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  1. JonD

    C-Map Reveal

    Not so much for the inshore Bermi reefs but Monty is very good. I have the g3 vision version on a Garmin unit and my phone covering the entire east coast.
  2. Im using a variety of 7ft rods to flick lures from the shore, most with 40g metal lures. Ive measured along the beach with my Garmin gps that I can reach 85-90m casting back down the sand (not out to sea). The distance is greatly reduced with heavier braids so I stick with 10lb in 8 strand or suffix 131. I have no idea on a rod under $100, the line alone on my reel puts me back $130. I bought my son a Daiwa Saltist 802 (8.2ft) which has to be the most fun and easiest little rod Ive ever used from the shore but $200 . It casts like a bullet and has landed small sharks of around 15-20kg and
  3. Last time I was there the ramp at the Gaol was concrete and pretty good. Can I ask if you dropped your tyre pressure before you got stuck or thought you might be ok with them pumped up full ? Ive gotten stuck like you before because I took to much time getting the boat onto the trailer, which allowed the trailer wheels to sink in the wet sand. Depending on your transducers some times its better to pull the boat out onto the sand and then wind it on the trailer. Ive done that bar crossing a few times and it can be really nasty and long. I put my boat through a reasonable wave on
  4. My take on it. I drive boats often all day in and out of gear with divers on hooka collecting urchin or abalone (or should I say I have done in the past, not so much since covid). The cost of Ellectric and battery's is simply out of the question for me. The cost of running an engine at around 500rpm all day is maybe 3-4litres of fuel but for me I seldom fish this way all day. Yes my services come around more often but I have a good mobile mechanic that rarely hits me for more than $200. The fact that an engine running all day compared to a cold engine run short high rpm distances an
  5. I fish this area on the south coast mostly in the 40-80m, even though I have a sea anchor I never bother with it. I mostly fish soft plastics and jigs between 20g and 60g. I slightly trim my outboard up and nudge in and out of gear to slow my drift reversing against the drift direction, this is what we also do when we target broadbill with baits 600m + deep (unweighted).
  6. Im planning to move up there in the next couple of years. Its great for fishing the reefs but these are a fair run out, hence why I take my boat when I head up there. Im not sure whether you can fish in the marina but last time I was there we saw plenty of fish cruising around the shallows, including some good sized cobia. The entrance to the river where people tend to gather on sunset had big trevaly and queenfish smashing small bait fish late in the day. Between Port Douglas and the Daintree ferry is a boat ramp to open ocean where Ive launched before. This ramp has a man made out
  7. Ive used Cal's grease for years on my reels, I also replace the drag washers with carbontex drag washers. You can buy the washers either ready made or buy sheets of carbontex and cut your own. These are normally a big improvement over standard washers.
  8. I use the app from the Narooma area, I allow them to track my phone which is good if like me you move to many locations during a day. Im also with marine rescue who prefer you logging on with the app for that reason. Its easy enough to do a radio check if you feel the need. If there's a problem with the network when you log on the app lets you know it failed (only happened once). Using the app you have to first set it up with all your personal details and contact details (family etc). You also include any additional safety gear when setting up your profile on the app, this also helps wit
  9. When I first started doing deep dropping 30k offshore in my little 15ft formula I decided to get myself a floatation suit from the UK. These have a layer of insulation and waterproofing that even helps keep you warm in the water. Easy to slip a plb in a pocket for peace of mind etc. Mine is now around 12 years old and still remains the warmest most waterproof outfit Ive owned. The zips are oversized plastic ones with plenty of flaps and velcro (no corroded jambed zippers). The pricing was pretty good as we don't pay the vat tax, meaning they are cheaper than advertised. Pretty certai
  10. Eldest daughter is out somewhere remote hunting and the middle daughter just crossed into SA with her little Jimny on a big road trip so don't do much at all with them now.
  11. With all the wind and rain no better place to be than listening to my youngest at the local!!!! Apologies for the muted sound from recording with my phone in its case!!!
  12. Ive gone back to longer rods for the reason mentioned above (line gets pushed around in the surf to much and also picks up more weed on shorter rods). When I say Ive gone back to longer rods, I mean its what I lend to people silly enough to want to play with sharks from the shore, my back doesn't like doing that anymore. The rod doesn't have to be anything overly great as long as the reel seat can handle the drag the reel you are using is capable of. The reel you mention should be fine for most sharks unless you hook into a 3m+ bronzy you can't turn. I find the penn battle 3 6000 has been
  13. Ive got a friend selling a secondhand 225 which is the same as the 250-300 but with a different computer (can be replaced I believe).https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/139638551398339/?ref=share_attachment
  14. Ive been in these a fair amount, like you say weight on the transoms is an issue, as is the additional fuel tanks down that end. The one I used had a Yamaha 115 and constantly had a wave come over the stern if you slowed down to quickly, even had water come over the back if two adults fished from the stern in a flowing sea. My neighbour had a bigger fuel tank made that fitted up under the front but this also came with a heap of issues, such as the fumes coming up from under the front and worse handling. Ive seem one of these fitted with an F70 (like what Ive just pm'd you about). Yamaha
  15. Im a pom and never been bothered about boat names, simply go off the rego numbers with marine rescue. I use the marine rescue app to log on and allow them to track my vessel vis my phone. If you do feel you need to name the boat be sure you pick something you can be happy with for a while.
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