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  1. Deschanel

    Upgrading reel drags

    I've got Shimano Stradics FJ not sure what washers they have but I'm assuming there the felt ones and I'm guessing carbontex are better. Im after smoothness really and but not so much increased drag
  2. Deschanel

    Upgrading reel drags

    Yeah thedownrigger shop sells them
  3. Deschanel

    Upgrading reel drags

    Just after people’s options on upgrading your spin reels drag washers to carbontex. Has anyone done theirs? was it worth and is it better to cut your own or buy pre cut carbontex washers?
  4. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for kid friendly land based spots on the George's River or Port Hacking River? cheers
  5. I found my problem. Some of the gearing seized in the motor turning assembly and also chewed out some of the gears. Looks like I can only buy the whole base $165 plus shipping if they still have stock
  6. Hi just wondering if anyone else has had the electric motor steering seize up on them. The last time I used it the steering was very stiff and slow but I could still turn. Someone suggested it could be a battery problem, so I changed it to no avail. Yesterday I took it out to find that the steering is completely seized. Any thoughts? Cheers TIA
  7. Deschanel

    Botany Bay blue swimmer crabs?

    What's the Best time for catching blue swimmers crabs in Botany Bay?
  8. Deschanel

    Amber Japanese flurocarbon leader reviews

    I've seen it on other Aussie online tackle stores similar price but not sure of the quality
  9. Anyone used Amber Japanese flurocarbon leader? Cheap price on eBay
  10. Deschanel

    Bilge pump outlet position?

    Hi just about to fit a bilge pump to my Brooker Fisherman 4.1 and was wondering what the best position to fit the outlet hose to, out the side or out the back of the transom?
  11. Deschanel

    bluefin arrive off sydney

    Nice work boys! I couldn't make it out today ( today of all days) but my usaual boat had one hooked up for around 30 mins then dropped it. Just wondering what kind of spread you guys are running? Hard bodies or skirts or a combo? We're new to the game fishing scene so any tips you also have on running your spread and fighting fin once hooked up would be great Cheers Dom
  12. Deschanel

    Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    Any one gonna cube tomorrow ?
  13. Deschanel

    Bluelabel heading out Tuesday for tuna !

    Heading out too guys on Tuesday, we usually start from browns. We have been ruining hard bodies laser pros and a skirt. What is the general feeling for fin yellow or blue skirts or hard bodies?
  14. Deschanel

    current at the mountain

    Heading Saturday too. Keep in touch boys
  15. Deschanel

    The Tail of four kingfish trips

    Nice update. Sounds like you have been having some fun. When you say metal jigs do you mean metal knife jigs? And what size?