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  1. jenno64

    Port Hacking again

    Nice work Yowie, how do you eat the tailor....smoked?
  2. jenno64

    Port Hacking

    Very nice fish there, great work!
  3. jenno64

    Plastic lesson and PB Flathead

    Great PB there Antony and it sure pays off to spend time with someone who is having success with a particular tactic. May the PBs keep coming!
  4. jenno64

    Central coast

    Great pics Regan....two questions....are you using a GoPro and how do you find tose Diawa Double Clutch on the flatties?
  5. jenno64


    Mouthwatering post!
  6. jenno64

    Finally a good catch of whiting

    simply delicious!
  7. jenno64

    Sydney kingfish.

    Great footage well done:)
  8. Great post and magic fish...especially without the sounder! Congrats on the PB for the boat!!
  9. jenno64

    botany bay 20/01/2019

    Well done on the keeper and the stack of baits for future trips!
  10. jenno64

    Diawa Double Clutch Colours?

    Ghost Ayu has got me some good flatties and they look just like light coloured poddies on the sand.
  11. jenno64

    Lake Mac snaps

    Nice work on the reds in the lake, top one looks like a corker!
  12. jenno64

    Kurnell Flick

    Well done Ribs, you ventured far from the Wonnie and did OK!
  13. jenno64

    Flatties on the bay including 76cm model

    Great idea....I just replaced mine in 10 seconds yesterday as I dropped into the Life Aquatic at Mona Vale to pick one up. Should have grabbed a spare but will do next time!
  14. jenno64

    tasmania fishing

    Well done, that charter sounds like great value and Hobart is a great place to stay!
  15. jenno64

    Botany bay rat kings wed 16/1

    Great post and well done on not following the mob of sheep, less hassles and happy days!