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  1. Flies all gone to good homes. I'm sure there will be another cleanout in the near future rob
  2. This post is aimed at someone starting out chasing Bream and flathead on fly who doesn't know how to tie their own. I'm cleaning out my fly box ( really an excuse to tie more flies) and have quite a few to pass on to a beginner for free. These are Crazy Charlie variants plus a few experimental patterns. Please only reply if you meet the criteria. I know how expensive it can be purchasing flies. There are 50 odd flies in total. I'll divide them into 4 piles. I've been chasing Bream on fly for over 30 years, so I know most of these flies will take fish. Posted free to the first 4 novice angles to contact me. regards Rob
  3. robz

    Back on the placcies

    Adam, Flathead are the best fish to start with on a fly. You really don't need a sinking flyline as such. A floating line is fine and much easier to handle. fish the edges and pockets in weedbeds as flathead love to ambush small fish etc.Most of the really big flathead I have caught on fly came from less than 1 metre of water. Your fly just needs to be near the bottom. Patterns such as Clouser Minnows or Crazy Charlies are ideal. What weight rod are you using? I would use a heavier tippet up around 12 - 16 ib. Flathead are not leader shy as such but they do have lots of small teeth that will destroy fine tippets. Wade parallel to the shore, cast along the edges of weed beds and just strip the fly back with a short steady retrieve. you don't need to cast a mile. Whats more important is to work the water in front of you. Long casts may look wonderful and its great if you can make them but a 30 ft cast will catch just as many fish. Drop me a line if you have any questions rob