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    Fishing in Sydney with the kids

    Thanks that’s great
  2. Hi, Whilst I sit here scrolling through the pages of fish raider to calm the "itch" I often wonder how many other fishos are out there experiencing the same problems. With all of us so time poor I don't always get the opportunity to go wet a line and when I do the tide is wrong, the moon is not where it should be, I have chores, the kids don't want to go and so on and so on. I spend ages scrolling through Google maps during quiet times calculating the closest spot to home, the tolls and parking cost, a play ground, field or open area for the kids to play for when they get bored and is it safe. Living in the hills area in Sydney, you are isolated from a "water patch" straight off the mark. I think that is the case in Sydney as a whole unless you have millions to be near water. So I thought I would share some of my spots. 80% of the time they don't produce because of circumstances but it's the challenge to try and over come that I guess. Rydlemere ferry wharf.... It has easy parking area for the kids to play and still visible. Valentia St wharf.... This spot in Woolwich is great. There is a park and parking and fishing here can be good with variety. It is also a good spot if the kids want to fish too. Putney (many spots) boat ramp, sailing club, Putney park....if you want to flick a few lures around and the kids can have a run around. There are a few spots around Woolwich but not much for the kids to do when they get bored. Meadowbank park, I introduced the kids to drain fishing...they love it ?. I call it Urban Guerrilla fishing. Back end of Gladesville there are a few roads that end at the water but again not much for kids. I have been out to some spots that I think would fish well and keep the kids entertained when they bored - Balmoral, mosman, but man tolls, parking fees etc you looking at 40 bucks round trip before any action ? My kids don't mind having a go at fishing but at 10 & 12 find more of a challenge trying to irritate the other one if you know what I mean, so the fishing needs to be continuous which is a tough call. I hope sharing some of these may help any other dads and mums or anyone taking some kids out who may want to have a fish them self and cover some other opportunities. Cheers