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  1. I'm not sure what some mean by a 'total lockdown' . We will still need essential services, to go out for food and medicines etc. Then it becomes problematic when you lift it. The virus is likely just to flare up again as there is little herd immunity yet. And if we have total lockdown until we have some sort of cure or vaccine, well that could be a year away. That has huge problems of it's own, the economy would be devastated, we will be in debt for decades, there will be despair and suicides. Maybe our present path and reviewing things as they unfold is the best option.
  2. Maybe you can come to an arrangement given that it was a big oversight on his part.
  3. Pity that wasn't noticed when the floor was replaced as the only way to repair it is to cut up the floor and re-glass from the inside and perhaps add some extra stringers or cross sections.
  4. Were the cracks there before you had the floor re - done? The stringer should be tied in to the floor for strength. Have you tried pushing the hull by hand. There should not be any movement.
  5. He probably didn't disconnect the fuel line after his last trip. It is a characteristic of some 2 strokes that sitting around in the heat fuel will leak out of the system and collect under the cowl.
  6. Well on the radio he said boating could be problematic if the boat ramp was crowded. But as you said he didn't rule out boat fishing. He also said he's a bit reluctant to rule things in when if every one does it on his say so then there could be a problem.
  7. The Police Commissioner was just shown on Channel 10 news, and as per his 2GB interview said fishing is OK as long as you obey the distance rules.
  8. Fishing World Magazine has got a ruling from Police Media NSW that fishing is OK. The Qld Government has made a similar announcement. It looks like they have sensibly interpreted the latest edicts and concluded that fishing is a way of sourcing food as well as a form of exercise:
  9. He was talking generally and not just about his boat so I raised a valid point. There was a case on this site a few years ago of a Tournament brand boat which became waterlogged due to a design flaw and the previous owner being overzealous in hosing it down. Also you cant assume that the stringers and transom are sealed properly . It's just good practice to not allow freshwater to collect in the boat.
  10. Well obviously the guidelines are open to interpretation Starlo offered his, I offered mine and you have offered yours. By the way I did not say fishing was 'essential' and also made the point it does not necessarily contradict the allowance for exercising outdoors.
  11. I'm not sure about his reasoning though regarding going to supermarkets is essential and fishing is not. Surely if you catch a few fish then this saves some trips to the supermarket or butchers shop? Plus going out for exercise is one of the approved activities - so how is casting a lure off the shore by yourself any different?
  12. Yes very droll. Have you ever had a boat with dry rot in the stringers or transom? Hardly 'all good' . Also I don't see what the trouble is in leaving the bungs out and having the bow tilted up. It's just good practice which may save a lot of grief in the long run.
  13. It might help if you tell us what rod you are using. PS where are you fishing to need 12oz lead? That's seriously heavy for bottom bashing. Usually 8oz is sufficient for up to 80m depth.
  14. Well they are supposed to be sealed, Ie stringers and wood transoms, along with compartments. But if it was as simple as that no boat would ever have rot or get waterlogged compartments, and as we know they often do.. Also aluminium can corrode if it is in contact with water for a long time. PS: leaving the bungs in means a lack of control - eg what if you get a downpour overnight?
  15. I think you misunderstood. If bilge pumps run in saltwater without problems then of course they will run in freshwater. I thought he wanted to rinse the saltwater out of the pump by running it in freshwater. My point also was that it might not be a good idea to close the bungs and let your boat fill up with rainwater. Fiberglass boats may have wooden stringers and transoms and if freshwater gets into the wood it will cause dry rot. Also if you fill it up with freshwater it might get into compartments and not drain out. It's also conceivable that it might cause corrosion problems in aluminium boats.