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  1. Squid attractant, kinda same philosophy as warm jacket jigs.
  2. Deep cycle battery of 60-105 AH (depending on how long you wish to troll for) and definately not a car battery 😁
  3. Haven't touched the lake but been getting good sized bream and black fish in the wash over at Bass Point. By catch of snapper every so often also.
  4. Like other have suggested, single hook over trebles. Longer fight/landing is way better than hook up rate/spit the hook rate 😁
  5. You'd think they'd learn by now but when I was talking with some of them they were clueless on bag limits..... They only knew size limits 🙄 Any day the reel screams is a good day 👍 Yep heaps of fun on 0.6 PE and 12lb trace 😁 Even more fun trying to explain why I kept jerking my rod tip when retrieving, guys with floats out kept looking at me thinking I'd hooked up every time I started jigging the lure after letting it fall 😅
  6. Dropped off the little one for kindy and made my way to Bass Point for a quick session. Got there and there were a fair few people but managed to squeeze in with my 5 foot rod and flicked out a metal to be smashed on the first retrieve, followed by a second, third and fourth within 10 minutes. Bagged out in 30 minutes and made my way home for a late breakfast and a nap. Woke up just after 1 and made my way down again to christen my shore jigging rod. Managed to give it a good workout on more Bonito until 4 when the bite died down. Managed to feed the in-laws, parents and neighbours as well as release double the bag limit 😊
  7. Krause, Bonnie's are firing out near the islands and come in sporactically at the moment, lots of rats but there are a few hoods which busted me off mixed in there. Bonnie's were taken on unweighted pillies out the back of the yak while kings on micro jigs.
  8. Work work and more work so I can get the build going on a new house. Been on the yak a total of 1......yep 1 time in the past 2 years 😂, and that was on Tuesday just gone. Bonnie's and kings firing in Port harbour... Was an arm breaking session and it'll be the last for the next 6 months 😭
  9. Yeah windang is a bust, opening of the channel made for less weed growth which in turn caused reduction in prawn population. You can still get some but it's hard work and due to constant change in the sand flats and new channels developing due to speed of tidal waters it'll be hard to advise where to go unless the locals have found a spot. As for pelican itch, none in lake illawarra last I was there, easy solution would be to get a pair of waders.
  10. Sandwiched between damp ribbon weed should keep them alive for 3-4 days. Replace when you wish to extend length.
  11. Tip for Lake Illawarra Windang area, don't fish the deep fast running water, look for sand flats and sheltered areas where bait can hide. Picnic Island, the inside of the mini breakwall or Pur Pur Point. Unless you are chasing choppers. Wollongong harbour is horrible unless you chasing yellow tails 😅 Where are you based? At the moment slimeys and flatties are predominant.
  12. The mouth as in the breakwall? Local harbour as in Shellharbour? You sure did pick some difficult fishing spots 😁 Good to see you giving it a go, I've kept my rods dry due to lack of activity in the water.
  13. No such thing as 1 lure ? In your case you'll be set to grab soft plastics with jig heads to suit the conditions, 1 ounce to 1.5 ounce. Jerk shads or paddle tails to your liking. Depending on conditions and wind you'll have either north breakwall or south breakwall to play with. I've had success between south breakwall and the island with a north westerly. Mix bag of Bream, Salmon, and Choper Tailor. If the Tailors are on switch to hard bodies to save your plastics ?
  14. Mullet creek under the freeway produces nice sized bream on prawns and as for mac rivulet, think you can access it from behind the now empty nursery near the Albion park turn off roundabout. Not sure how to get a yak in there but have walked up to the fresh for bass and perch. If you want to fish the salt at the rivulet best option would be Darcy Reserve near the car dealerships, has a toilet for the kids