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  1. fish with your reel in gear and then you wont miss them
  2. all good until a marlin eats your string of slimies😁
  3. Was out Monday and got mine at Quarantine-no probs at all, they move around a bit, but once the sun was up they went off the bite. I find the key is to be aggressive in your approach to catching bait- if i dont mark them on the sounder IMMEDIATELY MOVE- i very rarely burley- usually only when i have a good school marked and they wont bite, Usually fill the tank in less than 20 minutes using this approach.
  4. 25kg çuda-bl!@#y hell Rick-you could probably smell that from Sydney!! Lake Mac has some weirdies at time-interestingly whilst we consider dollies to be strictly an offshore fish there seem to be a few places in other parts of the world were they can be targetted from shore- search youtube and there are quite a few videos from the Meditarranean and what i think is Okinawa.
  5. I actually saw a sail get weighed in at Narooma in 1991- from memory it was in early Feb, so yep can confirm that one, on that same trip the guy whos boat i was on hooked a wahoo so must of been warm water at the time.
  6. Got a nice scar on my thumb from a tailor many moons ago-however it all happened so quick that im still not sure if it was teeth or the treble i was trying to remove! HAd a couple of near misses with spotty and spanish macks (which is why they get introduced to Mr Club before they enter my boat these days)
  7. Yeah they used to pee me off livebaiting Tomaree- but the spring run was different- they were big fish-6+ kilos and they chasesd whitebait with a very single minded attitude, i wonder why the run stopped- the Hawkesbury im guessing was water quality but PS?
  8. Easy way to tell the difference is stick your finger in its mouth- if you end up screaming in pain-its a longtom- if you dont-its a gar!!!
  9. Im old enough to remember the very good spring runs of big mack tuna that we used to get in Broken Bay and Port Stephens- my first decent tuna was an 18lb mack tuna on 6lb line- I was 16 (Sept 1984)and if id been an GFAA it would of been a junior world record (ah well), i hooked that inside Flint and Steel and landed it 45 minutes later outside Lion Island. The spring runs havent happened for many years , some older guys than me reckoned they would push up as far as the railway bridge if the water was clear (no floods). The spring run at PS lasted a few more years but for whatever reason it doesnt happen anymore- and its not due to a shortage of mack tuna- they are still in plague proportions just a little bit further north- when i lived in SE QLd we called them scungies and spent hours trying to avoid them.
  10. Ive caught a very nice Spangled Emperor in the harbour off the ïsland " at Balmoral Beach trolling a minnow . Also an Amalco Jack (Highfin Amberjack) in middle harbour, small coral trout off the rocks at Avoca, a reaaly good Estuary Cod out of Cowan Creek ,plenty of marlin within 5 kms of the heads-so sure you can catch tropicals (not that marlin are tropicals) around Sydney-i just wouldnt waste my time targetting them, they are incidentals.
  11. I think Frank's got the right idea- port side corner- drilling holes in aluminium is no big deal (as long as there above the waterline!!) - this will be offset by the starboard driving position anyway- just think before you drill.
  12. Show a picture of the back of your boat-
  13. Think about how they feed-mainly a sight predator-generally(and before some one tells me they saw one at Wisemans ferry) water clarity is key-they are common in Pittwater, can be caught around Flint and Steel on big high tides, rare in the mainstream of the Hawkesbury and certainly get seen and caught in Cowan Creek. In dry speels the clear water pushes higher upstream so logic says the chances of getting a king upstream increase. However I would stick to the lower reaches of any system to increase your probability of encountering a king