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  1. JonD

    Terez rod, rust?

    Most of my much higher priced jigging master rods also look like this.
  2. JonD

    Terez rod, rust?

    I've got a terez which I bough from the US before they were available here, even after washing with saltaway there is rust like this one shows, infact mine is worse ( green rod, silver bindings).
  3. JonD

    Boat capacity rules in nsw

    It's to do with buoyancy not overal size, though my hull is only 4.22m, the tubes give it huge amounts of buoyancy. The tubes have five individual chambers which even if all were to get punchered the hull itself is sealed and capable of driving without tubes. Deck space is small but passengers can sit all around the tubes quite comfortably.
  4. JonD

    Boat capacity rules in nsw

    Just remember those figures represent for calm waters and that one adult accounts as two children. My boat is actually smaller than yours but is permitted to carry 12 adults­čś▒
  5. JonD

    Shark Encounters?

    I fish and dive ( spear ) Montague island where seeing sharks is very common, whalers, hammerheads, whites and of course grey nurse. Here in the south they rarely pay us any attention apart from trying to steal the odd fish. Catching whalers and makos locally can be done all year, in saying that I don't personally target them. The sharks further north in warmer water seem to be far more common and far more turned on to stealing both hooked or speared fish. I've been in the water in the NT where I was mobbed by a large group of sharks which were trying their best at having a taste of me ( at the time there had been no killing of fish in the water to get them to the point of attack they were at ). I often caught and released sharks while targeting jews from the shore around Sydney. There are sharks which I don't include as sharks due to their docile nature such as port jacksons and wobby's, even though they can get a touch grumpy at times.
  6. JonD

    Jackets & braid

    Ive had major problems with them for that last few years down here in the south over snapper grounds. Colour change braid seems to get hit from close to the surface on any colour. Going back 30 years we used to use single strand wire before braid, Im seriously looking into using that again. It doesn't take many lures or micro jigs to add up to $200 fishing with my daughter (10 each+ the respelling of braid after each trip). Im sure tackle suppliers breed leather jackets and release them in their millions!!!
  7. JonD

    Flying solo and life jackets

    Ive done the same but wearing shorts I always feel aware its connected to my leg without it it being annoying.
  8. JonD

    Flying solo and life jackets

    I legally put mine on every time I head through the bar, if solo it's really no inconvenience to leave it on, especially given I can often be 40k offshore. Heres a good tip for anyone, especially centre console or those who drive standing. Rather than put the kill switch cord around your wrist, which I find often hooks around the throttle or steering in fast full turns etc, try putting around your leg closest to the kill button. This way your hands are completely free and you forget you are even connected up.
  9. JonD

    Canon 200- 400 F4 Lens

    Yes I agree you need some fast speeds on some species, the little azure kingfishers we have locally being one. Problem with those though is it's extremely hard to keep the camera and focus points on them even when you know they are diving directly bellow their vantage point, was near impossible when I used the big gear ( 400 2.8 on a 1d mk3, back in the days when I had the gear) . As for bigger hunting birds such as sea eagles 1250s was the sweet spot for me shooting them hunt fish on our local lake. 1250s -1600 on 100 ISO was achievable in the last part of the afternoon light. Trying to shoot any birds back then with any white on them was to problematic due to the high difference between the shadows and highlights. Egrets are one example of trying to get good feather detail in direct sunlight without turning the backgrounds incredibly dark. Not sure how canon is going with this these days but Nikon always had much better detail in those bright contrasty conditions on white birds. Funny enough my first test with the Sony compact after selling off all my pro gear totally shocked me. Not only did the Sony cope with those middle of the day white birds but it handled birds in flight so much easier too, partly because of the weight of using the camera. I used to use a wimberley tripod head at times which help when you could set up tripods but most of my birds in flight were from the kayak or boat. By the way if you know anyone interested in purchasing a wimberely head let me know. I also manage to crack off some good kingfishers and eagle shots on the very first test session with the little Sony, this was simply because I could paddle close and shoot from a comera around my neck rather than remove a canon from its box and hope everything stayed in place as I get set up. If you are ever down in this neck of the woods feel free to contact me, the eagles and kingfishers etc are often in the same areas and a few hunting reef egrets catching fish are often at a dead easy place to photograph, literally 20m from the footpath. These are heavily reduced in quality for ease of uploading but for an easy carry compact they all meet the required needs for comercial tourism and other publications, which is why I gave up that hunt for perfection in equipment. I have a couple of guys coming here from the UK with simular high end gear to you, also well experienced like you so I'm keen to see how we all go on the keeper rate.
  10. Ok not mine as I went bush over the weekend, this is a little of what my daughter was up to. She's been working on the charter boats, where the average day has been bagging out on kings for most customers. However over the weekend she fished with her boyfriend targetting gummy sharks. They got into good numbers of fish and even managed to top her best with a 26kg thumper which a mako tried to eat. They decided to hook the mako up and keep it for the dinner table ( had some tonight which was very good crumbed). The mako went crazy doing all the normal jumps and high speed runs. The gummies were all taken on light spin gear. L
  11. JonD

    Jewie bite

    Years back I caught a bronzie off the beach which had taken my hooks in quite deep, the night had been heavy going on tailor steeling my hooks so I decided to slip my hand and part arm down its mouth to get the hooks back. I was pretty sure the shark was dead but something obviously triggered a jaw clamp down effect as I tried to remove the hooks. This opened my arm up on both sides just bellow the elbow, a story my wife had great pleasure telling people on how I was attacked by a dead shark.
  12. JonD


    Was it still alive? If so did anyone help it back into the water.
  13. JonD


    In all honesty it's become a little to popular there these days and gets very busy at times, this can be great if you have kids as they soon find others to adventure with. There are a few mosquitoes down there in the evenings, so be prepared (deet keeps them away). Fishing close to the camping area is often very limited, infact I gave up even snorkelling around there due to the lack of fish. The little beach at the northern end called Billy's beach often has bream very close among the breaking waves 30-40m out ( they like that churned water). To the south there are some great beaches for salmon and tailor, 1080 beach etc, however there is sometimes thieving from vehicles if left unlocked down there. Also don't leave alcohol or gear around the camp site and leave it unattended, not that it happens often but it does from time to time. If you do a trip into Tilba for the lolly shop, cheese factory, pub food etc etc make sure you take a drive down to Tilba beach ( down towards the small grave yard). The turning is on the left opposite the right turn to Tilba from the main highway heading south. This beach can often have most species on offer and is also just another stunning little place to visit. There are plenty of eastern rock lobsters around Mystery, some can often be found in very easy to get at spots. I honestly believe many experienced lobster hunters don't even look in the shallow easy spots as they wouldn't expect to find any there. The last time I was there abalone were in good numbers at the northern end of Billy's beach. Good luck.
  14. JonD

    Canon 200- 400 F4 Lens

    Sorry to disagree but we rarely shoot wildlife above 400 ISO, 100-200 is where we keep most of my range at for wildlife. All the wildlife images we've had published by the Aus Geo have been at 100 ISO with the exception of one underwater image which was at 125 ISO.
  15. JonD

    Canon 200- 400 F4 Lens

    Personaly I find carry just the GoPro gets me most of my fun memories.