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  1. kingfishbig

    Haines Signature 575F built in 2017

    Some of us might be considering buying one. It would be handy to know of any issues. Are your concerned about affecting your relationship with the dealer/ manufacturer by going public?
  2. kingfishbig

    Something We have to Chat About

    Well fish stocks seem to be doing quite well in developed countries, eg Australia, NZ, Iceland, USA.
  3. kingfishbig

    Something We have to Chat About

    Yes, but apart from wild caught fisheries very little of our food comes from hunting. It's agriculture and our ability to raise livestock that has allowed our population to grow. Also there is aquaculture. So there are always alternative food sources to fisheries, but they are not without environmental impact as well.
  4. kingfishbig

    Something We have to Chat About

    We are talking about Australian stocks are we not? What is the relevance of Chinese trawlers outside our 200mn EEZ? Also it's doubtful that our fish stocks have declined as the study suggests. They are using catches as a guide to abundance with the base line of 2005. But a year later Commonwealth fisheries were restructured with a lot of the effort being removed: I am not sure what your point is regarding dumping and upscaling as the accusation was against the ships owner who was not involved in the Australian venture. It was leased by an Australian company as closely monitored by AFMA with cameras and on board observers. Also the allegation was 1.5 m kilos so you are out by 1000: It gets worse Parlevliet & van der Plas is one of the world’s largest factory-freezer companies. And if its environmental record is anything to go by, I’d be nervous about its ships frequenting Australian waters. In 2012, a French court ruled that a Parlevliet & van der Plas subsidiary was guilty of illegal fishing and slammed it with a €595,000 fine. That’s almost $AUD1,000,000, issued after one of its trawlers was busted red-handed with the equivalent of more than $AUD1.8 million of illegally-caught fish stashed in its freezers! It’s no surprise that Parlevliet & van der Plas are on the Greenpeace blacklist, no mean feat given that Greenpeace reserves blacklisting for the most severe offenders. Greenpeace alleged that the company falsified logbooks after allegedly dumping — no joke — 1.5 million kilos of perfectly edible fish into the ocean, an illegal practice known as "high-grading". Why? According to Greenpeace it was simply to re-catch fish that were slightly bigger and therefore more profitable. The accusation came from a former crew
  5. kingfishbig

    Something We have to Chat About

    The quota for the Geelong Star was 18,623 T for 2015-16 (12 months) and this means 92.4% of the stock is left to reproduce/ be food for other species. At 250T per day the quota would have been filled in less than 2 months which is a bit far fetched.
  6. kingfishbig

    Something We have to Chat About

    The quota was a bit over 10% of the estimated stock, so like I said very conservative and unlikely to make much of an impact on fish nos or ecology. Maybe you are not aware that we have been taking more from a smaller area for years in the other small pelagic fishery (pilchards), without any apparent ill effects. It hasn't stopped the resurgence of the southern bluefin tuna in the same area for instance.
  7. kingfishbig

    Something We have to Chat About

    I'd be inclined to take those figures with a grain of salt. Ie using catches as a guide to abundance (catches may have dropped due to less effort resulting from fisheries management measures), the use of 'citizen scientists' (ie amateurs) for diver surveys. The theme (and a rather common one we have seen before) is that fisheries management has failed/ can't be trusted and so we need more marine parks. PS: the super trawler wasn't in operation very long and it's quota was actually quite conservative, and we are talking about fast growing baitfish. It would have made next to no difference to fish nos.
  8. kingfishbig

    4.3 to 5.35

    Fiberglass is tougher than a lot of people think. It's pretty hard to put a hole in it, more likely you might damage the gel coat and possible gorge the glass, but this is quite easy to repair. You don't have corrosion to worry about and metal and welds can fatigue when they get old. Actually I would trust an old fiberglass boat (provided it doesn't have any dry rot) than and old aluminium boat, especially given the latter often just have air chambers for floatation. I wouldn't make my decision on perceived toughness unless you were launching from a rough boat ramp (ie with no beach or jetty to pull up on).
  9. kingfishbig

    4.3 to 5.35

    A good 2nd hand fiberglass boat will do the same (or better) job for possibly a lot less money (especially if you factor in the interest payments). You may have to spend a bit more on maintenance but it still might make more financial sense than borrowing to buy something that depreciates.
  10. kingfishbig

    New or second hand outboard

    The phasing out of carby 2 strokes makes it a bit problematic repowering an old boat. A new 4 stroke can be 4 times what the hull is worth. The extra weight is an issue too. The Etecs are lighter and a bit cheaper. Perhaps you are on the right track looking at second hand motors. Regarding Chinese motors the Parsun brand has been on the market for quite a while and there doesn't seem to be too much in the way of problems. Bear in mind though rival dealers hate them so expect a lot of disparaging sales talk.
  11. kingfishbig

    615 bar Crusher or 6200 yellowfin quintrex

    Took the words right out of my mouth. You get more internal room with the Yellowfin and I think they come out cheaper too. So if you are taking several mates and not concerned about having the softest ride perhaps go for the Yellowfin.
  12. kingfishbig

    Reel maintenance and problems

    There are a variety of products under the WD-40 brand name, but only one of them is the water dispersant known as WD-40. I use silicon spray on my reels, at least the ones susceptible to corrosion, ie anodised aluminium Tiagras, Toriums, ABU ambassadeurs. As long as your are a bit careful it should not get inside the reel and cause the problems discussed. Personally I wouldn't use acetone as a solvent as it will soften and lift paint, attack rubber gloves (and not good to get on your skin), evaporate quickly and is quite expensive too. White spirits is a good solvent and does not leave an oily residue so you can use it on drag washers too.
  13. kingfishbig

    Hat Head ramp

    The upgrade to the Trial Bay ramp includes extra parking. You can launch and retrieve a fairly sizeable boat ( up to 5.4m or so) from the Back Creek so long as the tide is at least half in or less than half out and you stick to the channel (best to study the entrance at low tide). It's way better than the Hat Head creek entrance.
  14. kingfishbig

    Hat Head ramp

    Why not try the Back Creek ramp at SWR? The problem at Hat Head is there is precious little water depth. The Back Creek entrance is shallow but better (they use a crane and scoop to dredge it). PS: Apparently they have upgraded the ocean ramp near Trial Bay Goal.
  15. kingfishbig

    Abu 10000CL

    Actually the drag gets tighter as the line loads gets smaller (more spool revolutions for the same length of line removed). The drag on these reels is not as good as modern reels. The 9000 was the favourite of snapper fishermen off the rocks. It casts well with a small bait and a 4 oz snapper lead.