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  1. JonD

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    No, it's one of my daughter's shots. She also has the inside cover shot of the current Bluewater game fishing magazine ( a jumping black marlin).
  2. JonD

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    Plenty down here in the south. When you pull lures do you try to pull them side on to the sun as much as possible? this gives a much better view and contrast than heading into or directly away from the sun. If you find bait, drop down a bait jig for a fresh slimey and drop it back down among them. From the weekend.
  3. JonD

    Insane Yellowfin session

    So exciting to see a few more yellowfin about, if you aren't sure on weights of fish just go off measures instead.
  4. JonD

    Anyone done a "lap" - who has a caravan?

    Not done the caravan thing but done a couple of full laps car camping. Do you use the camps book, I've used it on many trips with all the locations on an oz topo chart.
  5. JonD

    Stabicraft 1550 fisher

    Both are currently for sale on gumtree. They certainly tick many boxes, that's good economy, even better than I get from mine in my rib with an f70.
  6. JonD


    Must admit I'm a bit of a rough bar junky, it's a bit like surfers need good waves to have fun, I feel the same in the bar.
  7. JonD


    There are free water temp charts if you search, unfortunately I don't remember them but they were pointed out to us on marine science seminars (government sites). I find Im able to use enough free info from for my offshore needs. I have considered upgrading to their full version but don't see the point if this works as it is. Simply move the chart with your mouse to grab the gps numbers on the edge of the temp breaks etc.
  8. JonD


    Something we see every morning taking the kids to school or squad training etc. love the cloud and mist around the mountain at the back of the river some mornings.
  9. JonD

    Towing speed

    I don't forget when driving in a city or short runs up and down the coast. I'm referring to when Im concentrating on missing wildlife on big runs to the NT or far north QLD. Those inland routes are often many km of dead straight driving for hour after hour. The front of my my inflatable is high wide and black, so at night it blocks light from the car lights from showing any sign of it in the rear view mirror. I have to use the side mirrors to see the trailer which is also a little tricky to see if you are watching out for kangaroos in the headlights, touching the breaks helps. Do you tow big distances or just from home to the ramp?
  10. JonD

    Towing speed

    How freaky is that when you forget they are on the back, then glance back in the mirror only to see the front of a boat right up your rear. The power modern diesels put out and a decent set of rear springs you really can forget there's anything behind. Even my little 2.2 diesel delivers 440nm of torque where the fuel economy sits bellow 10lt per 100km towing.
  11. JonD

    Help reading my sounder images

    As above 3-4 times wider than the depth but also use a different page setup to give wider images of sidescan, like this. You can also overlay the downscanover your charts with different levels of transparency like in the bottom image. The red circles were just to show the schools of small fish ( often damsel fish).
  12. JonD


    The first clip was at my local bar where inexperienced boat handling was the cause and could of so easely been avoided with just a little more throttle. What catches many out on our bar isn't days where it looks poor like above where these guys get rolled over but when the conditions look flat and easy. Take a look at this short video I filmed over a very short time period, this is why it pays to check the bar before simply charging out. If you feel nervous about bar crossing try finding someone who's done a few to help out.
  13. JonD

    Ever seen one like this?????

    Wow can't wait to show my daughter this one, would be great if you you kept it whole as I'm sure there are a few who would be very interested if it is genetic disorder. Do you mind if I use the picture to ask around a few specialists?
  14. JonD


    Good post, though there were a few comments that didn't have any reference to fishing Sydney harbour. Yes those in the UK have to pay for a Freshwater licence, however they don't need a saltwater one as we do, not sure why he made that comment. The interview with the fella stating how we need to treat these areas as our home and clean up etc sounds wonderful but it's because much of the time this doesn't happen is why people want us off these areas. Most of us have been to areas where some anglers are drinking alcohol, leaving cigarette buts or tossing them in the water and generally having no respect for anything but themselves. This selfish behaviour is something we are now starting to see creep in even down here in our sleepy little coastal town, especially in holiday season. Our local launch ramps and jettys often have anglers fishing who simply won't move their gear as we approach the only facilities we can use to get our boats in and out of the water. Trying to get boats in among lines cast out into the water often results in line around props then verbal abuse, this simply wasn't an issue a few years ago. Deliberately casting lines ahead of boats has happened to us and others I know. Rather than simply believe it's a certain group wanting us locked out I always try to see both sides of the argument. I have no idea how attitudes of some people could be changed as certain groups actually seem to enjoy themselves by causing trouble, like the jetski hoons. Unlike the police sorting out the jetski hoons who cause the problems, in this case its seen as easier to ban everyone from fishing these locations.
  15. JonD

    Help reading my sounder images

    Firstly these screen shots are in extremely shallow water, couldn't you simply look over the side of the boat and see any of those markings. Totally agree with above, first looks like small bait fish with potentially a bigger fish cruising around them. 2nd looks like thermo cline ( cold water at the bottom) with a couple of arches of fish that have passed under the transducer and the other lines possibly fish at the sides of the transducer. 3rd I would guess as thermocline again. It can be hard to truly interpret because most of us are normally used working deeper water, when I have mine running in the shallows like yours I tend to see so much on the screen I know as small fish that I simply ignore it. Few decent big fish are going to stay under the boat in such shallow conditions. We do river surveys where we drift tidal runs documenting fish species, most of which are small undersized bream, blackfish, stripies etc, we do see bigger bream and blackfish which are most likely the bigger strong aches on your screen. When we dive into thermoclies we instantly feel the temp change even wearing good wetsuits, also this water can be harder to see in, like looking through glass with water being pored over it. These cooler thermo clines normally have very few fish in them, in saying that we don't stay in them long either as they are often very cold. The good news is your sounder looks to be very well setup to be giving all that detail, at first I thought it was in demo mode the imaging looked so good. There are lots of really helpful Lowrance tutorials on YouTube that should also help you with understanding what you are seeing. For me the only way I can guarantee knowing what I'm seeing is by getting in the water and from that I've learnt underwater is many fish species all look the same on screen.