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  1. JonD

    First timer downrigging for Kingfish

    First thing I did with mine was change the wire to 150lb colour change braid. The downrigger ball has to be pretty big if pulling big baits for kings, 5lb minimum. To keep the downrigger weight down low you may need to drop the engine in and out of gear to keep the boat speed down low. While in the water I've regularly seen kings swim right up to my teaser, so I don't think leader length is overly important. I use a light drag on my reel when letting my bait down with the downrigger weight. You can use a rubber band as a breakaway or the plastic tension clip type. My down rigger also gets used to lower homemade burley cages to just off the bottom while bottom bashing, you should see it on your sounder pretty clearly. Another use for me is to drop a big teaser of glitter floats ( drilled to sink) which works very well at attracting kings to the boat. The same teaser is used behind the boat chassing game.
  2. JonD

    The kids are killing me

    Yes that's correct but some think they own the water too. Trying to find launch sites gets tricky as most are on private land, luckily we've found one that allows us but we do need to check at the farm house each time.
  3. Let's head into the mountains my eldest suggested, only 7hrs of paddling "it'll be great" So I get the small yak with a slow leak and a broken paddle and she gets the long sleek fast yak without a broken paddle. Anyway I have to admit the river inland from Tuross is pretty spectacular even though large parts have dried up. Dried up sections means constantly getting out of the yak to drag them over fallen trees or over stretches of rocks etc. I didn't opt to fish and decided to help my daughter get more footage for her next YouTube video. The fishing was pretty quiet by usual standards with only around 10 for the day, most of which were taken on plastics. Due to the dry sections of the river the 7hr trip turned into a back breaking 9hrs, back breaking from being stuck in the same position so long. The last two hours were trying to get back to our second car which had been left downstream, amazing how many big black snakes come out frog hunting in the dropping light. Managed to see four platypus, one wombat, dozens of kingfishers and water dragons, though not quite sure I will go with her next time. Anyone planning such trips be sure to check with land owners in these remote areas, some do not want anyone on their properties. u
  4. JonD

    WTF? What type fish? (Striped Scat)

    Just asked my daughter who also agreed on the scat Id.
  5. JonD

    Braid line on roller tip game setups

    We use braid on game outfits for chassing broadbill, not had issues with it jambing in the rollers, there are new rollers designed for braid. Braid capacity on a 50w would have to be 1200-1500m 65lb in my opinion. I also use braid on heavy spin gear for game species, with a mono topsho of at last 50m.
  6. JonD

    Where are all you big gamers?

    I don't chase the big stuff, had albacore last weekend and yellowfin the week before. Striped marlin reports as far as Merimbula posted today on Facebook from the local tackle store. Will head 50k offshore again over the weekend if the forecast stays good, in the hope of more albacore or yellowfin but not to interested in marlin. There have been a few good dolphin fish already down this way.
  7. JonD


    Tie your stink bag to your left foot if you are right handed (no really). Have another pilchard wrapped in a small piece of womens tights in your left hand and your worming pliers in your right hand. Walk the waters edge allowing wash to wash over the bag tied to your foot, watch for heads to pop up as the wave runs the smell back down to the waters edge. When you see a head pop up keep your left foot with the bag about 40cm above where you saw the worm. With the pilchard in the tights, tease it right on top of the worm and it should latch on quite hard. Gently raise the worms head enough to get a good grip with the worming pliers then gently pull, if you feel it contract pulling down don't pull until it releases its contraction or you may pull it in half. The very bottom of the tide as it just turns to come back in has always been my best time for worms (I rarely collect them anymore as its to hard on my back). If there is strong wind blowing I found worms don't seem to raise their heads, its also very difficult finding them after big storms and swell that move large amounts of sand about. If you ever see the old stainless worming pliers anywhere for sale, grab them as they are far better for worming than the plastic ones, they can be very expensive on the second hand market (like finding gold). Step on the stink bag to allow more smell out of it every now and then, any oily bait or left over fish frame will do. Once you have a few, head up the beach and dig a small hole to get to the cool damp sand underneath, then give each worm a quick clean and keep them in the fresh damp sand in a container. Heat kills them pretty quick, so if using them on a belt try to keep them on the shaded side of your body.
  8. JonD


