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  1. Short

    surf fishing in winter

    I go wetsuit bottom half, wetsuit socks and shimano evairs. Waders are warmer/drier but mobility is restricted if youre walking a long way and are a hazard if you get in the water
  2. Short

    Reel maintenance and problems

    WD40 will break down the factory installed lubricants inside your reel, line roller bearing etc. It is a lubricant in itself but nowhere near as good as factory spec grease/oil. As well as being a lubricant it is a solvent which is why it eats grease/oil. You have effectively removed all factory grease/oil from your reel. Either re-install yourself or take to a decent shop to do it.
  3. Short

    Fishing bags

    Try HPA bags. Pretty much unheard of in OZ but I have a few and they are awesome. Some are fully waterproof/shallow water submersible and built to survive anything.
  4. Short

    Caught myself a thumb

    Push the hook point out through the skin (make a new exit for the point) then cut the hook with sidecutters, push it all through the new exit. Beats pulling the barb out backwards. If its clean, superglue it, if not, dress it.
  5. Short

    South Coast land based Spots

    Could try snapper point near pretty beach.
  6. Short


    Only one sure way to find out!
  7. Short

    Bream won't take the hooks on surface lures

    When fish strike they flare their whole mouth structure and create suction in to their gob. This will pull bait in to the mouth not push it away. Cup in a bath has no suction and a closed base that will push objects away when driven towards them. Maybe the bream can see your shiny trebles and are going straight for the body of the lure?
  8. Short

    Stickbait advice

    Just go: Leader:solid ring:split ring:lure Use split ring pliers to change lures. Its pretty quick to swap lures, strong and not too bulky. No knots to tie when changing lures. Dont tie leader straight to split ring as the sharp edges can break knots.
  9. Short

    Narrabeen Lake Croc Hunting

    Nice work on the flatties.... 2nd that recommendation to drag them to the nearest beach they are pretty manageable doing this. You sure you arent seeing longtoms rather than cornetfish? Plenty of them in the lake, they are a serious hazard if youre in a kayak around sunset...would not want to cop one of those beaks in the leg when they are flying across the surface
  10. Short

    Rockfishing shoes for North of Sydney

    Get the eisen pro slip on cleats.... you can wear grass footy boots a la rick (or whatever else... shimano evairs go ok) then have eisens in the bag if its slippery. Walking long distances on approach to spots is not fun in wetsuit spike boots and wrecks them pretty fast.
  11. Short


    Only time council will open the lake is if there is a risk to adjoining property...... keeping the ICOLL as nature intended and all that. Loads of jelly prawns were in there before it closed.... wouldn't have run out to sea on the last few new moons. Could be worth a look on the first new moon after it opens up!
  12. Short

    Singles for surface lures?

    Usually make a mess of whiting with two sets of trebles.... one in the mouth which is hard to extract without damage and one in the cheek or eye.... good thing is generally only keeper size whiting charge at the surface lures so you are not often damaging fish to be released. In response to your 'cast horizontal' question... I would try this technique first on estuary sand flats rather than a sloping beach. Might work on an open beach mind you.... worth a shot!
  13. Short

    Singles for surface lures?

    I have found whiting on poppers/sugapens etc the more frantic the retrieve the better. Erratic, darting, irregular and fast seems to get them keen in droves when its on. Good fun way to fish.
  14. Short

    narra beach

    Yeah mullet aint bad it stays on the hook for a while... fresh is better if you can get it.
  15. Short

    narra beach

    Not meaning to rain on your parade but there must be 20 plus threads on your questions already on fishraider.... seek and ye shall find. In answer to your questions: 1. Same as every other beach.... pillies on gangs and maybe surf popper 2. Channel is closed, still can get flatties and always tailor around 3. Yes, lake is full of mullet. If the trap doesnt work go tiny unweighted hook and bread