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  1. Thanks for everyone's replies. Just to clarify its not my boat I was trying to speak in general terms. Its a little more complex than my own personal boat. Still, I have put deposits on boats and cars and fully expected to lose the deposit if I changed my mind! In this particular case the boat in question has been off the market for 3 months and now the owners are left in a pickle to try and sell it in a shortened time frame. I looked into FB terms and conditions and couldnt find much. I was later told since they are US owned they wouldn't have any say in the matter
  2. It was advertised in a group on Facebook. Not sure if it was fb marketplace or not. I'll look into it and see if there is anything in there. Correspondence about the deposit was done via email.
  3. Put a boat up for sale, person said he wanted it and sent a deposit straight away. We took the ad down, now he doesnt want it and wants his deposit back. We didn't sign any formal contract or anything as it was done via Facebook. Does anyone know if he has any legal recourse to force us to give the deposit back? My understanding was a deposit is non refundable. Any solicitors on here? This is in qld.
  4. Cool concept. Never heard of them. I guess if you hit something the prop would probably break easily which would hopefully prevent damage further up the drive train. Might check them out.
  5. I went fishing with a bloke who had a haines 635 with a 225 on the back. Big boat and he never let either of the dual axle trailer axles into the water and had an electric winch to crank it up on the roller trailer. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. How much do they cost? Fitted and installed?
  7. I have bennett self levelling tabs on a 18ft fibreglass half cab. I had a hydrofoil which worked fine to help keep the nose down when I have everyone standing in the back but the engine needed to be tilted nearly all the way in. To relieve some of the stress on the motor i put the SLT's on. They do their job and now I can run the motor with less trim and the nose stays down. In all honesty the drag of the tabs pretty much cancelled out the drag of the foil. The tabs also help listing from side to side in windy conditions as I have a large full length canopy which catches the wind like a s
  8. I have the same setup as you I just went with 2 century marine batteries with a VSR. I cant see a time when my accessories will require anything like a deep cycle. I usually only fish a spot for an hour or two and my sounder, stereo, lights, radios etc I doubt will flatten a battery in that time. I have installed volt meter's for each battery to keep an eye on it just in case.
  9. As above get a service manual. My local wouldnt sell me one but I rang around a few places close by and ended up getting one from townsville dealer. They ordered it from the US so it took a few weeks, but it came and they posted it to me for an additional 10 bucks. total was about 60 all up. its so detailed it literally tells you every single bolt and screw to undo with pictures to go with it. Well worth it IMO.
  10. Thats a good point I wonder what your range is now with the new motor and 240Litres!! I had a 120 + 40 litre tanks in my little carribean and a 90hp 4 stroke and it goes 2+km/litre. I couldnt think of a time I would be doing a 320km round trip!! Like you said I found the fuel just sat in the tank for long periods so I would occasionally top up with 95. Ive since removed the 40L tank and turned it into a kill bin.
  11. Do you think you will drop a prop pitch considering you were not fully loaded and didnt quite make it to 6000rpm? Also, cant believe your old 21 year old 200hp is still 31kg lighter!
  12. Sorry for the delay. I have it sitting on the ramp to try and even up the weight distribution between the two axles. Without it the front axle seems to take all the weight and the tyres looked heaps flatter. Dont even need to have the brake on. Two wheels are chained together on the other side and its chained to the driveway via a shackle dynabolted down.
  13. I have a 1994 15hp yammy. Its a 15D model if that helps (dates back to 1982 i believe). I had the leg offand noticed this hole up inside the upper casing (top right corner). Is it meant to be there? It seems very cylindrical. It doesnt show up on any parts diagrams. Also when i fired it up it has exhaust coming up the upper front part or the casing. Seems to be coming from around these grommets. Does anyone think the two may be linked?
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