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  1. funny what they will eat sometimes- ive seen 3 genuine kilo plus whiting in my time-one was 1.2 kg cleaned-2 were caught in exactly the same spot in Port Hacking on worms-no suprise there-the other was caught on a gang of pilles off the rocks at North Avoca-mouth hooked -well done anyway
  2. wouldnt take the RSPCA into my consideration BUT sure if your going to kill it , kill it quickly and cleanly, dont worry about buying expensive tools I just use a cheap bunnings bradell and a length of nylon coated 7 strand wire. Im really mainly worried about flesh quality
  3. Ive gone through a few of techniques in a previous few posts, will add a few comments here , i find i get very little weed for a few reasons- I use my side scan to stay on the edge of weed/structure, the lures i use seem to pretty weed resistant (Micro Mullets) and can easily be cleared of weed with a hard side swipe without winding the lure in, I also use a loop knot to tie the lure on and find that weed just bounces of that rather than attaching to the hooks. On hooks I generally change the supplied trebles to size 8 chem sharpened - brand doesnt really matter I use Owners and Gamas without any big issues but they do get bent out of shape a bit if you are not careful dehooking fish, i think these actually cut weed rather than collecting it and the fish hookup rate is much better. Also with regards to productive areas I find hard packed white sand areas (like a lot of Brissie Waters) pretty unproductive, my best results are on silty/rock strewn edges with current flow and back eddies. I stick to about 2 knots speed and get most of my hookups down current. With regards to brain spiking -sure flatties are a great eating fish but im always looking to improve the quality of my catch and handling- this is the first time i tried the spiking and wiring up the spine-it was really easy to do. The flatties gave a visible series of shakes as I ran the wire into the spine and went very limp. When i filleted the fish out there was visibly no pink/blood anywhere in the fish - better than normal- according to my wife-who doesnt like white fish much-it was excellent in flavour and texture- which i agree with- i thing the next step for me is a will catch two flatties and spike one and not the other and take some photos and do a blind taste test- will let you know the results
  4. hit the HAwkes again with a non fishing mate ended up with an even dozen mainly just legals which all went back, took home a fish each as my kids have dissapeared for the summer holidays and im headed for the Goldie to chase macks and marlin next week so didnt want to freeze any fish. Lost a stonker which rubbed me off on an oyster lease pole (bricked by a lizard-go figure!) but interesting part of the day was this-ive been playing round with brain spiking and iki jime of late- I spiked, cored(ran wire down the spine) and cut the gills, washed the blood out with the deck wash and chucked into ice slurry. I didnt eat the flattie for 2 days and actually didnt gut it (just left it whole in the fridge)- man -it was -good-! just battered and fried-step up from the norm, will keep the experiment going.
  5. better places up that way for snaps IMHO and much better times of the year to target them than now- my best results around the Hawkes reefs always came in late winter through spring and i used to spend a s!@t load of time chasing reds! those reefs are shallow and get a hell of a lot of boat traffic at this time of the year, look for reef/gravel in 35-50m of water and seee how you go .
  6. ive done it for trout, but honestly livies will outfish lures about a million to one-get more practice at baitcatching
  7. PaddyT

    New Years day

    Glad to hear you are OK-worst fires I can remember in my lifetime
  8. pretty much sums it up-keep handling to a minimum and dont faf around too much with a fish you want to release, the one sure thing is if its in the esky its dead
  9. bag limits the bag limit- Possession limit: The maximum number of fish a person is allowed to have in their possession at any one time. This includes fish that are also stored elsewhere e.g. in fridge/freezer. For the following species or species groupings; Australian Bass and Estuary Perch, Bream and Tarwhine, Flathead species (except Dusky), Tailor, Luderick, Trevallies and Blue Swimmer Crab, the possession limit is twice the daily bag limit. For all other saltwater species, including Dusky Flathead, the possession limit is the bag limit. Copied from DPI- anyway back to original comment-I actually agree with what you are saying in principle BUT-its very dangerous to go to the likes of DPI and admit we actually have a problem with a fishery- they will take a very green point of view and screw us over. The new Deputy Fisheries guy has just come up from South OZ where he allowed a free for all by the commercial guys on just about everything but was responsible for whacking all kinds of restrictions on Rec fishos throughout the state. I dont think kings are in any particular trouble but like most fisheries probably could improve with some thoughtful regulation (maybe slot limits would be a good one), however changing the regulations we have is fairly pointless when the ones in place are barely monitored at all (how often are we all checked by a Fisheries Officer-my last time in NSW was over 20 years ago). I would argue this-SURE have a change but only in exchange for the DPI putting an additional 20 field officers in place. Its pointless having more regulation/laws unless you are willing to police them properly.
  10. youve got that right! take the side plate of and grease it. probably wont need it done before its 10years old anyway if its anything from Stradic upwards in Shimanos range of reels.
  11. 1 kw is for really deep stuff-Hummingbird not really run by anyone i know who fishes offshore-more a estuary setup. I just had my boat refitted with 2 Lowrance HDS live screens and trannies-a 3 in 1 for most stuff and a chirp compatible through hull SS175-600W-so far havent had it out to the shelf but all good. My old 50/200 600W hit bottom in 400m so am expecting better performance from the new setup. Simrad always good, RAymarine etc Foruno make excellent sounders but not multifunction set ups at the reasonable end of the market.I like two screens as i can watch more stuff at once and not have to squint! the joys of crap eyes!
  12. What do you want 1kw for? And what is your budget?
  13. nothing to be jealous about, its a completely different sport