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  1. jenno64

    The entrance prawning

    Sweet as! Were you wading the shallows or scooping in the deeper water?
  2. jenno64

    Hawkesbury session

    Well deserved:)
  3. jenno64

    Port Stephens- something different

    Good to see you on a real fishing platform Scratchie😁 Nice catch and choice conditions!!
  4. Amazing fish there, it's a great month to be on the water during the week and you sure have nailed it....very impressive!!
  5. jenno64

    Solo botany king fest

    Cant you staple two together? Great numbers though...must have been a workout!
  6. jenno64

    Nice flatty released on the Georges

    Best to do some research and find a shallow sandy area that holds poddies. Set you trap with only a few inches max of water over it...the poddies stay on the surface:)
  7. jenno64

    Nice flatty released on the Georges

    Just bought a Miller inshore barra rod for my new stradic so won't be shopping for a while but I have a couple of beefy replacements that are one piece and long buts, not so good for the yak but should do the job:)
  8. jenno64

    one(s) that got away... land based harbour

    Great read....gets the blood pumping!!
  9. jenno64

    Good day on the hacking!!

    Nice work and well done on the king!
  10. Hit the river this morning at 7am to catch the middle of the run out with a few livies in search of a jew or flatty. Once I was set up I realised I left my lifejacket at home 😢 and after watching the previous night's news and realising the river would be full of cops on jetskis and maritime boats, I decided to ask one of the waterfront owners to borrow one for the day, which worked out well, thanks Rocky! Dropped my poddy trap in and prospected with a blade and a diver over the flats but things were pretty quiet. Came back to check the trap and found a few nice 120mm poddies and a few smaller ones so it was out to the spot and down with the baits. First drift saw one of the rods get some attention with some nervous twitches and the first bait had been kidnapped. Next drift saw a good bend in the rod and I was on with some good head shakes. Soon after a very fit and long flatty slipped into the net but a vertical launch and death roll somehow "high sticked" my rod and it was RIP T-Curve😱, this rod had accounted for some very good fish over the past 5 years including my metre jew a few weeks ago! I managed to lip grip the girl and slide her onto the hull of the yak before pedalling over for a release video. On the lie detector she just tipped 80cm and I slipped her back into the water for a nice release, including a bit of acrobatics through a branch in the water. Had another drift and a large poddie was mauled by what I think was a jew that grabbed it tentatively and let go leaving a crush mark and a fair few scales missing. The big westerly hit about midday and it was time to pack it in. Now for some rod shopping.😏
  11. jenno64

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Very nice healthy specimen:)
  12. jenno64

    Yuuge Snapper

    Top fish in very nice conditions...makes for a memorable trip!
  13. jenno64


    Cracker barra and brilliant pics too....congrats!
  14. jenno64

    Port Hacking Sunday

    Bruce That is a quality seafood platter and a corker of a blue swimmer, top stuff!!
  15. jenno64

    Port Hacking

    Nice work Yowie, the jewie would have been fun on a handline...I got one bang on 70cm last week and had the same thpoughts about shrinkage:)