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  1. Nice flatchaps there, I like the thinking behind getting your son to fish with a lure cos he winds the bait straight in🤪
  2. Nice work Yowie! No whiting hunt today? You picked the best day of the week:)
  3. Great day out getting 2 over 75cm! Shame about the big girl, she must have been well and truly spent:( I landed a PB at 97 on a hard body years ago and managed to get the deeply hooked HB out with some delicate surgery before releasing her at the base of a private house slipway. She sat on the bottom for a while before the wind came up and I'm hoping she swam off. I feel pretty good about the many 70+ lizards I've released over the years and hope we all keep reaping the rewards of upgraded PBs for years to come:)
  4. Larkin....on fire! Well done on a mixed bag with a beautiful flatty and released with the utmost care.....the fishing gods will repay you soon:) I'm keen to get amongst the bait sized squid in PH so I might have to pick your brain:)
  5. Yowie nice work on the quiet😜I knew you would get out this week before the weather turned nasty how was the water quality? plenty of fresh expected over the next couple of days….I’ll be waiting until next week🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Sounds like it wasn't your day Pickles. It will only make the next successful trip even better. Once the weather clears you'll be all over them! Hope the phone hangs in there:)
  7. One theory is that all the dynamic lifter people put on their lawns in spring gets washed in with the rains. I used to find it was around in September to October then disappears, its a shocker when lure fishing!
  8. Sounds adventurous which beach?
  9. Great work Dave. Good session before the rain sets in!
  10. Great shots there! that sounder pic tells me you’ll get one soon!
  11. Nice fish when I first saw the big it looked huge! Wishing you double that on the next outing🙏
  12. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would knock back whiting fillets….enjoy!
  13. Great haul some good eating and bait size there! what size jigs?
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