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  1. I didn't get out for a fish on the weekend but have been eyeing off a calm midweek after work session. This arvo the forecast was for light winds but I hit the water at 5pm and it was blowing about 15kn from the ENE. I pedalled to my first spot and threw both rods out ready to drift back with the strong breeze. Just as I put the rods down both were hit on the drop and it was one first cast. Got one good size hood in and immediately threw the jig back near the other hooked up inker. Bang and on again so within a few minutes I had three squid in the landing net at the same time! Dispatched these
  2. Great session with 5 mulloway! you must be doing a few things right and hopefully the PBs will keep coming! What depth were you getting them in?
  3. Crusher I've seen the squid go very quiet when the dolphins come through in the bay, I also find if you find one big hood there will be usually another in the same spot😉
  4. Great Post and what a stonking bream! Great sessions you've had!!
  5. Hit the bay for and hour this arvo on a squid mission for a weekend bbq. Great conditions and started on fire with three good sized hoods within the first five minutes. Things then went pretty quiet and there was a lot of snotty weed in the water fouling my jigs. Picked up a bait sized model on the way back. Back at the ramp by 6ish with cleaned tubes ready to go this weekend!
  6. Nice work Corro!
  7. jenno64

    Bate Bay

    Nice work Dave! That reddy would have brought a late arvo smile:)
  8. Thanks Dave, just had a nice feed of panko fillets, first ones for a while:)
  9. Great result Great feed, great release and great memory!!
  10. He'll be sharing that story with his classmates this week! Great fish!
  11. Headed out into the Georges this morning to fish the last half of the runout. Had a few livies collected from a wharf in Port Hacking yesterday and took a few lures as well. Tried a few deep spots for no fun but found the first lizard on the last of the run out near a drop off. I continued to fish this spot for an hour as the tide turned and picked up another two good fish. Kept all three (58-62cm) as I haven't had fresh flatty fillets for a while. Now cleaned and ready to eat this week:)
  12. Yowie When you have a bad day in the Hacking its a good indicator for me not to launch the yak for an arvo bash! Looking forward to your next smorgasboard!
  13. Nice work Yowie Great mixed bag and you sure make the most of local baits! i'm on a two week break so I'll be out there myself soon:)
  14. Cracking fish, great post, even better advice and the fishing gods will pau you back for releasing the gnarly bugger😜
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