelicans story was that you stole its fish and it was just trying to get it back 😀
  3. I notice there are a few boats around you and a red marker, what area is this as I don't see any boats once I get 60-80k offshore normally.
  4. Ok you persuaded me, heading up in just over a week if the weather stays good. This time it will be just me and my son, with far less gear!!!! Would love to get him a red emperor.
  5. I have a club for mako which I stun them with before a few photos, then cut deeply through the back of the head and spine ( photos first as they look awful with a big cut in the head). By the way I don't keep sharks anymore for several reasons. Makos can often have a habit of springing back to life so take care with them. Even things like lively kingfish can be hard and messy to try and handle and kill, hence why they go straight into the ice bag, leaving me to get back into them as quick as poss before I lose the school.
  6. I have a chart showing where to brain spike different species, however I still find I'm spiking several times without any sign of effect and some times totally giving up and going for the pectoral cut and bleed and throat cut ( tuna ). A simple ice slurry seems to settle fish as quick as kill attempts, just like the comercial fish that are caught and sold ( they don't kill or bleed the table fish sold in fish shops ).
  7. JonD


    The local tackle store close to the library and behind the ice creamery should be able to point you in the right direction. I should be around too if you contact me closer to the time. Will you have a boat or mostly land based ? Just over a week ago we had a run of big kings at Monty, fish of 1.3m. Also a 25 kg albacore was picked up pulling lures for kings at the northern end of Monty. Leather jackets are still problematic unfortunately.
  8. I use saltaway for flushing my engine ( trailer, fishing gear etc ). I've heard of concentrated mixes greatly helping such issues, which might be worth looking into before you start pulling things appart.
  9. When I took my boat out around Musgrave I had a plan to travel further north and south, unfortunately I ended up carrying 4 extra drums of fuel around that weren't needed. Also 4 20lt containers of water which all add up to a very heavy boat when it's only being pushed by a 70hp!!!! I had another trip planned up there for the last school hols but the weather stopped that one. This post has got me thinking of trying again in the next hols in a couple of weeks.
  10. Awsome trip, looks like you had a ton of fuel onboard.
  11. Agree with the above comment that every man and his dog will be doing the same around the Xmas period. Camp grounds resemble refugee camps with tents, trailers and caravans crammed side by side. Getting a site normally means booking well ahead. Im on the far south coast ( Narooma area) where there are plenty of options for camping and almost guaranteed beach catches of salmon, tailor and gummies depending on the moon phase. There are beaches you can often have all to yourself as most tourists seem to flock together!!!...there are even a few semi secret little spots people camp outside of camping sites. If you do think of heading to this part of NSW I will post more details.
  12. Just a heads up that the bluefin have been making an appearance out from Bermagui over the last few days again. I haven't been myself, just going off other peoples catches. The kings are still biting well at Monty even with the constant flotilla of comercial boats targeting them each day.
  13. I only use braid as my gear is all used for several types of fishing. I would happily fish using mono to if that's what was already on a reel.
  14. JonD

    boat license

    On Wednesday at tafe the maritime office stated any vessel driven over 10 knots you need to be licenced, so as long as you keep your 450hp outboard bellow 10 knots you don't need a licence. Vessels with engines over 5hp need to be regestered, some small vessels are actually capable of going over 10 knots with a 5hp. A normal boat licence is pretty easy to get, my kids did theirs when they were 12. Heading out on the water with 0 knowledge of the rules and regulations is like driving accross Sydney without having any clue what the lanes, signs and lights mean.
  15. Yes Sam moved down here on the south coast about the same time as us, our kids have all grown up together. He's a great go to for any oil info.