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  1. PaddyT

    How much anchor rope

    Simple rule of thumb - chain same length as boat and 3X the depth you are anchoring in and the same again in spare rode.
  2. PaddyT

    kingfish setups

    Easier to learn to use an Alvey than a Newell, Waz is right, Alveys are no longer "fashionable " but they are damn good gear, must admit I flogged mine off quite a few years ago when I switched to 99.9% boat fishing,. Also flogged a Seascape 621 Major , 3 sets of gears, a Snyder FT70-120 2 FSU 4120's , Penn Senator 6/0, MT 9120 LBG Stick, couple of Shimano Speedmasters and a whole bunch of LBG crap that i no longer use. Kept a very nice custom made Calstar overhead spin stick that I had built for the north coast and no longer use but cant bring myself to unload . Times have changed thats for sure, as i was winding up my LBG fishing most newbies were fishing braid and "locking up" on everything- including longtails (and loosing heaps of them) which can easily be landed with a bit of clever rodwork in most circumstances.An Alvey or an overhead gave the best control of a fish in close to the rocks because of the ability to freespool or give controlled release of the line when needed and instantly put more pressure on. Locking up on a lot of fish just drags them into the rough stuff faster.
  3. PaddyT

    whiting rigs?

    For the surf up the hook to a size 2, bit of red tube above it, running ball sinker works fine as does a paternoster , beachworms the way to go
  4. PaddyT

    Bulk/cheap bait

    Catch your own
  5. PaddyT

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    Not so sure about that-parts is where the dollars is- most car manufacturers and I would imagine most builders of any sort of complex machinery have very profitable spare parts business's, cant imagine that BRP arent doing well out of this. Reliability or otherwise BRP are fighting against a changing tide, its my understanding that market share of all 2 strokes has declined in the USA (hence Mercury's move to 4) and is predicicted to decline more. Sometimes perception is more important that reality.
  6. PaddyT

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    Pick your days and do it in the boat youve got, at your stage of experience get a lot more time getting to really know the boat youve got and when you move up to a biger more seaworthy one you will be fine- my first boat was a 16ft quinnie and I spent nearly all the time with it outside- plus that size up to about 20ft is very versatile for all sorts of fishing. My current ride is a 5.4M TABS center console which can be a bit wet and uncomfortable but it is very seaworthy and I am regularily on the shelf with it- pick your days and you will be fine- become an avid weather watcher (dont rely on apps on your phone) and you will be fine
  7. PaddyT

    Seagulls in the dark

    Yeah-nah- seagulls are scavangers, very rarely see them on bust ups chances are they were scared of their evening sit down spot- most unreliable bird there is for finding fish
  8. Just keep fishing until the whole packet is gone, then go home, more fishing time, problem solved! Seriously though just leave them in their original packets.
  9. PaddyT

    kingfish setups

    The blokes got a budget of 200, Alvey will do the job fine , cheapest eggbeater that will do what he wants is over $250- and it depends on the territory he wants to fish, short rods are fine on platforms like Jervis, Avoca etc but next to useless on the north coast ledges- and the OP is from Brissie-
  10. PaddyT

    Quintrex ID for new boat

    Yep im thinking Fishraider- repaint may or may not be a problem, ask the owner about it and how and who did it-home job could be a prob, 4.5 M fishraider with no level floatation will be bum heavy with 125kg on the back. Plus 1 on lifting the floor , they were a good hull for their time but very light weight- 3mm pressed Al, Typical motor for it would of been a 2 stroke 50Hp which would of weighed around 85 kgs, an extra 40 is a lot.
  11. PaddyT

    Quintrex ID for new boat

    No way is that a 90's boat- 1980's model, will probabaly be very bum heavy with a 4 stroke on it, make sure you take for a drive, also have a good shake on that T-top.
  12. PaddyT

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    Parsley Bay gets fairly regular drive throughs by the local constabulary but I have had a trailer stripped there too, but can i suggest the following- for a small fee i know the houseboat hire places (if they have room) will allow you to park in their lockups (or at least they did in the past), give em a call.
  13. PaddyT

    Avoca tailor

    Read your other report-you need to be on the rocks a lot earlier, a good hour before sun up is when the tailor will be on the chew, the bite is usually finished before sun up.
  14. PaddyT


    Yeah Ok, definetly need the braked trailer, still reckon you will get a few hundred for yours- someone with a private boat ramp , or doesnt care about rego will take it. Good luck , $4K for an al trailer sounds pretty good to be truthful, not sure you could get a Dunbier gal trailer for that.
  15. PaddyT


    How bigs your boat Geoff?