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  1. Had a cracking afternoon kayak session on Friday after an early launch on the lower Georges. Collected only a few poddies in the morning and trolled them around on the run in for a while heading upstream to a better bait spot. Loaded up a bag limit of nice sized poddies on the top of the tide and started fishing the flats for not much action. I waited for the tide to gather some momentum about two hours after high and fished the deeper water. First fish was a fiesty flatty around 65-70cm that slipped out of the lip grips and jumped out of the net with a spectacular vertical leap. I was thinking it wasn't going to be my day but I was wrong and in the next 90 minutes the action was insane. Next fish was a king on my lighter rod that gave me some stick for a couple of minutes. Was stoked to measure it at legal! Following drift produced a double hook up with a 60cm mulloway and while I was releasing it another king smashed my bigger rod. Next up was a nice flatty just over 60cm and another rat king to follow that was released. Shortly after another double with a smaller flatty released whilst the heavier rod went off with another king. With only a few dead poddies left I headed back to the ramp and had the bigger rod smashed by a 72cm flatty which I took into the shore to video the release. A memorable session and all while I was being buzzed by huge cruisers and cowboys on jet skis. I'll post some links to my Youtube channel soon.
  2. Great bag over the two days....enjoy the feed:)
  3. Nice haul, they all look like siblings....same size!
  4. Great haul and very healthy looking fish:)
  5. Awesome bag:) Keep the reports coming!
  6. Hard to tell but one thing for sure, you'll be back there to have another crack. Keep note of the tide you fished and try again with same livies:)
  7. Nice work The fillets have started:)
  8. Cracking fish to start the croc season, I'd be revisiting the spot soon:) What tide did you get her on?
  9. Great report and I follow your channel as I'm local. Keep it up! What were tose spots on the last bream you caught?
  10. jenno64

    Birthday boy

    Happy 15th! Great day out for a birthday and I wish I could coax my 15 year old away from his PC for a day like that!
  11. That's a memorable fish on light gear, great camou and well done on the eventual release!
  12. Congrats on cracking the metre with a beautiful fish. Worth the long paddle:)
  13. Nice work on the mullos! May the metre be close:)
  14. You always manage a nice platter Yowie and congrats on the cracker croc, very healthy looking fish and released to terrorise baitfish in the spring!
  15. Nice work Joe! I've had some success with those Samikis on big flatties. Well done on the Mullo, I should get back up the river and have a go soon!