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  1. yeah-got to watch artillery up at Singleton on a cadet camp many years ago-missiles sure would be spectacular. i did see a few fishos down on Crocodile about 4 years ago-but thats a rope in job as far as i can see.
  2. So others can point you in the right direction-which is what ive done-there is billions of words that have been written on the subject but Between the Lines puts it altogether in a straight forward way-and its not contingent on using Pakula lures , the principles work no matter what you are hanging out the back. oh-and BTW the man himself is incredibly helpful if you contact him-having said all that i would also point out that i have been involved in the capture of about 20 marlin and hookups on about 40 more-i think there are far more qualified folk than myself to write such an article.
  3. hmm bombed or fall off the cliff-im not sure which id prefer-wasnt Eves where the parkies forced a guy off the rocks into a boat a few years back? on the grounds that he was a danger to himself-
  4. Zoran-honestly no need for anyone to write anything about pelagic trolling-just go to Pakula's website and read and watch the Between the Lines stuff-its all been written before
  5. i thought eves ravine was gone too-access closed
  6. i actually highly doubt that there are any genuine Pongrass parts left -if you want your windscreen done there are lots of boat trimmers out there that will do it no problems
  7. A few things to help with trolling spreads-if you cant turn sharply and i mean sharply you are going to miss opportunities-case in point last year out on the shelf i spotted a nice blue finning down current in front of the boat- spun 90 and got the lures in front of his face and got the bite- dropped him 30 seconds later but thats another issue- i would still maintain that without riggers you are better off with less lures in the water- as for getting more bits from micro dollies on the FAD -i would say thats neither here more there- a lot of the time a " dead" running skirt like a bullet or a
  8. got ya on that one but as far as i can see Zoran is trying to run 5 lures with no outriggers which to me is pushing the proverbial uphill- anyway he needs a tag line return - that drop back is an issue
  9. Dropback could be a problem on strike-why dont you just run the rod from the rocket launcher? 5 lures is over kill in general , by the time you position them correctly its rarely worth the trouble. Good rule of thumb in a small boat is crew +1- so 2 POB=3 lures etc. I do have outriggers on my boat but the best use for them is trolling skipbaits. Anyway to solve your return issues you need a tagline setup-this will also solve the dropback issue
  10. yep agree with that-pulled some excellent trout in walking distance from the dam wall off the rocky points
  11. Yep lots of water in those rivers, i have been up there hunting , just remember its still closed season
  12. you forgot Lake Lyell (which also has bass and now redfin)-reminder that Thompsons Creek Dam is lure and fly only
  13. BAck end of Feb through to Mid May -but yeah late March is usually good anywhere on the North coast
  14. gaiters-you will be fine , there is heaps of water up in those rivers at the moment
  15. Saw my first red belly of the season last week near Oberon- its wriggle stick time again!
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