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  1. blackfish angler

    Jew session

    Well done Mike thats a fine bream mate
  2. blackfish angler

    Narrabeen Lagoon

    Used to love fishing that spot some nice photos takes me back
  3. blackfish angler

    15/01/2017 Out the front of home

    Beach Mike
  4. blackfish angler


    Man love mud crabs great eating and by your photo looks like you eat it and loved it .
  5. blackfish angler


    Well done Neil great report and some top fish also nice photos
  6. blackfish angler

    Dubbo Monday 16th Jan

    Well done some fine fish never fished there but in my younger days hunted on a property near Dubbo .
  7. blackfish angler

    The power of the sea !!!!

    John nice post and those photos are great mate
  8. I agree with the lads Kiama is a top spot for what you want to do .
  9. blackfish angler


    All Hen & Chicken has access to good fishing mate but at low tide it is harder to fish being if you wade out into the water there is mud and you can get stuck but if you have waders you can fish it . It holds some fine bream & flathead .
  10. blackfish angler


    Hen & Chicken Bay is one top spot for lures for bream & flathead like Pafisho said at hide tide I have got many a good fish there .
  11. blackfish angler

    Has anyone tried fishing

    Sp are a great way to get fish if you use them right
  12. blackfish angler

    Hmmm,something's odd here.

    Have to agree
  13. blackfish angler

    Lane Cove Luderick session

    Drummoyne Ferry Wharf lads
  14. blackfish angler

    Chiswick fishing update

    Mate it is a good spot for Blackfish I have never used sp there but have seen guys with yaks using sp there .