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    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    I had a Formula 15 which was a very capable small boat. I towed min up around the NT, Qld, South Aus and all around NSW, it was used on rivers to 50km offshore. Yes it was open but warm clothes fix that minor detail, being able to fish right around the boat really does make these little boats hard to beat. I removed the 90 two smoke and replaced it with a Yam f70, sold it for $22000. When looking at any small boat I believe there's not that much difference in the handling of any tinnies simply because the difference between a 14- 16 degree hull.
  2. JonD

    Croaker with 50 LB

    Cracker of a croaker, you would have to be buzzing after that one.
  3. JonD

    Jervis Bay mystery fish

    My daughter thinks it's a species of weed fish.
  4. JonD

    Gold coast to Sydney winter fishing

    Are you bringing the boat by sea or trailering ? If by sea, personally I would be staying out wider pulling lures for either yellowfin or bluefin ( they are there now ). If you are searching for harbours or inshore protection at night then any inshore reef should have a few snapper and possibly pearl perch etc, plastics would be my choice over bait. If trailering and just looking for launch sites along the way, well then simply google for ramps and head put to the local reefs for the same species. If you target bigger offshore species will you have the gear ( rod reel outfits and gaffs etc ) as well as ice to look after any catch? Hopefully the new rig has a decent gps with charts, making finding reef or offshore seamounts and contours pretty simple. Just like any fishing you need to search to find fish, traveling with the sounder on you should cover areas many haven't looked at before.
  5. JonD

    New Reel

    I'm on the far south coast and also support a local tackle store for the same reasons, with the addition it's also good that locals still have jobs because of it.
  6. JonD

    Ocean access between South West Rocks and coffs

    Wooli is very shallow and tends to have side currents, I have to keep my engine trimmed up and push my rib into deeper water at low tide. Minnie water also has similar issues especially with a heavy boat, once your weels hit the wet sand you have be quick before the trailer wheels sink in. Have everything ready before hand rather than backing the wheels into the water and deciding to undo straps etc. Have you done many bar crossings ? Plenty of info on crossing them if not. You certainly have a good sized boat to handle poor conditions.
  7. JonD

    Dual outboard flusher

    Are you sure they were the stainless with rubber cups and not the plastic cups? If so I will grab a spare next time I'm up.
  8. JonD

    Dual outboard flusher

    As mentioned I don't use those whitworths ones anymore, the simple soft rubber ones I posted earlier have never given me any issues. I do use brass fittings on both ends of my hose but they still join to plastic on muffs or other wash mixers.
  9. JonD

    Dual outboard flusher

    Totally agree Omally did do a great job, don't get me wrong. In this photo you can see where I've glued where those double flushers blow appart, the square cups are also very stiff and tend not to seal very well. I've had a few of these which have all broken the same, which is no problem if you are watching at the time but guys who have to get into their boats to turn off the engines need to be very careful of this type. I connect a saltaway flushing system to my flushing cups, this also adds more connections that could possibly fail, so I always observe how the flush is going. The good thing with the saltaway is I only have to do a a few minutes of flush.
  10. JonD

    How much anchor rope

    Just make sure you have an anchor incase you have engine failure, you don't want a westerly taking you to NZ.
  11. JonD

    How much anchor rope

    A minimum of 3 x the depth you anchor in is the normal but if the conditions are rough and windy this can easely be doubled.
  12. JonD

    beach fishing

    Middle of the day can be a tough time to fish, have you checked what the tide will be doing. Are you hoping for small bread & butter species or looking at more sporting fish like salmon and tailor ( doubt you will pull a Jew out at that time of the day ). Are you using ultra light bream, whiting gear or beach gear. Middle of the day can often have surfers too.
  13. JonD

    Dual outboard flusher

    According to my mechanic the double sided aren't needed, the doubles I've had in the past have not lasted to well. The connectors have been weak and the rubber ( plastic ) on the muffs have become brittle and break up. I suppose at around $15 you can't expect much. These very simple much softer rubber type last for many years but are very hard to find for sale.
  14. According to the news they hit something but how often do they get the story right. Anyone know if the boat owner was a member from this forum.
  15. Wonder if that boat which hit something while chassing tuna on the news yesterday hit something from that ship. The lads were lucky to get the boat back with several rescue boats assisting.
  16. JonD

    Sydney BlueFin

    They certainly seem to be in better numbers this year, hopefully people don't go silly on them. I spoke with some lads who had booked two days on a charter down this way, first day they bagged out, not sure how the second day went but I know they brought several more back. They were staying in the local campsite and hadn't a clue what to do with all the fish, they even asked me for good places to eat out as they didn want to eat bluefin.
  17. JonD


    I had a little 3.95 quitrex explorer for a Darwin trip a few years back, a two man dome tent fitted perfectly on its floor. This was great for the kids to sleep in close to croc rivers rather than camping on the ground. I used Hennessy hammocks tied from the 4x4 roof rack to any tree we could find.
  18. JonD

    No more wet feet.

    I've had front steps on my last two boats, they come in handy.
  19. JonD


    I did some boat camping in a little centre console before I had the kids, simply used roll mats and sleeping bags. Had a tarp in case of rain but picked nights with good forecasts and never had to use the tarp, watching the stars from an open boat was pretty special. What ever you end up doing just be careful you don't have your petrol breather on the inside of any enclosure, nothing worse than smelling petrol fumes all night.
  20. JonD

    Any Ideas,(Pearl Perch)

    You're certainly game to keep a fish you have no idea what it is, looks like a ghost pearch to me " highly protected, critically endangered " rumoured to only be one left in the ocean 😂
  21. Right infront of Currawong ramp has eastern rock lobsters among the rocks and kelp. Underwater hunting talk on this site isn't permitted, it's a site rule and needs to be respected.
  22. JonD

    Another blank

    No fish again, didn't even really get much of a chance to get the camera out due to 35knots of westerly. Was still a heap of fun being out in the rough stuff in the little rib, ended up having to tack side on to the sea conditions to reach shelter of the shore. Unfortunatly for one 45ft trawler down here their fun ended when the boat sunk inshore from us ( all crew were rescued ) .
  23. JonD

    Port Stephens- winter reds

    Just saw the Crowdy head report where it was stated jackets were in the deeper water there too. Just had another weekend of loosing gear to jackets, to the point my daughter wouldn't even drop a line and left all the loosing to me. I would love to know an explanation to such numbers as these fish aren't just biting off anything we drop but they must be cleaning up every squid and cuttlefish egg not to mention they can feed on almost anything. Sunday I eventually gave up and decided to dive several bait grounds for a look which all seemed void of fish apart from a few groper.
  24. JonD

    Crowdy Heads Reds

    Is my counting wrong as there are more than 12 snapper in that shot.
  25. JonD

    Port Stephens- winter reds

    Another day today simply feeding jackets from 2m deep out to 65m. Not one fish landed.