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  1. PaddyT

    bilge pump or not to bilge pump.....

    Dead right Rick, always worry a bit about boats with high "self draining decks" , if you cop a green one and the water is sloshing around on the deck you are in lots of trouble- if its sitting in the bottom of the hull then less so. Center of gravity will be in a very bad place and whooshka- capsize time. Not that "downflooding "is much fun either but it doesnt take much water sitting on the deck to cause big problems.
  2. PaddyT

    bilge pump or not to bilge pump.....

    How would it be pressurised if its got a bung in it? this is a 40 year old boat and just quietly a gas cylinder wouldnt hold pressure for 40 yrs.
  3. PaddyT

    bilge pump or not to bilge pump.....

    How olds the boat? 40 yrs old- I would trust that bung as far as i can throw it- Dont worry that its a sealed floor- cut a hole, install the pump-reseal- and then put another above your floor- as was said above- its something you will hopefully never need but the day you do - you wont regret it. In my boat- I run an overflowing livebait tank- so my bilge gets water in it all the time- and I just pump it out- no probs- but every second trip i clean the boat with the bungs in and flush the pumps out with fresh water. Every trip i check the pumps, lights and electronics- the day before I go out and I too put the bungs in at home (after once forgetting to put them in at the ramp)
  4. PaddyT

    Landbased Kingfish lures

    Paint will come off chrome pretty quick , they used to paint the brass.
  5. PaddyT

    bilge pump or not to bilge pump.....

    And the day you forget the bung? You will wish you had an bilge pump-I love them so much I have 2 in my 5.4 M CC- but seriously answer is yes get one, preferebly 2
  6. PaddyT

    Can I spray this stuff inside my reel?

    in short-no- grease inside your reels, a light spray of inox or tackleguard on the outside- Lanox will become tacky after a while.
  7. Bugger on the big chopper- when they get to that size they are a very different beast to sub kilo fish- the fight seems to go up 2x in proportion to their body size and they are very good a throwing hooks.
  8. PaddyT

    Mitchell 489 bail or bailess?

    Tough, very heavy, pretty average drag- much better reels out their today, there is a knack to casting the bailarm less model- you need to stop the rotor rotating when you cast other wise it grabs the line on its way out and "whamo"" you get a short cast or crack the lure off.
  9. PaddyT

    Battery Box kill switch

    Zoran you should be fine-I cant say ive done a huge amount of deep dropping but one of the key things (and ive only done it on other boats) is that you need to keep backing up into the current/sea so you stay directly over your bait (you can only imagine the belly you could get otherwise)- so you wont be turning the motor off anyway!
  10. PaddyT

    Mitchell 489 bail or bailess?

    just did a quick search on FB and there seem to be a couple of pages there that specifically cater towards old Mitchell Reels- good luck, had an old 499 back in the day, also Fish On at Blacktown has an old reel collection , he may well be able to point you in the right direction.
  11. PaddyT

    Black Queen Help

    little bit of heat on the ferrule
  12. PaddyT

    boat license

    What i dont get in all of this is why the reluctance to just get a licence- solves all the probs, and it s not that expensive- 100% agree with Jon, there are a whole bunch of numpties out there who dont even realise that there are rules that are in place for boats and boating and that theyve been in place for far longer than the rules for cars and driving. Just do it!
  13. PaddyT

    Spec Sheet

    Does the boat have a manufacturers plate ?
  14. PaddyT

    Working out tide times in open water

    every time you get out there note down what you think the tide changes are happening at and compare them to whats happening at Bowen, after a few trips you should have a pretty good idea.
  15. PaddyT

    Best setup for long distance casting 40 - 60g lures

    very few can cast 100m- go down to the footy oval and actually measure the distance you can cast, Number one thing to do is smooth out your technique, you say youve got a small Nasci eggbeater- what size?15lb braid or mono?if its mono you wont cast as far because its heavier and once a lot of line is off the spool it becomes harder for more to leave if you get my drift. I spent 25 years of my life chucking metal off the rocks (mainly with an overhead and various rods-FSU 4120, Syneder FT70-120 and my last stick was a CAlstar 900M , they were all 10 ft long and would hit 100M with a 65gm raider if I did everything right. I also have an extended magsurf (extented to 10ft) that i use for light surf fishing and that will easily get a 40gm lure on 15lb braid 100 with a flick of the rod (its very tippy and needs a "snappier throw than the heavier overhead outfits)-it gets used with a eggbeater. Also have a look at your leader set ups-short leader with no knots going through the guides helps a lot