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  1. jenno64

    Port Hacking

    You always manage a nice platter Yowie and congrats on the cracker croc, very healthy looking fish and released to terrorise baitfish in the spring!
  2. jenno64

    More George's River Mulloway

    Nice work Joe! I've had some success with those Samikis on big flatties. Well done on the Mullo, I should get back up the river and have a go soon!
  3. jenno64

    watsons bay blackfish

    Very nice indeed!
  4. jenno64

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    Awesome catch there and great conditions too!
  5. jenno64

    Botany tailor

    Nice session, how was the water quality?
  6. jenno64

    Lake Macquarie Flathead drought breaker

    Nice way to bring up a PB....pšŸ˜‰ersistence pays off
  7. jenno64

    Quicky before work

    I'd imagine that made work a little more pleasant! Nice inkers!
  8. jenno64

    Port Stephens Jewfish

    Serious brace of jewies...well done and great pics too!
  9. jenno64

    Port Hacking reddies

    Yowie You own the Hacking....another top reports ....great stuff and a great feed too!
  10. jenno64

    Brisbane Waters Flathead

    Cracking lizard there and beautifully marked! It's a great feeling to land a few bigguns in one session and even better when celebrate with coldies:)
  11. jenno64

    Port Hacking Tues

    That's a great bag and reds at that sized cooked whole are a great feed! Not to mention the crabs:)
  12. jenno64

    Sunday arvo squid session

    Nice inkers.....gotta take advantage of the weather!!
  13. jenno64

    Boomerang Beach

    After your recent investment and a solid return, I'm tipping your next two hours will double the haul! Nice reward of tings too!
  14. jenno64

    Jewies off the jetty

    Lovely work and a great pair!
  15. jenno64

    Beach Rewards

    Great session!