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  1. Fishop

    VSR trouble

    Mine is setup very similar to this. My batteries are 3+ years old and I have a 90hp 4stroke. The motor only runs for maybe 15-30 seconds before it has fully charged the crank battery even if it has sat for a week or two. As mentioned a little red light comes on the VSR to say it has switched over to the house battery. Maybe grab a multimeter and measure the voltage of your batteries while running. I have also installed a voltmeter for each battery so I can keep an eye on things. Both batteries are up over 14 volts when engine is running and VSR light is on charging both. I would have thought a 12 volt battery reading 10 volts would mean that its lost a cell and/or dead. (I know you said it was new)
  2. Yeah might have to have a custom one made up to split the weight to each side, or just buy two and have one going each side, lol. I just assumed those were tie down spots. Havnt looked particularly close to the bolts, Ill check them tonight.
  3. Fishop

    Hydrofoil help needed

    Forgot to mention, my boat was also a bit ass heavy. I moved the batteries to midship from the stern so 40kgs from the rear to the front and that seemed to help also.
  4. Fishop

    Hydrofoil help needed

    Im 85kgs. My mechanic told me to stand on the foil and jump up and down to see if my gelcoat cracks are caused by transom flex. I couldnt see any movement in the cracks. Actually, he said get the biggest guy you know to jump up and down on your foil to see if the transom flexes. Outboard leg should be strong as, think of the power of 90 horses pushing against it, side on. A puny 85kgs pushing down the length of the leg isnt going to bother it. Its got one of those SE300 foils and its thick plastic barely flexes at all. Besides, when you are getting into the boat from the water only a small portion of your weight is being supported by the hydrofoil. my right arm is holding onto the top of the motor, my left arm is grabbing the transom well, and my left leg goes onto the transom.
  5. I've tried all the transom flex tests and to me it seems fine. The whole boat moves up and down. I even stood on the hydrofoil with my body weight 85kgs and practically jumped up and down and didn't see any flex just the whole boat rocking. I suggested strapping down too tight to my local mechanic and he said he once saw a trailer bend before the boat cracked or flexed. So many different opinions it could be anything. Might take it to a couple boat builders in the area and see what they say.
  6. 5.6m fibreglass cab. 90hp Merc. Its a spitfire trailer and if you look at their website most of their trailers the rollers all line up in a row which has got me thinking it was put together incorrectly.
  7. Yeah thats my next step but trying to see if trailer setup is the cause of the cracks. Motor has a transom saver but that just goes from the motor to the transom. Not taking any weigh off the transom. The design of the trailer makes it hard to have one of those supports installed without a heap or work to the trailer. And I'm pretty sure the front rollers come up either side of the strakes. I wind it on with a winch and keep a close eye on it.
  8. Fishop

    Hydrofoil help needed

    If you already have trim tabs I doubt it would make much more difference. I have a foil on a 90hp and a 5.6m boat. Yea when I'm loaded right up I notice it helps to get out of the hole but with 2 or 3 on board it's negligible. Top speed suffered by about 2 knots with the foil. I leave it on because it makes a good step to get back into the boat with
  9. Question about to let setup. Should I move my rear rollers out to be in line with the other rollers? Where they are now in green is between stringers and hollow sounding. The area in red is solid as a rock. It looks like I will need some packing and longer u bolts to raise the rollers up to follow the shape of the hull. Would a couple of flat pieces of gal steel be ok? The reason I am looking at this is to provide more support to the outside of the boat. I'm developing small cracks in the gel coat in the transom well corners. The way the boat is currently supported it does not provide much support to the outside of the boat and am wondering if this is causing the cracks to appear.
  10. No all good I didnt take any offence! 😎 Samsung just sits in a phone holder so its facing up. Might try out the new phone see if its any better.
  11. @zmk1962I stand corrected. I am not sure where I picked that up from. If I find it again I will let you know. But according to a bunch of googling you are correct, it should only run off GPS. Both my navionics on my phone and on my raymarine jump around a bit when out deep at sea. One minute I am 10m NW of my mark and next minute I am 10m SE. The raymarine is 8 years old and the phone 3 (although i just upgraded to a samsung s10) and the raymarine seems to be more accurate. There are times I would have both running and the navionics on my phone was showing me in the middle of an island while the raymarine had me in the correct location on the edge. Interesting in that you say the phone needs to have a clear view of the sky. I might have to try that next time.
  12. Well I guess my account hadnt expired when i made this post. ive since come back from holidays and all the maps were gone. My marks are still there so I had to update my subscription ($34). I did notice that the new maps for my area have a bit more detail now and there are also some new fishing marks that other users have added that now show up on my maps. I am still not sold on the gps in my phone being very accurate. Aparently within phone service it can triangulate off mobile towers but once you get offshore and our of phone service it jumps around a bit and isnt very accurate. Similar to my 8 year old raymarine fishfinder/gps combo. Cant win them all I suppose.
  13. Ah right thats good to know. Yeah I knew you needed a SIM one but wasnt sure if you needed an activated SIM card for the GPS to work properly.
  14. Our VMR rescue boat is a 10m catamaran and im not sold on it. We are planning on going back to a mono hull RIB. They tip and sway way too much in rough weather. Feels like they are going to tip over!