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  1. Love the fail story....would have made a good video! Congrats on the lure's first fish!
  2. Great session with a top bag & pics too!
  3. Thanks for your comments guys, I'm looking forward to getting back to Sydney and planning another mission:) Whiting are biting in Port Macquarie:)
  4. Delayed report from last Friday as a mate and I launched at the mouth of the Georges after collecting some poddies around 7am. With a full moon on the day a huge high of 1.86m had the poddies spread out everywhere but I finally gathered a good load. Headed up river on the last of the run in and had no customers around the bridge pylons but a little further up river I lost a poddy to a smash and grab raid. Shortly after my lighter outfit gets hit and a soapy around 60 comes up. Midway through the fight my heavier rods gets smashed and the rod holder flips the rod 180 degrees with the but pointing to the sky. By the time I released the first fish, this fish had taken a fair bit of line on a looser than normal drag. I turned the yak in its direction and started the chase, retrieving line and soon after up came a silver ghost which I slipped into the net. Not bad action in a 5 minute period! The fish was caught in about 30 ft of water 45 minutes after the tide turn. I fossicked around some deeper holes then turned back down river as a strong northerly came up around 11am. Only a few hundred metres from the launch site, my lighter outfit goes off over a drop off and up comes a very healthy flatty which I lip gripped, took into shore and released after a few celebrity pics with the jew. Nice to get a jew over 80 and a flatty over 70 on the same outing;) I've been chasing off the Port Macquarie beaches but have added a couple of videos from the day; - excuse the raw amateur quality and the length
  5. jenno64

    Dead fish

    Very sad and I think the impact will become more noticeable over the next few months and even years.
  6. Nice platter as usual Yowie! Interesting about the crabs too!
  7. Great vid - you certainly had the action for a while at your boat!
  8. Sounds like you have the Hacking sorted:) Great flatty for your grandson, was it on bait or a lure?
  9. Awesome king, shame about the fish kills....these fires sure have had far reaching impact on just about everything!
  10. Go Scratchie You guys always get your reds!
  11. Nice work on the two days out! Great vid too!
  12. Amazing catch and even if you didn't find the whiting those worms look fat enough to cook up somehow:)
  13. Fantastic report and great pics of the tops catches. Great highlight with you and your daughter landing the croc!!
  14. Yesterday with low winds forecast I headed out in the yak where Georges River meets Botany Bay for an arvo mission. Took a mate in tow as he wanted to try some fishing techniques from his new paddle kayak. Collected some poddies on the last of the run in and headed up river with two baits down. My sounder was out of power but my mate kept me informed with the flash hatch-mounted sounder on his new Stealth Pro Fisha. The call came of soft bait balls and arches came as I hooked up on my trailing lure with a nice flatty in the low 60s coming in. As I was retrieving the lure, the biggest livey was smashed and drag was screaming off the reel and my new Daiwa TD Black rod. I was tangled in my other line so cut it free and started chasing the culprit. Up came a rat king which was quickly released. Lost a few poddies to lack of oxygen as my aerator ran low on battery so stopped off to catch a few more. All was quiet for a while then after waiting for the start of the run out I hooked a 60 cm soapy on the same hard body. Picked up a couple of other smaller fish on the pedal home but nice to get the trifecta again. Pleasant arvo out with a flatty to take home for dinner☺️