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  1. PaddyT

    Crowdy Head

    Fished further north a month ago (Coffs)- very good mackie bite up there thats still going
  2. PaddyT

    Mobile Marine/Auto Electrician

    Its a fuse gone for sure that runs off the battery to the switch panel- shouldnt need a sparky for that
  3. just run a painter rope from your bow with a clip (caribeener) , drop the reef pick over the side of the boat and get it hooked up, then put an overhand loop in the anchor line and clip the loop to the caribeener, it will swing to the front of the boat, when pulling up just drive off to one side , it will straighten the prongs and you can pull in from the side- much safer- or even better use a float to lift your anchor.
  4. PaddyT

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Do what i did- grab a couple of Uzis and reskirt them with a pink squid- work fine- so leader size- I reckon for Uzi's and other little lures 60-80lb is fine, for 6 inch skirts I mainly run 150lb, for large I run 250-300lb but I am not targetting blue marlin- the guys I know who do run 4-600lb, Id rather get the bite and worry about the result later- as for wire Baz- re rig them , chances are it will have micro rust all through it after that long- I usually rerig a lure after a couple of fish- or even one if there is a lot of scuffing. I fish windons so only use 3-4 m leaders- the cost of a couple of new crimps and a few feet of leader is pretty small when compared to the cost of the lure or the pain of loosing a good fish to a rigging error. Ive told the story before but last year I fought a small black that I hooked on a bait jig- it took 30 minutes for that fish to wear through the baitjig nylon- so again get the bite first, heavier leaders will get less bites
  5. PaddyT

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Yep, at the end of the day the boat driver is the most important person on a marlin boat-as for dollies, quite often changing it up is the key- if trolling doesnt get a bite- try spinning, try poppers, i find floating stickbaits to be very effective- use the walk the dog retirieve- or long thin soft plastics. Jigging works well as do livies. Small yakkas generally go down a treat- not so much the big ones- sometimes downrigging can be deadly, run the bait 15-20m down bigger fish can hang a bit deeper. If livies arent getting whacked then deadbait, if you are seeeing fishing keep trying different thinks until you get a bite
  6. PaddyT

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    Yeah always fun- my usual briefing is this- When (not if) we hook up (always start the day on a positive note) your job is winding machine- if your not on the rod- wind everything else in, if you are on the rod- wind and keep winding until i tell you not to!! And dont touch the spool or the drag - unless i tell you too.
  7. PaddyT

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    nice report- chase after 'em straight away dont let 300m of line out unless you have to (like on a double hookup) and if that happens -back the drag off - dont palm the spool . Better luck next time
  8. PaddyT

    How does everyone rig their live squid?

    Sure does, miss a lot less fish downrigging with the treble in the bait, only downside is that it does hook rats a bit deeper so i try to hook the fish as early as possible to avoid gut hooking
  9. PaddyT

    How does everyone rig their live squid?

    I downrig live squid with a 7/0 or 8/0 livebait hook through the front (snelled on) and a size 2 to 1/0 3 x strong treble at the edge of the mantle- this is for kings, for jews i use a pair of 6/0 suicides/beak hooks.
  10. PaddyT

    Giant Trevally Habitat range?

    Targetting them in NSW would be hit and miss at best, ive caught them at Coffs (small ones) , and the odd really good one turns up at the 9 mile off the Tweed River every couple of years- but "targetting" them would be a bit like chasing unicorns- evn the Sunshine Coast is smaller fish- target kings instead
  11. PaddyT

    Sienna Reel problem

    Yeah, interesting, is it a reel i would buy to run braid over-no- but i just looked on the Shimano website and it does say "will hold stacks of braid", maybe look at the bail roller and see if you can tighten it a bit- BUT that style of roller is long and narrow - which gives braid less chance to grab it and turn the bail roller- so maybe thats also part of the problem- a few fast moving fish like rat kings, the braid starts to cook off if the roller aint rolling. I hate to say it but for chasing pelagics you really need to get something a bit better, however you do have the right under consumer law to be sold something "fit for purpose", if i was Shimano i would change their advertising of these reels as they really are toys.
  12. PaddyT

    Big tailor NSW

    Just as an addendum, the record for tailor in my Anglers Omnibus 1969 edition was a 21lb speciman caught at Pelican Point-Norah Head-will try and dig up a copy and scan it in- I will make the following points though- big choppers are rar and rarer than the used to be, the hang around specific spots and are a totally different fish to a little chopper. My biggest is only a 6lb fish- funnily enough my first on a lure that i caught off Mugs at avoca when i was 14 years old (now 51). i lost a serious specimen in Lake Conjola that was double that and attached is a photo of my then 4yr old who pulled this out of Noosa river (with a bit of help from dad in 2002)- they are around
  13. PaddyT

    Big tailor NSW

    Well said Jon, there is a good reason not to publicise good catches too much.
  14. PaddyT

    Daiwa BG 3000 or Stradic ci4+ 3000FB?

    Stradic- every time
  15. PaddyT

    So we got what do we do !?!

    Sunday arvo looks ok, rest of the weekend not so good