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  1. kingfishbig

    Popping Rod for the stones

    I got a Gladiator IM10 popper rod at one of the boat shows. I think it was under $100. It's a Chinese knock off but it has a nice action.
  2. kingfishbig

    Soft plastic glue

    The Squidgies (with the metal barb) are no longer being made. There are a few still in the stores in the larger sizes. I have built up a stockpile that should last a few years. They are better at keeping the lure in place than other designs.
  3. kingfishbig

    2008 Honda four 75hp water pumping issue

    First thing I would try is running some heavy fishing line into the tell tale while the motor is running. Quite often it's just a matter of a few grains of sand or slime causing a blockage.
  4. I don't know about bass but there are some huge mullet there and they will take a bait.
  5. kingfishbig

    Too late for many

    Population is stabilizing in many developed countries, even falling in Japan. We'd stabilise at 27 million at then gradually decline if we were running zero NOM. Instead we have mass immigration giving us the highest population growth in the developed World bar Israel.
  6. kingfishbig

    Still no fish

    I have been doing well off Sydney - probably better than usual for spring. Snapper, not in big nos but with mowies, pigfish, flathead, nannygai and even a good sized pearl peach adding up to a good catch
  7. kingfishbig

    Internet ruins the fishery

    The catch data is collected and put together by the DPI, it is what it is, nothing 'vested interest' about it. PS you are making a lot of assumptions and passing them off as 'real life observations'. Eg prawn trawlers trawl over sandy bottom offshore or mud river bottoms scored daily by strong currents and research shows they do little damage to these habitats. Also there is area management - ie there are a lot of places they can't trawl.
  8. kingfishbig

    Internet ruins the fishery

    Not here in NSW. The rec catch is equal or greater than the commercial catch for several popular species.
  9. kingfishbig

    Crackdown on Jetskis

    Thanks for that. I was on the water Sat. Must have missed the Illawong accident by 30 min and I launched at Revesby River Rd ramp (where the second incident was near), too. David Coleman has a petition to ban them from the Georges River on his site. I wasn't sure before but I signed it yesterday.
  10. kingfishbig

    It Comes in Threes, Right?

    Well it's not likely Lanox will wash grease off as it is a grease itself. Like I said I use it sparingly. Some engines have mild steel parts such as bolts so it's a good idea to give them a spray. Bit I think your right - it is not necessary to spray everything under the cowl, just if you are going to use a spray why not something gentler.
  11. kingfishbig

    MEDIA ALERT - Jetskis Georges River

    So do we have a report - I can't find any reference to it in any of the online media?
  12. kingfishbig

    Finding it hard to see why lighter trace works

    Yes with 4 lb braid (it breaks at more than that), and a 9 lb leader I often get the lure back on a direct pull. The thin wire of the jig head will bend a bit and let go of the snag. Plus as I said I don't like losing a big fish so another reason to go a bit heavier.
  13. kingfishbig

    It Comes in Threes, Right?

    The fuel lines will be resistant to petroleum based products, but the cowl seals and water lines may be a different story. So why take the risk when it's just as easy to use something gentler?
  14. kingfishbig

    Finding it hard to see why lighter trace works

    Sometimes they are fishing bream tournaments and they after any edge over the other competitors. I'd rather fish a bit heavier in the leader for situations like the 84 cm jewie that took my bream lure. It will handle quite large flatties too if you don't let them thrash around on the surface.
  15. kingfishbig

    Finding it hard to see why lighter trace works

    On that topic I err on the heavier side for bream, ie 9lb leader (maxima ultra green). It doesn't seem to put the bream off and I often hook flathead and jewies on the bream lures. I got a 84 cm jewie recently that way.