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  1. Awesome feed! Great weather...doesn't get much better:)
  2. Great work Pickles! Your catch will be worth a fortune!😁 Would have been a magical day on the briny:) How far out is that sort of depth up your way?
  3. Nice work Bob. It sounds like you may have saved a life here! Good for us boat ISS to read reports like this as it helps us prepare for when things go wrong and we may need to provide assistance.
  4. Hi Neil I use a paternoster rig in deeper water with a sinker to make sure the bait gets down the bottom in a current. Other wise in shallower water an appropriate sized ball sinker to a trace of 50-80mm of 20 lb trace.
  5. That is a cracking bag for a public holiday Mass! What bait/ lures did the damage?
  6. Awesome result as usual Scratchie! The early starts are doing the job:)
  7. Bought the prawns from a bait shop in Beverly Hills😉 Any sand flat in the Hacking has a million of the poddies at this time of year!
  8. Collected some poddies yesterday arvo ready for a bash in the Georges this morning. Launched at Kurnell about 8:30am and tried for some squid but the water still seems a bit murky. Tried a favourite spot for nada and decided to head to a spot I have fished from the shore. Over the next hour or so I picked up four flatties, two in the 50s. Dropped a couple more after some solid takes. As the tide turned I headed up the river to a couple of deep water spots to no avail but tried another drop-off and picked up three more fish with a small area. Headed back to a couple of deep water spot
  9. Water was still pretty murky for the Hacking and the morning was cool but overall beautiful fishing weather:) Yowie's mat usually looks like a seafood platter! I'd like to have his results on a consistent basis:) I bet the Murray is flowing well! Hope you get a cod or something else on your list! You can always catch yabbies:) I'm sure you'll getyour usual feed next week!!
  10. Got myself organised yesterday collecting poddies and picking up some live prawns for an early bash this morning. Headed out before sun up to a cool breeze and trolled poddies in the deep water up near Yowie Bay. Salmon were busting up big time and a few other boats got stuck into them with various lures. My first fish of the day was a shovel nose ray on a live prawn! Soon after a legal flounder smashed one of the poddies. The flatty and tailor followed came on board, both on poddies. I lost a coupe of good fish on the live prawns in the deep and got a glimpse of a rat king that spat the
  11. Nice work, those lures work well in the shallows!
  12. Nice work...those bream are corkers!
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