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  1. Thats pretty rare, they either take their buddies or go alone most of the time. My daughter really likes being out on her own most of the time, she loves the challenge of catch and landing big fish in her own boat without assistance. Looked like a cracking session Pickles.
  2. Thought they were called grass whiting.
  3. We also saw this big chap while looking for nautilus.
  4. Its been a bumper year this year for them, we've been seeing hundreds each time we head out for the last six weeks. Many still have the squid like creature inside but most of the empty shells are damaged given how thin they are, that said my daughter has been bringing anything between 30-50 shells home from each time she's gone looking for them. These are the kind we are finding.
  5. JonD


    A 4x2 can actually tow a combined pay load heavier than a 4x4. Also a 4x2 is normally better on fuel than its 4x4 brother. I have never had to use 4x4 on any ramp in any territory yet but I do use 4x4 out in the bush. If you ever plan to beach launch then 4x4 would be well worth having. Saw this 2017 bt50 4x2 with low km that might be worth a look https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/306316444636482/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Af410d506-dd39-4cff-ab2b-8b5409319c49
  6. Great fishing with the family, bet the boys had a ball. Looking at those tuna lay on the warm sand makes me wonder how they care for the catch onboard. Do they bleed and ice the fish straight after catching as there doesn't look to be any sign of it on the tuna.
  7. I just had a run with my daughter to Montague for a quick snorkel searching for nautilus shells (found heaps). We were in her zodiac, a rare occasion for us to be in her boat together as she loves heading out solo. The wind picked up to 20kts for the run home and I was soon reminded just how good these deep v little ribs are in sloppy conditions. I was also pleasantly surprised on just how good my daughter has become at handling boats and driving to the conditions. Before she started skippering commercialy she was a bit of a rev head that liked nothing more than getting what ever boat she was in launched off waves!!!! In terms of ride the zodiac is far softer riding than my Formula, given that the fibreglass part of her boat is only 3,7m long they are incredible boats in rough conditions, only downside is the wind can blow them off the top of waves. Slipping past several boats in the 6m size on the run had us grinning with cheeky smiles!!!!
  8. I believe some of the UK well known ones have been taken down. Im not sure what ones they are exactly, just going of what Im hearing from my old fishing buddies over there.
  9. Starting to hear of peoples Youtube channels being closed that show fishing under YouTubes new policies.
  10. A 445 is reference to Haines 445 which is the same hull that the formula is but from. There are numerous haines boats such as the 146 etc which are all part of that same hull, some with small cabs and some runabout design going back many years and still regarded as great boats. They evolved from early Bertram 14 (or v 15) boats which still hold good value and make great rebuild boats. For me they are in that size category where you can use them for just about any style of boat fishing from rivers and creeks to offshore game. A few of the Bermagui lads use them for offshore game and have them fully setup with outriggers and tuna tubes etc.There are several modern manufacturers building boats under different names from these same hull moulds. Formula 15 Haines 445 lots of varieties in this boat Zodiac, mine was a 550pro inflatable and my daughter has the 500pro Cootacraft are mostly commercially built abalone boats with a similar hull to the Haines. My daughters zodiac My old zodiac Fishing a big bronze whaler in the zodiac The Formula 15 (445) one of the many Cootacraft designes
  11. Yes they had no fish but the day before they had been catch and releasing small bluefin all day around the island. Must admit both my back and my daughters are sore today and I struggled to switch off from it last night, partly because of how impressed I was with the boat but also how big a few of the waves were around Auginish reef just south of the island. I couldn't even wear a dive mask as I needed to see every wave and adjust accordingly, part of what I love about centre consoles is just how unrestricted your vision is from them. My old zodiac would of struggled coming off the waves into that head wind hence why we didn't take my daughters zodiac.
  12. In the defence of the Cootacraft running out of fuel, the new twin Suzuki engine gauges stated 75lt of fuel still in the tank. To top it off the owner had left his lights on in his LandCruiser troopy so I got to use my little lithium battery starter on a bigger engine, which turned it over instantly.
  13. Headed out through a nasty bar this morning with my daughter, conditions were pretty poor with only one other boat venturing out (a commercial Cootacraft). Had a bit of a flick around the island but the bluefin that had been just about everywhere yesterday were proving hard to find. The NE picked up to around 20knots and with the swell and run out tide I decided to head back home. We copped a bit of a flogging but still managed to hold 22-23knots before reaching walls of white water at the bar. There's times when even 90hp on a 14ft boat doesn't feel enough!!!!...like when you cant see the bar because you are deep in a trough between waves!!!. Anyway got back in feeling very happy how well the little 445 had handled. A couple of hours later we get a call from the Cootaracraft still at the island and out of fuel with the NE now pushing 28 knots. Narooma bar was now closed meaning even if my daughters boss had allowed her to borrow the big boats she skippers the boats wouldn't be insured now the bar was over 2m. Marine rescue don't do fuel transfer so it would of meant the Bermagui steber was the only option. A few issues arise from that, first being lockdown but the worst would mean being towed through bar crossing with now 3m seas. We made the decision to assist so that no crews from seperate families or contacts from outside lockdown range would be involved. We picked up three jerry cans of fuel and headed to Bermi, where we launched and headed out into some disgusting seas most sane people wouldn't be heading out in. Wind was pushing 28 knots with some stronger gusts every now and then. Swell and seas had turned into good sized breaking waves that really tested the little formula. The 22k run to Montague was slow and took constant throttle work to the point my wrists were cramping from holding onto the wheel and throttle (wearing wetsuits). Luckily the vessel in trouble had managed to stay reasonably sheltered which helped with putting in two of the fuel cans and I could certainly see we had gone through a fair amount ourselves just getting out there. The run home running with the sea, even though it was big seemed so much fun compared with the run out there. The little formula was managing to stay around 22-24 knots in seas around 3m which made me very happy with my decision to drop down to such a small boat, these things really can punch well above their weight when needed. All home safe and sound now and no sign of cracks in the hull, so Im pretty happy.
  14. Congrats, we've had a few similar wins, often a Shimano hat, dvd's and a small reel. Had a few where we had won better prizes by entering magazine comps but many of those didn't cough up the goods!!!
  15. Thats pretty amazing run time from a 30ah battery, was it lead or lithium as lead wouldn't allow you to draw the full 30amp without killing it pretty quick. Also some of the low end electric motors use the same power on low setting as they do at full.
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