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  1. Might have to go for a drive down south for that price, need a 3000 to go with my 2500, 1000, 4000. 2500 and 3000 basically same thing so the extra spool would be great 😊
  2. I plus 1 the stradic also but the budget is under $200, it'd be some great haggling to get one under $200 these days πŸ˜‰
  3. Yeah no wire on slugs, just leader or no leader is fine especially for tail cutters like tailor
  4. Baitrunner D 8000, just a little over $200 or the 6000 for just under. Best bang for buck IMHO.
  5. Won't be the only PS, plenty of them over there....... Buried under the sand after getting bogged 🀣
  6. Look for areas which when get a hammering from the wide seas leave a considerable amount of seawater shallow puddles. These places have a tendency to have the weed.
  7. Rock platforms and walls, should be plenty about at the moment. Edit : I usually collect mine at a popular 60 location, between honeycomb rocks and the favourite ledges.
  8. Gotta love cold weather fishing, not a soul in sight 😁
  9. Haven't used the Gliss, just did a search on them German made using Japanese materials. Can't go wrong with that combo πŸ˜‚ My old man used to tell me "Don't buy line you can bite off in a controlled situation" To this day I still test line by biting it, store peeps always look at me weird 😏 Struggled to bite through the hybrid so into the tackle box it went and I've been using it for over a decade.
  10. If you are switching up between slugs, bait and jigs may I suggest a Hybrid line? Jack of all trades line πŸ‘ I spool my beach gear with a YoZuri hybrid 12lb, good cast, good sensitivity, good knot strength and no need for leader 😁
  11. Definately inline hook on the split ring. As for assist hooks, haven't tried using the twisty as a shore jigging jig, might give it a go 😁
  12. If you spinning more for the fun than the feed then debarb the trebles, same hook up percentage but reduce landing due to thrown hooks. Switch trebles to single if you want less exterior hook ups. Reduction in hook up rate but less damaging on fish as its usually mouth hook ups.
  13. Outback will hold your frame no probs, off top of my head I think capacity was 140kg. Older yak is as good as newer yak, main difference for newer yak is the 360 drive system, vantage seats and transom mount. Seat can be upgraded as well as drive and fins etc, but if you are going to upgrade/retro fit you might as well just save up for the newer model. I'd suggest a 2015 as that's when the vantage seat comes in and we'll as under hull transom mount. $1200 is a good price for an outback, won't last long.
  14. Hence the use and abuse, these pliers have lasted so far from the abuse I've put them through while on the Yak. They've gone in the drink, fallen off and bounced around while loading yak onto fourby and been dragged along when dragging the Yak to launch. The dragging caused some teflon damage but other than that they still operate and rust has not shown up yet. For the price they punch well above their weight. My $100 Gerber sits in the garage, I'm afraid to use them as I am absolutely sure I'll trash them while yakking πŸ˜‚
  15. Teflon pliers, use and abuse πŸ‘ I use these ones, pretty good, quick wipe at end of session and haven't had them rust yet.