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  1. thefenno

    Lachlan River

    Cheers mate. I rigged it all up last night, 5-6 ft of leader with an FG knot as you said. I’ll be practicing a lot before I take it out to use it I think. Thanks for the idea with the sinker, I’ll give it a go. Typical, the first day I can practice with it we have storms.... probably not a smart idea practicing outside today then! Hopefully, with a lot of practice and persistence, I start seeing some fish now! Cheers, Fenno
  2. thefenno

    Lachlan River

    Dropped into a certain 3 letter name tackle shop today and spent a small fortune. I bought the grubs and paddle tails to try out. Plus more braid, mono, some jig heads, some spinner baits, a stump jumper, braid nippers..... and then a new rod and real.... I really can’t be trusted in there and a few other auto and building stores that shall remain nameless. But the bottom line is I was all set up for chasing bass on super light gear before and now I’m more set up for chasing cod and yellow belly on a setup that would suit a lot of other applications too. And I get to start learning about the frustration of getting my head around fishing with a baitcaster for the first time! I know I didn’t need it but it looks like a lot of fun once you do the hard work to learn how to use it. Just waiting for a moment to go try out the tips you guys passed on. Hope you’re catching some. Cheers, Fenno
  3. thefenno

    Lachlan River

    Thanks guys for the helpful tips! I’ll be sure to give them both a crack and post any success when I find some. Cheers, Fenno
  4. thefenno

    Lachlan River

    G’day BN, thanks for the tips, much appreciated! I’ll keep at it and try the chicken too. I’ve heard that from one other person too actually. A local mentioned that the bigger cods tend to hit the chicken more reliably around here, so I’ll have to give it a go. I’d like to get out during the twilight hours but I’ve got a four month old boy and that’s prime time for bathing and getting him to bed, and I like being around to help with that. I might try and squeeze one night a week in though. And I’ll persist with the well trodden spots after what you said too. I hadn’t thought of it like that. If anyone else in the area has local cod fishing experience please chime in and add your bit. I’ll take any advice offered, no matter how small. Cheers guys, Fenno
  5. thefenno

    Lachlan River

    Hi guys, I’ve been reading along for a while though this is my first post. I enjoy simming through the articles and photos for all your handy tips and info. I’ve just moved to Eugowra near Forbes and I’m busting to get onto a cod to see what all the excitement is about. Been out scouting spots along the Lachlan and slowly learning how to get set up to entice one on the line. I’m trying both cheese on the hook and lures but would love to get onto them by lure in particular. I’m starting to hit more snag areas with lures in the hope that I’ll get lucky soon. I’ve been out a bunch of times to a few spots but still no luck! I’ve tried 8 mile reserve off the Escort Way and Pilgrim Hill off Lachlan Valley Way. Pilgrim Hill seems like it’s flogged out by loads of people because of the boat access and Eight Mile seems pretty dead too, though I think it ‘looks’ like a good cod spot with plenty of snags. Just wondering if there’s anyone on here that fishes the Lachlan in the Forbes - Eugowra - Gooloogong - Cowra area and if they’re getting anything at the moment? I suspect my timing isn’t the best through the day and late arvo too? I’ve just been to the local tackle shop and bought my first swim bait and have a shopping list for some black/purple and black/red spinnerbaits, a rat and a frog too. All the guys on YouTube and on here seem to be having plenty of luck on those. Any thoughts? Thanks for all the info on here guys, everything helps and I could use all the help I can get at this point! Cheers, Fenno