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  1. Fishop

    Boat trailer guide posts

    This is definitely going on the list of things to do. Haha, should help with driving it on the trailer as well.
  2. Fishop

    Solar Pool Heater

    Awesome. I have a hot tub with solar heating so when it dies ill probably do this too!!
  3. Fishop

    Dual outboard flusher

    Looks good. I just bought the a shop version which was only a few bucks more than the single input version. Although its only been a year and the rubber is starting to split. Doesnt get used much and is kept in the shed so must just be poor quality.
  4. Was that the one with the split hull or split weld?
  5. Fishop

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    How are they on oil consumption? I hear its expensive stuff. How many Litres of oil per litres of fuel or does it depend on certain things.
  6. Fishop


    He sells all sorts of spitfire trailers. He buys them as kits from china or wherever and makes them up over here. Not sure why it took 2 years to sell it. I searched for ages on gumtree and facebook etc and never found any of his ads. Eventually a friend of a friend told me to call him.
  7. Fishop


    I'm no expert but it seems pretty good. Seems solid. Tows way better than the old trailer. Had to fiddle with it a bit to get it setup correct but its good now. Only thing i don't like is the axles are quite far apart so when you make tight turns the tyres drag and flex quite a bit. Yeah only time will tell with the galvanizing i suppose, still 2 grand savings was too hard to pass up.
  8. Fishop

    Yamaha 4 strokes service kit

    Also found this as I was curious
  9. Fishop

    Yamaha 4 strokes service kit

    I know with mercury there are plenty on ebay. I found it similar in price to what my local mercury dealer sold so I went local just in case I was given the wrong thing. eBay can sometimes be confusing. The dealer just punches in my serial number and gives me the correct parts.
  10. Fishop


    Damn thats pretty good. I just picked up a gal spitfire tandem for $2500 from a bloke in charters towers. Wasnt registered and had been sitting for a year or two but it was in new condition. Closest I could find in this area was a swiftco gal tandem trailer in townsville for $4500. Im assuming your ally one was a single axel? My boat is 5.6m so everywhere i called said tandem minimum.
  11. Fishop

    Boat storage- prevent theft

    Yeah I have a tow ball lock and a chain around the wheels. Of course if i am away it can be stolen while I am gone but I have insurance also. I like the idea of the hidden gps tracker but I dont know how much those would cost.
  12. Fishop

    4.3 to 5.35

    Im not going to say the same or better, but I picked up a 5.6m fibreglass half cabin last year for 10 grand and it handles rough weather quite well. No issues in 18 months of ownership so far (touch wood). There are good deals to be had if your patient.
  13. Fishop

    Is this a good first boat?

    Looks too good to be true. If you dont know much about boats id take someone who does to look over it. Thats very cheap for what you get. Looks good hopefully nothing wrong with it!
  14. Fishop

    Thankyou Marine Rescue

    From what I can gather some squadrons honour neighbouring squadrons. Eg, Bowen, Burdekin and Whitsundays all count for each other. But for example if I went to Brisbane from Whitsundays it would not count. Not 1000% sure on that, just what I can gather from a few meetings and a couple of training courses. Ill ask at the next meeting. 8)
  15. Fishop

    Thankyou Marine Rescue

    Yeah sorry if you are not a member you get charged a call out fee. If you are a basic member ($30) the call out is waived. If you are a full member ($60) the call out is waived and you get a few hundred worth in fuel free if you have to get help. Worth it to me, its a long way to the reef!!