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  1. kingfishbig

    Gulps V Z man, mixing scents??

    I use Z Mans most of the time. Sometimes I give the Gulps a go if the fishing is a bit quiet - but the difference in the attrition rate is huge. PS: I haven't had any problems with Gulps deteriorating if they are in an unopened packet.
  2. kingfishbig

    Landbased Kingfish lures

    30lb braid would be a better choice. Minnows and poppers will give you a better chance. Don't worry about casting distance as kingies cruise in close. I have had some success with the Rapala CD mag range. A tip is to glue a bit of sheet lead to the tail and this stops them tumbling during the cast.
  3. kingfishbig

    Advice on old tinny

    I think a hard plastic would be a better idea.
  4. kingfishbig

    Advice on old tinny

    The foam may not be a good idea. You don't want anything which will hold water up against the hull as it will cause corrosion.
  5. kingfishbig

    Aluminium Cracked Boat Hull

    'Opposite' sounds like the other side of the hull. Yes, there might be the same problem of flex, lack of support, but it wouldn't be due to fatigue from being heated when welded.
  6. kingfishbig

    Aluminium Cracked Boat Hull

    That make sense thought from DaRipper's post I'm not sure if it cracked in the same place: "it cracked again opposite the original crack and its the same kind of crack in the weld".
  7. kingfishbig

    Fishing breakwalls - mono or braid?

    That's why I asked. Jiggy is using braid mainline to a mono leader.
  8. kingfishbig

    Fishing breakwalls - mono or braid?

    Are you talking about braid to mono?
  9. kingfishbig

    Fishing breakwalls - mono or braid?

    That should pull them up. I don't know about the lighter leader though, I'd use at least the same ie 50lb. It will probably break at the braid to mono knot or the hook end if a bit abraded (or you might straighten the hook).
  10. I like Maxima Ultra Green. It's supposed to have very low visibility in water. I can vouch for good knot strength, abrashion resistance and limpness. Here's their marketing blurb: Maxima Ultragreen is virtually invisible to fish which means more strikes for you. This premium line has the unique ability to match the colour of surrounding water. Rays of light are absorbed rather than reflected presenting your lure or bait most naturally. MAXIMA keeps'em caught. Ultragreen- though often attempted, no other manufacturer has duplicated the exclusive colour and characteristics of Maxima's Ultragreen. This line becomes virtually invisible under water. Ultragreen is also soft and limp, yet retains Maxima's legendary tough, high durability finish for excellent abrasion resistance. Ultragreen is the best all-around line for a variety of freshwater and general saltwater fishing, spooling and casting well on spinning, baitcasting and larger conventional reels. MAXIMA'S STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE Tensile Strength. Maxima's uniquely precise extrusion process and quality control are your guarantee of 100 percent consistency in tensile strength. Knot Strength. Maxima's exclusive polymer formula maintains knot strength and prevents slippage. The unique hard-process finish keeps properly-tied knots from cutting into themselves. Low Stretch. Maxima is engineered only with a hint of stretch and delivers power when it counts. Abrasion Resistance. Maxima's special bonding of hydrocarbon molecules gives a tougher finish - for protection against nicks, cuts and chafing. Limpness. A line that is too limp will stretch too much and absorb water. That's why we engineered Maxima with just the right amount of limpness.
  11. kingfishbig

    Fishing breakwalls - mono or braid?

    You haven't told us what breaking strain or whether you are fishing from a boat or landbased. If the latter it would do to fish pretty heavy, ie at least 30lb and a mono leader twice that strength.
  12. kingfishbig

    Aluminium Cracked Boat Hull

    I would call it unusual - and rather worrying. Didn't the manufacturer give some sort of explanation?
  13. kingfishbig

    Spec Sheet

    I doubt if a 4 stroke would be lighter, or have more get up and go for that matter.
  14. kingfishbig

    Members Boats.

    The FG XR6 Falcon is 200 kw not 200 hp. Also I think Pegz's boat/ motor/ tralier would be well over 800 kg. I'd guess around 1.1 - 1.2 T.
  15. The quotas apply to 17 species, many popular ones aren't included. Only two of them are listed as over fished/ depleting. Nothing there about using dive surveys to determine them (good luck with that for deep water species like gemfish). Some of the quotas they talk about are actually effort quotas, ie trip and gear limits not an absolute allowable catch.