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  1. Nice filleting job...enjoy the feed and good luck back in Sydney!
  2. Brilliant report and super photos...congrats on a great trip and catches!
  3. Great fish from great conditions...smiles all round well done!
  4. Nice work, the water sure has some colour!
  5. It's the work not the fishing:) Good for a busy day! Getting used to the tinny but I had the kayak covered! Thanks Yowie I'm going to need to some help from you as I start fishing the hacking!! Cheers Scratchie!
  6. Great Post Ribs Swimming at Stockton beats swimming in the Georges:) Well done landing a top fish from the beach on light gear. Shame she didn't make it but sure to feed the family! Cleanest looking dusky I've seen!
  7. Karma is there and you did the right thing....there are plenty of &$@“ heads out there and most of them think they are amazing 🤪 great read and I hope the next trip is a bit more productive....the holiday crowds will die down soon!
  8. Awesome fish on fly, must have kept you busy for a while!
  9. Gathered some good sized poddies on Friday before heading out early in the bay on Saturday morning. Poor man's downrigged the poddies in the hope of a king amongst a carpark of boats early on then headed up river to a couple of reliable spots. Didn't do much good losing half poddies to tailor but just as the tide started running hard, first drift in a deep water spot had my rod bent over and a very feisty flathead came on board just short of 80 cm. A couple of pics and released in good form. Headed further up river to a a couple of spots with no action so back to another haunt nearing the bott
  10. That was a great watch..I don't do much rock hopping these days but it brought back some memories. Has anyone found an old video including a rock hopper from Yamba who was an absolute genius? It also had some footage on Botany Bay fishing for flathead.
  11. Awesome report Brendan, nice to see a marlin post and such a great story to go with it! Nice rig too:)
  12. jenno64

    Bate Bay

    Nice work as usual Yowie, you certainly get your mixed bags happening on the early starts!
  13. Great post Bob and great to see you into more kings! look forward to Saturday's post!
  14. Amazing hoods there! Great pics and a fantastic session overall...well done!!
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