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  1. DoubleD

    Port Stephens Fishing Buddy

    Hi guys, I head up to One Mile Beach at Port Stephens each Christmas for 3-4 weeks. We have an on-site van there and over the years I've lost a few good fishing buddies who have sold up. I love to get outside chasing Snapper, Kingies, Bonito, truckloads of nanagai, basically anything as long as it "outside". My goal is to get out to Allmark and jig for some kingies, however that seems to be a bit too far for my 525 Stacer Easyrider. Anyone heading up over the next month with a boat bigger than 5.25m want to team up on a few trips? Cheers DD
  2. DoubleD

    Here it is- DARWIN INSANITY!

    Could you please pass on the details to me as well as I'm off to Swains next week and I need to start planning my next trip !!