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  1. PaddyT

    Nambucca Heads V Wall

    Piece of rope
  2. PaddyT

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    Another "semi fluke "" capture for me was this jewie I caught on a jig in Moreton Bay , marked some bait and bigger fish on the sounder , both my young bloke and I hooked up but I got mine (thinking all the way to the boat I'd hooked a small cobia) and he lost his.
  3. PaddyT

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    Yeah think its a black cod -was mainly concerned about getting it back in the drink-it bit my son (holding the fish) veery nicely right through the gloves he was wearing but it went off fighting fit- we did cheat however- it swum into a crap pot- and ate 3 blue swimmers in the pot! I reckon there are more of them than we realise in Cowan.
  4. PaddyT

    The 'freak wave' myth

    never good , had the joyful experience of finding a suicide on a rockfishing trip many years ago, hope your mates are ok
  5. PaddyT

    Furuno sounder reading

    Peter i believe there is an Australian Furuno owners FB page that one of the Furuno Australia tech guys frequent. They might be able to help you out with your particular problem- i never have issues with my Lowrance (not starting a brand discussion here) but agree with above comments-kings tend to show as streaks across the screen for me- this is an indication that they are moving at a reasonable clip (as they do)- good luck.
  6. PaddyT

    The 'freak wave' myth

    Sure Noel, but the stats are being manipulated by the mainstream media, Surf Lifesaving. Interestingly (and as a swim school operator ive looked at the stats for the last 15 years) Royal Lifesaving dont and never have listed rockfishing in their top 5 concerns- they look at drowning as a whole, not piecemeal . The lifejacket thing is being trotted out to reduce access and as the poor unfortunate soul above showed will not always lead to a positive outcome . A few more deaths when the victim is wearing a jacket and the clamour will start on banning certain spots all together on the grounds of safety. Ive said this before and will say it again-if conditions are such that you need a LJ, or you are that poor a swimmer or are that uncoordinated that you cant prevent yourself from falling into the water- then really you shouldnt be rockfishing. I rarely rockfish these days but will argue tooth and nail to keep access open for those who want to.
  7. PaddyT

    The 'freak wave' myth

    um -yep- no suprises there at all, sadly a fisho drowned at a well known spot last weekend whilst actually wearing a LJ. It also has to potential to discredit those people and organisations trying to improve safety if they rely on these kind of narratives. This sentence sums it up for me- why the ""B*()DY H$%L should I wear a LJ after nearly 40 years od rockfishing when the reality is - I aint going in the drink_______??? LJ's are not the be all and end all to rockfishing safety- next solution coming from the do gooders will be to simply ban it. I also note that the report also quotes the true statistics -153 in 13 years compared to about 650 at surf beaches in the same and more than that on inland waterways
  8. PaddyT

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    Yep done that- last time i left a rod vertical in the boat , lay em all down now
  9. PaddyT

    A quick flick for salmon

    The joys of being a dad! Asked mine if she wanted to go for a fish one day next week- nope - got Metro Swimming dont want to spend a day outside, Ok how about the rifle range- ah nope thats not on either, Year 10 formal dress shopping dad?- ah nope , I dont want the blame for a bad dress choice hanging over my head- ill keep trying!
  10. PaddyT

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    ill think of some stories later but i think i can solve your mystery- caught Cowan a couple of years back (released unharmed)
  11. PaddyT

    Lowrance HDS7 Live - anyone have one?

    Interesting Jon, am just about to organise an upgrade so will let you know whats said
  12. PaddyT

    live bait-slimes-yakkas-squid

    arrow squid are all through there as long as it hasnt been peeing with rain- find weed beds around the boat moorings, im the boat wreck up at Cammeray holds yakkas but i tend to fill up faster in other spots past the Spit
  13. PaddyT

    Lowrance HDS7 Live - anyone have one?

    Ive got the HDS Gen 2 which im looking to upgrade- getting a quote on that and full rewire of boat next week- ive not had any issues with my two transducers in 7 years of pretty hard work-ive got the Side Scan and the 600W 50/200 on the back, $500 for a new 'ducer sounds a lot - i know the Lowrance ones are in the $300 ball park even for the side scan
  14. PaddyT

    JewFish in Pittwater

    'round the corner and up the river- start there
  15. PaddyT

    Whales and Flathead off Sydney

    Occasionaly they do whack a boat, Steve Starling had footage of when he got whacked a few years back, personally im not a fan of travelling in the dark at this time of the year- i dont think whales are all that bright but my method is make a s much noise as possible - motor on, sounder on when they are nearby- although i have heard stories of the male ones getting a bit stroppy with noise making boats- its an ever increasing hazard.