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  1. Osv4

    Trailer Light Issues

    It was mostly just luck. It was actually the fact that when connected to the Hilux all the lights, besides rear right worked. With my car, the side markers did not work either, so I started wiggling the lights and eventually they all started working. The cables in the plug are solid enough but the pins are a little weird. Had to play around with it for a bit. I can see that one of my female ends in the plug on the car has some oxidation on it from salt water. Is it worth putting some WD40 on it? Would that make the connection any better?
  2. Osv4

    Trailer Light Issues

    Hi all, The trailer is 2013. My original idea was to re-wire the cut wires on the current connector and see if that fixes the issue. The problem was that my dad has now done this the 2nd time and there isn't enough cable to re-wire the same one so we tested it with a different one. We identified the issue to be the cut wires, after replacing the connector, the left hand side worked but the right hand side only had 1 LED. Funny enough, we were testing on my dads Hilux. I don't know why, but I said let's try my car and see what happens. So we hooked up my one and noticed that the lights were working better. I then started 'wiggling' the connector between the car and the boat and ALL of the lights started working. We put it back on the Hilux and it all just worked. Is there a problem with the connectors? I mean we have 2 and both in the end did the same thing during the test. What I did: - Took a small flathead screwdriver and slightly opened/expanded the connectors on the trailer side of the plug - It gave me a better/tighter 'fit' and all lights worked However, my suspicion is that if I hit any bump on the road the plug can move from the perfect position and lose connection. Is there a way to improve this connection?
  3. Osv4

    Trailer Light Issues

    Hi All, Hoping someone can assist. We have an 18 foot Crownline inboard sitting on a 2013 Dunbier trailer. I hooked up my car and immediately got the notification that the right hand trailer lights aren't working. Jumped out to have a look and found that the right hand side taillight has no indicator, light or brake working. The left hand side and side markers on the trailer work without a problem. It is an LED system. After a closer look and some questioning my dad said he had to move the boat a week ago and he 'tapped' the trailer with his tow bar. It appears he has pinched and cut the wires near the Flat Plug. Since the system is plug and play (maybe factory) I could see that the flat plug was unpluggable from within the trailer. Had a spare one from previous trailer and hooked that up. The LED light has 9 LEDs in the panel for brake and 9 for indicator. Out of the 9 LEDs in the light, only the middle one blinks and lights up with brakes. The other 8 do not work at all. I spoke to a local marine shop/mechanic and they said it would be 3-4 hour job (at $100 per hour) + parts (approx $100-150). So I am looking at $500. Their reasoning was that it is better to strip it and replace the whole lot since it is hard to find what the issue is. So the questions are: - What does it mean if ONLY 1 LED out of 9 is working? Is it a busted light? Pinched wire? Its happened previously, and it just fixed itself while driving? - Can I buy a brand new plug and play kit? I was told that most would not actually be long enough. I can see there are many on eBay/a shop/Supercheap but I dont have heat guns and soldering irons to do the complete job. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!