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  1. kingfishbig

    Water in fuel

    Not immediately but a week or so as I got the mechanic to do it. Actually I have had water get into the internals via a head gasket leaking. In this case the piston rings seized in the cylinder after only a week - ie it was enough time for corrosion to start. But like I said nothing like that has happened when water has been in the fuel.
  2. kingfishbig

    Water in fuel

    Yes but I was talking about carby models - not fuel injected motors. The former seem a lot more tolerant of water in fuel than the injected motors. Eg I have had water in fuel many times with several carby outboards with no major problems. Ie they ran fine once the fuel system was cleared of water. In any case there is not much more you can do except get it running quickly, as you said.
  3. Didn't a published survey only show modest increases in fish nos between sanctuary zones and fished zones for the Batemans Bay marine park? Ie a proper study rather than anecdotes. And given that sanctuary zones are often chosen in more productive areas, that they displace fishing effort to the fished areas and that most of the park is still open to fishing, it can't be said that there is an overall fisheries benefit from the zoning. PS: A NSW government assessment for snapper has shown that commercial catch per unit effort for snapper has actually risen and that the average size has been stable.
  4. kingfishbig

    Trolling motor question

    I think Minnkota has the best reputation for reliability.
  5. kingfishbig

    Water in fuel

    I don't think water is likely to get past the carbies - if this was common then motors would be dying from water ingestion on a regular basis. But the carbies might need a bit more than draining if they have had a good does of water, ie drying with compressed air.
  6. kingfishbig

    Lock out

    Why be so hung up on area management? Plenty can be done with traditional methods for very little cost and disruption to fishermen and businesses that support them. And especially given that apart from a few cases we are not overfished to begin with.
  7. kingfishbig

    Lock out

    There was an 80% drop in angling participation in the Jervis Bay marine park after it was enacted according to a government survey, so they can discourage angling.
  8. kingfishbig

    Water in fuel

    If it is a carby model then it's probably just a matter of drying the carbs with compressed air (might be best to get a mechanic to do it). If it has fuel injectors sometimes they can be dried/ cleaned up if you get onto to it quickly or at worst you will be up for new ones. And of course it is important to work out how the fuel got contaminated and rectify it.
  9. kingfishbig

    Shimano Tld 25

    It should be fine - it would be well known in the industry if it wasn't up to handling 15 kg line.
  10. kingfishbig

    Shimano Tld 25

    Well it has sufficient line capacity for 15kg and enough drag at 10 kg max. So the only question is if the graphite frame and other components are strong enough. I haven't heard of any failures with 15 kg and Alan Tani says they are strong enough, and he services a lot of them. PS: I have hooked some very large sharks on mine with 15 kg line and took the drag well past strike with no ill effects.
  11. kingfishbig

    Shimano Tld 25

    Yes, 600 yards converts to 548.64 m. It depends on the diameter of the line which can vary with brands of course. But like I said a bit under 600m.
  12. kingfishbig

    Shimano Tld 25

    I think it would be about 900m. It will hold nearly 600m of 15 kg line.
  13. kingfishbig

    Shimano Tld 25

    10kg mono is very light for kingies off the rocks. I'd suggest 15 kg mono with an extra long double or leader. You could go heavier but that reel is not really suitable for much heavier line
  14. kingfishbig

    Using Braid with Alvey reels

    Well with a threadline it's no different, ie you hold the line with your finger when casting. It's almost universal practice to have a long mono leader so you don't touch the braid when casting (also adds a bit of stretch, abrasion resistance, shock adsorbtion). It might be a bit hard on your fingers retrieving though as well as the problems of tangles and line twist.
  15. kingfishbig

    Beach Fishing Tackle

    Overheads work well off the beach if you don't mind being a little different. You won't want to go back to a fixed spool reel once you have mastered them.