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  1. pretty much sums it up-keep handling to a minimum and dont faf around too much with a fish you want to release, the one sure thing is if its in the esky its dead
  2. bag limits the bag limit- Possession limit: The maximum number of fish a person is allowed to have in their possession at any one time. This includes fish that are also stored elsewhere e.g. in fridge/freezer. For the following species or species groupings; Australian Bass and Estuary Perch, Bream and Tarwhine, Flathead species (except Dusky), Tailor, Luderick, Trevallies and Blue Swimmer Crab, the possession limit is twice the daily bag limit. For all other saltwater species, including Dusky Flathead, the possession limit is the bag limit. Copied from DPI- anyway back to original comment-I actually agree with what you are saying in principle BUT-its very dangerous to go to the likes of DPI and admit we actually have a problem with a fishery- they will take a very green point of view and screw us over. The new Deputy Fisheries guy has just come up from South OZ where he allowed a free for all by the commercial guys on just about everything but was responsible for whacking all kinds of restrictions on Rec fishos throughout the state. I dont think kings are in any particular trouble but like most fisheries probably could improve with some thoughtful regulation (maybe slot limits would be a good one), however changing the regulations we have is fairly pointless when the ones in place are barely monitored at all (how often are we all checked by a Fisheries Officer-my last time in NSW was over 20 years ago). I would argue this-SURE have a change but only in exchange for the DPI putting an additional 20 field officers in place. Its pointless having more regulation/laws unless you are willing to police them properly.
  3. youve got that right! take the side plate of and grease it. probably wont need it done before its 10years old anyway if its anything from Stradic upwards in Shimanos range of reels.
  4. 1 kw is for really deep stuff-Hummingbird not really run by anyone i know who fishes offshore-more a estuary setup. I just had my boat refitted with 2 Lowrance HDS live screens and trannies-a 3 in 1 for most stuff and a chirp compatible through hull SS175-600W-so far havent had it out to the shelf but all good. My old 50/200 600W hit bottom in 400m so am expecting better performance from the new setup. Simrad always good, RAymarine etc Foruno make excellent sounders but not multifunction set ups at the reasonable end of the market.I like two screens as i can watch more stuff at once and not have to squint! the joys of crap eyes!
  5. What do you want 1kw for? And what is your budget?
  6. nothing to be jealous about, its a completely different sport
  7. mainly the Hawkesbury but have done it in other systems as well
  8. I have 3 Dexters , they are perfectly ok knives, i guess my point is this-is the whole filleting knife thing a bit wrong- does a short blade, stiff knife give better filleting results than the traditional long blade. Ive never liked overly flexible blades but with hunting knives have gone to a blade that is only a couple of inches long and can butcher a deer over 100kgs no probs. Im going to play round this summer and see what i think.
  9. you dont need anything fancy, i use my light spin rods which vary from a couple of Stradic s in 2500 and 3000, A couple of light Diawas that i still own for some reason all on light spin sticks- they have braid from 4-8lb on them and i generally use a meter or so of 8-10lb mono as leader- I have a 300m spool of Vanish sitting in the garage so thats what gets used at the moment-10lb i think. Bigger lizards will sometimes get the lure down deep but i cant say ive been chewed off virtually ever- the key is use low rod angles and soft hands (this stops pulling the hooks as well). As i said before i mainly use Lively Lure Micro Mullets in pink but i retrofit them with fine gauge chemically sharpened trebles. When running 3 lures i chuck 1 corner out at 10-15 meters behind the boat, the center rod about 30-40m and the other corner about 20, then i can turn sharp corners without tangling but the adjustable rod holders are key to this, otherwise hold your rod.
  10. yeah not a fan of very flexible blades.
  11. Went flattie trolling yesterday-i mainly concentrate in water 4-6 FEET deep- deepwater trolling requires a lot of thought,excellent boat control and some pretty specialised lures-shallow water just is easier. We got 18 or 19 yesterday in one tide (and that included the first 3 hrs of the runup which in my books is the least productive)-i lost count TBH. I mainly use Lively lures micromullets (always in pink) and Berkely flicker shads- an elcheapo lure i bought a few years back at $3 each-i have about 50 of them still in wrappers (a life times supply)- I usually run three lures at staggered distances so i can turn corners without tangles and use Scotty adjustable rodholders which enable me to keep the rods horizontal to the water. I just chug along at idle or on the electric, 90% of my strikes are running with the tide and we rarely miss or drop a fish. I usually retrofit my flattie lures with little chemically sharpened trebles . I always make sure the lure is bashing the bottom. Other colours work sometimes but white catches too many cockroaches (bream) so i generally stick to pink. I also try to run near structure using the sounder to stay out of trouble-rockwalls, weedbeds, boulders oysterrack edges. Flattie trolling is a lot of fun and generally very productive- i do a fair bit of it in spring and even mid winter it gets flatties.
  12. just having a rethink about filleting and knives, was chatting to a well known Sydney charter operator a few months back and he is also an excellent fish processor and he only uses cheap,short blade paring/slicing type knives for filleting because it gives him better control over the blade. Now on another aside i bought a "havalon" knife as a new hunting knife recently and it is awesome to use- it uses removable scalpel blades and does an excellent job. So this morning i was filleting a few flatties and tried a very sharp, stiff GP kitchen knife ive had for years and lo and behold- it was a lot easier to control the blade and i filleted and deboned the flatties quicksmart! HAs anyone out there got further thoughts on this-im certainly going to persevere with the experiment.
  13. My understanding was this- the same guys organised it year after year after year, when they couldnt do it any more (and i dont know the reasons why) no one else took up the cudgels.
  14. closer to the sea the more kelp
  15. are you busting off? or pulling the hook? If you are pulling the hook then up the size to a 4/0 which is what i use for live herring for jew- a two hook rig misses less too, but still fish with the reel in gear, your best chance of hooking up is on the hit.
  16. fish with your reel in gear and then you wont miss them
  17. all good until a marlin eats your string of slimies😁
  18. Was out Monday and got mine at Quarantine-no probs at all, they move around a bit, but once the sun was up they went off the bite. I find the key is to be aggressive in your approach to catching bait- if i dont mark them on the sounder IMMEDIATELY MOVE- i very rarely burley- usually only when i have a good school marked and they wont bite, Usually fill the tank in less than 20 minutes using this approach.
  19. 25kg çuda-bl!@#y hell Rick-you could probably smell that from Sydney!! Lake Mac has some weirdies at time-interestingly whilst we consider dollies to be strictly an offshore fish there seem to be a few places in other parts of the world were they can be targetted from shore- search youtube and there are quite a few videos from the Meditarranean and what i think is Okinawa.
  20. I actually saw a sail get weighed in at Narooma in 1991- from memory it was in early Feb, so yep can confirm that one, on that same trip the guy whos boat i was on hooked a wahoo so must of been warm water at the time.
  21. Got a nice scar on my thumb from a tailor many moons ago-however it all happened so quick that im still not sure if it was teeth or the treble i was trying to remove! HAd a couple of near misses with spotty and spanish macks (which is why they get introduced to Mr Club before they enter my boat these days)
  22. Yeah they used to pee me off livebaiting Tomaree- but the spring run was different- they were big fish-6+ kilos and they chasesd whitebait with a very single minded attitude, i wonder why the run stopped- the Hawkesbury im guessing was water quality but PS?