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  1. Lungfai76

    Desperate for a fish...

    Tip for Lake Illawarra Windang area, don't fish the deep fast running water, look for sand flats and sheltered areas where bait can hide. Picnic Island, the inside of the mini breakwall or Pur Pur Point. Unless you are chasing choppers. Wollongong harbour is horrible unless you chasing yellow tails 😅 Where are you based? At the moment slimeys and flatties are predominant.
  2. Lungfai76

    Desperate for a fish...

    The mouth as in the breakwall? Local harbour as in Shellharbour? You sure did pick some difficult fishing spots 😁 Good to see you giving it a go, I've kept my rods dry due to lack of activity in the water.
  3. Lungfai76

    Windang, advise needed for a newbie

    No such thing as 1 lure ? In your case you'll be set to grab soft plastics with jig heads to suit the conditions, 1 ounce to 1.5 ounce. Jerk shads or paddle tails to your liking. Depending on conditions and wind you'll have either north breakwall or south breakwall to play with. I've had success between south breakwall and the island with a north westerly. Mix bag of Bream, Salmon, and Choper Tailor. If the Tailors are on switch to hard bodies to save your plastics ?
  4. Lungfai76

    Lake Illawarra whiting

    Mullet creek under the freeway produces nice sized bream on prawns and as for mac rivulet, think you can access it from behind the now empty nursery near the Albion park turn off roundabout. Not sure how to get a yak in there but have walked up to the fresh for bass and perch. If you want to fish the salt at the rivulet best option would be Darcy Reserve near the car dealerships, has a toilet for the kids
  5. Lungfai76

    Parramatta River

    Mainly bread and butter trio aka Bream, Flathead, and whiting. Sometimes a baby jew will give you some fun or if you're lucky a soapie.
  6. Lungfai76

    should i get it?

    Get a yak and make money. Every year not paying for licenses, trailer rego, fuel, and everything else needed to run a tinny/boat is money in your pocket ? Use money made on more tackle and gear ? Win win my friend.
  7. Lungfai76

    Urgent help required

    Stainless steel soap....or anything stainless steel. Rub your hands with some stainless and smell goes away.
  8. Lungfai76

    Hill 60 fishing (slimy mackerel)

    Morning session 6-9 no bites, hooks, or sniffs. Seal was cruising around at 7.30 which was a horrid sign. Will try again this evening.
  9. Lungfai76

    Hill 60 fishing (slimy mackerel)

    Heading here tomorrow morning for a quick session, swell and wind look promising.
  10. Lungfai76

    Landbased Kingfish lures

    This is all I use nowadays, gives me access to top, middle, and bottom waters. This new batch cost me $100 ?
  11. Lungfai76

    Good all in one down South spots?

    Shellharbour Village Boat ramp area.
  12. Lungfai76

    Hill 60

    Went there this morning, bonitos on squirt jigs and got busted by I assume a king on my colt sniper jig. Morning session, started at 5am with mackerels a plenty, then the bonitos came in followed by dolphins then a smoked hook up.
  13. Lungfai76

    Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Used to hunt them with a spotty on a tinny. Scoop up 20 or so, sort through them, put back under sizes and females with eggs and away I go again. Petrol too expensive nowadays so gonna try with the hobie ?
  14. Lungfai76

    Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Didn't think you were land based Rah, always pictured you on a Yak ? On the topic of crabs, is it legal to hunt them with a yak and net?
  15. Lungfai76

    Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Try a different part of the lake.