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  1. 20 LB leader doesn't seem to put flathead off. The larger lures used will tend to rule out leader shy species like bream anyway. And I wouldn't want a 8lb leader if a big jewie grabbed my lure.
  2. kingfishbig

    caring for boats

    No need to hose rods and reels. Not actually a good idea for reels as it tends to drive water into the internals (well unless maybe if you use a mist setting). Under the shower or a spray bottle is gentler.
  3. I'd use 20lb leader as any ligher will give serious risk of a big flathead fraying you off. About 10lb braid and a matching rod is about right, as bearing in mind some of the jig heads will be quite heavy and there is a chance of a jewfish or kingfish grabbing the lure.
  4. Juliane is an excellent spot. But avoid it in any substantial swell, particularly from the south.
  5. kingfishbig

    caring for boats

    And who would have thought when they are adding a milion people to Sydney every 10 or so years.
  6. It's certainly open to interpretation. And bearing in mind that some ramps don't have taps I would have thought you should be able to do it when you get home.
  7. So long as you use a trigger nozzle you are allowed to hose your trailer and boat immediately after use in saltwater, according to the official announcement.
  8. As per my previous post as existing citizens we don't actually get anything out infrastructure spending required just to keep up with population growth. Ie it's costing us 10's of billions a year just to stand still.
  9. Remember that the 10's of billions is just to at best stand still in the face of our rampant population growth. With a stable population we could be using that to spend on community services and actually improve our lives.
  10. But I think the elpto Mercury is just oil injected, so it just means you don't premix the fuel yourself and is old technology. In the Mercury you have to go to the Optimax for direct injection/ high tech.
  11. Nothing to be wary about relative to a 4 stroke. It's a simpler technology with less to go wrong/ easier to fix, which makes it a good proposition second hand. It will be cheaper than an equivalent boat with a 4 stroke but it's hard to put a number on it given that there are so many variables in the boats on the market.
  12. Yes wing nuts are a no - no, especially with the new high tech motors with computer management. Use nylock nuts to ensure a continuous electrical supply. I haven't seen those plug type arrangements on the RHS of the isolation switch before. Looks like they would be vulnerable to corrosion.
  13. I think he said it was freshwater in the hull and the boat is being used in saltwater (or maybe that was the previous cases). In any event that would rule out leaking bungs.
  14. A loop knot will signifcantly reduce the lines breaking strain so it is only of use if your leader is a lot stronger than your main line. This may not be feasable for some styles of fishing, eg luring for bream. I use snaps for larger lures which probably help with lure movement and action as well as making it much easier to change lures, of course.
  15. That's what i mean - the only way they will cut immigration is for something disasterous like that to happen. PS: there aren't many votes in it eg look at all the polls on the subject or the lengths politicians go to hide and obsfucate what they are doing. Because it is bipartisan (plus the Greens) they feel that they can ignore the voters wishes.