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  1. Im in Brissie at the moment and the boat is in Syd , but the rams would be approx 150mm long im guessing so total travel would be part of that taking the ram housing into consideration-its a good guess depending on how accurate you want to be
  2. PaddyT

    Reel spray

    Tackle guard
  3. Depends a bit -when the motor is trimmed right down it moves slowly till its about a third up, then it moves quickly for the last 2/3 to the top. Im guessing about 3 seconds for the first stage and about 4 -5 for the second-its a Yammie F100
  4. have a look on youtube , there are quite a few vids-also maybe talk to your local outboard dealer and see if he will lift it off for you and store it for a few days while you do what you do-might be a cheaper and simpler way to do it.
  5. Did you actually read my post-i gave you 9 spots that have livies
  6. Livies in the harbour can be tricky when they are hit day after day-whilst i will always respect Bobs fishing abilities, in general i catch my livies with sabikis by sounding up schools and bombing them. The only time i use the bait and handline trick is in winter, however the key is often this-BE ON THE BAIT BEFORE SUNUP- Roseville probably contains yakkas and a whole bunch of other baitfish-i see them bubbling , i see them on the sounder but in general , i catch them at The Fridge, The island , the Arti , the Centurian, the Dunbar, the other wreck off south head, The colours, Longie at Litt
  7. Alex-what are you in a rush for - these sort of FG boats can be chock full of hard to see and hard to fix problems. Assuming you are brand new maybe reset your sights to a bare bones tinnie- any structural issues will be obvious , easy (relativly speaking ) to fix. You can add bits, modify it and your fishing sights will be expanded enormously. There will always be other boats-also buy in winter time- they are always cheaper!!
  8. Beach always has swimmers-even at dusk and dawn-as a kid i caught about 8 million tailor off the rocks there (it was one place that my parents were willing to take me -they would beach, i would fish)-chucking small metals or floating strip baits under a float.
  9. They are actually pretty good chewing once they get big enough- but they are an absolute bugger to fillet and skin-and forget scaling , that seems impossible!!
  10. You want the inflow at the top and the outflow as well- if the outflow is at the bottom you will loose water unless you have a closing valve in place-and you will forget to close it sooner or later and end up with a dead tank. There are plenty of y pieces and t pieces available at Bunnings in the garden irrigation isles if you want to play around. Inflow is better at the top too as it means more oxygenated water in the tank
  11. Accidently killed a couple of birds over the years-once managed to hit a gull with a full blooded cast with a big metal lure at Terrigal Skillion-it was instantly dead-must of been the most uncoordinated seagull on the planet as generally they are pretty good at dodging . The other was a mutton bird -got tangled in my line while i was spinning up striped tuna on light line , unfortunately for the bird a tuna ate the lure at the same time and dragged him down deep for long enough to drown the bird. Easiest way to handle birds is put a rag or towel over their eyes-they become a lot calmer. Funni
  12. nothing wrong with knocking one on the head , once they are tailwrapped they do tend to run out of puff really quickly , had one at the boat nearly dead inside ten minutes a couple of years ago-once we towed it around for a while it revived but im guessing if the fight went another few minutes it would of been all over for the fish.
  13. Might be a little early for macks , but dollies and kings should be around. There are a stack of livebait grounds off Coffs- the closest is the bommie just north of Muttonbird, there is also Bullocky straight out the front(excellent spottie mack grounds), the Trag grounds to the north, the close bait grounds to the north east and the wide bait grounds out the front of Split SOlitary , should be kings at the big island, maybe a 'hoo or two. Go to the big tackle store and you should be able to get the marks for all those bait grounds-just be aware of the marine park boundaries. I fish there a fa
  14. PaddyT

    FG dramas

    use a rizzuto finish in it after the hitches-the other important thing to do is sinch it up before fishing -or dont waste fishing time by tying it and use a albright.
  15. Nope-light weight 10-12 ft rod, 8lb mono leader- you can use braid off a light spin reel no probs-i use a baitrunner with 8lb braid as the ability to control the float with the baitrunner function is much better than opening the bail arm-if you want to go old school use a centrepin-you need a few different floats to suit sea conditions -calm seas big float/lots of chop /swell current-bigger float-weight the stem so they stand up by themselves in the water and just add a few split shot below to get the bait down to depth-some float stoppers , hook choice is fine but size 6 and 8 the sizes you n
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