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  1. Awesome Sydney red! Well done
  2. Now they are the sightings that get the blood pumping:)
  3. Fantastic post and well done on a cracking fish on light gear! May the upgrade come soon:)
  4. What a'll all be eating well for a while! What are the trag like on the table, same as a jew? Bet the arms got a work out too at that depth....or electric reels?
  5. Pickles, I do store some in the freezer for bait but don't target kings that often (sadly) It's on my regular to do list:) Killer, it's a killer getting it out of the textured part of the deck....I'll have to get the Jiff out and a toothbrush. Normally I'm careful to avoid getting inked but sometimes it sneaks up on you! Thanks Yowie I'm waiting for the weather to calm down and I'll spend a day exploring the Hacking soon....might have to get a few starting tips from you🤔
  6. Had a narrow window this arvo to get out for a fish before the foul weather set in for the week. Hit the water just after 3:30 for a fossick for green eyes and got four two large units and two smaller ones prior to the rain squall hitting round 4:40. Pulled the pin and shot into the ramp to avoid a soaking, happy with another feed! Doesn't look like I'll be back out there for a while!
  7. Waza That is an amazing collection of tips you have provided..... probably the best advice a novice could run with,,,good on you for sharing, I haven't fished for pigs for years but you've got me interested again!
  8. jenno64

    Bate Bay

    Look forward to the photos Yowie, enjoy those fillets!
  9. The fillets off that dory will be gold!!!
  10. Just cleaned the hoods and will freeze a couple ready for salt n pepper. Doing a squid risotto tomorrow night for the family😜
  11. I cleaned them down at Wallys wharf this arvo with the idea of keeping the heads to freeze as bait but ran out of light! I’ll still have some morsels put aside for a bait or two👌
  12. Hit the mouth of Botany Bay in the yak yesterday afternoon in search of a feed of calamari. Conditions were pleasant, almost a glass out and overcast. Had a good feeling as in July they are pretty aggressive and spawning. Had three hits in 15 minutes and they were all 30cm+ hoods then things went quiet for an hour. trolled around and found a few more and two more bigger models just on dusk. Calamari on the menu over the weekend!
  13. They are behemoths! How are they on the chew, fillets look good?
  14. What a fabulous read...I felt like a decky!!🤓 Congrats on the amazing fish and the one that got away must hurt but will no doubt be a good dinner conversation for a while. Nice work on the filleting, very organised teamwork!!