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  1. Saw these three fat birds perving on the local surfers. Didn't think I would ever get away with saying that "maybe I won't "
  2. 8/0 mustad circle is the most common hook I use for kings, marlin, tuna etc as they seem to suit a live yakka or slimy well for me. There are different gauge strengths to suit different size fish or tackle used. Light gauge can actually be useful when releasing bigger fish as you can straighten them at the side of the boat by simply loading the leader.
  3. Well the latest has to be buying a boat without seeing it first😂😩
  4. Last seasons bluefin. Not only did she manage to bring home this nice tuna, she was actually working at the time on a charter, perks of the job!!!!
  5. Can't believe the recklessness of some people. After landing such a rare catch remove it well away from the water, preferably netted and gaffed.
  6. Still haven't seen one of those in the usual spots but I did get word there was a school of them at a secret location, unfortunately they had all gone when I got there. Going to need a bigger outfit with longer range if I want to get among them.
  7. Started off as a toddler with a handline catching crabs but when I became a grown up at 4 yr old my parents bought a boat. From then on I became addicted, though these days I'm just as happy to be simply driving the boat and let others catch the fish (55 now). My first born daughter suffered reflux bad but carrying her on my back in a kids backpack was a great way to get her to sleep and for mum to have a break. The backpack walks consisted of an 8k beach walk twice a day with a spin rod in hand. As soon as my daughter could hold a rod, she also became part of the addiction family. She started before she could really even walk properly, turning the reel handle seemed to come easier than mastering walking upright. Now she totally outfishes me and fishes virtually everyday and night. Even after two charter trips back to back ( now she's gained her coxswain ticket) and leaving home at 4.30am she still manages a social fish after work. She also hunts and spears with great success, quite a hunter gatherer.
  8. I'm hearing you, Ive been weighing up those almost exact figures.
  9. The fish in my earlier post I believe to to be rudderfish which looks very simular to oilfish, apparently the meat is very good but unfortunately gives people the runs. The marlin was out from Narooma and the biggest striped marlin we have seen. It would of most likely been a female record if we had kept it and certainly a junior record. Seeing the girth of it when it first rolled over at the surface we thought it had to be a blue at first. As for the wild bass, she's now had several over the 50cm size and knows where there's a couple she hasn't been able to stop. The light lure fishing seems to be what's ticking her box at the moment, with her best bream going 54cm from right in front of our house ( I will try to find a pic of it ).
  10. Come on, surely there are more bored fishers at home who could post a few shots. Here's a more unusual catch, who knows what it is ?
  11. I always said fish on or I'm on but having watched a few fishing shows where people say the same thing, I try to avoid saying anything and let the drag do the talking now. It's amazing how everyone is tuned into the jigging or plastics sound and how quickly we all turn to who ever breaks that pattern when a fish is hooked.
  12. Bycatch of broadbill fishing. Hands down these big eye tuna pull harder than any other tuna Ive ever caught. First run went from 15m under the boat to around 300m straight down. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it was just a small fish by tuna standards, these must have twin turbos!!!!... only ever had the one and haven't found anyone else who can comment on their opinions on fight quality from them.
  13. Plan was to chase dolphin fish on light tackle but after hooking into marlin which flicked the lure on kids $20 rod we decided to up the class. Unfortunately didn't have any mono over 80lb for a trace but that didn't stop my daughter hooking into this 160kg stripe.
  14. Two Xmas's ago we bought $20 outfits as a challenge to see who could land the best and most species on them before breaking them. We did make an allowance to upgrade to better Shimano reels under $30 simply so we could reduce chances of loosing fish which might end up with tackle attached. These outfits are still going strong after numerous species both big and small. What's really impressive though is just what action these created with micro jigs and light plastics, to the point we catch more fish using these. Now many of our friends are also having heaps of fun with these and even some charters are using them.
  15. First try at river bass ( wild not stocked ) fishing for my eldest, 55cm. Now addicted to beating that!!!!