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  1. sanger

    What a session it turned out to be

    Man that is a cracker snapper! Well done guys
  2. sanger

    Sydney Spring Kingie

    Awsome fish, hand lining a kingy isnt the easiest thig to do. I know from experience and a few cuts on the finger as a king took either the bread on my bait jig or a yakka that was freshly hooked.... i tried hard but with the 2 ish lb breaking strain of the bait jig i was no match! Well done on pulling a decent sized king, i've only been finding little guys recently.
  3. Some cracker fish greg..... Im still working hard for my first decent jew!
  4. sanger

    Bluefin Action

    Excelent stuff to get all 4 on deck..... must have been chaos!
  5. sanger

    NIce reds

    Some nice reds guys well done!
  6. sanger

    short trip to browns

    Yeah ginger doesnt work for S%$T I use travel calms and prefer those over kwells as i find the travel calms dont make me as drowsey. Havent tried et's little numbers though.
  7. sanger

    Harbour north and MH

    Hey guys, This is basically a report about nothing but i thought i'd let you know for all those wishing they were out on the water today it was hard work. Went fishing with zenman today and we worked hard for about 3 hous to get 2 decent sized squid. The water in the harbour is milky green crud and full of rubbish. As a result i donated about $50 worth of jigs to king neptune as it was hard to read the ground through water with about 1m visability. Due to the clarity of the water we ended up prospecting new grounds cause all the old faithfulls where lifeless. We fished middle, south and north head for squid with the best water and temp to be had at south head. We didn't see one patch of salmon or any site of the slimeys that others have been encountering of late. Ended up putting down some squid and a yakka in mh for a jew on the low tide...... Donut! Well except for the 576 pinkies that mike pulled up trying to catch one yakka. So yes the water did look great fom a far, the wind did play resonably nice but the story on the water was hard work. Bring back summer
  8. sanger

    Papuan Black Bass Trip

    Awsome stuff mate.... after seeing no no no's trip there i've been tempted to go myself!
  9. 3 people? i guess we have a lot of people who fish on the south side of sydney only?
  10. Hey guys i just wanted to repost a topic thats come up on another forum. Mods if you feel it breaches the rules sory and please remove this but i feel it should be ok and in everyones best interests to read about this. Cheers Craig Hi all Pittwater needs your help and it needs it now. Finally we have a chance to get Pittwater as a Recreational Fishing Haven but it is up to you all. Recently our local member for Pittwater raised in government that Pittwater is in need of help and wants to buy out the commercial operators. For this to happen you need to go to and hit the contact button to leave a message of support. He needs as many people to send off a quick email even if it only states your name and I support the Pittwater Buy Out and Recreational Fishing Haven. The government have said that if there are enough to support the idea they will pay for the buy out and not us rec anglers fishing fund. Come on guys I beg you all whether you like me or hate my smelly guts, this is a cause that we all need to be a part of for it to happen. You all know how well Sydney Harbour now fishes, if this goes through we will have the same scenario five or so years after it goes through. They want to act fast so please dont delay and email Rob and if you have the time thank him for his efforts with this issue. Thanks for your time and please spread the word as every email counts with this one. Best wishes Peter
  11. sanger

    Gaint Garfish

    Lol slinky...... i can just picture those bitey little buggers right now. They have an amazing ability to turn on themselves and have a go at you.... They are also agressive little buggers.... we have de hooked one and chucked it back in the water only to have it do an instant 180 and come at the side of the boat nashing its teeth! Quite amuzing as long as those jaws dont find their mark.
  12. sanger

    East of Browns - 17/07

    Nice one. I fished jbay for kings on saturday with live squid and live slimeys for bugger all except for a few pinched by seals and one squid taken by a pup mako of about 90 cm which turned out to be a welcome distraction in an otherwise slow day! Gotta love some action to get the heart rate up over nothing!!!
  13. sanger

    Sunday outside

    Might have been a slow day for the big guys but at least you got plenty of action!!!
  14. Damn what a session to remember!!!! Well done on making the trek guys!
  15. sanger

    Tuna Mayhem

    Awsome stuff! Spewing i didnt end up getting down there to have a crack at them but im pretty pumped to see all the smilling faces who did!