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  1. Reel' em in

    Scumbag in Botany Bay

    Some people are discussing they have no respect for other peoples property, I reckon if someone gets caught stealing other peoples crab pot they should have there boat & fishing license suspended for a period of time.
  2. Reel' em in

    Jimmys Beach

    Wow what a catch well done mate
  3. I've always heard about people catching Jewfish from Cronulla beach but never seen one, especially one that big great catch mate.
  4. Reel' em in

    School jew off the beach

    Nice fish mate
  5. Reel' em in


    Nice report mate, and looks like you done a good job filleting those fish. Can I ask what beach where you fishing.
  6. Reel' em in

    Fluorocarbon Leader

    yea I usually wrap it around 5 or 6 times light & heavy line, i might start leaving the tag end a bit longer.
  7. Reel' em in

    Port Hacking Jewfish

    Thanks mate, it was bad mate I've never seen it like that before, it was at least 1.5m swell coming in so fast with that wind.
  8. Reel' em in

    Live bait Port Hacking

    Hi Guys I had a search on the forum for spots to find yellowtail but couldn't find any recent posts, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated, I do know you can find them around most of the wharf in the hacking but it hard to fish as there is always a lot of people fishing off them and I find it rude to fishing there with a boat. thanks
  9. Reel' em in

    Fluorocarbon Leader

    Hi Guys I was fishing the other day and lost a big fish to a pulled knot, in my 25 years of fishing I have never had a knot pull on me before and the only thing I can think of is that I started using fluorocarbon leader in stead of mono, size of leader was 60lbs and knot used was a uni knot, has anyone else had this problem ?
  10. Reel' em in

    Port Hacking Jewfish

    Thanks guys I always try to help people out it's good karma.
  11. Reel' em in

    Port Hacking Jewfish

    Hi Guys When out yesterday late afternoon with the aim to catch a jewfish in port hacking, with only same frozen squid that I had caught a few weeks ago, I decided to try and catch some live bait, we first tried trolling some lures trying for a tailor or two but no luck, so we to headed out to Jibbon for a squid but it was just to rough with the wind hitting close to 20 knots and the swell push in hard & fast we started heading back in to find a spot to fish for the night, as we were heading back in we saw a 10ft tinny struggling to towing a 18ft half cabin back in, I when up beside him and took over the tow, so for the next hour or so we were towing these guy back to the boat ramp at Swallow rock reserve, after getting them back to the ramp safely we looked at the time and it was a little bit past 7pm, so we hurried back to a spot to start fishing and make sure we didn't miss the sunset, we anchored up and through out a few strips of squid and sat back a relaxed waiting for that big hit, about 40min had pasted and not much was happening, I pulled out the 2min noodles for dinner and as soon as I put the first spoon in my mouth the rod started screaming off I jumped up to grab the rod and dropped my noodles all over the floor so I was slipping a sliding as i was fighting the fish and after 5 min of fighting a nice size jew came to the surface & straight in the net, I was over the moon but before I could measure the fish my other rod when off and the reel was screaming it took a nice big run and kept on going I tightened up the drag but nothing was stopping it, it headed around the other side of the boat a started slowing down I got back as much line as I could before it went for another big run with some big head shakes i tightened up the drag a bit more a bag I was off brought up the line to see that it had pulled the knot, this is the first time I have ever had a knot pull on me before but seeing that we had one in the boat I was more then happy, we measuring the fish in at 83cm not the biggest jew in the world but I was happy to see my spot paid off and a good deed rewarder with a good fish.
  12. Reel' em in

    School jew off the beach

    Nice fish there mate
  13. Reel' em in

    Fishing my lucky spot

    Nice fish there mate
  14. Reel' em in

    Never Bring A Knife to a Gunfight

    Great afternoon session you had their mate
  15. Reel' em in

    DY Wide this morning

    Nice catch their mate