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  1. kingfishbig

    Buying used boat advice

    Going to Brown's Mountain is pretty serious but within the capabilities of that boat provided the weather is very good. It would be advisable to stick to closer trips like The Peak for a while so you can get used to handling the boat, it's fuel consumption, and reliability and your own capabilities.
  2. kingfishbig

    New king stick

    The Pfluger Salt has a strong drag and has had good reviews. It should be at the cheaper end of your range or even under it.
  3. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    It's a bit of a pain when you have two boats like me. On both of them I must confess I have never repacked them in 10 years with no problems. I just jack up the trailer and spin the wheels every now and again and check for any noises or movement. If they never see water why not? How often do you repack your cars bearings?
  4. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    Yes I already said that the wax paint protection applies to cars rather than boats (aluminium). Anyway according to Quintrex you only need freshwater and don't use any detergent on the windscreen.
  5. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    If you can launch and retrieve without dunking the wheel bearing then this will save at lot of time and effort repacking them.
  6. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    It read like you meant wash the trailer with soap/ detergent. The problem with dishwashing liquid is it may contain salt as well as being more likely to remove the wax paint protection. The later might be more related to cars but the salt in detergent is a bit of a concern.. I have always just washed my tinnies with fresh water. That's what the Quintrex manual suggests and you can rub it with a sponge while doing so. They also stipulate only fresh water is to be used on the windscreen.
  7. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    If you wash it with soap then there goes your Inox. It won't stay on as long as Tectyl or lanolin in any case. Also I think there is something about dishwashing liquid that promotes corrosion. I heard you should never use it to wash your car.
  8. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    I'd be too impatient to wash the trailer after launching. I have too many memories of the best fish of the day being from the first drop down. Also it's not necessary if you are going to coat it. Re coating with Tectyl you don't have to coat all the trailer, just the bits that are likely to get dunked. You will need to work out some way of getting it inside the frames too. PS: It is helpful if you winch the boat on instead of driving it on as far less of the trailer gets a dunking.
  9. kingfishbig

    Notched Transom

    I have the 4.1 model. By notched do you mean that the transom is not straight? My model is like that. It still requires a longshaft motor and the mini sponsons give a lot of buoyancy to the stern. I haven't had a drop of water come over the stern. PS: The larger models are foam filled while this is an option on the 4.1 - at least when I was looked into them.
  10. You wouldn't have to take all the line off - just enough to get the clamp bolts in.
  11. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    Also I'd be wary about spaying innox on your motor internals. It is petroleum based so can eat away rubber components. They warn you about getting it into contact with the cowl seal. Perhaps just use something gentler like lanolin or a spray made for the purpose (I think Yamaha make one).
  12. kingfishbig

    Protective measures for new boat

    It's will be a pain rinsing the trailer after launching. Most of us are to anxious to go out chasing the fish to do that! Possibly not fair to other ramp users either. If you want to preserve your trailer the best way is to coat any part of it that gets dunked in the water with a protective coating like Tectyl or lanolin.
  13. kingfishbig


    While you can. All the golf courses will end up going to make way for apartment blocks the way we are trending.
  14. kingfishbig


    Unfortunately Bill Shorten just abuses anyone who talks about cutting immigration. The LNP is putting up smoke and mirrors by hinting at a tiny cut sometime after the election.
  15. kingfishbig

    Decking/ floor for a aluminium boat

    I think plywood it OK if you treat it with an epoxy product like Evadure, ie it shouldn't rot. It has some advantages such as being cheap and easy to work with using simple hand tools.