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  1. Geoffrey J

    New Police fleet

    This is a great inititve, love to see them on wallis lake this season ,
  2. Geoffrey J

    Lockable cover for centre console

    Hi Rozza, Have you taken your boat to a local aluminium fabricator in your area , explained what you want, and see what he can come up with. Most good fabricators are creative. Cheers
  3. Geoffrey J

    Raiders please read this

    This is just another example of why Fish Raiders is a source of information to so many. Members thinking to share their experiences with the rest of us . This is an area I would not thought of checking Fab1 took a great deal of time to create this report so thank you
  4. Geoffrey J


    Obviously the owner was a farmer/grazier always thinking outside the box to resolve a problem, this is why Australians lead the world with innovative ideas
  5. Geoffrey J

    What will you miss from FR the most?

    This can not be happening, I have recently retired and over the last 12 months or so have become addicted to F/R, I am learning so much from the members but so far only scratch the surface of the knowledge that is so freely available. Believe me I have a long way to go and need all the help available. If it is to close thank you to all involved