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  1. Hi guys, been trying to read and study overheads but very limites info. This is what I want to do. 1. Vertical jig on boats for kings 2. Flick metals in the beach for taylors/salmon 3. Jig or bonnies on the rocks. I have a gomoku kaiten rated 160g max jig. I want to confirm that if I purchase an ocea jigger 2000nrhg, would that be suitable for all my needs on say a 40lb line? Also how can I pair jig weights with specific pelaegic fish? I want to study on this in detail but having a lot of trouble sourcing information. TIA Remy
  2. Sleepydawg

    Rod to suit 4500b land based

    Looking to pair my 4500b, this is my concept 8 ~ 10ft 10-15kg line class I generally use crystal blue power tip for all my rods but it doesn't seem to come in the class that I'm after. If you have any recommendations or 2c on pairing the 4500b please write below. I'm not sure which rod to pair with. It will be used for land based chasing mainly jewfish
  3. Sleepydawg

    Silstar Crystal Blue Power Tip rods? where?!

    Ok so from the recent QLD rods / reels expo they actually re-released the crystal blue power tips as 2018 models. How sneaky... However still, does anyone know where I can pick up the older ones? I don't want to wait for the newer ones ha ha
  4. Not the blue power tips... Not the power tips... but the crystal blue power tips. They are not discontinued, I don't even know why because my 12ft has been through a long journey and it has never let me down. It's such a solid rod. I reside in inner west Sydney and am looking for an 8ft 2 piece. I can't even find a list of models they have anymore on the internet. This is turning into something like desmond regamaster rims. If anyone else is into cars and wheels they might get it. Anyways anyone have any clue where we can still find these gems?
  5. I can only find the following details 12ft, 8-12kg line weight, medium action and it is a surf spin
  6. YES !!! Thanks Dave This was to be land based from the rocks chasing pelagic species like kingies and bonito. Which means my current combo is fine. Also would casting a soft lure be appropriate on the same gear at a beach like Stanwell Park where it's just all sand chasing jewfish? I believe the technique here is also different as I would reel, and give it a break then reel again and continue where as the technique for kingies and others I would reel constantly and quickly Is this correct?
  7. Hi guys ! I've been fishing land based usually at Stanwell park. My equipment are as follows: Crystal blue 12ft w/ Thunnus 8k An old telescopic 15ft telescopic /w Alivio 10k 6ft 7' Catana Snap Rod / Baitrunner 4500b and 3500b I want to start getting into metal jigging. I know I can use my Catana but can I use my 12ft rod to jig as well? like a 80gram metal jig and quick retrieve on the rocks, say like... Avoca Beach. I couldn't find much on jigging on a 12ft, I'd imagine that despite the casting distance, the rod is just too long for it? Any tips and education would be very appreciated TIA Remy