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  1. JonD

    Starting the Boat Journey

    I had 3.85 quintrex explorer fully fitted out with cast decks, these are rock solid light weight fishing weapons. That's 3.85m of beamy usable deck space where almost everything we didn't need fitted into hatches under the casting deck. I used the boat regularly offshore around Montague island with three adults and 6 dive tanks and gear as well as family fishing trips. Towing to Darwin was simply so easy you would forget it was behind. Camping close to croc rivers a medium sized dome tent fitted perfectly inside on the casting deck, keeping my three kids up away from croc danger. I would happily own another as it was such a good all round little boat but if I wanted to spoil myself I would up to a slightly bigger quintrex trophy but still try to keep it under the 750kg to avoid breaks and trailer rego.
  2. JonD

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    I ran this by our local maritime officer today who still stands by only self serving for the first year ( with some manufacturers) the second has to be done by the manufacturer. I've owned Burke, marlin, hutchwilco, axis and nautilus. The hutchwilco is the only one that has the 5 year stamp boxes inside but even that according to maritime doesn't mean I can fill all those five services myself, just the first year as it doesn't state I can do them all myself. Truthfully I find maritime to be full of their own self importance and way to eager to give warnings or write out fines. All of my inflatable jackets are now out of date according to maritime. I find I have enough to think about before any trip offshore making sure the kids have sunblock, buffs, lfejackets, water, fishing gear cameras battery's etc etc, so just buy the foamies these days. Literally everything gets checked from the lanyard on the bucket to the battery's in the waterproof torch on a regular basis by maritime, it can be a real pain when they park their boat blocking one side of the boat ramp then check every boat using the other side. I questioned why they check our epirbs at the ramp, we don't need them unless we are 2nm offshore, reply was " Sir you have it on your boat it needs to be indate " There's been times when the sumertime daily checks push me to almost giving up boating. By the way I own a full floatation suit which meets international safety standards for world yacht racing, according to maritime because it doesn't have an Australian standards mark it's not acceptable to be used in place of a pfd1, even though the floatation and thermal value greatly accedes a self inflating pfd. I went through many calls to maritime and Aus standards trying to rectify this but eventually gave up, try finding what a Aus standard is and who actually tests them.
  3. JonD

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    I believe not all inflatable jackets can be serviced by us and all of them need manufactures service after two years ( according to maritime ). A service often costs more than a new one, any rust at all on the cylinder and maritime will hit you with a fine down here.
  4. JonD

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Don't get me started on statistics of drownings in bath tubs, that one is huge.
  5. JonD

    Outsie fishing

    If you could perhaps invite someone with plenty of boating experiance to hop on your boat to show you the ropes would be far easier than getting advice this way. Simply being shown how to launch and retrieve and how not to hold other users up at the ramp and give you the confidence to know how to do it each time is far easier to be shown. Heading out in the calm only to get hit by a quick storm can be daunting but there are normally ways to work through such situations without the slightest of hassle. Learning anchoring techniques from someone who has done it hundreds of times can be way better than learning things simply by yourself (anchor retrieval can be tricky at times). As for boat size, both should be fine, infact there really isn't that much difference in the two you mention. Trouble with boating is that it can be very easy to keep talking yourself into a slightly bigger more expensive outfit. Personally Ive moved back down in size simply because I can do more from a smaller boat at a far more economical price. I used to fish the shelf with a 3.85 sea wasp and always felt very confident in that little Haines, moved to a 4.45 formula to reach the the 50km sea canyons etc. Now I use a 5m rib for 80km offshore range, none of this I would recommend to anyone without lots of boating hours. Good luck with the purchase, what ever you decide should be good.
  6. JonD

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Don't forget not only do they need the 5 ticks but they also need to be in date. If you have bought any manual or self inflating jackets you will need to carry an itemised receipt proving when you purchased it. Down here maritime, fisheries and the police all seem to work together, for everyones safety it might be best if we all move inland away from any water. Familys down here on holiday are getting fined $250 per person for not wearing lifejackets even when in extremely shallow water. If we kayak out over the sandflats in 20-30cm of water chasing whiting we have to wear a lifejacket, If we head out on the same surf kayaks to play in the surf in the middle of Narooma bar with boat traffic, rocks and huge seas we don't need one. We enter from the rocks to fish and hunt lobsters, its hard getting down beneath the surface with a lifejacket onπŸ˜‰ The comment about leaving your rod to go for a swim, would the line still be out 😯 as they would hit you with an unattended set line fine then as well.
  7. JonD

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Doing my head in 😩. Still feeding leather jackets 3 or 4 packs of lures each time I attempt a snapper fish. I've even been looking at camping sites up there, any recommendations what area to launch from if I can get my daughter up there for a weekend.
  8. JonD

    dog tooth tuna

    I recently sold my overhead JM gear to a guy who specialised in dogtooth tuna. Firstly most of these fish are targeted from straight up down jigging not casting, secondly most serious heavy jiggers believe the overhead outfit has more sheer pulling power on these bigger fish. Then there's gear ratios, where the overhead specialised jigging reels have very low ratios which are ideal for cranking stubborn fish up. In saying that both can do the job and the spin allows popping for big GT's etc too.
  9. JonD

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Large blue groupers, big snapper and big lobsters are some of the key predators. We see big healthy groupers on most remaining kelp beds, finding any snapper over 2kg in my area is getting very rare. Lobster numbers seem really good locally but most are relatively small, size counts in tackling urchins.
  10. JonD

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Pretty interesting article
  11. JonD

    Fish smoker - what to buy?

    I looked into them a while back and the brand Masterbuilt kept popping up, not sure about the price range you had in mind, this place has lots of info That site has info on different wood chips for fish and meat explaining the flavours. You can even purchase what looks like a stainless box to simply sit on an indoor cook top and smoke that way too which is very cost effective. Ive used some of those fold out boxes with racks and a small burner but found they rust quickly and a bit of a pain to use. Now I just use a small webber in a makeshift sort of way untill I can afford one of the ones I mentioned above.
  12. JonD

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Not just that they eat kelp, they live to around 70 years old and produce billions of eggs. Their diet changes so they can live on pretty much anything right down to algae on the rocks. Also the distribution of our species is spreading south which has already caused huge damage to Tasmania's kelp forests and the species that rely on them. A mjor problem is the lack of predators that feed on urchins and once an area turns baron there's no bouncing back naturally.
  13. JonD

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Not bad considering she did it all on breath holds.
  14. JonD

    Lobsters - Central Coast

    Thats ideal, most divers don't bother looking right up against the rocks in my location as these spots tend to get knocked about by the slightest of swell, yet the lobsters love these spots. Those spots tend to not have so many pickers either, unfortunately eels are the exception
  15. JonD

    Lobsters - Central Coast

    Not sure about that neck of the woods but down on the south coast we are experiencing a fantastic winter for southern rock lobsters. The commercial guys finished their season very early due to large catches along the shelf which have now moved in along the headlands. We are finding large nests of lobsters in locations we've never seen them before, which is a good thing as the leatherjackets have messed the snapper fishing completely. Those I know who are using pots aren't having great success, which is mostly due to port Jackson , eels, jackets and toadys getting the bait first. My advice would be put the pot in at the end of the day as the lobsters roam and feed mostly after dark, keep it as close to kelp wash areas as possible.