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  1. caught them at Empire Bay as a teenager- but mainly rockfished after that- Jacksons at Avoca and the Skillion were my two best spots up that way.
  2. Lake Lyell was packed with campers on Sunday when i drove past it
  3. Sorry got mixed up earlier-reset to the WGS84, and go into your settings and reset time. Electronics are great but only if you use them correctly-marks are as follows 33°50.797' S (Latitude), 151°17.988'E (Longitude) (WGS84 datum)
  4. Question-how much more will the family really come out? And is it worth losing fishing space for an extra trip or two a year. By the time you whack a cabin on a 5m boat youve made it harder and more expensive to tow, slower and less fuel efficient on the water and a complete pain to fish from. If your primary use is fishing you will regret anything that takes away deck space
  5. And it didnt have 10 other boats on it?- Jon is right you need to reset your GPS to the 66 format for most data in Australia, only problem with US bought GPS is that it might be geolocked-which means that you need to find your own marks or do the conversion. The arti stands out like the proverbial on a sounder.
  6. PaddyT

    Bimini Twist

    i did and he didnt answer my questions on the details of the failure he experiences. Agree braid needs leader but the double is important .
  7. PaddyT

    Bimini Twist

    ive got to disagree with you here- Rod Harrison the fishing writer wrote a series of articles back in the 90's when braid use became more widespread and the massive advantage that a bimini gave in a braid/mono leader was that the bimini provided a shock absorber to the whole system, he regarded it as being essential and the article was backed up with data from a series of tensile tests. The best kingie fisho i know (who also happens to be a well known Sydney guide) uses bimini/improved albright both charters and his own fishing , fast to tie and they dont fail.
  8. PaddyT

    Bimini Twist

    So what got cut? leader or main line? Braid doesnt like abrasion much, flouro is probably better than mono for abrasion but doestnt withstand shock as much as mono and becomes brittle with use-IMHO its a waste of money, first kety of reducing tackle loss around the rocks is good line control.
  9. PaddyT

    Bimini Twist

    used to spin with a short double to the lure a lot - assume you are using mono as your main line?
  10. yep or Thompsons Creek or Walarawang for trout
  11. going to say it again-its closed season, and there aint no bass west of the great divide!
  12. umm-its closed season for trout in rivers- and there aint no bass west of the great dividing range.
  13. its a good place to catch bait, but it gets hammered- ive pulled kings off it but in general hanging with the crowd for the odd rat king isnt something i do. Its pretty tide dependent for kings and personally i think its in a terrible location-it gets heaps of slop bouncing off the cliffs- must be in some kind of ""resonance"" zone as its always rougher at the arti than right next to the cliffs or a km or so wider. Essentially for me its a bait ground.
  14. PaddyT

    Weather conditions

    First things first-take your boat out on a bit of flat water- run it slow, then faster, then flat out- play with the trim as you speed up/slow down, turn at various speeds and trim combinations, run it into the wind, run it down wind, get a feel for it in a small swell- especially ""downhill"", a poorly trimmed vessel can easily broach if driven without care when running down sea. Walk before you run.