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  1. PaddyT

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    thats what im hearing shame im trapped at work1
  2. PaddyT

    Most stress free company to do boat licence

    My son did his with the "alphabetical " company- i operated on the theory that he didnt need to learn habits off me!! They were fine and local , i got my boat license before my car license - i was only just 16 I think- we used to have access to a holiday house on pittwater and I used to spend the whole time I was there tearing up and down Pittwater and out to sea in a 12ft tinny with a 15hp Evinrude- then one day i got pulled over by one of the old "Maritime" inspectors. the conversation went like this--"G'day- those rego numbers are a bit faded" - ahh yeah- "do you have a boat license"-ahh no-"Ok its school holidays- I am the Brooklyn Office next Wednesday- ill book you in for your exam"-ahh OK- See you at 10 next Wednesday. And I did- I went to the Brooklyn Maritime office and he talked me through my test-cant imagine that happening today, probably be fined , boat impounded- etc, etc.
  3. PaddyT

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    Read the tutorials on the wedpage- but go fishing- caught fish when conditions are meant to be crap and missed out when its meant to be great
  4. PaddyT

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    Charts indicate that a big "downwelling " is parked off Sydeny and has been for a while, usually this means dead water-we got a few micro dollies yesterday and heard a bit of chat about spearfish down at the Southern Canyon, there was lots of baitschools in the 50fathom area north of the heads, plenmty of birds and a fair number of dolphins- but no fish
  5. PaddyT


    Its worth it Sam- gamefishing aint cheap and this is just one small part of the cost
  6. PaddyT

    Shimano TLD 50

    Not exactly suited to gamefishing, level winds wont hack it
  7. PaddyT

    Dual electric outboards

    Sounds like these a re a bunch of mates trying to do it on the cheap so the added cost of license/rego bigger motor etc etc is something only they can judge- im just trying to give them info
  8. PaddyT

    Dual electric outboards

    Only if the driver has a license, 15 hp will push a 11ft tinny well over 10knots
  9. PaddyT

    First boat info

    Gees 2 k- sounds very cheap but that could be to your advantage- my main concern would be the condition of the hull and the condition of the trailer, motor would be third on the list- any idea of vintage?
  10. PaddyT

    GME GX750 Marine Radio Problems

    Ok sounds a bit new to be badly corroded- i just replaced a 6 yr old one on my boat which is a center console and I abused the crab out of it and eventually the microphone cord wore through- radio itself was ok but couldnt adjust squelch any more- see if you can pull the squelch knob off and check if the post still turns- marine VHF is line of sight, I doubt you will get a pick up- maybe of the repeater (VHF 21) but unlikely
  11. PaddyT

    First boat info

    Whats the boat? And the price?
  12. PaddyT

    Dual electric outboards

    This- a small outboard - 6hp will move an 11ft tinnie no probs is going to be cheaper to run that an electric, batteries will kill the economics !
  13. PaddyT

    GME GX750 Marine Radio Problems

    How old is it- also have you tried on high power or accidently flicked the switch to low? They have a lifespan to them- dials tend to get clogged with salt and crap and corrode. It could be time for a new one as the squelch knob is probabaly dead. But do all the basics first like pull all your leads out , polish them with a bit of contact cleaner and see if that helps
  14. PaddyT

    First boat info

    Frank's offer is very generous BUT a few obvious questions; whats the boat? , make sure you do a REV's check<, used boat market is very competitive so dont buy the first thing you see>
  15. PaddyT

    Ever seen one like this?????

    Nothing like it on the Australian Mueseum id site, was it caught in Newie harbour might of come from ships ballast