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  1. lol so we are not allowed to say we are going to a Chinese restaurant tonight because I have identified a certain race and now i'm a racist ? then they need to pull down all Chinese restaurant signs and any other nationality food all over the world but I get what your saying and wll continue with fishing, Thanks.
  2. I did not post anything racist racist ˈreɪsɪst/ noun 1. a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. "I had a fear of being called a racist" synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist; More adjective 1. showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another. "we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at a newsagents"
  3. Best to increase the penalty of the guilty ones and fisheries officers need to get more pro active but its all about money putting fisheries officers on the ground to check fish etc, costs lots of money and I know i'm stating the obvious. Don't get me wrong I hate this as much as you but we need the innocent until proven guilty laws to stay or we will all be in big trouble letting the Government have us found guilty then we have to prove ourselves innocent,it would be a dictatorship. no i'm not a greeny. I believe in capital punishment for some crimes that have been proven without a doubt but let the law run its course at the end of the day humans are more important than fish just as humans are more important than trees etc etc thats the bottom line,their not going to give you 50 lashes for taking under sized fish or killing ants etc etc,the punishment has to fit the seriousness of the crime,we can do our bit in Australia just like we try to do with greenhouse effect but at the end of the day if the rest of the world is not doing the same thing or it will have no effect no matter what we do and we are the only ones doing it,well we are wasting our time and punishing ourselves while everyone else in the world enjoys the riches of life, at our expense. Example:1 Why should I have to throw back certain fish and get punished for it when the rest of the world is allow to do it and the effect of that law unless the rest of the world is doing it will be pointless and has no effect. I let an under size fish go here in Sydney only to find 3 months later that fish was caught by someone else in another country who keeps it regardless of what our laws says here,so we are being punished for doing the right thing while the others in other parts of the world are enjoying the riches of life we are not allowed to by the laws here. Example:2 We pay the highest electricity rates in the world to help do our bit for reducing the Greenhouse effect and global warming but in most other parts of the world they are buying our coal cheaper than what we get it for ourselves increasing the global warming,we sell something to another country for cheaper than we can make it so we don't pollute the world,that at the end of the day and bigger picture will not work anyway.So we here in Australia once again are being punished by laws made up to save the world while we are the ones only doing the saving and everyone else lives up life at our expense. We are the only ones saving the world,everyone else is living a nice life at our expense. Deep thought Anyway i'm with you
  4. unfortunately and in some cases fortunately thats how our legal system works. I know you know that but if they change the law then people will be guilty until proven innocent and a lot of people would be in Jail.
  5. I see a lot of all nationalities fishing off the rocks doing the right and wrong thing from safety to legal limits etc. The Asians love to fish and its just a statistical thing that they get caught more often doing the wrong thing legally and safety wise.
  6. They wont show much info about the boat or faces for legal reasons / innocent until proven guilty or they leave themselves open to defamation etc,even though they got caught red handed they have to face court so a judge can view the evidence and find them guilty only after they have explained why they have these in their possession. If you suspect illegal fishing activity report it by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043536
  7. Happens off the rocks and anywhere land based too.
  8. Great white right click the link and open in new tab in your browser.
  9. Big swell on this weekend,take care. Saturday 9 September Strong Wind Warning for Saturday for Sydney Coast Winds West to southwesterly 20 to 25 knots, tending south to southwesterly 15 to 25 knots during the morning and early afternoon. Winds reaching up to 30 knots during the morning and early afternoon. Seas 2 to 3 metres, decreasing to 1 to 1.5 metres later in the evening. Swell Southerly 2 to 3 metres inshore, increasing to 3 to 4 metres offshore during the morning. Weather Mostly sunny. Caution Large and powerful surf conditions are expected to be hazardous for coastal activities such as crossing bars by boat and rock fishing. Sunday 10 September Winds West to southwesterly 10 to 15 knots tending south to southwesterly 15 to 20 knots before dawn then becoming variable about 10 knots in the early afternoon. Seas 1 to 1.5 metres. Swell Southerly 3 to 4 metres, decreasing to 2.5 to 3 metres during the morning. Weather Mostly sunny. 20% chance of a shower. Caution Large and powerful surf conditions are expected to be hazardous for coastal activities such as crossing bars by boat and rock fishing. I haven't been fishing for a couple of months ,first chance i get and bingo, big swell on,seriously bad timing or what,anyway 99% its going to be way too rough but I will do the 1.5 hour drive there and back just to be 100% certain,if rough I will drive back home. Wish I could pick my Lotto numbers like that.
  10. Bare Island Bombora on a big day in the 1960s. No its not me !
  11. Hi, that picture above is where i fell in and nearly drowned in the late 70s when I was a young teenager. Very rare you survive a fall in the Murk. The rope pulley system was still functional in the 70s - 80s although very rarely used. Never been back since my close call with death. I stopped fishing off the rocks for awhile and learned to swim and joined a local Surf Life Saving club where I became a good swimmer and did rescue people from the beach and rocks at my local beach for a period over about 10 years.I did a lot of fishing off the rocks during this period as well as surfing,this has given me great respect for the water and how unpredictable it can be,its very easy to drown,you swallow to or 3 mouthfuls of salt water and your in trouble with vomiting,trying to stay afloat while vomiting is very hard unless you know what your doing. I am now 54 and obviously Im not as fit as I use to be,I still take chances but I dont push my limits and I am now aware of the dangerous where as before I was not,being aware of the dangers is a vital part of the problem,if you are not aware of what could happen when your fishing that spot on that day,it will be too late too plan some sort of action when your in the drink fighting for you life. Always plan an escape route,always watch the rocks before you fish for about 15 min and be prepared for the worst not only for yourself but other fellow fisherman fishing next to you. Never turn your back on the sea unless its dead flat. Stay away from the old sewerage outlets ! Too slippery, too dangerous,Too high if you go in,Too many things to suck you under, caves etc, everything you can imagine to be bad will be,very high risk. Judging by that picture above, fishing those islands on that day would have been suicidal. Thanks Thanks
  12. Hi, I normally fish a rod length deep,if you start catching those pesky cod your too deep. If im not getting anything I will adjust my rig up to fish less depth but I wont fish less than a meter deep. Start deep then work your way up every say half hour. Good luck !