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  1. Good stuff - and contact your local memeber and let them know you will change your vote if this goes ahead
  2. Notice that Rec Fishing is listed as a "threat", ironic when you consider how much rec fishing puts into conservation , licence fees etc and every rec fishing haven up and down the NSW coast has seen fishing dramatically improve since the removal of nets- remember the Greens and LAbour are our enemy (Greens because - well they are green, Labour becuase they are pandering to the Greens and have forgotten that fishing is the pastime of the working man) and the Libs are our enemy too- because they think we are the great unwashed and spoil waterfront property values. Say no to every part of the proposal that restricts rec fishing.
  3. The EPA doesnt have much power in NSW unfortunatley but it makes sense , more concrete = more uncontrolled runoff with no natural filtration from soil, plants etc- but dont worry a marine park and locking rec fisho's out will fix that!
  4. You are dead right there. One of my best kingfish spots is in the firing line which pisses me off but the real point is that this is just window dressing as you say- lets look like we are doing something for the environment and go on destroying the Hawkesbury catchment, wrecking the last koala and 'roo habitat around Sydney etc etc. Build more apartment blocks and call our selves gren- Politician =Hypocrite- anyway the only thing that works with these t!@ds is contact their office and tell them you will change your vote if they support the Rec Fishing lockouts. Good Luck to everyone , as I said before its my spot today, yours tommorrow.
  5. PaddyT


    Did you read the legislation- pros are no longer allowed to take undersized fish- previously they were- so now the abilty of pros to take undersized fish is stopped- sheesh!
  6. Time to get in with your objections fella's the outline of the park is in Looks like Wedding Cake Island is gone, large chunk of the central coast from Forresters up to Bataue Bay out to the 80M depth contour, ring your local member and scream at them. If its not your spot today, it will be tommorrow, will go into the proposal in the next few days.
  7. PaddyT


    You are right but its my understanding that some pro's were actually targetting their 10 undersized jewies- at least that will stop, and you can only imagine that if they were targetting them a lot more were ending up dead back in the river. The new regs are a good step in the right direction
  8. PaddyT


    Thats an excellent pig for blackfishing gear-well done. They are an absolute bugger of a thing when they take over a wash and you only have the blackfish gear with you! The float "explodes" downwards rather than nicely disappears and zing , snap no more terminal tackle.
  9. PaddyT

    Outsie fishing

    Good one-enjoy! Keep asking questions and you should get a lot of help here
  10. PaddyT

    Starting the Boat Journey

    Ok cool, side or center console the way to go, gives you allround casting and minimal crap in the way. Have a look at the upperend of the size in any of the name brands- also have a look at TABS (i have a 5.4 CC) Formosa etc especially 2 nd hand- these are "semi" plate boats and are well made. With a side console you drive sitting down (which I hate, especially at sea) , CC you can leave the seats out and have less clutter (I am a bit biased to CC"s)LOts of options out there- go fishing with someone who has a side console and then with a CC , see what suits you.
  11. PaddyT

    Starting the Boat Journey

    In NSW maximum unbreaked towing weight is 750kg- full stop. If it is heavier than that- and dont listen to boat salesmen or the internet- go well under your maximum towing capacity. Because your boat will have add ons - fuel, gear spare tyre etc etc. Which all adds up. Your first question though- 3 blokes (unless they are jockeys )will not be comfortable in a 3.8M tinny, a 4.5M will be OK for inside/calm waters depending on the style of fishing you wish to do- tell us a bit more about what you want to do and then a bit more help will be forthcoming. Also buy a boat that suits the majority of its usage, dont listen to the wife when she wants canopies/toilets/leather upholstered doosiewhatsits when she will only come on the boat once a year.
  12. PaddyT

    Bream Rods with small butts

    Do the mod yourself- hacksaw, new piece of foam, 24hr epoxy (dont use the 5min stuff)- less than $15. Over the years ive modified a heap of factory rods- remove a bit of the tip to make them a bit stiffer, or put a butt extension in or removed a bit of the butt because they didnt quite "balance" for me-give it a go
  13. PaddyT

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Only problem with moving Jon is that there are a lot more drownings on inland waterways- oh wait a minute, maybe that means they will focus on what is actually a problem- Nanny state strikes again.
  14. PaddyT

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Yep , give them an inch in what seems like a reasonable idea and next thing you know- your good fishing spots are gone. This tactic happened in the GBRMP and a few other places along the coast too.
  15. PaddyT

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    What ?10 -11 people per annum in the entire country- why wasnt there a coroners enquiry into Scuba Diving- cause the same number drown every year doing that! (not to mention a few more from heart attacks etc). This is a precurser to a ban, the number of drownings will not drop because of the lifejacket rules and parts of the coast will deemed -"too dangerous" .