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  1. yep-when fish are following and not committing an excellent option is go smaller and go faster-gut the first fish you catch and have a look at what they are eating
  2. Match the hatch-probably the real key to success with pelagics. An arsenal of a few metal slices of varying sizes, a few long, slim soft plastics and a couple of hardbody poppers/stickbaits will put you on the road to success with bonnies and kings. Speed is important, both these species live for it when it comes to lures, white is an excellent colour choice.
  3. ahhh superstition-a wonderful thing!
  4. Glad to have given a decent guess-i had a couple of rectifier issues with an old Evinrude i had and your problem triggered something in my head-apparently easiest way to cook the rectifier is either reverse the polarity of your battery or change batteries when the motor is running- i learnt this the hard way many years ago
  5. oh-most important info to stay safe using a downrigger-have a set routine . This is mine 1. boat in gear moving forward-down sea is safest 2. rod in holder bail arm open 3. downrigger bomb tight up against arm 4. put hook through bait (i mainly livebait) and feed it out-i usually drop it back about 10 meters 5. clip line into clip 6. wind the downrigger to depth (i never let it fly out, too many whacked knuckles, and braid or wire getting under the downrigger spool )-about half water depth is usually a great starting point-also if your depth guage on the rigger di
  6. Ive got a Scotty 1085 thats 9 years old and cops a flogging-i usually run a bit of line out (first thing you should do is pull the wire off and chuck it and put 200lb braid on) and drop the bomb in the side pocket of my boat-its fine there. When im not using the rigger i wrap the bomb in rags and stuff it into an old bag so it doesnt roll around. The clips arent that great-i just use a 400lb gamefishing snap swivel-until it loosens up use your pliers-if you have any other questions ask away.
  7. Very worthy post Neil-the health of our rivers and rural communities are consistantly ignored by the media, the pollies and us city folk. Well done
  8. yep-also pretty good for trolling lures for flathead , would be good for trout too (just havent been out for them since i got mine)- spotlock is just the bees knees
  9. Sea anchor-worth their weight in gold
  10. Heaps of good kingfish in many places around Sydney, ive listed the places off the ocean rocks on many occasions and there is a thriving landbased scene inside the harbour. I dont think large snapper are a reliable target in the general area full stop-boat based or otherwise but pannies-no probs-a Northern Beachs guide called Alex Bellisamo targets them all the time off the rocks, tuna have NEVER been a reliable target around Sydney even in the LBG heydays of the 70's and 80's-places like Whale , The Ovens and North Head had fish but not consistantly , thats why the Jervis BAy and north coast
  11. Much less tidal current in Cowan-its very deep in most places , can be tricky to fish
  12. Cmon Bob-if you want noise then a Tiagra is the way to go-nothing sounds like one going a full speed.
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