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  1. Southerly kicked in, dodged another bullet but unfortunately the wind turned it back on other properties to our north and I believe more homes were lost. Also road closures again, which is tricky as I'm meant to be taking someone to the airport who got stuck and missed their flights before Xmas.
  2. Sky went bright but we have one about 1k away right now but luckily the wind has slightly dropped. Packing bags.
  3. I use fishranger, far more accurate than willyweather it seems to closely match Windy.
  4. Just a heads up for anyone heading south, be sure to check on the fires as they have kicked off again
  5. JonD

    Another boat

    Looks like I've sold the zodiac, which I must admit has given me a few sleepless nights deciding whether I should or not. Anyway this old fella has finally decided it's time to own another boat with a seat and even a little storage to keep all mecbits handy!!!! I missed out on a little sea devil which I've since convinced myself was a good thing really, given it had no seats and very little storage. I've owned a signature 540f and a 505 rf and now decided to go for another very simular 543rf. There's a couple on the market, one with the pre lean burn 2011 suzuki 140 and the other with a Yam f150. The small fuel tanks of 100lt should be fine for most offshore days but I have very little info ( found some ) on the economy on the f150. Are there any users of the Yam f 150.
  6. They also don't need boat licences in the NT.
  7. Do you mean the kinema, if so it's still much the same!!!!
  8. We were getting them mostly in the 85-95cm, however we did pull the hook (Snapped the hook rigging) on one well over the metre at the boat. After the first few fish we didn't bother measuring any more but I wished we checked the last fat one in the bottom king photo but he tossed it back as soon as I took the photo. It was certainly a hectic session. Headed back out there to take the kids for a snorkel with the seals this morning. Couldn't help but drop a couple of jigs straight onto kings again, released them and left as soon as the followers honed in on us.
  9. Haven't been able to wrong lately on the kings, especially finding the bigger fish among the rats. As mentioned in another thread on Montague island there are simply a heap of boats following boats out there at the moment. This is fine but the fact you have 50+ boats motoring and running all sorts of powered transducers certainly has an effect on the fish in my opinion. Rather than learning to use sounders to find fish I guess people are just lazy and would rather rush around a boat that has hooked a rat. The benefit of having a rib as a fishing boat is that most people think you are just out there for a joy ride. The fact we stay away from the crowds must also confirm we are just out there bobbing around for fun!!! After a morning of constant hooking into fish from 85cm + I was amazed by the amount of people back at the ramp saying there were only rats out there. After my daughter finished her shift on the charters we headed back out for an afternoon session. Once again we simply found bigger fish on the sounder and dropped straight onto them. By late afternoon the bronzies were taking far to many jigs not to mention a few good kings over the metre, so we called it a day and went in for a few urchins and abs. Estemated 40-50 fish, none lost to seals but the bronzies did hit us hard late in the day. The hordes.
  10. What charter were you on ? I was out there also, never bother with livebaits and mostly fished with small jigs in the 80-100g. Personaly I think the way all those boats follow each other about is why they don't have the greatest success on bigger fish. Very few seem to use there electronics to find the quality fish, perhaps simply because many tourists are happy to just catch small fish and charter operators loose less gear. We had constant hook ups of fish 85+ for the entire morning without loosing a single fish to seals. After my daughter had finished working on the charter boat in the morning I ventured back out for another afternoon session, where once again we had a constant double hookup of catch and release. Unfortunately the sharks clocked onto us and landing any fish at all became almost impossible by late afternoon.
  11. It's a shame people don't mount their cameras when they are filming poor conditions, the shaking camera angles are hard to watch and even harder to judge Sea conditions. The fact one skipper bailed out of driving and no real comfidence was brought by the second didn't seem to do much to reassure any of the crew. I was in one of these storms 80km off Groote where fish were literally sucked up in the waterspouts and dropped into the 24ft Haines we were in. The seas were big and the wind felt like it would pull us from the boat but we never felt threatened. The fact that these experienced boaters headed straight into the middle of the storm tells me a different story.
  12. Just noticed my trailer breaks which were totally replaced (hubs, callipers pads etc)less than 6 months ago are now seized up from not being able to wash our boats on level 3 restrictions. Was wondering how people manage to clean boat carpets without water these days, not that I have carpet but Im looking at replacing my boat and most have carpets. By the way, though those to our north have had good rain over recent days we've only had 5mm in the last three days.
  13. The way the kings are right now you would need to fish without hooks not to catch them. Most of the kings are in the 85-95cm with plenty going well over the 120cm. I'm pretty lazy in the fact I rarely get on the water before 9am but still easely get among the fish. With these bigger fish over the last few days you need to ensure your gear is up to scratch or it could can end up costly in jigs. One of my daughters friends speared a 34kg model this week and she's managed a few around 130cm. Yesterday I got smoked by several bigger fish I couldn't slow down even on my bigger marlin gear!!! The billfish are hotting up, though I missed out yesterday due to pulled hooks on a couple. Not sure how busy I might be when you do head down here as I have friends heading over for a month of fishing from the UK, as well as fitting in trips with my kids. If I'm able to help out I will, good luck.
  14. JonD

    Bushfire Song

    What a legend 🙂loved it.
  15. JonD

    Dead fish

    This is what marine biologist friend from the area mentioned on my facebook page.