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  1. JonD

    Salmon off the beach down south.

    They are thick as in my area right now also. Headed out for an hour on the beach yesterday and caught and released around 20. Was in the water today among them, one buddy even found a nice 10ft great white following them. Unfortunately the netters are taking tons locally too.
  2. JonD

    Hydraulic steering

    Yes that's probably the case with cable in regards to lack of use but for me with a hull only 1.2m wide the bends in it caused the wire to wear inside its sleeve.
  3. JonD

    Hydraulic steering

    Most good mechanics will tell you you don't need it until you get into the bigger outboard range. I had an issue where mine were being replaced every 12 months due to such tight angles the cables had to bend to. I replaced with hydraulic Baystar, fitting it myself and have been very happy with it, great improvement even on a small outboard like my F70. if I was only doing 100 hrs per year I would of most likely stayed with cable but he fact Im currently running around 400hrs and enjoy this boat I considered the investment worth while.
  4. JonD


    There have been some down here onthe south coast.
  5. JonD

    Spinning for kings

    Shimano have a new model stradic (2019) which looks like a fun light weight little reel in the 5000 size. With the launch of the new model you may find the older ones drop a little in price. As for rods, have you considered something like a storm gomoko ( not the first white editions ). These are incredibly light but extremely strong little rods and are so much fun to use which should handle most of the kings on offer around Sydney. Matched with a 5000 stradic the outfit could be used for a variety of species and techniques from micro jigging, flicking lures and even livebaiting. Something like 25-30lb Danga braid would keep you inside budget. Just for the record I've been using a Daiwa black 2-4kg bream rod with a ci 4 3000 stradic on legal kings and surprisingly landing them ( among other outfits).
  6. JonD

    Shimano Stradic FL Reel.

    Just what I've seen on the Shimano site. If it's correct the 5000 has lost some weight ( not that the last one was heavy) . I've been quite a fan of the stradics over the years and this new one looks like it will be added to the household at some point.
  7. JonD

    Smashed my bream PB by 10cm! (41cm/1kg)

    There seem to be some thumping big bream about lately down here in the south coast also. My daughter has pulled a few 45's over the last week but her best was right in front of our house and a crazy 54cm.
  8. JonD

    Shimano Stradic 4000 corrosion

    I was always told not to use a fine mist spray. Agree with above, looks like its had a dunking. I clean my boat, under water camera gear, engine flush, trailer and all my fishing gear with salt-away.
  9. JonD


    For the record, I was informed recently during my coxswain training that all 27meg radios will be phased out. As for handheld radio's, Ive got a backup Ray-marine handheld to compliment my onboard icon vhf. Icom seem to always get the highest ratings in marine radios, however my ray-marine (handheld) has no problems clearly transmitting and receiving at Montague back to Narooma base which is roughly 10km and has been used on my boat for around 8 years+. I often carry my handheld while on mates boats for that extra safety. Don't just leave them on the boat for an emergency, make sure they are fully charged at certain intervals. I can use enelop rechargable batteries in mine that will hold charges for much longer periods than other batteries (there are other brands that also do this).
  10. JonD

    Great news re Jyndy trout trip

    My daughter did her first trout trip just over a week ago up that way and was stoked to get 8 trout on her bream gear. Her boyfriend hit the trout creeks closer to Melbourne and scored this cracking fish.
  11. I've used a yam40 tiller on a mates boat, was very impressive and easy to use. Haven't used any of the others in tiller so can't comment.
  12. JonD

    Outboard servicing

    Use a small fine wire brush after scraping the bulk off with a knife.
  13. JonD

    Wooli- Day 1+2+3+4+5

    Were you getting your live bait out at the island ? I'm usually late getting out there so find them difficult to find, never seems to be a problem catching a few fish on lures though.
  14. JonD

    Outboard servicing

    There are many things that are simply overkill which dealers charge for. If you have an inline fuel filter then why change the small expensive one under the cowling. Plugs are replaced every 500- 600 hrs ( not every service) genuine Yamaha impellers are good for at least 200hrs on regularly used outboards. Anodes on the powerhead are cleaned on each service but yet to be replaced, the other anodes are getting close to a change. He works very efficiently, oil, filter and gearbox oil replaced every service and leg dropped to lube shafts and replace impeller every second service. I had a steering cable seize which he replaced in 10-15mis with no charge ( labour). He did my mates 300 Suzuki which normally runs to $1300-$1500 per service, his price $450.
  15. JonD

    Outboard servicing

    I use a fully qualified Yamaha mechanic who happens to be mobile ( specialising in the comercial side of outboards). I've yet to have a service go over $200 on my f70, so it's really not worth me doing it myself. I've clocked up over 700hrs in just over two years which amounts to seven service.