    I managed a small one just over a week ago while out solo.
  9. JonD


    It wasn't untill we were half way through filleting that we thought about weighing them unfortunately ( something we rarely do). These are the biggest we've caught before.
  10. JonD


    No it was beautiful out there, the swells were so far apart you didn't really notice them untill you ran in the same direction as them ( just big deep troughs).
  11. JonD


    Locally or the northern bluefin? There seem to be quite a few small yellowfin about at the moment, most are in the 15-35kg size, hopefully this continues.
  12. JonD


    Decided to head well offshore again today targeting yellowfin. Forecast was for strong wind by lunch time so I managed to be on the water by 6.30am. It's a fair run in a little rib, especially knowing how quick things could change given there was already a reasonable swell punting a the bar ( Narooma). The big swell is barely noticed offshore due to the distance between peaks (150m Once out at the seamounts we slipped a couple of small skirted lures over the side which were soon intercepted by striped tuna ( skipjack ). These lively little tuna were well below the size fish we were hoping for and quickly released. I spotted one bird off in the distance showing great interest in something beneath the surface and by the time we reached it it had several of its pals joining in on the hunt.What ever was chassing the bait was traveling far faster than we could pull our lures. We spotted the large fickle ( fins on the tunas back) which put us on high alert. All so a sudden all rods got hit at once, considering the distance our lures were apart this was a big school of fish.Still not fishing overly big our spin outfits ripped off line (15lb and 10lb class )but we soon realised this wasn't the bigger yellowfin we hoped for. Never the less we had found the far better eating albacore, which gave a good little scrap.I got mine to the boat first and managed another clean head gaff shot, gaffing tuna with a rod in one hand from a rib is a little tricky at times. Anyway once onboard I quickly placed a spike through its brain to quieten it down. By this time everything was covered in blood, tuna bleed like crazy and when they go into their death shakes it goes everywhere.My daughter's fish was slightly bigger and on lighter tackle (10lb class). It was doing the typical tuna circles under the boat, where we could see it had many of its friends staying with it. Once you get tuna close to the boat, the big circles they make can be very tricky at the landing stage as they go under the boat and close to the prop. I like to take my time ( if you could call it that!!!) with my gaff shot and go for the back of the head in the hope of braining them ( tricky with a 3inch gaff gape). With another solid gaff to the head it was time for my daughter to get excited (lose her s**t). More blood, a quick couple of photos before packing them down on ice. The other fish stayed under the boat but we decided not to target them as we only had the small cooler bag in the hope to bring home one small yellowfin. Fish simply don't keep in the heat, especially tunas that generate lots of muscle heat during a fight.
  13. JonD

    Solitary Islands

    I've done Wooli bar many times, the rough stuff seems to often extend well out past the bar, often a few hundred metres. The river and launch site can be very low ( shallow) and cross currents at the ramp can make solo tricky also, picking tides helps. There is also shallow reef 200-300m out the front of Wooli which picks up swell at times making the sets pretty steep, also found surfers right in the middle of the bar at the point of no return.
  14. JonD

    steering gone again

    Just ordered Seastar hydrolic steering after yet another cable failing, at just 6 months old. This is my third in two years which I can only put down to the sharp angles the cable has to make in my boat, the boat may be wide with its big tubes but the internal glass part is only 1.2m wide. The cables have been fraying on the bends ( each time proffesionaly fitted ). Hopefully the new steering will last a little longer!!!
  15. JonD

    Engine much ?

    I'm bit of a boat slut averaging around 250-300hrs on my boat and at least 150hrs on other boats. Before I had the zodiac I found getting 50-100 max was a challenge due to our local bar crossing, the rib makes rough water fun. I really don't like anchoring in the rib, it's awakward even using a float to raise the anchor, which means I tend to keep the engine running most of the day. The f70 uses very little fuel even at cruise speed heading offshore to the seamounts and my local mobile mechanic is very reasonable, last trip offshore clocking just over 100km used less than 30lt of fuel. I enjoy driving boats as much as the fishing or diving, in fact probably more.